A Spooky Question – your name in upcoming Hallowe’en freebie eBook, and a theatre trip with telly hubby!


Also this week –
– Five years on, a reunion of our Tuscany writing group – where it all began.

– See your name in a paperback!

– The last full week of our Back to You September £430 comp – enter now!

– A funny blooper with Axel Ruth from Flora Mare! And Joan Rivers cracks Charlie up.

– Plus more sneaky peeks including Gatineau, Asus, a Loverocks bangle, Xmas lights and Carol Hochman!


It was a fabulous day on Thursday this week for a get together with my Ladies of Posara novelists group. Then, in the evening, it was theatre time with one author Mary Jane Hallowell plus lovely ‘telly hubby’ Lee Hohbein! (see ‘Watch’ below).

We’d already spent the afternoon with many of the original group, who met at a romance writing workshop in Tuscany in September 2009 – we had the longest ‘lunch’ I’ve had in ages!

Final night in TuscanyYes, it was about that time five years ago that I’d just come back to QVC, and now here I was in the Watermill – a wonderfully romantic setting near Pisa – amidst nine other would-be authors and a super tutor, Jessica Hart.

If you look back to my old blog from then, you’ll see some video clips and cool pics – go here. And the group pic above was of our final night, with champagne – cheers to making some new lifelong friends!

And of course, if you didn’t know, no one could be more proud than me of achieving my ambition of a book deal with a UK publisher (Choc Lit, first paperback out Spring 2015). If you’d like to go on the same sort of writing course we went on, search ‘watermill posara writing courses’ – or check out JessicaHart.co.uk as she does a critique service now too.

Also, don’t forget my RiWiSi blog each week on my own website, with lots of hints and tips for would-be writers. (link below.)


READ IT WRITE IT SELL IT – RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!
Also on this week’s writing blog on my website –

– Audio Book of the week is The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters – 1920’s risqué family drama

– A spooky question for you! Your chance to see your name in a paperback!

– Tips for writers – a real basic beginners guide from Roz Morris

– Count down to my new release – Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – The ‘When’ Diet – on sale 29th!

Go here to read more!



Nothing stops the work ‘back at the ranch’ in Farnham though – and the renovating made its way out into the garden with a general ‘chopping-Down-ment’.

Debbie gardening

I couldn’t believe how much bigger daughter Lauren’s patio looked without acres of ivy over growing it!

All progressing nicely, and the leftover rubble has been cleared enough that even Baloo came along! And now this weekend, my son’s moving too! It never rains but it pours, eh? But it’ll be nice to see them both settled. Then it’ll be major clear out time – inside at least!

Debbie's daughter's houseAnd meanwhile outside over in my own garden – I must say, part of it is looking lovely now with the results of Richard Jackson’s Wild Flower Box of Seeds in full bloom.

The bees on these blooms are plentiful, and the colours of the wild flowers blend in marvellously amidst my begonias and… whatever that big pink thing is at the back…! Der! Must ask him.

I keep sending him snapshots of plants in Lauren’s garden, to make sure we’re okay to cut them down! He’s very knowledgeable I must say!

Richard Jackson's wild flower seed garden


Back to You returns on Monday 22nd, the penultimate show in the month long run, after missing a week for Beauty Day.

Urban Rebounder 400399We will, as usual, have our regular one minute challenge, but with guest Forbes Riley in the driving seat. She’ll be here with her spin gym and her brilliant urban rebounders.

Do Google ‘rebounding benefits for the body’ and you’ll see why it’s in my top five devices! Also, the return of the inversion table (tbc) – anyone remember it? It’s a really interesting product to help relax your joints and give a stretch – upside down!

Join me live Monday 22nd at 9pm!




B2U webchat And before that, this Monday night the Back to You QVC Facebook group welcomes Stacey from YBF amongst the guests dropping by for our web chat between 8-9pm on 22nd! Yay!

Also, her lovely model Joy and our jewellery guest Alison O’Reilly will be there chatting. Plus our own Marverine, my fellow QVC presenter, will join in the Q&A too! See below for how to join the group to see the chats.

