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Big news guys, I FOUND MY WEDDING RING!!! Can you believe it? I’m so happy, but I also feel rather silly too as it looks like it may have been my fault all along. So the other morning I was standing in the kitchen and saw a zip-up bag that I use when I’m travelling. I unzipped it to see what was inside and found a jewellery box. I knew that my Kelly Hoppen earrings were inside and thought ‘oh I must take this into work to wear these today’ and when I opened it I couldn’t believe my eyes, as well as the earrings there was a chunky bracelet that was made up of round rings and in the tangle of that, there it was my wedding band!!!

I have absolutely no recollection of putting the ring in this box so I can only assume that I had picked it up accidentally with the bracelet and put that in the box. I was soooo relieved but then we all thought the whole thing was hilarious because Ivy had said all along that she took it. She had a whole story of how she played with it and showed us where she played with it and told us how she had put the ring in a book. We had gone through every book in the house!! That’s the life of imaginative three year olds though eh?! Thank you again for all the messages over this, I’m so happy that it’s been found, even if it probably was my own fault!

So other than that, we had a fantastic weekend in the sun. We had our first beach BBQ of the year, it was the first weekend for ages that we didn’t have somewhere to be. No kids parties, no work, no events so we had complete freedom to do as we pleased. Lovely! We met some friends and all headed down to the sunny harbour with our bucket BBQ’s, burgers and sausages. It was the perfect evening, the tide was out so the girls could play in the puddles of sea water. I realised afterwards that I hadn’t taken any pictures which shows how nice a time we had as I didn’t pick up my phone once!

On Sunday we went back to the beach to our beach hut and made sure to take the stand up paddle board with us too and took it in turns to go out on that with Tilda and Ivy lying down on the front. I love beach days so much, I know sometimes I wish I lived nearer to London, particularly for work, but it’s so worth it when we have weekends like that on our doorstep.

We took food down for lunch to cook in the beach hut, burgers and buns with tomatoes and avocado and a big tub of watermelon. I used my Lock & Lock which I recently bought from QVC and I’m loving that all my containers match! I was so sick of the dreaded cupboard of mismatched tubs with lids that didn’t fit properly that I threw it all in the recycling and replaced it with a big set of Lock & Lock.

It’s such a small change in our kitchen but it’s made all the difference. I’ve used two large ones in the fridge for cheese and meats and the rest are for picnics and packed lunches. There’s no question who’s is who’s when we are out for days with other people as ours all matches and no one else has the same colour as ours. Some are in our freezer with portions of Bolognese in them for the kids too! I got mine on a Feature price but this Thursday 19th July is going to be an even better deal as they are coming to you as a Today’s Special Value 20-piece assorted nestable collection.

This is one of those offers that I can’t recommend enough. No it’s not glamorous but it’s little things like a large set of Lock & Lock that can really make a difference in the everyday running of your life. You can get in early to secure yours too with this early bird link.

What I’m using in BeautyRevitalash Advanced Conditioner

I am so happy to talk this week about Revitalash simply because this is one of those products that works incredibly well. It is a complete game-changer for my lashes, so much so that whenever I use it my friends ask me if I have had lash extensions put in. The answer is always no, I’ve just been using Revitalash! This is actually only the second time I have used it, I committed to it last summer too with fantastic results. I’ve been using it for about four weeks and now my lashes are looking fantastic (in my opinion!). They are fuller and soooo much longer. I wish I could do a before and after for you but as our legal department is so strict we would have to have done an official and monitored before and after picture.

So you will have to look at some of my older close-up pictures on my Instagram or previous blogs to see what a difference it makes to me. Now you do have to commit to using Revitalash if you are going to try it, you need to use it every single day! You sweep it over your clean lashes each day and after a number of weeks (this will vary for each person) you will start to see the difference. For me it’s about 4-5 weeks and then it seems one day I wake up and look in the mirror and boom! It’s a product that I genuinely rave on about to my friends. I appreciate it’s also one of those products that may vary the result on different people but I really hope it works for you like it works for me!

