Gardens with family

Spring has sprung


Spring has sprung and the feeling of spring cleaning has been well and truly present in my house, for more reasons than the season change. Some of you may have seen my Instagram post last week where I had a rather disappointed face…

Insta image

We had seen a house… (Unintentional but an exciting project) We sold our house!! (No mean feat with all this Brexit malarkey) We put in an offer… (Scary) at exactly the moment an A-list (instantly recognisable) actor swooped in and from right under our noses secured the deal…

And all that was on my Birthday, some Birthday present! After a little wound licking and lots of “it’s not meant to bes” we are grateful for our beautiful home which we didn’t intend to move from anyway. So, whilst others houses are being shown to us, I feel we are staying put.

One thing has been a positive and that is how clean and tidy the house has been … interestingly this week it has reverted to type and I really ought to pretend we have a viewing just to get it looking fabulous again! Whilst I moan about the cleaning and tidying incessantly it did make me feel super proud and I realised that all those hours of cleaning with my DYSONS (yes plural!) my steamer and my can’t-live-without block from It Works etc etc has all paid off and the carpets were immaculate, the bathrooms look great still, though I need to replace the seals to the shower doors, why do they turn orange? Anyone?

And I was asked if I was an Interior Designer by nearly all who viewed!! Now that pleased me no end! So when asked if I’d like to trial the Platinum Power Max from Vax , the carpet cleaner available today April 8th at a Today’s Special Value price. I truly didn’t think I needed it. Its Vax’s best-ever carpet washer, cleaning your carpets five times better than a Vax A-rated pick up performance vacuum cleaner. In your carpet there is bacteria, mould and fungi, eeeewwwww! As the Vax Platinum removes 93% of bacteria it will leave your carpets looking, feeling and smelling like new.

Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner

Very importantly they’ll be dry in less than an hour in quick clean mode and it even claims to out-clean the leading rental. My carpets and rugs are in perfect condition so surely someone else can give it a better test out than me , however I vividly remembered how I had gratefully used a Vax ahead of moving in to my first marital home and how differently I felt about the carpets once I had cleaned them, we then didn’t replace them as they were good as new and for me I was then comfortable (I didn’t like the idea of someone else’s yuk) and with the words bacteria, mould and fungi resonating in my head… into my car it went!

Charlie Brook and I were chatting about it and he said, “I bet there will be dirt in your upstairs carpets…”

“No Charlie, it’s shoes off upstairs, Gus doesn’t come up and aside from the odd make-up mark on Maddie’s carpet they are in great condition, honestly …” I said.

He said “Just try it”

I did.

He was right! …. sssssh don’t tell him

Vax results

Isn’t it interesting and there are no B&A’s as actually the moral is sometimes we can’t even see the dirt that lurks!

It was easy to push even though it’s a well-built robust machine, I still managed to carry it upstairs easily enough . It was straightforward to setup and the carpet looked groomed and bouncier somehow and smelt lovely, plus knowing bacteria, mould and fungi were no longer uninvited guests made me very happy indeed

It’s been a busy week with lots going on. I was absolutely blown away by Mother Nature on Sunday when we visited RHS Wisley for Mother’s Day, I have no photos of Momie and I – well none that I’m allowed to share as she was feeling a little camera shy, but I at least managed a picture with my three with me which is always lovely. We marvelled at the glories of nature, took lots of pictures and gladly warmed up in the glasshouse surrounded by exciting and colourful species of exotics. As Richard Jackson has spoilt us with Flower Power as our Gardening Pick of the Month, who knows we may even manage such delights in our own gardens!!

Gardens with family

Mother's Day with family

I went to the stunning Baglioni Hotel in Kensington for Italian Afternoon tea with two of my most special girls as a Birthday treat and then onto the Dior exhibition at the V&A which was truly inspiring. How I refrained from whipping the dresses off the mannequins I do not know.

Afternoon tea with friends

Exhibition 2

Interestingly I thought that some of the dresses would not look out of place in our current day but I think we have become so heavily reliant on the ease of elastane and the informal fit of so many of our clothes today, I can’t help but wonder will it ever go full circle where we dress more formally again? The final room was my absolute favourite with the most glamorous intricate and excessive of designs yet so wearable I wanted them all! From gold metallics, to shimmering jumpsuits and sheer gossamer threads…


Christian Dior said, “A ball gown is your dream and it must make you a dream.” Oh Mr Dior that is certainly music to my ear.

