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Summer holiday chat with Ruth Langsford


We’ve just finished our six-week Fashion Edit series with QVC Ambassador Ruth Langsford, packed with great fashion picks, bringing you the lowdown on what Ruth loves to wear. The series is back in May but for now, we want to get to know Ruth a little better so we’re talking all things summer holiday… come on summer, we’re ready for you!

Ruth, today we’re whisking ourselves away by talking holidays. Tell us about your best holiday ever…

Ooh, in my whole life? Probably Egypt; I’d always wanted to see the pyramids and we took my son Jack with us, who was studying Ancient Egypt at school, as we thought it could be more of an educational holiday. Seeing the pyramids and being in Cairo was fantastic and it was great to see it all through Jack’s eyes. The pyramids are absolutely enormous, just staggering to see. You just wonder how on earth they were built and I love all the theories about how they got there as well.

It’s tricky to say best holiday ever though! I also loved visiting South Africa before we had Jack and I’d love to go back there. We only went for a week, which wasn’t long enough. It’s the most beautiful, beautiful country. I’ve also got favourite family holidays such as camping in Scotland and going fishing with my Dad. So it’s hard to pick a favourite as sometimes it’s about the simplicity of camping, fishing and cooking just-caught fish with my Dad or it’s about going to some amazing place and staying in a 5-star hotel!

Summer holidays
We agree, we love all the holidays! When you go on holiday, what three things do you always take with you?

Mascara – I can’t do anything without it! I do try and get my eyelashes dyed before I go away so that when I’m swimming I still look okay but I still have to have it with me!

I always take an extension lead with me wherever I go because I’ve stayed in so many places for work or holiday where the mirror is at the furthest point from the plug socket where you plug in your hairdryer – I just don’t understand why, it drives me insane! Who designs these places and thinks it makes sense! I’ve spent so many early mornings crouched on my hands and knees with my hand mirror propped up on two telephone directories (that’s how old I am that I remember the old directories), trying to dry my hair!

And my final thing is some dried skimmed milk because I’m not a fan of full fat milk or UHT milk that you always find abroad. Bleurgh!

I realise I’ve picked very practical things as these are what I use a lot when I travel for work. So for holidays, one key essential is sun cream and Ultrasun is a brand that I love, especially their tinted option as it gives you a little bit of colour in the morning. I’ve spent too many years when I was younger not protecting my skin in the summer, hence why I’m now covered in freckles and moles, which I’m always having checked. My one piece of advice would be to always protect your skin and keep out of the sun!

I also have to have my Kindle with me as I love to read, even though I don’t often get the chance – if I read before bed, it’s about two pages and then I’m fast asleep. But on holiday I can get through a book in a couple of days. Before the days of Kindle, you had to carry them all with you on holiday and I thought I’d always be nostalgic about turning the page of a proper book but I’m not at all – I love it! I can download ten books at a time, I can read at night and not disturb Eamonn and it’s really light to carry around.

On my last holiday I read my TV son Rylan’s Autobiography ‘The Life of Rylan’. Unlike some people who use ghost writers, he wrote it completely himself. I loved that because while I was reading it, I could hear his voice. Even on holiday I couldn’t get away from him! It’s a good read, very funny and it was lovely to find out more about him.

Ruth and Eamonn on holidayReading 'The life of Rylan' on holiday

Talking of loving to read, do you have a favourite book or one that you’d recommend?

I love reading all sorts of books and I always enjoy the book I’m reading but ask me about it two weeks later and I can’t remember it! If I think about absolute classics, I’d recommend ‘Cider with Rosie’ by Laurie Lee, which is a lovely book and one of my favourites. After reading that, I also read the author’s semi-autobiography, called ‘As I walked out one mid summer morning’. When the author was about 17, he left his home to go travelling with just his guitar – which back then was quite something! He didn’t have much money so he busked his way through Spain and met lots of amazing people, who helped him along the way; it’s a really interesting read.

Recently I read ‘A Man called Ove’ by Fredrik Backman, which is a really charming book. It’s basically about a seemingly unsociable man, whose wife dies, and some seemingly dysfunctional people, who are his neighbours, which he initially didn’t deal with or like but eventually end up looking out for him. It’s hard to describe and it’s really different but someone recommended it to me and I loved it.

‘The Girl on the Train’, by Paula Hawkins, which I know is a bit old now, is also fantastic. When I read it I thought that it would make a great film though now they’ve made one, I’m not sure I want to watch it! I have all the characters in my head – what they looked like and how they’d be – and the film probably won’t match up to that. If you watch a film before reading the book then you automatically imagine all the actors so I think it’s important to read the book first!

Thanks Ruth, we’ll add them all to our reading list! Look out for more blogs from the lovely Ruth over the next few weeks.

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  1. janet groves April 4, 2017 at 9:44 am -  Reply

    Hi Ruth, really enjoyed your fashion shows. You are a natural and I love the way you interact with the models such a nice touch. I would love it if QVC gave you a regular slot on your own.

    Best wishes Janet x

  2. Debbie April 7, 2017 at 8:13 pm -  Reply

    Loved the fadhion edit ❤.. Also loved girl on a train book and i thought the film did the book justice i loved it .. Looking forward to the May shows x

  3. Dawn Tindle April 11, 2017 at 12:53 pm -  Reply

    just love all the fashion series that have been run. It does inspire you in your own ideas for dressing and more importantly getting £££ per wear as they say.

    More more more please.

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