Sponsored shark paddle! And what’s your worst ever movie?


Top picThis week –

– Fabulous fundraiser – presenters in swim costumes alert!

– Super Sunday brings us all together

– What’s your least favourite movie – a poll

– A sneaky peek especially for Liz Earle fans!

– And the winner of my ‘win a signed copy of my novel’ comp!


Plus a look ahead at the goodies in store on QVC over the next week or so!


Who knew that after my Super Sunday launch, I’d be up again the next morning to take part in Julia’s fundraising gala! Now there’ll be lots of other info about this special event both on Jules’ blog (go here) and on QGossip (go here). So I thought I’d just add a couple of other little videos you may not see elsewhere. First, the Lilo team race – team work rules!



Aha! Such good fun, all of it was. Plus it was lovely to meet a few of you guys too! But also the serious side – it helped Jules raise up to £3,000 for her polio charity. And what a trooper she is too. She basically swam double the length of the pool she’s used to, AND she threw in the all-important 101st length into the bargain. Anyone who’s read her splendid book (701946) will know how significant and important that final lap was. Well done Jules – a very worthwhile event. I’m glad I managed to come last in both of my races, and I blame it on the blow-up shark I had to do backstroke with. Well, wouldn’t you?




Ps you can still sponsor or donate, just go to Jules’ fundraising page:  uk.virginmoneygiving.com/juliarobertsqvc


Debbie, Craig, JillyFAB FUN ON SUPER SUNDAY!

Well, despite the good weather and the tennis! – it was a very busy weekend on QVC for our once a year event – not only were there more than 30 Today’s Special offers all on one day, but a rare opportunity to see more than one presenter in the same shot, at the same time! Yes, Jilly, Craig and I launched the spectacular summer extravaganza, Super Sunday, and as you can see from the pic we tweeted in the run up to midnight, we were pretty excited about it! lol. Then from midnight onwards there was a plethora of perfect products to tickle your fancy. Did yours get tickled? If so let me know what did it!? I must admit I had my eye on a pack of those Yankee tea lights. But the salmon was to die for. Soooo delicious. What salmon!? Watch this little extract of no less than FOUR presenters all introducing the evening hours.


And of course for those that don’t know, lots more where that came from every night at midnight! See below (QVC This Week) for some fab highlights.


Signed book competitionREAD IT WRITE IT SELL IT

Winner of comp – Firstly, congrats to the winner of last week’s randomly chosen ‘win a copy of my book’ comp! It’s Kate Wareham from Kettering! Well done hon!

Hawaiian Affair in paperback (steamy version!) will be winging its way to you when I get back from hols! Congrats! And anyone else wanting to buy it can just search under my name on amazon perhaps, or follow this link! (Go here)

Next week – exciting news about an eBook amazon freebie from me, coming up in August!


Stephen KingBook of the Week

This week it’s an audio book that's been keeping me company on the long journeys to and from work – and full of the wisdom of a master – it’s Stephen King’s famous ‘On Writing’. Part autobiography – you can really see how he was born to be an author. And part ‘how to’ – with recommendations even down to what kind of writing space to set up for yourself to make yourself focus, plus it includes very hard and fast rules about plot – it's utterly fascinating. Even more so ‘cos it’s narrated by the author himself. Great if you get writer’s block sometimes or just love a good case history! A really good read/ listen, highly recommended.


News – More news and features on my website RiWiSi page here – www.debbieflint.com.


Still to come… 'The Apprentice, The Interviews’; what’s your least fave movie? and sneaky peek for Liz Earle fans!  



– Well specially in honour of this week’s charity swim with our very own Julia Roberts – here’s a clip from YouTube reminding us of an earlier incarnation of swimming costume-wearing! Bless her!




BBQ– Had a lovely barbeque at my lovely daughter Lauren’s the other day – and really nice it was too – one of the first hot days, and their little garden is quite cool and secluded without being damp or fusty at all. She's settling in well. Am v proud.





Fun things to do with the kids in England this summer– So what DO you do with your kids in the summer? Are you particularly proud of some of your ideas for killing time and keeping the sprogs amused? Brad, Lauren and cousins used to go to a school holiday playgroup/summer daycamp. Although Lauren was quite shy, Brad more outgoing, they both enjoyed it in the end. If you’re stuck, have a look at the pics on this link and see if it inspires you! (go here to find out more). 



Snippet- family tree– So I’ve been doing some more research on ancestry.co.uk and found several more connections and missing links! This marriage certificate was between my dad’s maternal grandparents in the 1890’s! I can’t quite read some of it though – would be lovely to find out what it says – can you make out what address they lived at? And if you’re researching your family tree, how far back have you got? Any tips?



Snippet - unsubscribe twice– Did you know, that often you have two unsubscribe links at the bottom of your spam emails? Always make sure you click on both, as soon as you get these unsolicited circulars, so that it prevents them forwarding on your email to others. QVC never sell your info to other people. Hah.






Facebook funny– And finally another lovely Facebook funny for you, doing the rounds a little this week online. This week’s is specially for the single girls amongst us, who love ‘doing a Holly Berry’ and making cake! Enjoy!







WATCH – The Apprentice – THE Finale! OMG, do you love The Apprentice as much as I do? The interviews with Lord Sugar's Rottweilers have to be the absolute best episode of each series! Having watched nearly every one of the 9 series over the last decade, and not just ‘cos they used to include a ‘shopping telly’ task, I’ve become accustomed to the sensationalising of the nation’s favourite 3 month job interview. The edits that make each episode a nail biter, each candidate a ditz or a dunce or a devil. The cutting (scripted?) and funny remarks from Lord S. The stupidity and the salesmanship. Well having been really busy writing the prequel to my novel this week, I didn’t manage to see a movie to review, but I did watch episode 11 of the Apprentice with the interviews! And what a shocker they were too, with favourite Neil Clough refusing to have a plan B so he was fired based on an inadequate business plan! Drama drama, leading to an all girl final – yay! Dont miss next week's finale of The Apprentice on Wednesday (17th). Here’s a taster of the interviews…



Least favourite movie – suggestions please!

