Superman, Holiday Hoohaa and the future of cinema


Q&AThis week –

– Holiday suggestions please! Need inspiration – too many choices!

– ITV bloopers show comes calling for my ‘cream on face’ boo-boo clip!

– The entire novel goes on eBook – Hawaiian Affair – great steamy holiday read?

-And two fab films reviewed this week – if you like the same heartthrobs as I do! Superman at the cinema. Plus an oldie but goodie, ‘Say Anything’ with John Cusack from ‘89.

AND – the usual sneaky peeks – this time at Bibi Bijoux’s imminent offering! & Can you guess the massive celeb who’s coming in to QVC soon?

 Plus a quick thanks to Keeley from Elemis for staying behind last weekend for a nifty little Q&A session – hope you got your answers! Had lots on twitter and also on my facebook (follow me info is at bottom of this blog). Hope we do another one soon!


First – apologies for the email address I gave last week bouncing back – initially – to anyone wanting a signed pic to go inside their paperback copy of my steamy novel Hawaiian Affair. Apparently it was to do with the US Gateway Blah blah. I’m now reassured it’s working again! So if you’re one of the hundreds of people who bought Hawaiian Affair in paperback from amazon, (thank you!) just email your address to me on:

And I will with pleasure send a signed pic to you straight away! I’m planning a big signing session this weekend when I’m in at QVC and have some hours off!



Mind you, am seeing my old pal, model Goody on Saturday night in between her Michele Hope shows and I haven’t seen her for ages so hopefully we won’t chat too much to prevent me getting them done! (A reminder of what shows I’m doing on QVC is always down bottom of these blogs!) Goody was there when I went to Monaco – to do the ‘research’ for the beginning of my novel, so I’m taking her a little gift. Here’s a pic from that trip!

Actually, I must ask Michele what she thought of my novel – she seemed very interested in the steamy nature of my book, but said she was filled with trepidation! Lol! Funny – ‘cos our beauty expert Alison Young also said she’d rather have the PG version of the paperback, having already read the raunchy one! She kindly beta-read it for me, bless her! Mind you, Alison did get subjected to the unexpurgated V1 of the steamy option – it was definitely a bit more steamy than the final versions! Hope I haven’t damaged her for life! Hehe!

Anyway, leaving aside what Michele will think – what do YOU think? Do leave me a comment below. Or if you’ve ever been to Monaco – it was lovely when Goody and I went a couple of autumns ago!



Oh and exciting news – next week, a competition to win a signed copy! And – advance warning – the whole eBook will indeed be available shortly – just in time for your summer reading!

And see below in RiWiSi for a question – a big one – I need your help…





Still can’t decide! So where should I go during my week away mid-July? Very unusual for me not to have anything arranged at this late stage! Last year was all about frequent flights to LA. But I’m not sure what this year holds! Any tips? What was your favourite holiday recently – something off the beaten track? Let me know by leaving a comment below! Monaco was of course lovely, so maybe another city break. I was thinking about visiting Ginetta in Tuscany and learning Italian, as mine and Craig's trip last July was ab fab!

But so far I haven’t found many courses that coincide with the dates. I truly would love to go somewhere I could learn something – yoga, pilates, meditation, Italian, brain surgery, ok I made the last one up, just checking if you’re paying attention, lol… I could go away for a week somewhere quiet on my own in the motorhome. Or I could go to a spa for a week (expensive but loooovely!).

OR book an all-inclusive hol somewhere in the med – no cooking sounds a good idea to me! Or maybe one of the treetop hotels mentioned below in ‘snippets’!

Or stay at home and just GET ON WITH IT! I just HAVE to get my prequel done – so many people waiting for the next book from me – and am so chuffed to have been told this by those of you who loved my first novel, thank you. But all this writing means I haven’t sorted out me hol yet. So I started thinking about some of my stand-out vacations.

HolidayHere is a pic from one of my favourite holidays ever, with me and the kids, where I finally was able to go play in the pool in 32 degree heat with Brad and Lauren about ten years ago, ‘cos I’d cracked it with the spf’s and tan accelerators and l-tyrosine tablets etc! (I have photo-sensitive skin and can’t stay in the sun for long).

It was in Protaras, Cyprus, for brother Glenn’s wedding. Fab fun with all the family, the year after I split up with the husband. Was writing Till the Fat Lady Slims at the time too – ah memories! Anyway let me know and I’ll keep you informed what I decide in the end! At least I won’t have to worry about the dogs now daughter Lauren can come and stay for the week to look after them!



My weekly look at all things book!

