Steamy novel alert! Bank Holiday TV fest and Gambit – Great? Or a Colin Firth turkey?


Dog walkThis week –

– Hawaiian Affair (Part 2 of 4) eBook hits the virtual bookstore, and stand by – it’s steamy! Or is it?

– Surprising subsidiary sales – and some fascinating facts about the explosion of eBooks

– No it’s not a mummy – it’s me during my Sarah Chapman facial (on QVC this Sun 9pm)

– and Bank Holiday fun and games – what did you do?

Plus this week’s film review is ‘Gambit’ – but the jury’s still not sure about this strange Colin Firth movie! Also the usual sneaky peeks – attention Judith Williams fans.


Well did you have a nice bank holiday? Two days of good weather here down south – whoop whoop! I went to see my family for Lara’s 7th party, arriving just as most of the kids were about to leave (what a shame! Not. Lol!!), which was nice.

As was visiting Lauren and Nick and little Baloo now they’ve settled into their new home nearby in Godalming (see video of Baloo below – soooo funny, that dog!). But the highlight for me was of course the sunshine!

A wonderful walk in the bluebell-covered woods (see top pic), and Fat-Dog-Gracie deciding she would play hippo again in the muddy water on the path in the woods.

Good job they have a paddling pool to ‘plosh’ in when we get home! Thank goodness for some nice weather again tho’, eh? Albeit brief. What did you do? Anything nice in the hot weather – or did the sun miss out your part of the country?

Meanwhile, to make you smile, here’s the amazing dancing dog, Baloo!




But of course, during the whole weekend, I was a bit preoccupied with ‘all things book’, naturally – considering the first part of Hawaiian Affair was only just released. Do forgive me for going on about it, but it’s a pretty momentous thing for me, this self-publishing lark! I do hope if it’s a topic you’re interested in, my blogs over the past weeks have been helpful?

Anyway, you may be surprised to find out some of the fascinating facts below regarding the amazing growth of eBooks in the last few years. Plus, how you can track your own progress with your own self-pub works – eg, my Hawaiian Affair Part 1 did even manage to get fairly high up in a couple of the minor humour charts – cool! More info below.


Hawaiian Affair Part 2But the big new is – stand by – the second part of Hawaiian Affair is now available – but there’s a choice! I did warn you that my novel had turned out to be a little on the raunchy side? But then I got some interesting feedback, and I listened to a few of you who told me you definitely wouldn’t want that kind of ‘open the bedroom door’ detail. Well hey presto – Part two is available in two options!

For the Steamy version, of Hawaiian Affair Part 2 (Adult Content version) go here – which contains the infamous ‘chapter 4’ on the luxury yacht in Monaco. You have been warned! One lady in my readers group said her glasses steamed up – literally when she read it! Lol! Mind you, it’s not 50 shades, probably just 7 or 8! And just the regular ‘type of grey’. Hehe.

BUT the great news is that – for the second option I’ve created an alternative ‘PG’/ ‘R’ rated – or ‘close the bedroom door’ – version! And if that’s the one you’d like, just go here.


Till the fat lady slimsOr search Debbie Flint on Amazon and you’ll see it, alongside two other items which you kind people have also been getting at the same time – my short story – a gentle Valentines tale about a funny grandma and her curious neighbour, as well as Till the Fat Lady Slims.

This is my semi-autobiographical weight loss book from 2002 – recently added to Amazon ‘cos lovely daughter Lauren’s just created the eBook for me. The principles still work! I’ve been using them a lot lately actually. (Go here to see more)

Anyway let me know what you think about it, complete with its references to QVC way back then – for those that remember! So roughly one in four people looking up my romance novel also got curious and downloaded a second work too – super!



Listen – I didn’t know what to expect when I embarked upon this venture, and I’d like to say a big, hearty thanks to everyone who’s downloaded it, been reading it, and to everyone who’s left a review on Amazon, or on last week’s blog – my sincere thanks go out to you! And by the way, don’t worry if you missed the first instalment of my romance novel last week – Part 1 of Hawaiian Affair is still available of course, and both 1 and 2 allow you to get a free sample on Amazon. But what if you don’t want an eBook? Or if you can wait?


