Test Your Quiz skills! And garden tips.


Lots of news this week! See below for how to help me and have fun at the same time – test your trivia knowledge! Plus cathartic excitement as another QVC host releases their debut novel … and big changes on Back to You group! Plus news of a freebie eBook next week for Hallowe’en.


In an English Country Garden…


Had a super loong weekend off this week, looking after recovering pooch Gracie (see last week’s blog – she’s doing well btw, no major change yet but will keep you informed), and spent some time in the garden doing what Richard Jackson told me to do! I also dug up this super long dandelion root – thank you Grampa’s weeder. Mind you, this one looks good, considering the lack of effort needed to destroy weeds with it – Hozelock’s version, is still on offer – watch this video! Had some more lovely blooms from me garden too – here’s the latest one. Gorgeous, even now.

Latest flowers

And here are some of the tips that Richard told me when! Firstly about lilies which I’ve been growing since first getting the bulbs from QVC years ago – just look at what I found inside the pot –



Then I potted up a load of strawberry runners ‘cos Rich told me the surprising news that the mother plants can be put out in the woods not in the garden – whilst they will crop, they won’t be as good as the new plants. Then he enlightened me about the bush my mum told me ‘looks diseased…’

Funny! More from Richard himself next week. I also had fun putting up the Indoor/Outdoor Light Projector  in my garden against my plain end wall – next door like them so much they are going to use the green ones for their Hallowe’en party next weekend!



Hallowe’en book offer! Just to mark the occasion of Saturday’s TSV and the annual spookfest, I’m making one of my stories free! ‘When Dreams Return’ on eBook will be available free from 29th till 1st November on Amazon for Kindle – eg if you get this weekend’s Today’s Special Value Fire Tablet, (see more below, Lee Hohbein launches it on Saturday) you can download it onto the kindle app and read it, or just get the app on your own device or laptop. And if that whets your appetite, there are another half a dozen tales of the unexpected in Hocus Pocus ’14 – the 99p eBook anthology of short stories we created for Hallowe’en last year – ghostly goings on galore! Go here for more info about both on my book blog.


Book of the week – OMG another QVC colleague becomes a first-time author, this time our lovely Jackie Kabler – and hers is available in some bookshops too as it’s with publisher Accent press. And considering Saturday’s TSV, another candidate for an eBook download to kindle. Go here to read about it on her blog and for the rest of my write-up on Read it Write it Sell it go to my own website – Jackie Kabler’s Dead Dog Day is a worthy book of the week. A murder in a newsroom and the weekend from hell for Cora Baxter, breakfast TV reporter (that was Jackie’s job for ten years! See my little Q&A with her to find out if it’s a bit more close to home than she’ll admit!… go here.)

 Book Cover Oct 2015

 French or Dutch update


After watching ‘Suffragette’ (as I mentioned in last week’s blog), it has spurred me on to do some more research. Watching some old footage and documentaries on YouTube reminded me how archaic some of our so-called developed world was a century ago. In the USA post-Darwin some religious states made it illegal until the 1930s to teach the scientific facts about evolution to students – it was forbidden to teach that the world was more than the 5,000 years old stated in the bible!  I’ve loved watching some of the old interviews with silent movie stars done in the 1950s too, recalling the magic days of early film and giving me excellent points of reference to use in my novel. My book ‘French or Dutch’ is set around 1921 at the start of the early revolution in women’s sex lives in Britain and is based on a true story!… I did a lot of writing and reading whilst I was off – I’m gonna crack on with it during NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month in November … more next week!


B2U final header

 Back to You update – Big News! – well it’s quite an important one! You know how I created a Facebook group so you guys could all discuss well-being topics after my occasional show called ‘Back to You’ appeared on QVC? Well the group grew and grew and times they are a-changing! The members have spoken …

The group has grown to over 4000 members, and expanded way beyond its original purpose of discussing just my Back to You shows, including my fab webchats and lots more. Go here for the Q&A from Monday (19th) webchat with Patrick from Quacker, and  Bruce Bodyblade. These post-web chat Q&A transcripts will appear on my own public Facebook page from now on, soon after the web chats on Back To You take place each week, which is worth ‘liking’ so that you see the plentiful updates I do! Go here to ‘like’ it.)

