Spring is in the air and there’s a lot to get done!


The scent of Spring is definitely in the air with the stretch in the days, the rise in temperatures and the burst of life that is springing forth everywhere I look. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, daffodils are popping out of the earth to nod their heads at the sun and primula are gathered in golden clusters. Nature is working hard transforming the barren winter earth and she isn’t alone, because I have had my own burst of spring energy. My energy burst, unlike nature’s, isn’t of the horticultural variety but rather of the ‘cleaning’ variety.

I haven’t been able to help myself. I’ve been getting my house in order; cleaning, tidying, folding and fluffing. No area of the house has been left untouched! I don’t know if it’s a male version of nesting syndrome or just a desire to blow away the winter cobwebs (quite literally in some corners of my home!) but it has me in a cleaning frenzy. I have been changing the beds, so the warmer Northern Nights flannel sheets of winter are gone and have been replaced by the cool, crisp, high thread-count cotton of Kelly Hoppen bedding. I only hope that I haven’t reacted too quickly and the weather doesn’t suddenly change again with another ‘Beast from the East’.

The carpets have been vacuumed with my trusty Gtech and the upholstery and soft furnishings have been freshened up with my handheld Dyson. I’ve even been cleaning the drains and ensuring that they stay clean and clear with the Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks, which I have been using for about a year or more now, and they really help to minimise the odours and blockages in my kitchen sink! They’re so easy to use, not to mention environmentally friendly! You just pop a stick down the drain and you’re done – it does all the rest for you. All you have to do is remember to replace it about once every month.


I have noticed, with all the muck and dirt that winter entails, that the cream carpets in the bedrooms don’t look quite as fresh as they could be (they’re only a year old), which makes me wish I had got myself the incredible Vax Carpet Washer we had as Today’s Special Value the other day. I was on air with Kenny Pearse, the guest, and the more he talked about it, the more I thought that it would be really useful to have. It didn’t just clean the carpet on the floor because it had a handheld nozzle, so it meant that I could have used it to clean the armchairs, sofa, car seats and even my mattress to give it a refresh. On top of everything else, it was quick drying as well – one of the issues many people have with carpet washers. It’s so powerful that it didn’t leave the carpet sopping wet, but rather it sucked up a huge amount of the water and detergent, meaning you would have less time waiting for it to dry. Unfortunately I was so busy that evening on air that by the time I had finished at midnight I forgot to order it, and by then it was too late as it wasn’t Today’s Special Value anymore! Better luck next time!

One Today’s Special Value I don’t want to miss out on, though, is a new one from the team at Ecoegg. It’s the all new Dishwasher Egg! For those of you who are familiar with their Laundry Egg, it’s exactly the same principle, except this time it is for our dishwashers and it is the world’s first multi-use dishwasher detergent. Using special slow-release technology, it will last up to 120 dishwasher cycles. With the average household using their dishwasher two to three times a week, that could be up to a whole year of dishwashing! It is Eco-friendly, something I am getting more and more concerned about, and it replaces all your dishwasher detergents. It’s so easy to use too: you just fill the egg with one bag of pellets and close it securely, pop the egg in the top drawer of your dishwasher and run your dishwasher cycle as normal. Best of all, it’s scientifically proven to be effective at 50 degrees, so you know your dishes will be squeaky clean.

That’s it. No mess, no fuss. If only I could say the same about the rest of my home! Time for me to get back to the spring cleaning – at this rate it’ll be mid-summer and I’ll still be at it! Now where did I leave that furniture polish?

Until next time,

Miceal x

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  1. Susan April 22, 2018 at 9:34 am -  Reply

    Hi miceal,
    At last it’s fixed! Again! Oh well. Can you pass on some of your spring energy? Doesn’t the weather either make you perk up or slump?! Hopefully more sun to come coz we all need it! Your home will be spotless at this rate. Well done you x

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