Super Sunny Sunday Stroll with Crazy Spaniel!


This week –

  • Super Sunday afternoons – and Baloo came too.
  • Three Month Challenge – over 500 sign up to trim, tone and talk!
  • How to Write Romance, an Adele Parks talk at the home of JK books!
  • Debbie Does Dinner #2 – mushroom tagliatelle goes down well
  • 50 Shades Surprise – it’s actually quite good! IMO!
  • Biggest Back to You web chat yet – what did the lovely Tova, Kala from Ego, Adele from SBC and Bruce from Bodyblade have to say online this week.
  • Plus sneaky peeks from the garden, Mally and Ronnie Nicole as well as Skechers!



Not so Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Spot the Spaniel! This Sunday I visited my lovely Lauren, her BF Nick and their crazy spaniel, Baloo. She was raring to go for a swim in the nearby lake – Baloo not Lauren! And we took a fabulous sunny stroll through the woods near Farnham.

spot the dog

Such a lovely open area, it was very refreshing and so nice to be out in the big outdoors. it’s always lovely to have a nice stroll and a catch up with Lauren and Nick. There were tons of people out too, but Baloo only had eyes for her plaything!

red coat woodland

We threw the ball for crazy dog and she ended up bouncing it into the lake – see the top pic – just as I was trying to get one of those ‘mirror reflection’ photographs too! Funny. But it wore her out and she was ready for a nap when we returned. And Baloo. haha.

lolly nick

Then it was back to Lauren and Nick’s for dinner (see Debbie Does… below). They’ve done such a great job on the garden now, too. Remember the jungle from last year? Well this is what’s there now – such a clever bloke, that boyfriend of her’s! Must do it again soon.

back lawn



Valentine’s Day Surprise?

Well my ‘surprise’ was that 50 Shades was good! A good film, I mean. The subject matter wasn’t necessarily my cuppa ‘extra-strong’, but I really enjoyed, ahem, parts of it… (See below.)


And I got a Valentine’s Card. Thank you Lewis, aged 8! Bless! Lol. Plus we were treated to some Valentine’s cookies at work – I was bouncing off the walls after eating mine, ‘cos I don’t usually have sugar except on rare occasions and this was one! It makes me remember why it’s rare! Hehe!

Valentine's cookie

Watch – Update –
yes ‘50 Shades of Grey’ – the movie – was actually quite good. I gave it 8.5 out of 9 in the end – as I said on Facebook, it was much better than I expected! Worth seeing, more so if you haven’t read the books or much of the book. (I read the first bit of book 1 then never found the time to go back to it.) The star is definitely Dakota Johnson, a real surprise, really watchable, IMO. Jamie Dornan… he is fine. Not perfect, I agree, but fine and the chemistry is quite good. Don’t go see it expecting erotica tho, as it’s not like the book … thank gawd!

In France they’ve given it a 12 rating, it’s tame for them apparently! I wouldn’t say tame – there are definitely parts where some girlies in the audience got the giggles, e.g. during chat about certain terms or practices. But mainly cos of the heroine and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s excellent directing it’s worth a watch, IF you didn’t read the books and haven’t got fixed expectations! Enjoy!

50 greys


RiWiSi – Adele Parks Talk – How to Write Romance; plus Book of the Week – ‘The State We’re in’ – Had a lovely evening at Bloomsbury Publishing in London last week with pal Litty, at a special Writers & Artists’ Author Talk, with best-selling author Adele Parks –  she was lovely!

Adele Parks

The State We’re in‘ is one of her latest books; I’ve been listening to this mostly on audio book recently – if you like more gritty romances, this could be for you. Once the hero and heroine got on their journey to Chicago my interest was piqued and I looked forward to the next instalment in my car! In the time it takes to fly from London to Chicago, each finds something in the other that they didn’t even realise they needed. Their pasts are such that they can never make one another happy and it’s when they get off the plane that their true journey begins…

Plus I’m now listening to her historical book set just after the Great War, perfect fodder for my research on the 1920’s era for my next big project! It’s called ‘Spare Brides’ and it’s keeping me interested. I even cleaned the oven this week so I could have an excuse to keep listening to the audio book! Lol.