If you’re an early blog reader and if you get on amazon sharpish, you might still see that, for some reason, in their wisdom, they’ve currently reduced the price of the paperback! Yes they can – and do – just do this. And no it doesn’t affect my royalty (it’s not much on each book btw, paperbacks are expensive to produce!). But it’s good news if you’re looking to buy it as a gift for someone maybe? Down to £6.99 – at time of writing (Thursday 28th). (Steamy version – the PG version will be out nearer xmas!)



Speilberg newsSpielberg and Lucas – movie future is grim

(Mentioned here ‘cos of my nascent interest in scriptwriting.) Now how weird is this? Just after I’d used that exact word recently to describe what’s been happening in Hollywood, two giants of the movie world step up and say the same. And how they think it’ll happen. And knowing what I now know, having got a tad closer to it all over the last year, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Do go read the whole article, ‘specially about Stephen Soderbergh at the bottom, and what Clive Owen’s up to next. Then go to this week’s film reviews below, cos ironically, it’s all about two completely contrasting movies, one from the old days, and one bang up to date, the latter being exactly what type of film these two Hollywood leviathans are mentioning. Go here to read more 

Nb – I do think that we’ll see more and more theatre simulcasts, if the recent Odeon sell-out of The Audience (Helen Mirren playing the Queen) is anything to go by.


Dear thingBook of the Week

Dear Thing by Julie Cohen. Regulars will know that Julie is one of my favourite authors and a course tutor and mentor of mine. This summer sees the release of the paperback of her latest offering – which is a bit of a departure from her previous relationship based romance-led books, and is ‘a bittersweet story about love and motherhood: Claire, who desperately wants a baby, and Romily, the woman who is secretly in love with Claire’s husband'… Sounds intriguing!

Avail on all formats now, do give it a try. I’m saving it for my break in July – when I decide where to go! Lol. More info about self-publishing, book recommendations and courses can be found on my website on the Read It Write It Sell It (RiWiSi) page.




Oh-ohhh! I was emailed this week regarding a certain TV bloopers show being interested in using one of my clangers – can you guess which one? No prizes if you get it right… Yes, it’s this classic! If you missed it a few months ago – here it is again – I couldn’t have achieved this result if I’d planned it…





Treetop hotels– Ten extraordinary Tree Top Hotels! Following on from last week’s snippet about rooftop bars, I saw this! Awwwwww wouldn’t it be ‘loverly’, as Eliza Doolittle sang! (the My Fair Lady one, not the pop star one!). Wish someone would whisk me away to one of these places! A girl can dream eh?! (Click here




Antthony– Antthony funny video – bless him! On Facebook this week, my lovely pal and skilled fashion king Antthony chatted about how chuffed he was at getting my steamy novel in paperback! Made me smile – he’s so funny.

He’s been kindly talking to me about dresses for my son’s wedding in October. AND actually a potential ‘road trip’ invite to go with him round California in November. Should we do it? Now THAT would be a holiday and a half! 




Gatineau tweet– Winner of my Gatineau Retweet AND FOLLOW competition – Julie Ann Harrison – well done hon! In the post this week!





Facebook funny– AND FINALLY FACEBOOK FUNNY – WTH? It even LOOKS like me! Lol x









WATCH – Two fab ‘watch’ recommendations this week for you, and one for the ladies (and some of the men! Lol). As promised, Superman, and then a quick look at a vintage John (sigh) Cusack from the late 80’s. Two of my favourite male eye candy… er I mean actors. 😉 Superman – Man of Steel Ok, first things first, watch the trailer, THEN I’ll discuss the movie…




As you can see, from the tantalising glimpse of Henry Cavill’s top half, there’s a very good reason I liked this movie. His chest. All the never ending explosions and chases and boy-stuff comic-book overlong action sequences – and the lack of enough character development/journey/relationship stuff – can be forgiven. Why? Henry Cavill’s chest. And arms. And shoulders. Phwoar! I know people keep saying my Hawaiian Affair amazon novel is steamy but – cor! Just cor!

So anyway… the film? Good. The plot – I liked the extra Krypton sequence at the start, and the Russell Crowe bits – he was pretty scene stealingly awesome I must admit (and hot – and I’m not usually much of a fan!). Loved the other star names (Kevin Kostner as dad, Diane Lane as mum, Amy Adams – a fave of mine – as Lois), and loved the fresh twists on the usual hackneyed Superman storylines. Well he was created for DC Comics way back in the late 1930’s! But wayyyyy too much chasy-chasy-boom-bang-POWWW! (Spielberg and Lucas could be right!)

So – 7.75 out of ten. But don’t forget the film does feature Henry Cavill. And his chest. Here’s an extra helping of the former Earl of Suffolk from The Tudors, as he talks about latest Hollywood role. Or it might just be a montage of Henry Cavill action scenes… hehe!




