Tom and niece

Spring, inner calm and family gatherings


March, my Birthday Month always puts a spring in my step… or is it just that it coincides with the official start of spring?! Who’s to know, but there’s lots to live for and go get that’s for sure.

Not sure my birthday will turn out be a stupendously busy affair as I’m actually sitting here writing this on my own. The children have sung to me and are now at school and Dan is at work.

One of his chaps has gone after 5 years together which is tough and of course a man down means Dan has to add “being on the tools” to his already crazy schedule. Anyone who runs their own business knows that the work day stretches long into the early hours… quotes, quotes, site visits, drawings, revising quotes, more quotes, hard labour etc. etc. you get the gist and it’s not even silly season but it’s starting to show!

I have asked for a dog walk together and we will be out for tea later. It is sunny, it’s peaceful, the birds are singing and I have just had a call confirming a full body massage at 12.45 ( Maddie sorted it from her and the boys apparently) there are messages pinging in on all devices wishing me a Happy Birthday so I’m smiling away happily here. Wait till we ramp up 8 weeks or so to the GCSEs, oh and throw in a possible house move… I know I know… it’s gonna be beyond CRAZY. I will try and retain my inner calm throughout… ha! Who am I trying to kid?

Talking of inner calm, this yoga malarkey is so fabulous isn’t it? I’ve tried to get to a class weekly and miraculously my schedule has permitted it, then this week my lovely friend invited me to join her Yin class. A totally beautiful and calm experience of holding the poses and letting go into them, I did appreciate it and find the feeling stays with me for hours.

We had a lovely family gathering last weekend as we converged to see my niece’s lovely new house. I was super proud of her, just 23, married last August and hosting 15 of us for a delicious lunch. I posted a picture of her, Maddie and me on Instagram and many commented how alike we all were , in fact the photo I chose to post on Instagram on March 21st World Downs Syndrome Day was of Tom sitting on Phillipa’s knee on her Wedding Day and I think many people thought she was Tom’s sister!

I’ve actually always felt she looked as though she could have been mine not my brother’s daughter and she and Maddie certainly share family traits… smiles , blue eyes, good brows and great bottoms!! I must say I have three nieces and a nephew ALL of which are simply gorgeous but Philly and I always end up with the cameras pointing at us!

I’m wearing the fabulous shirt dress from Derhy (pictured above) in both of these pictures. I was described as a “delightful piece of art” …akin to the colouring books for adults because of the super colours and print. Now I would recommend you to go up a size having tried on my usual one first, I then went up a size because it has buttons and one does not want any gaping, does one?

I also did that for this amazing Derhy jumpsuit, I preferred a slightly looser fit and have loved wearing it. My wonderful friend Lindsey took these pictures for me… somewhat more attractive than my version as I was hastily leaving for a friend’s afternoon tea… running late (I always think I have more time than I do) so my Babyliss  rollers were whacked in for speed and taken out in the car park on arrival.

It was a super busy weekend actually with a fly by trip down to the New Forest and a Charity Golf do to attend. A Hen Party Afternoon Tea, my brother and his wife staying with us and an 18th to celebrate.

Thank goodness for the celebrity haircare of Percy & Reed, shame I didn’t have Paul or Adam pop out of the bottles and actually do the “do” but at least using their incredible range helps us all to achieve the celeb status hairdos. Now I am not usually one for products but the Wonder Balm has been quite a revelation. It smells sensational, seemed to lock in shape and add softness to my mane. I know Alison Young also has wonderful results with the mousse, thickening her fine hair and whilst I don’t need that kind of assistance, the extra hold it gave to my hair was noticeable. The five-piece collection is our Today’s Special Value offer on Tuesday 26th.

If you are unsure of the footwear to go with the fresh spring clothes then Clarks have a lovely kind of hybrid shoe sandal featuring on Wednesday 27th which will be very well worth a peek at. I do find it hard, this in-between stage with footwear… these have a nice heel height, solid, blocky and the soft khaki colour gets my vote for versatility.

As I mentioned World Downs Syndrome day was on Wednesday March the 21st and it provided another opportunity to be a part of the conversation that whispers gently throughout the year but becomes stronger, louder and harder to ignore on March the 21st each year. The support and togetherness for the Downs Syndrome community that has developed throughout Social Media has been a joy to be a part of and to see unfold.

For those of us connected through Trisomy 21 (hence the chosen day, the 21st of the 3rd month because a person with Downs Syndrome has an extra copy of Chromosome 21) this day provides us all with a wonderful chance to embrace ALL differences within us, some of which are clearly defined and easy to see, and others which are not.

Tom and niece

Fact, my son has Downs Syndrome.

Fact my son is SOOOOOO much more than that label.

Fact Tom enriches our lives – I could go on and on!

The comments I had following on from Tom’s picture on Instagram were simply wonderful and I was as always very grateful to everyone who took that moment, unsurprisingly it is my most liked and most commented on post!!! If you would like to keep in touch please do follow me on Instagram, Twitter and here with my blog, I will always try to lift your day, share a smile (or a sultry stare!) and keep you a little updated with QVC here and there.

Loads of spring-time love to you all,

Claire xxxx

PS. The massage was lovely, so too the dog walk… but they declined our offer on the house… so drafting another version now… we shall see, what will be will be and all other positive affirmations!


  1. Angela Watson March 26, 2019 at 9:14 pm -  Reply

    What a beautiful post , thank you for sharing the love you all have for each other , and a late Happy Birthday

  2. Claire Sutton March 29, 2019 at 9:19 am -  Reply

    Thankyou Angela, much appreciated xx

  3. martin forbes April 3, 2019 at 6:15 pm -  Reply

    hi claire fit like ewhich in aberdeen means how are you hope you and family are well
    iam not bad.

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