The artistry of design, fabric and dressing the female form was so evident he was indeed a true genius. I would very much recommend a visit and the afternoon tea we had included a ticket which I think are hard to come by, so it is well worth looking into should you fancy a lovely day out.

I have had lots of friends having extra ear piercings this week and looking for the perfect earring to show it off, so I searched out a delicate little diamond earring. I found these from QVC for Charlotte, so ideal as a sparkly addiction to her lobes and the price was excellent for 9 carat gold, reduced from £130 currently to £ 69.96 and with three interest-free instalments, even better if you have only one extra piercing you can share with a friend!! They are iddy biddy petite in size at 0.05 carat but very very sparkly.

Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Stud Earring 9ct Gold 340197

This has made me decided to create a little feature and I am calling it

“Claire Cherry Picks “

I shall add it into my blog each time as my friends are so often asking my advice and I head them to QVC’s website and sort them out. If you need any of my advice and I can Cherry Pick for you… ask away in the comments and I’ll get busy for you too.

(Fake tan advice is a current topic! Plus my friend needs new skincare to fight her ageing “Claire Cherry Picks “is going to keep me busy I can see!

Talking of keeping busy, it’s Fashion Day on Saturday , I can’t wait for Aimee Kestenberg and Jolie Moi , both ranges I love, my current gold bag is an Aimee and I succumbed to the purchase of the fabulous neon bag of happiness when I spotted its great reduction, I had coveted it for ages. I am wearing it in my photo with the children above, Tom’s face makes me laugh, I think he wished he had his sunglasses on!


Jolie Moi, has amazing prints, super colour combos and some feminine shapes.

One reviewer said “it’s got me wearing dresses which is not my usual thing” I had many compliments on the styles I have worn so far on air and now I’ve found there is a dress called Clare, albeit the wrong spelling! I’m hoping it features in the show on Saturday on Style


After DIY on Sunday at QVC, I shall be doing a little DIFY …Do it FOR yourself. I have booked myself into a little Yoga retreat for the rest of the day as I am continuing to enjoy my sessions, I even dared to try a headstand… weird isn’t it how you do all these things with such gay abandon as a child and then never attempt again.

Right I have a balloon arch to practise and perfect (wish me luck… it looks do-able. but famous last words ) a cake to plan and organise and pictures to get out of my MacBook – easier said than done… much growling and frustration is the current mood!

It’s racing towards a certain someone’s 18th Birthday and we are going to make it a special one…

Lots of love to you all,

Please don’t forget to shout if I can Cherry Pick for you!

Claire xxxx




  1. Marg April 8, 2019 at 10:22 am -  Reply

    Hi Claire, love your blog. What foundation are you using in the last photo. You look fabulous, so natural.

  2. Loraine Plumb April 8, 2019 at 2:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire loved reading your blog such a happy person I also would like to know your foundation colour best wishes to you all hope your enjoying the sunshine my husband and I are going to Sardinia in three weeks so hoping for some days there. Loraine x

  3. Claire Sutton April 9, 2019 at 12:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marg, it’s the Tarte Rain forest of the sea , I wear medium natural. It’s a water based one and feels light which I prefer.

  4. Vi xx April 11, 2019 at 5:33 pm -  Reply

    Hello Claire, the orange on shower doors/silicone is actually body fat that naturally comes off when showering! Sounds awful, however is the truth….

  5. Claire Sutton April 16, 2019 at 3:30 pm -  Reply

    OMG Vi- that is absolutely vile – I now wish I had never asked!!!!!’

  6. Claire Sutton April 16, 2019 at 3:31 pm -  Reply

    Have a fabulous time away xxx

  7. Steph April 20, 2019 at 10:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire, love reading your Blog always and photos, a certain someone’s 18th coming up, I remember the day vividly it was the day before my Daughters 21st party, yes she’s 39 soon.

  8. Claire Sutton April 23, 2019 at 4:30 pm -  Reply

    Oh Steph ! Yes… it’s whizzing up to it sooooo fast !!

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