Current pile of booksNEXT WEEK – Part 3, and the week after, the final part 4 (part 4 is also steamy and will also have a PG alternative, hehe.). Then – great news for those that love traditional books! – the much-requested paperback also becomes available via Amazon, (and via a telephone number you can ring to order it courtesy of a friend of mine who runs a shop) – that’ll be towards the end of June. So will the complete eBook at some stage, which if you can wait, will be a bit cheaper than the individual parts – as usually happens).

I’ve been reassured by how many people have told me they’re waiting for the actual paper copy. I love eBooks, but tell you a secret – for important books, like pal’s ones, I buy the paperback too! What do you do? This is my current ‘waiting to be read’ pile, for instance!

By the way it’s been a very interesting learning process – and my goodness, there’s so much left to discover!


Read it, write it, sell itREADING IT, WRITING IT, SELLING IT!

Meanwhile I’ve been fascinated about this whole new world of book sales online.

Firstly, following the various plentiful charts, in all types of categories and sub-categories – tons, as you can imagine, with their 100 million plus books sold each year (depending on which google report you believe)!



ChartAt one stage, HA Pt 1 got to number 25 in one chart – how proud am I?!

If you’re thinking of self-publishing too, as the author, you can easily check how sales are progressing too – via Kindle Direct Publishing reports – mind you, by Monday I was bored of doing that, and decided to delve deeper into the world of eBook success.




One of the rules of sales on Amazon seems to be borne out by my experience – that having more on offer enhances sales. Do remember this if you’re thinking of self-publishing too. And it’s an exploding trend, because on big online sites at least, more people now buy eBooks than print books. But how many more, on a site like Amazon, for instance? I found some thoroughly riveting info – (go here to read the full article in the Guardian)

– As of August last year, more people were buying eBooks from Amazon, than paperbacks or hardbacks (aka print books, or PBooks) in the UK. More specifically, for every 100 P.Books, 114 eBooks were sold, and that did not include any on free promo.

– BUT – crucially, Kindle owners are nowadays buying four times more books than they did prior to owning a Kindle

– More than half a million Kindle eBooks are priced at £3.99 or less

– Adult fiction has given it a boost – eg 50 Shades of Grey sold 2m copies Apr-Aug 2012 They’re calling it the renaissance of reading, and can only be good news for authors long term.

Stephen KingSo I was very surprised to see what mega author Stephen King said this month. He’s actually initially only releasing his new book ‘Joyland’ in paperback, to encourage people back to bookstores.

And this from the man who wrote an eBook only story back in 2000 and was part of the launch of Kindle 2 in 2009! (full article here)

Nice to have a paperback, as I said, I’m all for it – I’m a ‘read the eBook and if I love it, I’ll buy the paperback too’ kind of girl. That’s why I’m making sure Hawaiian Affair is available in paperback soon.

Are you awaiting it? Or are you thinking about getting an eBook reader, or a tablet or smartphone Kindle app? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


BLOOPER – This week Dale and Julia launched Diamonique Day (Fri 31st) and Dale told this enchanting little tale about having fun with our lovely Veronese jewellery guest, Italian Ginetta – if you know her, you can just imagine her saying this to Dale! And his face is a treat! Lol



Sarah ChapmanSNIPPETS

– Was very excited to go visit Sarah Chapman – as part of my prep for this Sunday’s beauty show (see below). Her spf15 dynamic defence day cream is one of my absolute favourites and her ingredients are powerful.

She’s really knowledgeable and does a wicked facial! These two pics are me having her miracle mask applied, and what it looks like peeled off afterwards!

Like something out of Dr Who! Talking of which… Before pic of me in mask, and after pic of holding mask


Sarah Chapman facial

Mask after









Dr who weekend Deb on BSB Dr Who Weekend, 1990. This pic was sent to me this week by someone watching a Dr Who Three Doctors DVD, it’s in the ‘extras’ – the infamous Dr Who special that squarial channel BSB did way back when.

