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QVC UK is (in our opinion), one of the best-kept secrets of the beauty world. Not only is there a wealth of amazing brands to discover, along with tutorials and inspiration, but we also have a multitude of experts, all with reams of beauty knowledge!

With that in mind, we decided to find out a few of our expert’s best-kept beauty secrets. Who knew oats and ice could be such beauty staples?

A natural remedy can be key

One of my favourite beauty secrets is great for all the family. My grandmother passed down a real gem for dry, uncomfortable or sun-kissed skin in need of comfort – to simply throw a handful of oats into your bath water before bathing. These sorts of traditional remedies (sometimes called old wives’ tales) have much solid basis behind them, and this trick really works by helping to soften the water and comfort dry, tight skin on the body.Caroline_Archer_S03_072_expires_16.12.17

Caroline Archer, Liz Earle

Keep your look fresh with some colour 

I remember watching my mum getting ready, preparing for the dinner party, with an 80s style feast of prawn cocktails and glasses of Cinzano Bianco. She always looked so glamourous, with high heels, red lips and nails. I think this is why I adore red lips and nails so much now, I even wore my favourite red lacquer on my wedding day! My mum may no longer be wearing 6″ heels, but she always has perfectly manicured nails. I believe we are never fully dressed without colour, whatever your favourite shade may be.SIOBHAIN-HEADSHOT-1

Siobhain Squires, OPI

Don’t forget to cut loose 

I’m a big believer in the importance of fun! It’s very easy to underestimate how it can have an impact on your wellbeing and will show in your physical appearance and happiness in a way that no product will ever be able to achieve. It’s addictive, infectious and has huge health benefits: increasing oxygen and endorphin levels, relieving stress, and strengthening our friendships and emotional state – fun is free of charge. Or a new lipstick, which I would also highly recommend!

Adele QVC Profile 2

Adele O’ Donoghue, SBC

Chow in the morning

Starting your day with a healthy, balanced breakfast is one of the best things you can do to help energise your hair from the inside out. When you wake up, fuel to form hair cells is at its lowest and skipping this important meal can negatively impact hair growth and leave your metabolism sluggish. I recommend eating a mixture of proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates for an optimum boost. For instance, eggs and avocado or salmon on whole-wheat toast.PK Headshot 795x530px

Philip Kingsley

Create your perfect brow shape

If your brows start, arch and end in the right places then your nose will look slimmer, your eyes look more open and your cheek bones look lifted – that is the power of the brow. To map them, use a make-up brush, start from the corner of your nose and hold it straight up – this is where they should start. For the arch, start from the corner of the nose and angle it through the pupil – this is where the brow should arch. Finally, hold the brush from the corner of the nose through the corner of the eye – this is where your brows should end. Use this as a template when applying brow products and you’ll have the perfect shaped brows for your face.Lisa_Benefit

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Benefit

 Change up your skincare ritual

Whenever my skin needs a bit of a kick start due to a change in the seasons, after a cold or as a result of too many late nights, I like to step reverse my cleansing and exfoliating routine. By exfoliating first and polishing off all the debris and dead skin cells on the surface you can get a much deeper cleanse afterwards with your usual cleanser. Think of it as priming the skin for the cleansing step.  The result is a clearer and brighter complexion and of course your skin is perfectly ready to soak up all the power-packed ingredients in your serums and moisturisers. An all-round winner in my book.AB_headshot1

Andrew Bagley, Gatineau

 If you need to, you can fake your beauty sleep

Being a mom and running my own cosmetics company can be exhausting but I have a secret to looking refreshed even when I’m running on little to no sleep! Hide dark under-eye circles with what I like to call the ‘ice cream cone’ technique. First, use a yellow-toned concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin, which cancels out blue or purple tones, in the shape of a ‘V’ under your eyes. Extend it down to the middle of the cheek and up to the eyelids and blend, blend, blend. The cone is the triangle and the lid is the ice cream scoop on top. You will instantly look more awake!



 Soothe a breakout rather then piling on the coverage

This is a tip that I picked up over 20 years ago from my beauty therapy tutor and one that I always use if I ever get that unfortunate breakout. Rather than trying to layer large amounts of make-up over a breakout, take a few minutes to apply ice. Make green tea ice cubes, wrap in a washcloth and hold it against the breakout for 1 minute to give that extra bit of soothing comfort to the skin. The ice will help reduce the inflammation and redness, making it much easier to disguise.

500x385_High Res Keeley Head Shot - New 2013Keeley Aydin, Elemis

With one stroke of a (nail) brush

My DIY manicure trick is; start by laying your opposite hand flat on a table and angle it so your arm is parallel to your body. Then when you’re polishing, once you put the brush down on the nail, pull it straight, don’t try to curve it. To get into the nooks, crannies, and curves of your nails, put a little more pressure on the brush so that it widens, creating a curve. There are enough bristles on the brush for it to do the job for you.Deborah_office_

Deborah Lippmann

 All areas of your skin are created equal

Treat your hands, face, neck, ears and earlobes equally, and remember to apply all your products to these forgotten areas. This will help keep the skin that supports the face firm, and help prevent slackening whilst also preventing further ageing signs around the neck. Ears can also get a lot of sun damage as they are constantly exposed so remember to apply your anti-ageing products in front of and behind the earlobes.About Sarah 2

Sarah Chapman

It’s all in the eyes

When applying a smoky or glam eye, apply your concealer or eyelid primer first, then do your shadows and eyeliners. Once perfect, use a cotton bud and some cotton wool to clean up underneath the eye so you get beautiful clean skin with no smudging or eyeshadow fall-out. Now follow with your moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealers and rest of your make-up routine, and finish with brows and mascara – va va voom – You look flawless!crop publicity1

SJ Froom, Bareminerals

So now the secrets are out, don’t keep them quiet – share the love with friends and family, and try a few for yourself! Let us know how it goes on Facebook or Twitter (even show us your finished results!), and check out our beauty Instagram account for inspiration. Plus, why not share your own little-know beauty tips and tricks with us to be in with a chance of winning an amazing beauty hamper!

You can also have a browse on our beauty department for more ideas, great products and beauty tips.


  1. Patricia Edwards June 9, 2016 at 1:05 pm -  Reply

    SJ from Bareminerals looks stunning ! obviously she is a fantastic advocate for Bareminerals. Thank you Qvc for all of the helpful beauty tips I certainly will be putting them to good use.

  2. Morag June 11, 2016 at 3:27 pm -  Reply

    love your lip colour SJ which one is it ?

  3. janet groves June 27, 2016 at 9:06 am -  Reply

    Mally is gorgeous in her photo and she looks exactly the same on the tv.

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