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ScruncherScruncher update

Thanks for your comments on my last blog – as a follow on – unfortunately at the time of writing Jill Franks' lovely bulldog Scruncher is still missing and the search continues. So please keep an eye out for anyone out walking a bulldog matching his description, particularly in the Windsor/Slough areas – thank you again.


Rainy days

When will this rain stop? I can't remember such a persistent amount of rainfall – can you? It goes without saying that I hope that you are safe, dry and warm as you read this.

As we've seen on the various news reports, many homes in the UK are affected, particularly in the West Country, we all hope if your home is one of these, that the right help will be with you soon.

Many years ago I actually used to run my own company that specialised in Riverside Properties. Ironically, many of my clients had paid a premium to live there, particularly if they had a river frontage and/or mooring – so I know how miserable flood damage can be.


Toby's latest 

FireworksOn a lighter note, Toby has been a nightmare to keep clean recently and I've taken to hosing his legs down after his walks – you should see the mud that washes off! Don't worry – he's immediately brought inside the house and thoroughly dried off, he may have a coat like a Yeti but it's too cold to leave him soaking outside.

In the past, fireworks used to just be set off in the week around the 5th November – However, as we all know – nowadays, they seem to be let off for almost any occasion, at any time of the year! Toby was fine with fireworks until last year when a neighbour let off a "rogue" rocket that only went about 50ft in the air before curving over and exploding about 15ft in the air over our garden whilst Toby was in it!

Since then he has become very upset when he hears fireworks, particularly the ones that go
"weeeeeeeee!" The picture above on the left was taken just before New Year – as a rule we never allow him on our furniture, but we found that he only calmed down once he was being hugged by Dad under a blanket on the sofa #Dad'sASoftTouch!

Toby TVWe actually sell a dog jacket on QVC called the Thundershirt that simulates a 'hug" that may help some dogs calm down during storms and fireworks etc – so this all makes sense. Within about ten minutes of hugging, Toby stopped shuddering and actually started snoring!

The Thundershirt was featured on the "Pampered Pets" hour that Charlie hosted last week, here's the picture I took a picture of Toby watching Charlie's dogs on screen.





Coming up on Q

On Friday night at midnight, to start off February in style, I'll be launching the Acer 11.6" Google ChromeBook as Saturday's Today's Special Value (TSV).

Our technology expert Lee Hohbein will be talking us through this great bit of kit, which features the Chrome Operating System developed by Google and has a fast, silent SSD rather – than a conventional HDD.

The ChromeBook has been designed with the web in mind and we have some great added value. Plus, we'll be offering a version currently only available at The Q – great value for money in an ultra portable design! There will also be Easy Pay offers; making it an even more attractive option for those wanting to give it try out at home.

Why not join Lee and I at the stroke of midnight Friday into Saturday morning to find out more?!


Just for Fun

Christmas bundleThis week's 'Just for Fun' photo comp is entitled "Christmas Bundle" I was kneeling down to sort out some festive music and was promptly set upon by my son Jack and two of his cousins, Charlotte and Ryan.

If you can think of a suitable entry for my speech bubble – please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter @dalefranklintv in the meantime stay well, healthy and safe.

Dale x


  1. Susanne Fitzpatrick February 4, 2014 at 10:31 am -  Reply

    I’d think the speech bubble would just have a simple: “GET OFF ME, YOU LOT!!” myself ……
    All good wishes

  2. Dale Franklin February 6, 2014 at 5:38 pm -  Reply

    Ha ha Susanne 😉 .. Actually I think I did say something like that ! Thanks for joining in ! Dale x

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