Tea in the sunshine and a super Rug Offer


Gosh wasn’t this week lovely? The bluest of blue skies. I loved being in my garden and put many more new plants in the pots and the courtyard.

My lovely friend Sheena came to share a cuppa, fabulous tearooms day, and helped me afterwards in the garden. It is very colourful now and the vibrant sunshine brought out the best in my little courtyard. We sat atop the new rug designed for indoor and outdoor use – see below! Fingers crossed for some more lovely days…


The South West and its gorgeous scenery was featured in the movie I went to see this week – so here is a little early mention for – Fisherman’s Friends. It tells the story of the talented fishermen from Port Isaac in Cornwall who double as RNLI lifeboat volunteers, and sing shanty songs, their ‘buoy band’ carrying on a valued tradition from the days of their forefathers. Their rise to fame and a recording deal is charted – along with some fictional relationships added to make it into a movie. They even came to appear on QVC once, selling the CD, do you remember? The film was absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend it, but take a box of tissues! 8.75/10.


I realised that when I was watching it I had a strange revelation. If I had seen this film a few years ago, I would have been thinking something like this –

“Oh my goodness how lovely to have an existence like that. I would love to be in a rural village with a tight community and slower paced way of life where people care about each other. I would love to be somewhere that beautiful with fresh air and be a part of it all. Somewhere like the south-west.”

What do you think I’m going to say! Yes, suddenly it hit me that I was not thinking along those lines because I did not get past the first of those thoughts, before smiling to myself. For obvious reasons. I actually do live somewhere like that! How wonderful.

Then and now

My village is very old, I was reading the Sheepwash yellow book, which is the local history booklet. It shows South Street, and the edge of my house, in the late 1800s early 1900s. Fast forward over 100 years and here is the photograph today.

So little has changed. When I was a little girl I used to draw pictures of farms, and had my dad lived past 52 I think he and my mum would have retired from suburbia and gone and got a small holding somewhere. Like my daughter has now in Wales, actually. How fab then to be in a 1600s thatched house of my own amidst some gorgeous countryside in a village with such history?

The walk here was so lovely this week I made it the feature of one of my many video blogs – vlogs- on my Facebook page – go here to see a little walk in the Devon countryside with me and the dogs.

I love being down here and I’m very much looking forward to the summer.

This weekend’s offers:

Today Friday 29th – H by Halston Essentials two pack scoop neck short sleeve top with curved hem – go here to see and buy now.

Saturday 30th – Bareminerals six-piece Bronze & Glow Make-up Collection – here’s the early bird link to buy it now.

Sunday 31st – Mont Rose 20 freesia-scented Lily bulbs. Huge, gorgeous, statement lilies, with that amazing fragrance. They graced our presenters lounge this week and got lots of attention. Jackie asked what the fabulous fragrance was! Don’t miss the chance to grow yours with this special offer on Sunday.

Big deals ending Sunday

Wynne Layers sheer stripe poncho shirt, a Northern Nights Easy Care Sheet Set with Truegrip and This Works three-piece Deep Sleep Heroes Collection. Go here to see and buy them all now.

New Big deals for the week ahead – including a fabulous rug offer.

A 0.15c carat Diamond Rectangular Double Halo Mixed Cut Ring in 9 carat gold, a Gale Hayman four-piece Cinematic Kiss Lip Treatment Collection and a Home Reflections Artesia Indoor & Outdoor Rug.

I am loving this red version which is more of a terracotta, a bit more vintage styling than the last ones. Indoor and outdoor means you can create a sense of occasion even on top of some cracked concrete! Daisy and Gracie appreciate it very much. Comes in a series of fabulous sizes and colours, available from Monday – click here to see all the big deals from Monday onward.


What you don’t see…

Here’s a funny picture from the make-up room whilst getting ready behind the scenes this week, courtesy of lovely June from make-up junkies, our make-up artists. My eyes looked absolutely gorgeous, all her own work, featuring the Tarte make up pallets, which are what are used most of the time. Here is a link to all of the Tarte make-up on QVC.