If you’d like to find out more about Writers & Artists Yearbook talks for authors, and more info on Bloomsbury Institute including links to podcasts and free videos, go to my website – the Read it Write it Sell it blog, to find out more and get links. I do one each week, and also feature info for those wanting to write their own novels!



Three Month Challengers hit 500!

not dieting

Just a quick update – over 530 ‘likes’ on my new Facebook page ‘3MCFeb’ which is where I’m charting the Three month challenge news. That means over 500 people determined to make this spring the time that their intentions succeed! I love the ‘Non-Scales Victories’ being discussed on there and on my ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0’ group (links below, related book is 704285). Anne said it’s been her goal to touch her chin with her knees cos her belly always got in the way and now she’s only an inch away! And Jane said since her weight loss and toning, it’s silly things like being able to pull on her tights more easily, rather than fighting to do so! We love these stories! Lots more like it as our online support group continues, now that the Back to You shows have finished again for another run. Want to take part? Here’s how:

  • Just be prepared to keep yourself on track, for three months! Till mid May.
  • Find out more on my special Three Month Challenge Blog here.
  • In this week’s Back to You blog on my website, you can see how reheating pasta really changes its effect, and read the amazing web chats from Tova, Adele SBC, Bruce Bodyblade and Kala from Ego!
  • Next Monday 8-9pm on Back to You Facebook group (links below) it’s the turn of the No! No! team, and a general open chat about how everyone’s doing with their three month challenge! I’ll be joining in around 9-10pm. Lovely group, come join us. And click here to read the blog.




Frowback Friday! Well it’s only throwing back three years, but do you remember that freeeezing cold winter? It was three years ago, Facebook reminded me, that Craigy and I went horse riding, and then had a snowball fight in the field near me. So glad off this week’s sunny weather, aren’t you!?

3 years ago

Hello Fresh Food! I did a lovely ‘Debbie Does Dinner’ this week with another of the veggie box meals. This time I did a deliiishhh ‘Mushroom Tagliatelle’. Lauren’s gluten free spaghetti was better than the run of the mill tagliatelle, but overall it went down well. Not a fan of pasta so it’d be a 7 out of ten for me. Wonder what they’ll bring next time?!


Meece Update
Thanks for the suggestions as to how to deal with the mice in my old 1850s house – most said wire wool and that’s what Adam the Pest Man put in the hole. Fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday lunch! I had a nice get together with two of my Facebook buddies, Andie and birthday girl Cath, looking very glam! And yes I did stop at satisfied! Lol. The Great Bear in Cobham does lovely food though. Must be a lady who lunches, more often! Lol



Facebook Funny – yes, this is one us oldies will remember! Mark Walker and I were having a little nostalgia session after our three-hour, Diamond Spectacular show on Wednesday (he’s 53, I’m 52.) We were saying how nice it is to be old enough to remember old money. To recall black and white TV and only three channels. ‘Morecambe and Wise’ being the highlight of Christmas. Who remembers using log books to do big sums in Maths lessons, pre-calculators? What’s your best memory that dates you most? Leave me a comment below!

 age test funny

Sneaky peek!  Just so you can put it in your diary if you’re going to take the plunge and get a No! No!, the Today’s Special Value is going to be on Sunday 1st March. Gosh March already – where is the year going!?


Shhhh! And as you’ll know on the TV guide, Flora Mare’s, Axel Ruth is here for his first Today’s Special Value on 2nd March – it’s not really a ‘shhh’ but had to mention it since he’s so fab!

Plus, another one for your diary, a one show only type bargain from Gatineau – and it’s a big one – Monday 23rd 10pm with me. Yay!