Never been on Dr Who, unlike my old mucker Paul Lavers (former QVC host), but this was the closest I got – some great memories – interviewing former assistants and doctors and so on – and all, incidentally, filmed in studio 1 of Marco Polo house in Battersea, three years before QVC moved in! Small world!


Tea with siblings– Also had a nice coffee with sis and brother, in the hallowed halls of a big supermarket in Epsom – which doesn’t have wifi! Gosh we get so used to the convenience of everywhere having internet connections – it made me wonder what on earth we did before the web came along!

Perhaps we should challenge ourselves to go one day a week without that technology – what do you think? Be easy for those who live near this supermarket! lol



Start menu– Danny Kiaie’s windows 8 tip! Gosh we have some great experts on QVC! During this week’s HP laptop day, our guest Danny showed a really useful tip for anyone a bit stuck with windows 8 – there’s now a downloadable app which restores a start menu!

It’s a bug bear for some, not having one on the new Windows 8, so thanks Danny – go to the store, and download it now, along with the ‘learn windows 8’ app too! Including me! Lol



– I’m not one to get involved in all things political, but considering recent news headlines, I thought I’d make a point of adding a link to Russell Brand’s take on events. Talk about talking sense. I’m not normally a big fan, but this response is eloquent, balanced and to the point. You’ve gone up in my book, Mr Brand (Go here to read more).

– Finally a Facebook video doing the rounds – here’s the most-watched one, trending on youtube – a fabulous US military remake of the ‘Call me Maybe’ video, do watch it – and see how it compares with the girls’ one! Fun! Really heart-warming how the guys enter into the spirit of things for the amusement of others – and themselves!





WATCH – Gambit – is this film the biggest Colin Firth turkey ever? Or a clever pastiche on the 60’s style pink panther movies, Jason King-esque and Mission Impossible-like in its appearance on screen? I still don’t know. I wanted to like this film, with its stellar – STELLAR – cast of Colin, plus Alan Rickman, Cameron Diaz, and Stanley Tucci.

It started out promising, but soon descended into a weird farce. Then I saw it was by the Coen brothers and I realised why. If it hadn’t featured such amazing stars I might not have stuck with it, especially after the 20th time Colin’s character, art expert and heist-mastermind Harry Deane, tripped, dropped, spilt, broke or split something. Cameron was… well, Cameron – I never expect anything other than a fairly decent performance (she’s no Jennifer Aniston). But Alan Rickman gave one of my least favourite performances I’ve seen – and this from the guy who, in Love Actually, gave one of my MOST favourite ever.

Anyway, If you’re a fan of any of the above, and like the Coen brothers movies (hit or miss for me) or perhaps you liked movies like the Thomas Crowne Affair, it’s worth a watch, but maybe catch it on Sky or TV.

I give it 7.25 out of ten.

Meanwhile here’s a trailer so you can see what I meant about Gambit!



 However, if you want the opposite of the above – some really fascinating and entertaining television, all available on Youtube thankfully – here’s a little ‘WATCH’ extra! Two more from Catch Up TV this week for you-

Graham Norton-WILL SMITH FUN FEST ON GRAHAM NORTON – OMG I don’t normally find I want to recommend regular TV, but this week’s Graham Norton show – still on iPlayer if you’re quick – was fantastic! All of the guests have films out plus Will Smith did a superbly entertaining live rap/dance/performance live in the studio.

Others guests were Bradley Cooper, Heather Graham, Will’s son Jaden and even Michael Douglas (on the show to plug his Liberace film, which is a MUST see!). Very witty, very funny and some great film clips all included. One of the best shows I’ve seen! If you saw it too, let me know what you think! And OK, I’m a bit biased cos I love Will Smith! Just go to iPlayer to find Friday’s Graham Norton show, and here’s the star studded line up!


