Summertime sun fun, fab theatre with Lee, sneaky peeks and QVC UK secrets!


Debbie, Ingrid, with friendsThis week
– Devon days and spooky news!

– Sunshine fun with Ingrid and girls

– Fab theatre with Lee and Kathleen Turner!

– Funny Lisa Snowdon blooper

– And sneaky peeks of Liz Earle, G-Tech mini vac, Lulu anti-ageing plus, and upcoming highlights on QVC including Pine Fauna – how to stop your pet’s problem skin…



OMG it’s been hot! At the time of writing this it’s been 30 degrees – on the way back from Devon it was actually 31 degrees on the motorway. I do hope you’re ok in the heat?

I’m basically not – photosensitive skin and all that! So, I stay in the shade mostly once my skin ‘starts’. If you have no clue what I’m on about, I’ll expand on my Monday Back to You blog over on my website about what it’s like.

More importantly, I had a lovely long ‘ladies who lunch’ lunch on Monday this week, in Cobham – with Andie and Cath (two of my fab beta readers for my steamy romance novels), and also Ingrid, who lives just round the corner!?

We discussed all things literary and our fave authors, see below for my current one – who’s yours? I was there for three hours! Aaaages since I did that – been too busy writing! Lol.

Ingrid’s back on Wednesday with Yong Kim’s range, which she was wearing – needless to say. Look at the Kim & Co tops/dresses making an appearance in the rest of the line up in the pic above! Have you got any of these clothes? Leave me a comment below if so!



Debbie and Alix in DevonI booked a couple of days of annual leave to go and do something – which didn’t end up happening! So, instead I went back down to stay in my ‘home from home’ in Belstone, Devon with writing pal Alix.

I was so chuffed to be there and had a fab time on the Thursday coffee morning in the village hall! I met some lovely people from the village including Julie who runs the @belstonevillage Twitter account – some lovely pics on there, and also on the wall in the village hall!

I’ve decided that I would like to live there one day when I’m a grown up!

Alix and I were discussing the spooky, freebie, short-story anthology we’re doing for Halloween this year. Her new idea – has inspired me and given me an idea for a second supernatural story. It’s based on a tale I heard years ago from Rhys and Nigel (rocker Nigel – remember him?) during Meg Shanks’ drama school class, held in the top floor rehearsal rooms of Wimbledon Theatre.

I won’t say more, apart from, they say they saw a ghost. So it’s based on that but with a twist – I’ll be working on it and I have a question for you – have you got a spooky story to tell about something that’s happened to you too? Let me know with a comment at the bottom- what’s your fave ‘ghost’ story or psychic tale?



Pine FaunaEeek! Got to get up early Monday, to be in and present the 1pm hour – which pooch shall I bring? If any? Gracie came last time, so maybe Daisy or grandpog Baloo?

Anyway, I’m very excited to be bringing the Pine Fauna pet coat spray back in stock – for itchy scratchy skin problems in any pet – even a pig, or a parrot – haha Jim Lad!

Gill, the guest, sold out in March in just a few minutes, so it should be popular again. Here’s what one of the reviews said:

“My 2 dogs both suffer with itchy sensitive skins. They never have fleas as I check them regularly, and yet they often scratch like mad. I have taken them for treatment, used shampoos and sprays and gels in the past, with mixed results. I saw this on Pampered Pets and thought I may as well try it, because I had tried everything else available in the shops. It does work, they do stop scratching…”

It has 11 reviews, and scores 4.9 out of 5 on average! Whoop! Watch the video here to find out more.

And talking of dogs…


SUNDAY SOAKING – dog walk update

Weather on SundayA quick note about the idea to hold a charity dog walk this Sunday – considering:

– My dogs’ reaction to the storm, currently raging over Surrey (time of writing 2am Thursday night!)

– The current weather forecast (rain and more rain)

I’m postponing it ’till later in the year.