Survey After a really well-received survey of members, Back to You QVC group is reverting to a closed status so that members can discuss QVC purchases – including Xmas pressies – without their Facebook friends and family seeing their posts. I’m giving up the endorsement from QVC in return, (which they agree with, as it had to remain open for QVC to allow me to mention it on air or via the QVC UK Facebook page. It will end now the group’s going closed.) And I will be starting a new weekly slot on a Friday on the Q page itself  – very exciting!

So – it’s more important to me that the vast majority of members who voted in my survey get what they need. So here is the final reminder on here, of the direct link to come join us on Facebook – click here to ping a request – fab web chats each week, tons of super info about QVC bargains and more, and great banter! For the full statement about Back to You group go here to my website.

Facebook Funnies – two this week – both made me laugh out loud.

Facebook funny Funny

Virtual Pub Quiz This Monday! Do come join us on social media this Monday around 8-9pm to chat to Patrick Quacker, Gill Gauntlett and Marie Francoise from Kipling, find out more about my super charity Medical Detection Dogs and their life-saving work with diabetics and prostate-cancer detection research. Then take part in a little fun virtual pub quiz! More info on my website  – donate via the Just Giving Page here, and you’ll get the questions as a thank you by email. Or just join in for fun as Patrick announces the questions. For instance, can you answer these –

  1. Which breed is the famous dog featured in the Hollywood film starring Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson?
  2. Which QVC presenter has two dogs called Toby and Ellie
  3. Who had the album Hounds of Love?**


Come take part on Monday! Click here for full info. Answers at bottom.

Top pic

Bloopers – there were a couple this week! Here’s some fun during the Gatineau special 19th anniversary event. And don’t forget to snap up the last of the stock of the set of THREE throat gel (my fave tip even if you use other neck creams on top) – at 19p post and packing – get it here. Meanwhile – which 80s pop legend does model Jo look like…?!

And couldn’t resist this one – following on from last week’s – there’s a theme going here! lol.

Oh, and look at Craigy here!

Watch – The Apprentice is back and badder than ever… although on ‘The Apprentice, You’re Fired,’ I’m a bit disappointed in losing the witty quips from Dara O’Briain – Jack Dee isn’t a good anchor man.

Also watch out for supernatural thriller/crime series River – the trailer is here – I enjoyed ep 1 & 2, I do like a good mini series – you?

But this week’s video for you is something I found whilst looking for trailers, and it’s George Clooney on his cheeky wind-ups on the excellent Graham Norton show – why? Well, it’s George, why not…!


Spectre next week – love a bit of Bond! And just check out the bookings already for the brand new 7th blockbuster Star Wars midnight showing in December on the night of its release at the Epsom odeon …. I want to go – it’d be a proper TiFFT!*

Star Wars

Today’s Special Values this weekend – Saturday : a super Amazon Fire tablet, Sunday is the Liz Earle’s bumper Christmas bundle and Monday is this pack of two border hem tops from Nina Leonard.

Over on our Non-Live channels … This week we are shouting about our 05th birthday which happens to be on Monday 26th October! We have some great shows lined up including some fab buyers picks and a LIVE hour with the one and only LULU! Find out more here.


Join me for the Saturday night show this week (24th) at 8pm – my turn in the hot seat on our alternative weekend entertainment hour – can I pull one back for the presenters in the Showdown? Currently the guests are in the lead! Here’s a clip from last week’s with Jackie being really funny!

Highlights of next week include a 9pc Christmas set from Leighton Denny and here’s a sneaky peek of next weekend – the annual Yankee Candle advent calendars on Saturday 31st.

Next week – Spectre – seeing it on Tuesday! Whoop! And Trick for a Treat – fundraising videos with talented pooches for Hallowe’en! Plus – my new weekly ‘Deb’s Pick of the Week’ bargain slot begins… and news of my new weekly slot on Q-Page from Friday 13th. It’s all go! And it’s nearly November… eeek!

Have a great week



** answers – 1. Marley was a Labrador! 2. Dale Franklin 3. Kate Bush

PS – *TiFFT – Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Margaret Rigg October 25, 2015 at 9:38 pm -  Reply

    love receiving your emails,& enjoy reading your blogs too. You are brilliant Debbie. I love my Bodyblade it is helping me with my body shaping. Also my morale, its good watching when you are on with Bruce, you can have a laugh too.

  2. Debs f October 27, 2015 at 10:14 pm -  Reply

    Oh I’m so glad! And fab that Bodyblade is working too. You’re right about it being a morale booster for sure hon! Hugs x

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