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The best job ever…


My best ever job… the most challenging, frustrating and demanding I have ever had! But it comes with reward beyond measure. I consider myself so very lucky to have been a mother for 16 years now and will never take my role for granted. It is not a given that motherhood will be ours and I shall be eternally grateful that a path I took had the signpost “family”.

Claire Sutton

I adore this photo of my three. Tom, the big brother, leading Maddie carefully and Joe holding her other hand. It really speaks volumes to me, Tom is looking so proud with his “I’m in charge” face, he’s just checking behind him that all is ok. They are heading off independently and that is just what I hope I am setting them up to do. Happily head off independently and support each other through the journey.

Being a mother is such a responsibility and I often wrestle with myself worrying about the choices I am making and therefore the way I am shaping my three… how much is nature and how much nurture? Am I making a difference or alienating? Am I instilling enough morals whilst allowing them space to find their way? Will I ever think I did okay and did enough?

My Mummy often says to me “I tried my best, it may not always have been right, but I always did my best”. Becoming a widow at 39 she did all she could AND more for my brothers and me, she was inspirational . Mummy if you are reading this please know that… and know that it was and is appreciated so much.

I say the same thing now to Tom, Joe and Maddie and I guess I can only hope that one day they will recognise it too and know that whatever we do as a mother is borne from intense love.

As Mothering Sunday approaches on the 11th , a tradition loved by some and hated by others, I thought I would take a little look into its origins, where I found the Greek and Roman times figured so clearly. Whilst many are saddened by the commercialism of Mother’s Day, giving thanks and love to the mother figure in our lives has happened for centuries.

Here in the UK it is the fourth Sunday in Lent as we approach Easter. Whilst it is a day to take a moment and give our mothers love and thanks with gifts, flowers and our time… for many it will be the day only their memories can fill their hearts. I feel so very lucky to have my Mummy AND to be a Mummy to mine, so I will make the most of them.

A perfect gift which keeps on giving way beyond that “one day” in our calendar is an eternal bouquet, the house being filled with flowers makes me feel so happy but the bank account not so happy! So in and amongst the moments of fresh flowers, I enjoy the beautiful and maintenance-free Peony arrangements in my home.

I am thrilled that the lovely and oh sooo gorgeous Julie Bates will be bringing us our Today’s Special Value on Thursday 15th February, as it is a perfect Mother’s Day arrangement.


The beautiful clear glass bowl cleverly has only the foliage set into the water, leaving the sensational drizzles of Wisteria and plump Peonies to be arranged by you to complete your display, simply add the included fragrance stick and the “fooling” is complete! Faux flowers which are so realistic both visually AND in fragrance too. Peony are the only faux flowers to be given the Royal Horticultural Seal of Approval for their floral excellence. The Estates at Ruckley in Shropshire provide pleasure for Julie and her family and are also the inspiration for the stunning standout showcase pieces and the little colourful feminine touches which can beautify even the dullest and weeniest of places such as your bedside table, the hall console, your dining room table centrepiece, the focal point on a streamlined island unit in the kitchen, the downstairs loo, a tiny space in a bookcase… all look fabulous with a touch of Peony!

There is also an amazing opportunity to have three additional deliveries of flowers to add into the bowl and reflect the season. In May you will receive sprays of pink lilies (no staining from the pollen on these stems!). Crisp white and soft blue are the colour of the blousey hydrangeas in August and wonderful rich red roses and gold foliage will arrive in November. They will all be cellophane wrapped and come with a fragrance spray to keep the guessing games going! Now it’s only the initial Today’s Special Value on Thursday that comes with the glass bowl, so obviously the price for the next deliveries of lilies, hydrangeas and roses will reflect that and be lower. Not only does the gift continue through the year but actually carries on giving waaaaaay beyond that final November delivery of course. Oh and I do want to remind you that QVC can send directly to someone for you if that’s easier, plus you can opt out of the Auto Delivery program at any time without charge don’t forget.

Now I can speak from experience that a simple dusting, gentle Dyson and even a light dunk in soapy water keeps the arrangements looking magnificent, as I have eight of them in my house! Plus I have given Peony as a gift many times. I loved photographing it with each of its additional stems showing its beautiful versatility in so many different places at my house. Joe was meant to help me, using his camera for GCSE photography, but I couldn’t resist cracking on whilst he was occupied elsewhere (Mrs Impatient). I have no idea what settings the camera should have been on but I was rather pleased with my pics for you.