I will give a few weeks’ notice and hopefully many of you can join us! I’ll still be doing a dog walk that day if you want to come along, just email me


RIWISI – my weekly look at all things book!

OVER ON RIWISI on my website this week –
– Twelve five stars for my steamy romance ‘Hawaiian Retreat’ – am very chuffed!
– Freebie book of the week from Mary Jane Hallowell, charming romances – free eBook.
– How to be 5000 times more likely to meet an agent!
– Including info on all my books and recommendations for where to begin if you want to self publish.
– Go here to my website to read this week’s Friday Fiction Focus!






Back to You returns to QVC UK on  Monday nights in September and until then, every Monday night on Facebook (groups listed below if you’d like to join). We are having an online ‘Live Hub’ 8-9pm on the Back to You QVC group – to chat to each other about well-being issues.

Marlene Watson-Tara joined us last Monday and we covered some amazing topics, including: sandwich fillings, eating for certain health issues, and lots more! One of the subjects, invariably, is giving up sugar – well if you know you need to lose weight, everyone should watch this video.

I think, if you’re a bit stuck or if you think low-fat is the only way to go. Interesting info, huh? Watch this clip on why a calorie is not a calorie.

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

PLUS – Over on my website, Monday’s Back to You page blog – meeting Professor Robert Lustig and others and info from last week’s FAB Research conference about addiction – ‘food the problem, food the cure’ – go here to read more!



Sneaky peek!

I’m looking forward immensely to the new Liz Earle Today’s Special Value next weekend and a trip to the Isle of Wight on Thurs/Fri with Craigy and co to see their HQ! Their TSV is launching next Saturday at midnight (26th July). Join me on Sunday next weekend (27th at 5pm) when, hopefully, I’ll be taking off all of my make-up at the end of the hour!

It’s also a big gardening weekend as Richard Jackson celebrates his 13th anniversary on the 25/26th July.

Liz Earle TSV Richard Jackson flower







Carole Hochman one show only type bargain in designer sleepwear, Monday at 5pm and more each hour thereafter – tbc of course!

QVC Insider info
OOO so excited! A first! Bit like the TiFFT’s in my new novel – Try It For The First Time events! This one happens Sunday 20th at 6pm, on the Beauty Channel. It’s the debut of a really important book – Michael Edwards, Fragrances of the World Book – it was lovely recording the chat with him and it’s such an ideal gift for all you fragrance fanatics out there – and the most expensive book I’ve ever sold!
Michael Edwards Fragrances of the world book


QVC channels line upSome extra off air highlights for you!




What can I say – Lisa Snowdon – ‘push present?’ I’d have needed a ‘shove shower’! lol x

This week’s highlights on QVC –
Weekend Today’s Special Values – G-Tech vac on Saturday – nifty little handheld – read Jilly’s blog post to find out more! Join me for the 11pm airing – if stocks last!

Sunday TSV – it’s Lovely Lulu’s turn with her four-piece anti-ageing skincare collection.

GTech TSV Lulu Timebomb TSV







Radical youth infusion serum - 205411Saturday – Radical Skincare is back on tomorrow at 4pm! Join Ali K and the Radical sisters for a whole hour including a fab discovery set. (They’re also on with me at 9pm tonight on Friday Night Beauty). Why not treat yourself to their Youth Infusion Serum.






Diamonique star cut stud earrings - 606573Sunday – Charlie has three hours of Diamonique in an extravaganza, @meCharlieBrook style! Gawd-help whoever’s his model! She’ll come in for some stick as usual no doubt – should be great fun to watch! How pretty are these Diamonique star shaped earrings?






Pine FaunaMonday – pampered pets as above – including that Pine Fauna item again – don’t miss the dog-fest at 1pm! Which one will I end up taking on with me?!









625454– And launch of new south western jewellery range I’ve been wearing  – Monday at 2pm – Nahoni Native American Style – it’s fab!