Guess the mess

Now I can’t claim to be the most tidy person, but this was the sight that welcomed me when I opened our shared dressing room this week. I wanted to take a picture to show that I’m not the only one who makes such a mess, but my side looks pretty bad as well! Can you guess who shares with me, if you don’t know? Yes it’s lovely Chloe Everton… Can’t you tell from the shoes?!

Christening Day

My lovely grand baby Blake, got christened this week, a very small affair this time. However, she was very well-behaved until she had the water thrown all over her head, and cried a little bit! And very loudly!

Then afterwards we had lunch in Putney and I spent much of the time following her around the dining room, cutting up food and clearing up the mess! Loved every minute. Then I took her out in the pushchair and she fell asleep almost immediately. So it was time to grab a cuppa.

When it was time to go, she complained and held out her arms to come back to me, which made me feel very happy 🙂 I was very tired afterwards however, I can tell you! Good job I was not driving back to Devon that night after work! She is such a canny little thing. I bought her a pair of glittery gold sandals for their upcoming holiday – they won’t fit her for long I’m sure, not if she has hobbit feet like me! I think she will be quite dainty however from her beautiful little hands.

If you did not know by the way, if you search for shoes and use the word ‘wide’ in your search, you may be surprised at how many options there are.

Book of the week

There is an audio book which is a bio about Audrey Hepburn, on Audible and this week it was on a special offer, so I would like to recommend this one. So was Julie Cohen’s ‘Louis and Louise.’ Take your pick, either will be brilliant. My friend Claire Firth writes Regency romances that are a bit raunchy, and she sent me the draft of one to read this week before she uploads it online. She puts me to shame – all the writing group girls do really, I just need to get away on a writing retreat so I can finish my fifth book! Lol. #ironic. Shall I blame the grandchildren…?!

Next week’s offers on QVC:

Monday 1st April – Lulu’s Time Bomb four-piece Skincare Collection

TuesdayBlink XT Hub and 2 x cameras with double storage and security stickers – find out more from guest Lee Hohbein on his twitter feed here

Wednesday LAB Life + Beauty Pro White Teeth Whitening Toothbrush with Charcoal Toothpaste

Thursday Judith Williams Retinol Youth Renewal four-piece Collection

FridayMarlaWynne pleated knit duster cardigan

Next week on the blog – Mother’s Day celebrations! And a big day at London. If you are celebrating I hope you have a lovely time, and if you are like I am on Father’s Day and have no one to celebrate, big hugs and thinking of you.

Best wishes


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  1. Susan March 29, 2019 at 2:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    The dogs look lovely! But no it wasn’t the loveliest of weeks! It’s still cold and dull! Typical SE corner gets the sun and heat! Don’t rub it in! I look forward to the day it’s warm enough to plant outside!x

  2. Beverley Klymkiw March 30, 2019 at 10:12 am -  Reply

    You certainly know how to fill your week Debbie. I don’t know how you do it all! How do you do all that driving? You have a wonderful growing family which obviously keeps you looking young. Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming tsv’s. We had lovely news last week that our daughter is expecting. It’ll be our first grandchild and four weeks’ today our son is getting married. I’ve already bought my Marla Wynne outfit. Anyway, keep enjoying this glorious weather Debbie and look forward to your next appearance on the Q and your great blogs.

  3. Fay TragerGreen April 1, 2019 at 12:14 am -  Reply

    Dear Debs, thank you for your wonderful blogs. They really remind me to ‘get going’!
    I so appreciate your sensitative to those of us who are older now and no longer have our mother or father to make a fuss of on mothering sunday or father’s day. Much to my delight when I went thru’ old papers I found both mother day cards and father days cards that I had written when I was about 12 to 16 years old (I am 72 now). It was wonderful that they were kept. Have a great week hopefully with sunny days. Bless you Fayx

  4. martin forbes April 3, 2019 at 6:12 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie blog 8th march no way yor son bradley is 32 of course you are still 21 of course.
    hope you are well iam not bad how old are your 2 grandchildren now bet you are spoiling them rotten

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