John Cusack vintage Treat – ‘Say Anything’ And second this week, by complete contrast – a more quiet, ponderous film, but one that still kept me watching. If you like this actor – and I do (Runaway Jury was one of my all-time faves) here is ‘the other JC’ in an early role from 1989, in Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut. ‘Say Anything’ is a sweet little coming of age romance with a serious sub plot (which makes it more watchable than the usual fodder from this era – with the ‘Brat Pack’ actors, as they were dubbed). As does John. He’s fab.

CusackLook out for an early cameo from Jeremy ‘Mr Selfridge’ Pivens and from ‘Frasier’s dad’ too. John Cusack is romantic, funny, endearing, and cute as a button, as he was back then, way before the post-twitter-political-persona emerged.

Worth a rental for a wet Sunday afternoon . 7.5 out of ten, primarily for the warm fuzzy feeling it’ll give you if you’re a Cusack fan. Which reminds me, I’ve still got The Raven on skyplus, so maybe I’ll review that next week! Go here to see the trailer.




Sneaky peek

 – OO OO, it’s a Bibi Bijoux! And a roomy five-strand leather plait bracelet with a funky catch coming soon – on 12th July.








  • FRIDAY 28TH – Watch out for the jewellery I’ve been wearing lately on Jewellery Day – the Diamonique (simulated diamond) in silver – RING 608686, and LEAF EARRINGS 608751 on Julia’s 5pm DQ special editions show. LOVE these! And lovely Lisa Snowdon’s back at 8pm with her diamond range. Plus join me at midnight to see the new HP touchscreen laptop Today’s special Value launch at sub £500!












  • SAT/SUN 29th /30th – Plus fashion galore as the lovely Michele hope returns this weekend, (with me Saturday 8pm) as do Trinny and Susannah (with me Sunday at 9pm). Plus Alison’s grand Finale of Beauty Month is at 10pm including a Lulu TSV on Sunday – the 5pc Face and Body Collection. Then at midnight Sunday save money on your wash and join me for the new Eco Egg TSV launch! 

  Lulu TSV  EcoEgg TSV Ped Pro TSV


  •  WEDNESDAY 3RD Midnight – Then later in the week, if your feet need serious attention join me for the Ped Pro launch! 


Have a fab week, and don’t forget to leave me a comment below – especially if you’ve kindly read my book! Am always looking for new feedback about it! And come back next week for news about the competition to win a signed copy!

Best wishes



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  1. Jackie Clarke June 28, 2013 at 2:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Just ordered your book, so cant wait to read, as you know i dont normally read books, but thought i better give it a go. Is it based on your experiences!!!! I will post another comment when i have read it. Have a good weekend. x

  2. Marilyn S Crow June 28, 2013 at 9:17 pm -  Reply

    It has to be Vietnam and Cambodia. We have a mutual acquaintance Mike Holingsworth.
    I have just designed 2 collections hopefully for QVC. Definitely that market and nothing like any of the many fashion collections you do. Specially for ladies who don’t want to show their arms and bingo wings.
    Doing a photo shoot next week. My disArmingly ChArming collection …. Wait and see.
    Reading fat lady slims before your new one ordered both.

  3. MarjorieTabarn June 30, 2013 at 9:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie just got your book looking forward to reading it. Beyond earth was fab very good acting by Wills son. Ideas for your holiday we love Croatia the national parks are lovely Kirka waterfalls was magical Take care Marjorie

  4. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 1, 2013 at 6:28 pm -  Reply

    Jackie- thanks cuz!
    Would love to know what u think! Am impressed that you’re reading it and u don’t normally read books! Thank u!
    Ps based on my experiences… Of reading other steamy novels… Lolol x

  5. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 1, 2013 at 6:47 pm -  Reply

    Looking forward to seeing your range! Vietnam and Cambodia – never been there, would love to.
    Enjoy Till the Fat Lady Slims hon! Best wishes and thank u for commenting! X

  6. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 1, 2013 at 6:48 pm -  Reply

    Marjorie –
    Glad u liked Will Smith film. Oo Croatia sounds lovely – my family are going there this summer, wish I could join them! Will have to keep it on the list! X

  7. lorraine fisher July 1, 2013 at 7:38 pm -  Reply

    would love to get regular newsletters debbie

  8. Tracy July 1, 2013 at 9:16 pm -  Reply

    No more Mr back of my tandem debs?
    You need to go do a Shirley Valentine holiday . . . . . .never know who you may meet 🙂 . . . . .may provide a few ideas for forthcoming novels x

  9. SHARON HARVEY July 1, 2013 at 9:33 pm -  Reply

    HI Debbie,
    Another great Blog! Hope you and Goodie had a fab chit chat and catch up? has she read your book? I think its brilliant what you have done and you should be so proud of yourself! Would be fab if QVC could sell it, although maybe on one of their later shows!! You are such a popular presenter it would be wonderful.!
    As for holidays, somewhere hot sunny, relaxing and fun! hahaha – so anywhere that gets YOU to relax!!