Laura Geller TSV Wednesday – Laura Geller Today’s Special Value – couldn’t help but warn you about this one! Laura herself will be over too. The set is the five-piece Tuscan Sun collection – superb. Plus, it’s a Yong Kim day too – join me and Ingrid at 8pm!








Debbie and Antthony– Prince Antthony Returns!
Well did you see the show last Sunday?! The outfit created such a buzz on social media and this was due to his amazing collection of embroidery, sequins, skulls and magnificence!

We had a wonderful show together – fab Today’s Special Value tunic. I have booked my next trip to LA now – in November. So I’m hoping that I’ll be able to spend lots of time with my best Beverly Hills buds!





Road raceRoad Race Rage?
Ever had that ‘hemmed in’ feeling? Well on Sunday 10th August I won’t be at work due to the latest cycling road race!

If you look at this pic, you’ll see the map of the route? Well I live in the middle of that big loop! You literally can’t get your car out of your drive as the whole roadway is closed – completely – to all vehicles. Have to get the deckchairs out and watch the race instead eh?! Have you ever been ‘hemmed in’ ‘cos of something like this?






Fifteen to oneWant to be on TV?
Here you go – again! Lost in TV need people to take part in game show 15 to 1 and ITV are looking for vocal talent for their new Rising Star show!





SayingHeartening Thought
I saw this last week and thought it must be a really good way for people in the public eye to deal with certain comments from trolls etc.

JK Rowling was apparently trolled (vile comments sent or posted online) over her views about Scottish independence. She could just visualise this saying!

Top marks to our own Facebook site for issuing a reminder of site policy – long may it reign so that everybody has a voice not just those who shout loudest!



Bohemian Rhapsody dogsFacebook Funny

I posted this picture earlier this week – my three labradors and my grandpog Baloo doing Queen! They all just lined up in front of me in the garden like Queen’s classic video – so I took the pic, and the caption naturally followed! Any other caption ideas? Let me know with a comment to this blog – info on how to do it is below!





‘Bakersfield Mist’ at the Duchess Theatre, with Kathleen Turner and Ian McDiarmid. Went along last week with lovely mate Lee Hohbein to watch some fab comedy-drama – a one act play based on real events.

It’s about a trailer park woman who thinks she has a masterpiece on her wall. Fabulously funny performance from Kathleen – larger than life and gravelly voiced nowadays – and Ian McD also played his role perfectly, as the art valuer sent to visit her.

Well worth a watch if you can go – quite a rare occasion to see such concentrated genius on the London stage. I’d give it 8.5 out of ten. Lee was similarly impressed. Here’s the YouTube clip, but best of all – go see it! Interesting insight into her original theatrical inspiration too! Never guess where she went to school?! Watch this and find out!

Next week – a trip to the Isle of Wight to see the Liz Earle gang and Pampered Pets with pogs galore!

Have a great week!
Best wishes

P.S *TiFFT = Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Belinda Wright July 18, 2014 at 10:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Do hope you enjoy your visit to the Isle of Wight. I visited Ryde in June earlier this year, and went into the Liz Earle Shop. Most enjoyable, Debbie the assistant I spoke to was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the products, without being pushy.
    Will certainly return for another visit.
    Belinda Wright

  2. Wendy Arnold July 19, 2014 at 8:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Please could you ask the powers that be if they would consider having Holly Bell(kitchen aid) on the show with signed copies of her first new cook book ‘Recipes from a Normal Mum’. I’ m sure it would be really popular and I would be first to ‘tap my ap’ for one.
    Many thanks

  3. Karen Green July 20, 2014 at 11:06 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Always love reading your blogs, so full of interesting things!!
    Lucky you being down in Devon, we used to go there every year for our holidays when I was much younger! As we had family there and also in Sunny Somerset…fab memories!!
    Cannot wait for your Spooky Story – love all things scary/psychic/mystic etc. My biggest experience relating to this happened on a Greek Island…magical with mystery too, lol!?!
    Antthony show was brill – some great styles and yes, I did buy! Pampered Pets sounds like fun!!
    Was lovely to meet you recently…such a beautiful place too with sunshine all the way…really appreciated it all!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs…Karen xx