BLOOPER – Charlie strikes again !

Here’s when Charlie spotted a little faux pas from the Vax guest – another true blooper! Funny!

Here’s the classic blooper reel which features the vintage one, Alison Young and I were discussing during the sell-out launch of her Anniversary Ring in real Diamonds on Wednesday – the cream spray with a life of its own!

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

And finally here’s lovely Lulu Guinness being a bit previous – in a way only Lulu can – on my TSV launch this week!


‘Blue’ Tickets Comp. Attention Blue fans! We’re giving away two tickets to see the boyband, Blue on tour in Manchester. They will be on The Morning Show next Monday (23rd) and will perform two songs. It might be something to enter, if you’re interested


Watch – Casual Vacancy – JK Rowling’s first foray into adult fiction after Harry hung up his wand made it to BBC1 this week – so worth watching on catch up. It’s gritty – don’t expect it to be otherwise, and it’s certainly not Harry. But did you like it? I loved the book – after the initial culture shock of how different it was, but my fave are her new crime novels about Cameron Strike. Meanwhile, the BBC show continues, watch it on catch up.

And here’s JK Rowling discussing the book, her stratospheric rise to riches and she reads a little from the book. Note the sign off at the end regarding seeing ‘The Casual Vacancy’ making it onto the screen. If you saw it, or read the book, what did YOU think? How does it compare with her cosy-crime writing, under pen name ‘Robert Galbraith?’ Leave me a comment below to let me know.


This week on QVC –

  • Today’s Special Values this weekend – Saturday is a brand new treat for your flowers from Richard Jackson with his latest Plant Food bargain. Sunday brings the long awaited Mally Today’s Special 9 pc bundle of goodies – see pic. If it’s not sold out I’ll be on with it at 10pm. Then join me Sunday night at midnight (22/23rd) for the new Ronnie Nicole dress – in polka dots – very vintage!
  • And Skechers Tuesday night midnight And don’t miss my launch of the new Skechers, GO WALK slip on TSV – they always sell fast!


Still to come this month – Children’s BBC interview from when I was the first girl in the broom cupboard (he’s not done it yet!) But in the meantime, here’s a bit of vintage CBBC for you – courtesy of Youtube! OMG we were so young! Deb, broom cupboard, Summer 1986.

Next week – Tea for Two with fab pal LJ, a Lola surprise and ‘Wicked’ in the West End!

Have a great week!

Best Wishes




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  1. Nile Bourne February 21, 2015 at 1:23 am -  Reply

    I can remember using a slide rule to calculate weekly earnings my first job in 1970 – how many people know what a ‘slide rule’ is?

  2. Dawn February 21, 2015 at 7:04 am -  Reply

    Aways enjoy your blogs

  3. Sue shenton February 21, 2015 at 11:23 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbi, love following your blogs. Read your trilogy books which were fab. Any idea when ultrasun tsv will be ??? Keep smiling

  4. Heather Blaber February 22, 2015 at 11:49 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    I really enjoy watching your bloopers, the one with Charlie was so funny, then I saw the one with Ali and yourself, and that was even funnier. I look forward to seeing many more.

    I’m looking forward to the Skechers TSV because I’m a big fan. Just hope I get a chance to buy a pair before midnight, because I have to get up really early to get ready for work, and I tend to fall asleep, and then miss my size. I’m interested in the turquoise.

    Anyway, have a good week, and look forward to your next blog.

    Heather xxxxxxx

  5. KAREN FLINN February 23, 2015 at 3:47 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, wondering if you can help? There is a dress featured in the Spring fashion previews item on Q gossip which I really like. I have searched online and can’t see it. Have you any idea if it is going to be a stock item? The dress is black with lime and hot pink flowers, looks like 3/4 sleeves.