The transcripts of those, and all of the archived ones you might have missed, are here. Including last week’s with Judith Williams, lovely Lee Hohbein our IT guest – and me!


Back to You Facebook page


Tiffany’s TiFFT*! Am hoping to also have Tiffany, our inspirational model for Bodyblade, on web chat at some point too! She ‘Tried it For the First Time’ by posting this fab update this week on the sister group – Bodyblade QVC – (another group for you to join if you have any questions whatsoever for Bruce and co! Link is also below.)

Bodyblade Facebook post




Back to You prizeLast Chance to Enter £430 Competition! Finally don’t forget to email your entry for the huge September B2U competition before Monday 29th September – you could maybe win over £430 worth of beauty and health products, including a copy of my ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ (TTFLS) book and a Bodyblade! Go here to read about where to enter.



Bodyblade - 432954 Till the Fat Lady Slims











Talking of ‘Till The Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book – the new updated eBook is out on 29th!

And until then, here’s another lovely ‘then and now’ shot, this time from Chloe H who is 25 and has lost three stone using the Freedom Eating system I discuss in TTFLS.

There will be a free first chapter on my website next week too.

Chloe then and now


Freedom Eating for Beginners This week I had an interesting chat with my sis Linda, an ex-slimming club leader, about how it works with normal controlled dieting for those who need an interim stage – as it might break them in gently to this new way of ‘being’ around food – ie, being like a slim person.

We also spoke about emotional eating and how to wean yourself off it. If you’re interested to find out more, I talk about it in this week’s Monday B2U blog on my website, where you’ll also see –
– Three physicians debating vegan, paleo, sugar free diets etc.

– A link to the Bodyblade video which Bruce did for beginners who can’t get it straight away

– A bikini top pic from 2000, reminding me what I’m aiming to get ‘back to!’

– Links to buy TTFLS original – still 99p

Just click here, to read the Back to You blog on my website, and subscribe to be emailed the latest updates regularly, so you don’t miss any!


Carole Hochman TSVSneaky Peek! If it’s time to get cosy at night-time, put Friday 25th in your diary for the Carole Hochman print set with robe, Today’s Special Value midnight Thursday!







Shhh! Here’s an unusual one – every night this week coming (seven days from Mon 22 – Sun 28th) at 11pm, if you like your temporary one-show-only type bargains, tune in! From EasiYo to Decleor to Xmas to Doll10! 11pm each night! Super!


What Makes QVC so great? Liking this new vid – share it with any of your pals who question why you keep buying from us?! Well done Will and co!

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]


Highlights This week 

Gatineau TSV Saturday (20th), Asus transformer tablet with keyboard is TSV Sunday, and on Monday it’s that Loverocks buckle bangle we’ve all been wearing! Whoop!

Gatineau TSV Asus TSV Love Rocks TSV






Antthony Designs returnsAntthony’s back! Including Sunday 21st at 8pm with me – can’t wait to see my fave fashion guy! Meanwhile don’t forget to check out our clearance offers on qvcuk.com including for Antthony’s fragmented styles that might not even make it to air, like 108150.






Veronese ring 605720 And don’t forget Veronese jewellery – gorgeous gold designs for a fraction of the cost with Ginetta 7pm on Tuesday (23rd).

P.S. Bargain spotter – OMG if you’re an L or M ring size, look at the incredible Last Clicks online price for this ring (605720)!




– And as December gets ever nearer, my Bethlehem Lights TSV launch with Gill Gauntlett is midnight on Wednesday (24th)! Just nine Fridays left till Xmas after today (22nd!) Eeek!

Bethlehem Lights Bethlehem Lights on bottleBethlehem Lights on dog








BLOOPERS – this week, where do I start?! Maybe with the whole show with suave guest Axel and his marine skincare range Flora Mare last Monday night? So many comments from you guys online afterwards saying how much you enjoyed it – all I did was laugh thru’ much of it! It was a sell out show, more or less. And he’s so funny! Here’s an example of why it was such fun…

And secondly couldn’t help but bring you this – Charlie’s little laughing his head off clip with the late great Joan Rivers – enjoy. We did.