  4. Lara July 20, 2014 at 1:59 pm -  Reply

    Hi DEBBIE. I’m not on twitter so
    didn’t respond to your question last night
    but I remember Bazooka Joe bubblegum

  5. Valerie Wilding July 21, 2014 at 11:10 am -  Reply

    Debbie how can I contact Lee regarding the problem with my Archos tablet 80g9 (I won on your programme) Suddenly the qvc app will not let me insert last digit of my membership number. iphone 5 has sae problem. Customer services can only help a little. Not too clever with face book Thanks Valerie Wilding

  6. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 23, 2014 at 12:34 am -  Reply

    Belinda –
    Oo you’re making me get all filled with anticipation now! I wonder if pontins is still there with the Totem Pole…?! Went there when I was 5&6!

  7. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 23, 2014 at 12:35 am -  Reply

    Wendy –
    Anyone else with requests, do also email! Best route!
    Fingers crossed, Wendy – Holly is fab! X

  8. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 23, 2014 at 12:59 am -  Reply

    Karen –
    Did u read the romances too? We may have a place in our Debbie’s Readers beta reading group – if u join, u get to see the prototype stories first! Incl my new spooky one! Assuming you’re on Facebook? Search for the group and pm me once you’ve pinged a request. Anyone else and we are setting up a waiting list – worth joining!
    Ps lovely to meet u too! And yes, fabulous trip!

  9. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 23, 2014 at 1:00 am -  Reply

    Lara –
    Kind of you o take the time to respond hon! Yes I can remember it now, and the slightly powdery surface once u got it out of wrapper! Lol

  10. Debbs f July 23, 2014 at 3:51 pm -  Reply

    Best email me your problem via and i will pass it on to find best way to talk to lee. He’s away atm anyway so no rush x

  11. Miss Bernadette Loughlan July 31, 2014 at 1:06 am -  Reply

    Hi debbie, great blogs thanks. Well as for spooky what about ” I just got in bed turned over and holding duvet snuggled down to sleep. Then a tap on my shoulder then another, I said veronica what now, as we were only two there awake. Her children were asleep. Veronica’s voice came from outside my room down the landing. Be please be quiet you’ll wake the boys what do you want. Nothing I said , still ho.ding my duvet I sat up and looked around the room.
    There where it should have been just carpet, I saw a bed with my grandma sat up staring at me. My heart raced ten to dozen. I looked away then looked back and the vision had gone.
    When I later told my mum and sister my mum said well they wouldn’t hurt you in life so they wouldn’t hurt you in death. That was the matter sorted as if it normally happened and it was just another part of life to experience. I was only 15 then but other things happen.
    Now for your lovely dogs I believe their words should be ” ok we sat nice together so where are our treats.!!!
    I love watching Antony’s shows. He is so driven with great eye for detail. He shows he loves his work with great passion . He strifes for absolute perfection and when it is not anywhere ,he will make his own fabric and shower us ladies with amazing quality beauty engineered fabric and designs from a man who truely loves to dress us ladies like we are royalty or the elite from stage and films. We may be unemployed and be on budgets , yet we can be dressed by Antony and look like a million dollars. He really cares for people and to make us look the best every day. He is an earthangel who adores his mum and family and friends. He is looking younger than his age because truely loves life and makes life special for so many other people too god bless him. He makes me happy and I always love his outfits too. A man born to show others how wonderfull life is when we smile, yes I love Antony and his beautifull creation, fabulous – glamorous – sophistocated – elegant – oscar winners – lots of design features always – stand out from the crowd pieces too. Yet still down to earth hard working gentleman, who can do my capsule wardrobe anytime.
    Missed him today lots of love hugs and kisses love be xoxoxox

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