Half term is this week for us and it’s as usual a case of extra teens in the house some days and various manoeuvres here there and everywhere to ensure everyone is happy! Oh how I wish I was lying soaking up some sun somewhere… it’s wet and cold… still! Mind you I’m perusing holiday destinations for a summer holiday so that at least lets me dream!

I shall be with you on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th and then on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th as we have a couple of cracking TSVs. Skechers is on Monday, where you can slip on easy comfort with Goga Max technology. I was showing a friend who loves her Skechers and they got the thumbs up from her! The sole is a softened grey which gives a lighter look to the shoe.

Skechers with Kim & Co

Kim of Kim & Co will be with us on Tuesday for her Today’s Special Value. Her tunic is, as always, a totally brilliant and easy buy. I think her use of colour is simply gorgeous and I love all the varied shades in this wonderful paisley floral mix, so many colours to pick out and accessorise with so each time you wear it it will look completely different. It’s called Neutral Paisley and is just one of the options, you can choose your favourites and enjoy our specially lowered price for the day on Tuesday.

Now Maddie and I must head off to the hairdressers, a nice girlie moment for us, a moment I’m, as ever, grateful to be sharing with her. Tom is out having a social day celebrating the Chinese New Year with lots of friends and Joe is out walking Gus, rather appropriately as it’s the year of the dog!

Lots of love to you all,
Keep upbeat, keep twinkling and keep the kindness radiating,

Claire xx


  1. Lisa Kellet February 14, 2018 at 12:17 pm -  Reply

    You are totally on my wavelength about being a Mum,made me cry! Sounds like you had a wonderful example for guidance too. Children are not guaranteed they are a blessing & I do consider myself blessed. ❤your insight Claire ❤

  2. Maggie Lowe February 14, 2018 at 8:28 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    I never reply to anything posted online, (not into technology, bit of a dinosaur!) but reading your thoughts on your own experiences of motherhood prompted me. A few years ago, I saw you at the Pease Pottage services on the A23 in Sussex. I recognised you from QVC (yes, I’m an addict). You were with your three lovely children and I saw them patting a dog who was sitting with his owner. I remember thinking what a lovely family yours looked and how happy and relaxed you all were.
    I’m sure your children take as much delight from you as you do from them.
    love, Maggie

  3. Antoinette Browne February 15, 2018 at 9:17 am -  Reply

    Good morning Claire, just reading your blog, my lovely mother also said the same you do your best. And thank God she is no longer with us, but you never forget those words. God bless you and your lovely family. Antoinette.

  4. Christine February 16, 2018 at 6:28 pm -  Reply

    Lovely photography. My mum had 6 children I was the youngest. But lost mum when I was 14. Still at school had to look after four bothers. Then lost my dad when I was 18. Still miss them both. After 50 years on. Treasure your mum.

    Take care. X

  5. Claire Sutton February 20, 2018 at 5:45 pm -  Reply

    Lisa, thank you , that’s lovely of you xx

  6. Claire Sutton February 20, 2018 at 5:48 pm -  Reply

    Oh my goodness Maggie, gosh I recall pulling in there, we were heading down to visit grannie if I recall- I actually lived so close to pease pottage services in my 20’s .
    Thank you for your really kind thoughts ( I’m relieved I wasn’t having a dramatic or cross mummy mode!!)
    With love to you, I hope you see my response if you’re infrequent on here!

  7. Claire Sutton February 20, 2018 at 5:50 pm -  Reply

    Antoinette, lovely to hear from you – I hope you have a moment in the 11 th to remember your lovely mother xx

  8. Claire Sutton February 20, 2018 at 5:52 pm -  Reply

    Gosh Christine- life has a habit of not being the way you thought it would be, what a difficult time for you and so young… you must be rather spectacular to have handled all that tragedy so early in your life- I send my love xxx

  9. Janice gradwell February 21, 2018 at 7:44 am -  Reply

    Dear Claire, Thank you for being so lovely, so bright and happy you really are a star. When my husband was ill, We didn’t venture out much and I relied a lot on QVC for my shopping needs. When he died I was devastated and wouldn’t leave the house, I felt so ill. You were like a dear friend popping in and I found your presenting uplifting, cheerful and gentle. I am now on the road to recovery and my four grandchildren have become my life. I bet you are a lovely mummy and I enjoy hearing about your children. Thank you so much. Janice

  10. Claire Sutton February 26, 2018 at 9:56 am -  Reply

    Janice, Thankyou…for taking that moment to write to me, It is lovely to think I helped you in the smallest way during such a difficult time for you. I wish you a lovely day and how wonderful you have your grandchildren to help you through.
    With my love ,
    Claire x

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