    Kind regards

  6. sue Smith February 23, 2015 at 5:29 pm -  Reply

    Just thought I would add my 2 pennath about your mouse problem!! our home isn’t quite so old 1960’s bungalow on sheltered housing!! we also have mouse problem very persistent
    little blighter he comes & goes literally then he comes back again we have tried wire wool
    chicken wire now were on solid ceramic tiles!! lets hope this time it works, as the pest man has been out several times & put down loads of poison but to no avail so any tips
    would be appreciated!!

  7. Elaine Marsh February 25, 2015 at 2:13 am -  Reply

    Meeces – ladies you have a hole somewhere that they are using to get in, I know that sounds obvious, well it is, try looking under the running boards at the base of your kitchen cupboards, around pipeworks behind cupboards, they only need a teenie weenie hole to get in and they are very clever, forget cheese, try chocolate as bait, borrow a cat, sadly its hard to capture humanely, mouse traps are so horrible but maybe your last resort. They also can climb within the structure of cavity walls, deterrent sprays might help, they don’t like peppermint smell, but you need to spray around all your skirting boards! They are either seeking a place to nest or have young to feed, so they brave human homes. Good luck.

  8. Alison Court February 25, 2015 at 11:52 am -  Reply

    Lucky you meeting Adele Parks, she is one of my favourite writers, my favourite ever though is Peter James. a fab thriller writer. Two fantastic books I have read recently and really have to recommend are ‘I Let You Go’ by Claire Mackintosh and ‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins. If you like books with twists and turns you will love these Debbie. I like my romances but I have to say that thrillers are my favourite genre.

  9. Debbie Flint February 26, 2015 at 10:17 pm -  Reply

    Nile –
    ‘Don’t know what a slide rule is for…’ – #songLyrics! lol x

  10. Debbie Flint February 26, 2015 at 10:18 pm -  Reply

    Dawn –
    thanks so much hon! Glad – otherwise it’d be a waste of time eh, if noone read them! hehe! Ta for being a lovely regular!

  11. Debbie Flint February 26, 2015 at 10:19 pm -  Reply

    Sue –
    not sure hon – will see if Abi knows. She’s on facebook too – part of back to you group (link is above – are you on facebook?)

  12. Debbie Flint February 26, 2015 at 11:46 pm -  Reply

    Heather –
    did you fall asleep or get your teal skechers tsv in the end hon? Glad you like the blogs! hugs xx

  13. Norma Fox February 27, 2015 at 2:46 pm -  Reply

    I enjoy your reading your blogs.
    Do you remember demonstrating the touch lamps? You had a line of people to see how many could carry the signal to switch on the lights!
    I was very pleased that you came back to QVC.

  14. Debbie Flint March 5, 2015 at 2:41 am -  Reply

    Karen –
    fraid the promo team say it’s out of stock hon – but if you write to they may be able to give you the item number for if it comes back in! Ta for asking! x

  15. Debbie Flint March 5, 2015 at 2:42 am -  Reply

    Sue –
    lots of peope said the sonic devices worked for them but the pest man just smiled knowingly. He’s set some traps now, sadly, but the mess they made was awful so hoping it solves it. Eurgggh! x

  16. Debbie Flint March 5, 2015 at 2:43 am -  Reply

    Elaine –
    yes i can hear them in the rafters behind my bed! euuurgh! Hoping it’s fixed now! Ta for the tip about peppermint oil. We think we found the entry point and wire woole’d it, so hopefully nothing will be in the trap! yuk x

  17. Debbie Flint March 5, 2015 at 2:44 am -  Reply

    Alison –
    have to say I love thrillers and cosy crimes too – love having something to work out! Although time travel books are top for me too – as you’ll see from my book of the week next week! lol
    ta for writing!

  18. Debbie Flint March 5, 2015 at 2:45 am -  Reply

    Norma –
    aw how kind of you, thanks hon. yes so glad to be back, for sure! yes i was just watching a clip on youtube with the touch light conga the other day! If i can find it i will post it next week (13th) Glad you love the blogs hon! x

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