What I’m wearingAmanda Lamb Woven Clutch with Leather Wristlet

It’s all about the clutch this week! I love this Amanda Lamb woven clutch bag so much that it’s not really left my side so far this summer. Now that Ivy is practically completely nappy free I don’t have to carry nearly so much with me when we go out. So I can now downsize my own bag and just take the essentials. This clutch is big enough for my purse, phone, keys and some make-up and that’s all I need!

The woven design is very fashionable for this summer and the colours are just screaming summer. The orange, turquoise and glittering gold thread give it a real boho vibe and I particularly like that it has a wrist loop to carry it with. It’s also really great-value price wise. If you love the design but would prefer a shopper style bag then you are in luck as Amanda has one of those in her collection too!

In the kitchen

I didn’t get a chance to come up with a recipe this week but instead wanted to tell you about the latest thing I have bought for my kitchen. It’s a set of two Copper Crispers and they are brilliant! Such a simple idea that makes a world of difference. When you have small kids things like chicken nuggets and chips are a bit of a regular occurrence. I try to make them eat homemade food with hidden veggies all the time but they never like it and so nuggets are always on hand.

What the crispers do is keep the food raised off the oven tray so that the underside doesn’t get soggy, a game-changer for things like fish fingers! It’s not just about kids food though, I have been using these for many other things too. It worked really well with roast vegetables that I didn’t want to get soggy swimming in oil, same for sausages too as the fat drips onto the tray! I’ve tried homemade wedges too. The oven trays are usable separately too so value-wise this is a great set for versatility. You can buy just a single option too but for better value it makes sense to buy the double option, you can always give one as a gift to someone as they are individually boxed. Great house warming gift perhaps.

You may have noticed my Orla Kiely herb pots on my window sill too, there are still a few available but not many so if you like them snap them up soon! It looks so much nicer than my pot of supermarket basil just sitting there on a dish with at the black pot, which is how I had it before!

So what have you guys been buying lately? Let me know and as always keep up with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Love Katy x


  1. Dawn Tindle July 17, 2018 at 2:02 pm -  Reply

    Love reading your blog and family time down by the sea. Great news about your wedding band. A big relief to your husband as not having to purchase another replacement. I recall it was a family heirloom too.

    You can so enjoy summer to the full. Love the idea of a beach hut too.

  2. Debbie July 17, 2018 at 5:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy, SO glad to hear you have found your wedding ring, they have such sentimental memories don’t they? Beach looked wonderful, i’m envious, hope you have many more chances to enjoy it!!! X Debbie

  3. Carole Webster July 17, 2018 at 9:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi I believe that god or the angels helped you find your ring I bought some gold earrings from Qvc a couple of months ago and I love them because I can sleep in them I woke one day and couldn’t find one it had come out I searched everywhere in the bedroom I asked god and my gaurdian angel if they could help me anyway my husband came home and went to put his slippers on and it was in the toe inside there is no way on this earth it could have got there so if you believe and ask your prayers will be answered love your blog god bless you all x

  4. SheMag July 18, 2018 at 7:44 am -  Reply

    I am so thrilled for you…never mind the how, just revel in the fact that it’s back! You’ll have put it in the box so automatically that your brain didn’t register what you did. I’m delighted, what a happy story to begin the day!

  5. Sue Wilson July 18, 2018 at 4:34 pm -  Reply

    Congratulations Katie on finding your wedding ring.
    Glad it’s finally turned up.
    Great blog as usual making the most of this great weather.

  6. Hester Tulloch July 19, 2018 at 4:27 pm -  Reply

    Oh Katie so so glad you found your grans ring you would have been so upset if not, my sister lost her engagement ring when her son was 6 she had seen him at her dressing table while sh ent into the shower it was. Beautiful oval blu sapphire surrounded by diamonds and it was never found not even when they moved home insurance paid out but she replaced it with a double row of the same stones but still laments it’s loss 40 years later xx

  7. Kim Egan July 21, 2018 at 11:31 am -  Reply

    Brilliant news, Katy – just shows never to give up hope! X

  8. Janet July 23, 2018 at 8:40 pm -  Reply

    Fantastic news that you found your ring!!
    Like you, have been to the beach and had a paddle. Lucky to be near the sea and benefit from the cooler sea breezes. Nothing like dipping a toe in the water to cool down. Happy sunshine days.X

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