– Emoticon Lexicon Saw this and found it very educational, for those of us who have a limited ’emoticon’ vocabulary. Try out some new ones on your next post! Or leave me a comment below using your faves! (y).

Emoticon table


Debbie's dog BalooPog on the bed I’ve heard of a jack in the box, well this is a pog on the bed! When I opened my eyes from doing a meditation this week, look what greeted me, having snuck up and laid herself on the bed! I swore I’d never allow dogs upstairs, and from the look on Baloo’s face, she knows that! Lol!

My daughter’s crazy spaniel is just adorable, and is still with me for another six weeks or so probably – until DD moves into her new house with her BF – and her CS! Lol

(OK, talking of codes for online stuff, DD = Dear Daughter; BF = boyfriend! and CS, ok I made that one up – Crazy Spaniel! Hehe)


Baby Fox with head in can thanks its Rescuer Awwwwww! How sweet is this?! I know they’re a menace sometimes, but you can’t help going ‘ahhhh’ when you watch this clip doing the rounds on Facebook this week!

Facebook FunnyFacebook Funny – it’s on Facebook this week And it’s funny. That is all! lol









WATCH – ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ at Harold Pinter Theatre, London
Had such a lovely trip out this week, as above, including with Lee. And at the tail end of it of course was the ‘play within a play’ version of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ – soooo worth watching if you like new spins on old classics – such energy, so original, so funneeeeee!

Read this article to find out more about why it’s so different, and how they’ve made it work with an older cast. Nigel Havers is awesome, so is Martin Jarvis – he’s always been one of my faves since I interviewed him on a show called ‘31 West’ years ago. And Sian Philips is a complete scene stealer. Well worth going – thoroughly enjoyed it.

Importance of Being Earnest

When I was at school I played Gwendolyn Fairfax:

‘I always carry my diary – one should always have something sensational to read on the train.’

They should make this version into a TV prog! Nine out of ten – would go again – lots of times! No clips of this production online so thought I’d include this clip of the 2002 film starring Colin Firth.


‘Cos it stars Colin Firth…!


NEXT WEEK – Antthony’s back! Plus my boy Brad moves into HIS new home – am ‘mummy-removal-van’ once more! And hanging upside down live on air…

Have a spiffing week ahead!

*P.S. TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Julie Hoolie September 22, 2014 at 7:01 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    I have noticed you and some of the other presenters wearing round initial pendants. Can you let me know the item number as I would like to order. Thanks
    Julie xx

  2. amanda September 22, 2014 at 8:15 am -  Reply

    Love the fox.such beautiful eyes.thanks for posting vid.also Joan rivers.never seen Charlie laugh so much.bless Joan.she’s a star.thanks again.
    Love n hugs.xxx

  3. Debs f September 22, 2014 at 2:41 pm -  Reply

    Amanda – yes, bless it. So cute. Such a shame things don’t stay that way! Lol. X

  4. Debs f September 22, 2014 at 2:45 pm -  Reply

    Julie – yes, they’re 631733 launching 15th October hon! X

  5. AMaria September 22, 2014 at 9:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. Enjoyed the “Back to You” programmes. It came just as I decided to do something about my weight gain due to medication. I can’t exercise much and the medication is to slow my metabolism so the sit down exercisers are great. I want to ask you one thing … how come the competitions are only opened to UK customers when I can buy all those products with you even though I am not living in the UK? I would love to enter your competition that goes with the programme! Thanks for inspiring me to exercise again …. had to stop ‘cos of my illness – it’s so good to be back excercising!

  6. debs f September 24, 2014 at 3:16 am -  Reply

    Amaria –
    sorry hon, didn’t know it wasn’t! Do email customer_careuk@qvc.com to request that they are! I must admit it’s probably postage costs. That’s my guess, if it’s true.
    Glad you enjoy the Back to You shows tho – and yes do try the sit down exercisers either spin gym or bodyblade! Keep me informed! x

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