– Secondly, A NIGHT WITH THE STARS, BRIAN COX – By contrast, if you love fascinating facts about the universe and the world around us, search this show title on Youtube . Presented in an ‘Usbourne books’ context – ie, like ‘horrible histories’, it’s done in an easy to understand style that’s so simple, even a ten year old can follow it. But maybe not Jonathon Ross, or Sarah Millican, volunteers from the star-studded audience watching Brian explain all about Quantum Physics – simple style! Yes that was partly how I spent my luxurious bank holiday off! Lol. #callMeGeek!


Judith WilliamsQVC – SNEAKY PEEK! Attention Judith Williams fans! If you’re a Lifelong Beauty fan, make sure you’re around to watch QVC on 11th June…!



QVC – SHHHH! – big changes on QVC’s line up of channels – very exciting – can’t say any more till 1st July!





– Am on this weekend (as Beauty Month kicks off on Saturday with a fab Today’s Special Value, the Revitalash 3 pc brow and Lash collection) including Sunday night 9pm Sarah Chapman skincare – LOVE this range!

Do you? This week’s facial was looooovely!


Revitalash226630 (1)











Halo chargerLulu Guinness bags are at 7pm – yay! Then later on Sunday at 11pm, do join me for that fabulous little Halo charger I sneaky-peeked a while back, it’s AMAZINGLY EFFICIENT at charging my iphone – which has a battery that I regularly run down superfast! Do get one – it’s Sunday’s TSV – I think the leopard one may go very quickly!




SkechersPlus one of my favourite people in the world, Lee Hohbein will also be on with me Sunday at 11pm, with an amazing tablet he’s soooo excited about showing you!

And on Thursday next week, some smart Skechers trainers, love the colour of my ones – do you?




Next week – the presenters’ team take on other QVC groups in a pub quiz! Plus the Goldalming 1st june fayre. And part three of Hawaiian Affair is released! Join me next week! But do please add a comment below about one of the above topics, specially if you’ve read my book/s! And have a fun week.

Best wishes

Debs X

p.p.s. Keep in touch! Do follow me for behind the scenes updates about upcoming bargains etc!

Twitter- @debbieflint

My QVC facebook page – click ‘like’-

Or leave a straightforward comment below – just post and there you go! Easy!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Angela Blood May 31, 2013 at 1:51 pm -  Reply

    Just finished reading part two of Hawaiian Affair.(adult version!)I will see you you in a new light when your on screen next time

  2. debbs f June 1, 2013 at 12:58 am -  Reply

    Angela –
    Oh how fab that you enjoyed it so much! And by the way, the official line about the ‘steamy’ bits is that my research was by way of … reading other steamy stories! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! lol. Yes part three out shortly then part four and then the paperback – and i’m going to try to get them online a bit earlier than a week each time, just for you! Thanks so much for your kind comments hon. Yes there will be a spin off, and maybe even a prequel…

  3. Michele Page June 1, 2013 at 3:00 am -  Reply

    I will not be reading part 3 or 4 of Hawaiian Affair…………….. Gonna try to wait for the whole thing to be published in paperback. I read part 1 and promised myself I would wait for the book, but then part 2 must have sneakily downloaded itself from Amazon. Not usually the type of book I choose to read, however, once I started I just needed to know what happened next. That said it all for me. Congratulations Debbie xx

  4. Sharon harvey June 1, 2013 at 5:29 am -  Reply

    Great blog Deb,
    Very informative information to anyone thinking of self publishing so well done!
    I too love a good old fashioned book, but now-a-days with everyone having phones with apps, you can download the kindle app and if you are somewhere unexpectedly waiting around-hey presto you can read your book on it.
    I would highly recommend Hawaiian Affair to everyone! It’s such a fantastic read but be warned-once you start your life is on hold until the end!!!!! Maybe instalments are the way to go for that very reason! Lol
    Loving your face mask look-wonder if it will catch on haha, but I bet it felt amazing and your skin, as always, must have been fabulous after!
    Going to be a gloriously sunny week this week ( of which I will only see through my window due to lumber puncture) but I hope your dogs enjoy that bluebell wood everyday.
    Take care!
    Sharon xx

