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Surviving February… with the help of turquoise


Brrrrrrrrr, it’s properly cold and with snow on the ground I guess winter well and truly is here….

January came and went and here we find ourselves in Freezing February! This morning’s shenanigans have added to the delights. First thing was Tom missing two entire sets of school uniform! I looked high and low and was starting to feel a tad stressed as yesterday’s was covered in mud – yes, properly covered! So couldn’t be recycled for today. After endless searching they turned up in one of Tom’s ‘places’! He has a habit of bag packing and tidying things. The uniform had been safely tucked in a box he had decided would be a great washing basket (he omitted to let me in on that great plan!) Still, all found and he was attired in time for school (sort of!).

Maddie then announced she needed to be a monk (don’t ask! Romeo and Juliet apparently!). Anyway I had a brainwave… the Slanket! Perfect! I went to get it from the airing cupboard and well, the slightly odd damp smell I had registered for a couple of weeks (with the mental note made to put the airing cupboard clear out on my already excessive To Do list) was now MORE than registering as I pulled out the Slanket!

A leak in the airing cupboard now means my entire house smells of damp and mould, the landing particularly, sadly all the blankets and spare duvets etc which were beneath the pipe are totally ruined. The worst bit is that the children’s blankets from their early years (that they and I are very attached to) are unsalvageable. The good news is that they absorbed a lot of the water, meaning the hall below has not been ruined and the ceiling is intact – always search for the silver lining in amongst the yuk! So I’m needing to find out if Wet & Forget would be suitable for use on the now black with mould (yuk) floor in my airing cupboard. Any ideas for the clean up and smell removal all gratefully accepted please!!

OK, so that’s how our morning had progressed but it started a little like this…

Maddie: “It’s snowed, actually, it’s STILL snowing ” (in an excited voice). Dan: “*+~^*++**”(said in a weary, stressed, cross, dejected, worried tone). Me: “Oh dear” (said in a weary, hushed tone). This snow is making life super tricky for my landscaper of a husband, who layers up in copious amounts of thermals each day and tries to work out quite how the brick laying, pointing and goodness knows whatever ‘ing can be done in sub-zero conditions. Maddie and he compare their weather forecasts and I for one now fear the ‘white stuff’ for the added stresses it brings to the self-employed husband of mine! Roll on the summer I say!

I have been sporting some jewellery over the last couple of weeks which has undoubtedly brought summer to mind. I think it’s the colour that does it every time… turquoise! You surely can’t help but think of seas and skies and then that in turn brings sun and warmth swiftly flooding in. Aaah happy days!

I thought that ahead of my show on Tuesday I would share some pics as I’ve had lots of questions about the pieces I’ve worn on my shows. So, on Tuesday 10th February at 1pm and for the first time on QVC, I have a brand new show which I’m thinking you’ll really love … it’s called Nizhoni Native American Silver Jewellery, and features these lovely silver pieces.

Nizhoni Native American jewelleryThis stunning range of jewellery is brought to you from the Southwest of America and is inspired by Native American designs. Nizhoni means ‘beautiful’ in the Navajo tribe language and the spirit of the Southwest is brought to you with these hand-crafted pieces.

They are hand-crafted in New Mexico and the artisans keep the tradition and art of American craftsmanship alive. Set in sterling silver and featuring semi-precious gemstones, each piece of jewellery is a unique work of art.

I’ve worn and enjoyed the jewellery both at QVC and at home with lots of compliments being bestowed upon me! I figured it only kind of me to share! I’ve peeked a look into turquoise as a colour and found it fascinating. If you focus on the colour of turquoise you feel instant calm and gentle invigoration as it’s a combination of blue and a small amount of yellow and it sits on the colour scale between green and blue, radiating peace, calm and tranquility of blue, balance and growth of green and the uplifting energy of yellow.

It presents as a happy and friendly colour, aiding open communication and clarity of thought. Well, I don’t know about you but I could do with some/all of that!

I’m just home for an hour window before school’s out, having been back to Tom’s school already for a meeting with the Educational Psychologist about our impending tribunal case. Then it’s off to our local college’s open evening to see what courses may be available for Tom next year for a day each week before heading BACK to school for Options evening.

It’s all a little/lot overwhelming , but as one of my lovely colleagues at QVC said yesterday – ‘just go with what Tom likes, no stress, just what makes him happy.’ Good advice, and it made me feel better. So what with that AND my turquoise jewellery perhaps I shall survive this February malarkey after all!!

Any good advice re: mouldy, smelly airing cupboards or Tom’s blossoming life – I would be most grateful!

Much love,

Claire xx



  1. Paul February 6, 2015 at 11:40 pm -  Reply

    hello Claire, just ventilate the area where the leak has caused the problem , this should help ,
    You are a fantastic mum looking after your three children , we only have the one 13 years old though but hard work ,can never please , very well done to you & love your company on qvc your a special presenter x

  2. Claire Sutton February 9, 2015 at 1:34 pm -  Reply

    Oh Paul, Thankyou ever so, that’s lovely of you to say and Thanks for the advice too…I guess I shall have to brave opening a window or two…brrrrr,
    Love Claire x

  3. Lisa February 12, 2015 at 10:46 am -  Reply

    Hi Claire I’ve been there opened my wardrobe thought its smells funky the wall at back was wet some of my clothes I had to chuck not good but I had to wash all the walls with bleach first then bought a sealant witch I had to paint on I got it from a well known DIY store for smell I put some tea towels sprayed with peony spray and hung over rails seemed to do trick lisa x

  4. Claire Sutton February 17, 2015 at 10:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks lovely , it’s slowly drying out, the sealant sounds a plan.. Thankyou , I couldn’t stand it if we smelt musty!!!! Xx

  5. JACKIE February 27, 2015 at 6:10 pm -  Reply

    HI CLAIRE your house sounds hectic but happy I had the airing cupboard leek we had been away for four week’s I went to get some clean towels out only to be followed by soaking wet everything unlike you we had to have the hall ceiling replasterd and five loads of washing all my lovely northern nights bedding plus all the holiday washing LOVE JACKIE x x

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