  10. debbs f July 2, 2013 at 3:31 pm -  Reply

    Tracy –
    yes I should haha! Actually that would be blooming marvellous, right now – just to go somewhere warm, peaceful, and sit at a bar overlooking the ocean, writing all day and evening. Corrr!

  11. debbs f July 2, 2013 at 3:35 pm -  Reply

    Sharon –
    Thanks for a lovely comment! Bless you! yes Goody and I had a lovely catch up. It was just as we heard about poor Beulah the model passing away, so the chat was a different one to what it normally would have been. But both Goody and I firmly believe that we go to a better place, having read the Anita Moorjani book ‘Dying to be me’ – it makes it all easier to bear – if there’s a bereavement I always recommend it. That and the ‘conversations with god’ trilogy (which isn’t religious, rather, philosophical.
    Anyway yes QVC selling my book – that’s a thought. Not one I’m working on at the mo tho hon! One day maybe!
    Hope you’re well! Enjoy those strawberries – glad I’m in a lilies competition with the presenters rather than a strawberries comp with you! haha!

  12. Janet Josselyn July 2, 2013 at 3:39 pm -  Reply

    Looking forward to reading Hawaiian Affair on my Kindle, when it is available!

  13. Tania July 2, 2013 at 10:06 pm -  Reply

    Hi sweet
    You do the best blogs by far, you can so tell you like writing errr sorry that you ARE a writer!
    Henry Cavill well what can I say but hommener, hommener hommener!!!!
    I am very glad you are bringing out a PG version of your book out for those of us that prefer less to no detail in certain areas. Will it be en ebook as well as paperback?
    Last time I checked Amazon 12 out of 12 people gave you full marks!! That’s great going!
    Look forward to your next blog.
    Take care xx

  14. Tracy July 3, 2013 at 12:40 pm -  Reply

    If you do a Shirley Valentine Debbs – I very much doubt you would be sat at a bar on your own for very long . . . . . . .flies around a honeypot springs to mind :-). What ever you do, have a fab time 🙂 x

  15. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 3, 2013 at 1:40 pm -  Reply

    Janet –
    Aw thank u! It’s actually available on amazon kindle as well as paperback right now! I’ll put the link below for the complete book, which is steamy version! Otherwise you can get the PG version ebook in 4 separate instalments from when it was serialised.
    If u mean the complete PG version on kindle, it’ll be sooner than I planned… Watch this space!
    Otherwise to here for ebook (steamy) and thank u! Let me know what u think! X

  16. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 3, 2013 at 1:45 pm -  Reply

    Tania –
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Yes I definitely love my writing! And films – just seen another Henry cavill film for next blog review.!
    Ref the PG version – am very cognisant of people’s sensibilities – 1 in 9 is exactly the same as u and prefers non-steamy!- and glad to have offered the pg version! As I just said in the reply below, the PG version of complete ebook will be very soon. And the pg paperback for Xmas hon.
    Watch out for Prequel too, coming soon to ebook (that won’t be too steamy).
    So happy u love the blogs!

  17. Jan Hall July 4, 2013 at 5:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs just been reading your blog, you do make me giggle. Loved the blooper with the cream you are so funny. I would also like to have a few days in a tree top hotel they look great and guess it would be very different. By the way a few blogs ago you put a clip in of London in the 20’s or 30’s my Dad enjoyed that very much as it is his era.
    Here is my book review for you.
    Debbie considering this is your first novel (although if I didn’t know different I wouldn’t have known) thought it was very well written with an exciting plot and excellent characters especially old Max I really liked him. I enjoyed the twist’s although I did get an inkling as I was reading it and of course the happy ending. There was the right amount of humour running throughout the book and the steamy bits were very well written without offending anyone. I found the book easy to read (sometimes books just bore me to tears)and think I mentioned the format to you before but in case people don’t know what I mean, sometimes lines run into each other when there is so much crammed onto a page. I would rather pay more and be able to read it once rather than to go back and re-read something because I have lost the plot. Hope you know what I mean!!! Thank you very much for the photo which I will keep with my book, you get younger by the year. Lots of love Debs and here’s to many future books so you had better get writing young lady. Jan xxxx

  18. debbs f July 5, 2013 at 1:33 pm -  Reply

    Jan –
    what a nice comment – thank you so much hon, for taking the time to go into such detail! How old would your dad have been in the 1920’s and 30’s? Can you ask him if he remembers any protocols about dating? There’s a reason – I’m researching my next book and need to talk to some people who remember but they’d be really old by now! Let me know – or facebook pm me!
    Glad he liked the vintage footage anyway.
    Best wishes

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