But it leads me to a topic circulating on Facebook this week – what’s your LEAST favourite movie – ever? I’m always recommending ones for you to watch but how about ones to avoid?! I have to say my worst waste of time movie ever has to be ‘How to Get Ahead in Advertising’  – about an ad guy’s talking boil on his neck. Yes really. Gets half out of ten. (lowest ever mark!). What’s yours? Who was in it? Don’t forget to tell me why, too! Leave a comment below in the comments box – info at bottom of blog on how to do it if you’re a newbie. If you are, do leave me one this week!



Sneaky peekOk Liz Earle fans! You may have been clever and noticed that there is a new TSV on Saturday 20th? Well there’s so much in it, rather than showing you a little pic of assorted pale aqua toiletries, I’ll list the contents of this one day only bargain! Do make sure you join us if you can!

Plus – keep an eye out for Christmas in July too – it’s fast approaching! (25th, of course! And 24th as well) And there’ll be a fab line up too, some of you will be very pleased.



Just because I’m away for a week, doesn’t mean I can’t have a little nosey and tell you about something that’s going on. For instance, if you’re quick, and read this on the day it comes out (Friday 12th) then you may be in time for the Bibi Bijoux 5 strand plaited charm bracelet that I’ve been wearing on air, it’s Friday’s Today’s Special Value. Then on Sunday it’s another great bareMinerals TSV set and I’m back on Thursday (18th) with two hours of household helpers and cleaning ideas around tea time.


Bibi Bijoux








Enjoy your week! I know I will. (BTW the wedding dress fitting with bride-to-be, Kari Kari is not till August – but I will definitely post here when we’ve been!).

Best wishes – and don’t forget your Ultrasun! Hehe!



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  1. Di Hickey July 12, 2013 at 9:42 pm -  Reply

    Hey Debbie, Fantastic blog as usual. Family trees so so interesting. Coincidentally, my family are from the same area as your folks. (and they probably knew each other, as they were small, close communities) I think your great grandparents lived in Flinton Street SE17, which is still there! I hope this helps you in your quest.

  2. Tania July 13, 2013 at 9:32 pm -  Reply

    Glad the gala went well.
    Will you be doing a signed copy comp for your PG version book?
    On the Apprentice You’re Fired I thought Neil’s present being a Plan B album was hilarious lmso (laughed my socks off) lol!
    Worst film ever is Disaster Movie (0.1/5) the user reviews on imdb say it all. Extremely close behind is Norbit (0.2/5) as it had a storyline.
    Norbit disturbed me cos i dont like seeing eddie murphy!!! He gets – on – my – nerves. I especially HATE it when he plays different characters and puts on those hideous “fat suits”, e.g. Nutty Professor. They all sound the same, they all look the same and they all look like plastacine (sorry i think thats the wrong spelling)! It was that bad i wanted to cry. I actually had tears in my eyes. It hurt, it hurt so bad but I made it through………i made it through. Why did i watch it if i knew eddie murphy was in it? I was at someone’s house for a dvd night and was outvoted. However, tears of pain turned to tears of joy once the dvd was removed….relief.
    With regards to Disaster Movie mate, there are no words. No words that can describe the horrendousness of this movie. The only thing they got right was the title. I would honestly rather watch slow drying gloss paint dry or sit and watch grass grow in real time!
    Ahhhhhh feels good to get that off my chest!

  3. Margaret Mason July 15, 2013 at 11:08 am -  Reply

    Debbie, the address you are looking for is 13 Flinton Street, Newington, London where William Nobes was living with his uncle John Morris at the time of the 1891 census. Hope this helps.

  4. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 15, 2013 at 5:56 pm -  Reply

    Flinton st?! That WOULD be a coincidence, wouldn’t it now?!
    How amazingly fascinating, thank u so much! A recent partner of mine came from Edmonton, where my own great grandfather was born around 1898, so our ancestors probably knew each other too! Small world eh!
    Thanks so much for commenting hon! V kind! Xx

  5. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 15, 2013 at 5:59 pm -  Reply

    Hello hon! Hope ur well. Nice of u to comment!
    Hahahaaa! Such a funny rant about your least favourite films, and yes, it definitely does feel better to get it off your chest!
    So do consider it well and truly removed!
    I haven’t seen You’re Fired about Neil yet, but I love Dara so can imagine how it came across! I loved my visit to watch it being recorded end April too!
    Best wishes and do comment again!

  6. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 15, 2013 at 6:01 pm -  Reply

    Fab info, thank u so much! Uncle John Morris eh? So many interlinking family trees, I guess we’re all related to a common ancestor if u go back far enough, in certain areas.
    Thanks again and good luck with your own search! X

  7. Kay July 16, 2013 at 5:15 pm -  Reply

    Worst ever movie/film for me Debbie that would have to be “Sophie’s choice” … my reason? It upset me sooo much when she had to choose between her children and I don’t know if it was because of what I saw or the fact that that sort of thing probably happened in real life :/ … HORRIFIC!

  8. Debs flint – Qvc presenter July 23, 2013 at 12:26 pm -  Reply

    Know what u mean hon!
    Schindler’s list for same reason.!

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