  5. Tamie & Mila June 1, 2013 at 11:47 pm -  Reply

    We’re waiting for the paperback of your book to come out too. I have to agree with Stephen King, sometimes a paperback or a printed book is much better to read than a digital copy. Especially if you spend a lot of hours in front of a computer. I prefer the printed word. Only looking forward to ‘Behind the Candelabra’ so can get to see Scott Bakula’s bits (how rude! ha) you know the bits he’s in cos he talked about this last year. Also in the US it was shown on their cable network, here we have to see at the cinema.
    My friend loved Bradley Cooper on Graham Norton and she had to wait an extra week to watch it cos she’s in the US.
    SO happy your debut novel is going great!

  6. Nigel June 2, 2013 at 12:57 am -  Reply

    Debs,totally agree about the GN show – the interaction between the guests is always good for a laugh – definitely a must see imo.
    Great to see Alfonso & DJ Jazzy Jeff joining Will in reliving those Fresh Prince days with the theme tune rap – #theydontmakesitcomslikethatanymore.
    Belated happy birthday btw , Nige:))
    FYI There will be a special one-off 40 min finale of the IT Crowd (Chris O’Dowd) on ch4 later in the year #can’twait!

  7. Karen Green June 2, 2013 at 11:20 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    I find your Blogs so interesting and inspiring. Would like to know how you find the time tho, lol??
    Really enjoy your updates on the doggies, being a huge animal fan!
    Graham Norton Show was truly, madly, deeply TV GOLD! Still watch the clip at times for a good laugh…
    Holding off for the Paperback version of Hawaiian Affair, cannot wait so (may still download it from Amazon)?? Decisions, eh??
    Keep up the great work!
    Best Wishes…Karen xx

  8. Debs flint – Qvc presenter June 3, 2013 at 12:16 pm -  Reply

    Michele –
    It says it all for me too – so glad! Happy that so many are getting similar ‘ghost downloads’ of the next instalment! Wonder what type of books u usually read, then? Xx

  9. Debs flint – Qvc presenter June 3, 2013 at 12:18 pm -  Reply

    Yes the Sarah chapman face mask was a really weird feeling for sure! All rubbery! Lol.
    Listen, good luck with the lumbar puncture. One day you’ll find the cause and won’t have to keep having them done.
    Big hugs as ever

  10. Debs flint – Qvc presenter June 3, 2013 at 12:21 pm -  Reply

    Scott bakula’s bits eh? Definitely can’t wait to see Liberace film now! Lol. I love the period mood of these films and tv too – hence my love of gatsby n mad men also!
    Hope u like the book when it ones out!! Hugs xx

  11. Debs flint – Qvc presenter June 3, 2013 at 12:23 pm -  Reply

    Nige –
    Oh there u r! Hello stranger! Where u been?! I’d been missing your regular updates! Lol.
    Ok cool – looking forward to seeing IT crowd – keep me informed – never seen it yet but as u know I loooooove Chris o’Dowd.
    Ps a literary agent I’ve been in talks with represents his wife Dawn ‘o’Porter’ – small world! X

  12. Debs flint – Qvc presenter June 3, 2013 at 2:31 pm -  Reply

    Karen –
    Yes it’s fast becoming one of my must-see weekly shows, is graham norton – I usually fast forward to the interviews tho.
    Glad u like the doggy updates and happy you’re interested in my novel!
    Let me know how u get on with it! X

  13. martin forbes June 10, 2013 at 4:17 pm -  Reply

    I like Graeme Norton and alan carr seen Alan in Aberdeen 2 years ago full houses quite a lot of teenagers .I seen a brilliant elvis tribute in Aberdeen in saturdaybrilliant sold out all ages.i am now on 2weeks lazy holidays doing nothing.

  14. aileen June 14, 2013 at 11:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    What about the sneaky preview on Judith Williams forth coming
    in July .
    looking forward
    qvc addict.

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