My Diamonique trilogy


Alison with her ringsIt was a real chance of a lifetime when the jewellery award-winning retailer QVC asked me to design my own ring to celebrate two landmarks.

Not only is it my 20th year of being their on-air beauty expert, but it's also two decades of their iconic simulated stone range, Diamonique.

As well as a brand new stunning design, I’ve also brought you a gold finish to my first design!


My Diamonique Story: Chapter one

I have worn the original epiphany platinum edition 24/7 and never taken it off since its conception five years ago, for my 15th anniversary.

This ring first came about from the necessity of needing a replacement wedding ring, as mine had to be cut off due to a wasp sting!

Diamonique Alison Young Anniversary Ring 665082It has become the top selling ring of all time on QVC, which speaks for itself. If you ask me about quality I can honestly say, since my finger grew out of my old ring, everyone always thought I was wearing real diamonds!

The design was inspired by my ex-footballer husband Simon Rodger (yes, I am a WAG!) and admiring rings we couldn't afford when shopping in places like Bond Street, New York, and Paris.

The voluptuous, glamorous ring took over a year to design and perfect. I was working with Q’s in-house design team, as well as specialist workshops around the world who normally work with fine jewellery worth thousands of pounds.

The resulting curvaceous design needed to be practical, work on camera, and fit into my lifestyle in London but also at home on the farm.

The result, although bold, is smooth and comfortable with nothing to catch on clothing. It works in "town & country"!

I wanted a bold statement ring with realistic sized stones, and lots of them! We reached 2.1ct in weight and a total of 133 fabulous simulated stones set in exactly the same way as real diamonds.

When I am asked to present this ring on air, the floor manager goes to take mine off before a show and asks me to wear the QVC Diamonique version – I have to explain that’s the one I’m wearing! Even they think the product has been ‘copied’ for the customer as it’s such good quality!

Diamonique Alison Young Anniversary Gold Plated Ring 620749I think that shows you how believable it is, my original rings still need repairing and will cost £2,800, but I still haven’t got around to fixing them, and why?

Because I enjoy wearing my Diamonique! It looks, feels, wears, and lasts like the real thing!

I love this new gold finish version too, it really adds a new dimension and character to the stones. I think the warm gold is reminiscent of the decadent, sumptuous designs you see on the rich and famous on the Amalfi coast or French Riviera.

Maybe that's because they know the secret of glamorous jewellery shopping and, as we know, so many celebrities shop with us too!


My Diamonique story: Chapter two

Epiphany Platinum Clad Diamonique Alison Young Ring 623205After being asked to design another anniversary ring, I thought “why not?!” I had, and still do, wear that ring 24/7 and so am personally thrilled with the authenticity and quality of the finished product.

I wanted this ring to obviously be different but still have the glamorous, weighty feel and look that I, and so many viewers, have enjoyed from my original design.

My first brief was a more structural, contemporary design with straight lines. I wanted men like my husband, an ex-footballer bling-lover, to be able to wear it while also offering women a ring that captured the way that jewellery design had moved forward. Also, I imagined a piece that could be worn on any finger to suit your personal style.

During those ensuing months, I was not easy to work with!

I have exacting standards and do not take lightly that viewers’ trust me as their beauty expert – so we had a few battles along the way!

In fact, several rings failed to go beyond the office as I discounted the samples that had been made with verdicts like: “this one’s too flimsy”, “that is too thin”, or “the other is too light”!

At one point, I thought we’d finished but when I found out it would cost £120 to buy, I canned that one too!

Eventually, after nearly a year, I had the sample that I was happy with and – as always – before I gave final approval, I took it home to test it out. I wore it on the farm to make sure it was smooth, comfortable, and was well-balanced enough to not spin.

Of course I needed the ultimate style guru’s approval: my husband, who has a great eye for fashion!
Just like my first design, the resulting ring has a quality weight and an even greater carat weight. I chose smaller stones for this design (there are 45 of them!) which was much more economical and resulted in a fantastic price!

Bands of epiphany platinum separate a central channel of princess-cut stones with two symmetric channels of stones sit either side.

This creates an illusion as it appears these stones follow the band all the way around but, again for comfort and practicality, they don’t.

The three sets of Diamonique stones could offer the modern twist of an engagement, wedding or eternity style. The design is now often worn by celebrities, instead of three smaller rings.

I have to say I am thrilled with this ring, and even more so when Simon asked for one! He has removed his £3000 diamond wedding band and is wearing this now too, so it appears we are both married to QVC! X

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  1. MAUREEN KITCHING June 1, 2014 at 12:06 am -  Reply

    Hi Alison,
    This is nothing to do with Diamonique but as I don’t do Facebook or Witter and Twitter I hope you don’t mind me asking you this at this point.
    I have just been watching Studio 10 on your Beauty month launch. I thought both the guest presenter and the product looked familiar. I still have a Jemma Kidd kit which I have loved and which looks remarkably like a larger version of what Studio 10 is offering. Also, I believe the presenter Grace used to work with Jemma Kidd. Could you please verify or explain this.

  2. Lynn Mc Ginty August 10, 2014 at 12:24 am -  Reply

    Hi Alison my husband bought me your first ring and I must say its stunning and so believable and so much more beautiful in real life than on tv I just love it so thanks and keep on designing as you have a talent Lynn x

  3. Mary Hughes August 25, 2014 at 2:38 pm -  Reply

    Dear Alison, May I ask, if you wore the silver or red gold disc pendant at your Beauty Bash. Thank you Mary.

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