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Constantly surrounded by the latest innovations, who better than our presenters to give some tech gifting advice? We cornered four suspects (likely or unlikely, you decide) and asked them what they will be putting on their wish lists this year…

Craig Rowe: B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones


Well, if there is one thing you know about me I love my music and my dancing! So, as you can imagine I was delighted to try out the in-ear headphones by B&O Play.

I knew the sound quality would be good, but I think even I was surprised how rich and immersive the sound experience was, it’s like the artist or performer is right there performing just for you.

These in-ear headphones are also cordless so as long as you have Bluetooth on your phone, tablet or PC you can connect them easily. They also have a variety of ear buds so make sure you spend some time to choose the right one that fits your ear. And when not using them they have a rather ingenious magnet clip that means you can safely wear them round your neck.


I have enjoyed trying them out on my commute on the London Underground to and from work and also on my power walks round my area, or on the journey to dancing to get me in the mood! As well as music I listen to various podcasts and talk radio, and the clarity and enjoyment they give for these is wonderful. If you love your music, radio, podcasts on the move or you are looking for a present for someone who does these would be perfect! Yes, they are pricey – but I think they are worth every penny.

Catherine Huntley: GPO Memphis Vinyl Turntable506836-s-rd

My son, Tom, is a singer/songwriter. You don’t hear too much about him from me because he prefers me not to do the proud mum thing publicly. He’s currently working on his first LP and promises me that once it’s ready I am allowed bragging rights! Look out for ‘Lethargic Phoenix’ on Facebook if you are at all curious but don’t say I told you (Catherine taps forefinger on side of nose with accompanying cheeky wink to indicate it’s our little secret). More about him once the embargo is lifted! So Tom’s greatest love in life is music. From Kate Bush, Jeff Buckley, David Bowie and Cat Stevens right the way through to some more rather obscure and alternative artists and even a little contemporary pop. He is a purist and loves nothing more than whiling away an evening listening to his vinyl collection. He even has some of my old Michael Jackson LP’s from back in my long gone teenage years!

Tom and I were given the opportunity to test drive one of this seasons hottest music-related gifts from QVC. With his love of music and my love of retro/vintage we were both charmed by this little beauty from GPO, who are all about retro. This isn’t about doggedly recreating retro designs – instead creating them authentically while injecting them with a modern inspiration and vitality. Their products are something you choose to add colour to your life, you want one because it’s nostalgic and cool, and you keep it because it’s fun and beautiful.

The GPO Memphis is a stand-alone record player with its own built-in speakers that reproduce sound in high quality. You can play vinyls at three different speeds from 33rpm, 45rpm and 78rpm so it can be used with an extensive collection of classics. Imagine getting out all those old memories and reliving them! Just wish I knew where that old Nolans LP went that my cousin and I used to dance around the living room to!

The music centre also features a CD player and FM radio. Furthermore, you can record all of your vinyl or CD content onto a USB stick or SD card. Alternatively, you can use the 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect your mobile audio device for seamless playback through the fab, inbuilt speakers

I love the idea of being able to record onto memory sticks and SD cards. You could create a whole playlist of your favourite vinyl, not forgetting you can record from CD’s too. I love the idea of being able to listen to my old records on the drive into work, especially as you can edit out the ones you always used to skip past way back when! You could create gifts. I bet my mum would love it if I presented her with a CD containing her favourite songs from her vast CD collection! In fact, I know she would.

Being QVC (and having ‘value’ as our middle name) our buyers have worked extra hard and have managed to include two extra styluses… or is it styli? Maybe it’s styleee? Anyway, two extra ones which would usually cost an extra £15 so you could wrap those up as a separate stocking filler if you’re thinking of gifting this to someone special this year.

Charlie Brook: Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System


I love the Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System with Bluetooth Connectivity. It’s on my wish list and will make the perfect accompaniment to the Christmas TV schedule!

Bose has always been one of my top recommendations – audio is what they do, and what they do to a truly outstanding level. Where sound is important, you will often find Bose. National theatres, outdoor arenas, restaurants and even space shuttles have been taken care of by one of the most respected names in audio.

When I’ve experienced this product in the studio it’s like bringing a big slice of sound from the cinema home! On a recent presentation with Catherine Huntley, my first thought was how incredible special effects from the like of Star Wars would sound but what we often take for granted is the simple spoken word. With Bose it’s enriched and taken to a whole new level too. Then of course, I’m thinking about sporting events… Imagine the roar of a race car or the cheer from a stadium… truly breathtaking.

We often talk about being submerged in an incredible TV picture – well now you can allow yourself to be enveloped in wonderfully enriched audio too!

I’ve noticed it’s on Easy Pay and p&p is included and if it is a gift this Christmas time (I’m envious!) the money back guarantee is extended to the 25th January 2017.

In the meantime, perhaps I will begin to drop a few hints!

Claire Sutton: Disney Frozen Portable Karaoke Machine


“Let it go…let it go” ..hearing that belting out in my house this week has been a joy, as let’s face it, it’s a perfect mantra for life wouldn’t you say! I am referring to the incredibly successful hit from the Frozen movie, which with this Karaoke Machine you get the opportunity to perform (microphone and all) to your hearts content without the dreaded judges comments!

This Karaoke Machine is simply a perfect present and guaranteed to be a hit. It’s so easy to set up and play the disc with the two hit songs pre-loaded, and plugging it into the TV to see the lyrics and follow the timing was a doddle. Whilst it is beautifully decorated Frozen-style, you can still play other CDs too.

Whilst Maddie at 12 and a half is more into make-up tutorials these days she still couldn’t resist its lure and sang her heart out, she is pretty good AND in tune (unlike me… and her brother Tom …sorry Tom)!


Because it’s portable I took it to my friends house and her two youngest totally loved it. Hermione loves Elsa soooo much that she sports the full on Elsa and Ana dresses as a regular choice of outfit, has had themed birthdays and everything possible Frozen… here she is with her delicious brother Sam aka Olaf… letting it go! And boy don’t they just. Littlies everywhere will be loving this on Christmas Day… and actually lets face it were all littlies inside aren’t we? So come on grab the mike and ‘Let it go’..!

So those are our presenter’s picks of what they are going to be putting right to the top of their wish lists – what are yours? Visit our electronics department to browse more tech inspiration, or visit our gifts department for our full range of present ideas.

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