Stay Fresh, Stay Safe!


Staying Fresh

Phew, it’s hot! I’m not complaining at all, trust me, but you have to admit it has been a tad on the warm side of late. If you are anything like me, once it gets warm you tend to eat lighter and it all becomes about the fresh veg, salad and fruit, however, because it is warmer, I always worry about keeping everything fresh.

You know I like my daily green veg smoothies, but I also love a good salad, not to mention a nice fresh, crispy salad sandwich and a cup of tea (reminds me of teatime when I was a child after a day out playing in the fields in the hot summer sun, looking like I had been down the coal mines digging all day, filthy but happy!). As a result, I want to know that all that fresh produce isn’t going to go all soggy and wilted 5 minutes after I pop it into the fridge – that’s why I have opted to use the Ecoegg, fresher for longer, Fridge Friend.

Now for the sciencey bit! The Fridge Friend is a whizzy piece of technology that utilises ionisation technology and active oxygen to kill bacteria and reduce odours, cleaning the air inside your fridge! Neat!

Not only that though, it also reduces levels of ethylene gas, a naturally occurring ripening agent produced by fruit and vegetables which, over time, make them turn bad. So basically, that means using Fridge Friend will help your fruit and veg stay fresher for longer! As well as that, it is scientifically proven to kill bacteria, reduce food waste (which will ultimately save you money) and reduce odours!

It also has an alarm on it if you leave the fridge door open – something I am forever doing!

Staying Safe

Well, I have mentioned the heat, but what we should really be talking about is the sun. It’s so great when it finally comes out and we can really feel like we are having a proper summer, but when the sun fades and summer is gone, unfortunately the after effects of that sun exposure linger with us. As Abi Cleeve often says, she wants us to enjoy the sun but she also wants us to be safe in the sun! I think that is what I have learned most from Abi and the Ultrasun range – you can still be out there in the sunshine but you really need to be safe whilst you are doing it, and you don’t have to be covered in clothing from head to toe or locked in a dimly lit cellar somewhere in order to be achieve that safety. Using Ultrasun allows us all to really be out there in the full glow of summer without the worries that it can involve.

I am so pleased that we have a TSV coming up from them on July 5th and there’s a choice of two protection levels:


  • Sports spray SPF 30
  • Family SPF 30 150ml tube
  • Aftersun Tan Booster 100ml
  • 2 x Ultrasun Lip Protection


Very High:

  • Sports spray SPF 50
  • Extreme SPF 50+ 150ml tube
  • Aftersun Tan Booster 100ml
  • 2 x Ultrasun Lip Protection

To give you an idea of the value you are getting, if you were to go direct to Ultrasun to purchase the Extreme 50+ tube it would cost you £30, and, without saying too much, the entire TSV costs less than that – but ssh, you didn’t hear that from me!

I have gone for the very high protection option (50+), being so pale and sensitive. It’s great to have the Sports in there as that is already my go-to as a man with hairy legs and arms who’s always running around and sweating! But I also use the cream for those days when I am not in casual or sporty clothes, but rather when I’m dressed to impress! (I do sometimes make an effort to look smart and summery, check out the pics on my Instagram, @miceal_murphy).

The lip balms (you get two) are a must all through the summer and beyond. I’m most excited, though, that the AfterSun Tan Booster is in there. This is a self-tanning after sun gel that also has cooling ingredients in it and is perfect for my sensitive, pale skin. It always takes me quite a while to build up a suntan, so this will be perfect for building a bit of colour quickly on those first few days of my holiday!

If you don’t happen to use them all on your holiday, they also have a two-year shelf life after opening, so you’ll still be able to use them if you are planning a winter sunshine break or for the rest of this glorious summer if the good weather holds!

So my tips are to stay fresh and stay safe this summer, everyone!

Until next time,

Miceal x


  1. Linda June 26, 2018 at 6:33 pm -  Reply

    Miceal every time I see you on qvc u allways look very dapper very nice

  2. Susan June 26, 2018 at 8:33 pm -  Reply

    Looking good Miceal! Glad you are getting a holiday! You deserve it!x

  3. Jilly Mason October 26, 2018 at 10:48 pm -  Reply

    Not sure where you are bab but ive missed you on qvc…ive just come back to watchin qvc after a few months break…so im out of touch…lots of love

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