Speed dating, QVC bloopers and Come Dine with Lee


Debbie, Lee Hohbein and Craig RoweThis week…
– Speed dating – which one would you choose?
– Come Dine with Lee – Craigy and I go EAT with one of our fave tech guests!
– Charlize Theron in 'Young Adult' – not your run of the mill movie!
– Bloopers abound – plenty this week, including Julian Ballantyne's unfortunate back ref!

Speed dating
OK, so as the '50 weeks' march on, and my '50 dates' add up, (slowly!), I thought I'd kill six birds with one stone (you know what I mean!) with a fun Valentine's Night this week, which featured speed dating!

Debbie and Shyama go speed datingSix three minute dates in 20 minutes! Sorted! Now it's ages since I've been on one of those – and whilst the chances of finding 'the one' are sky high against, I thought it'd be fun, so I agreed to go with my similarly single pal Shyama to the one run by singlesolution.com in Marylebone.

It was an 'over 40s' night, but many people were over 55, so it was a really nice, relaxed, friendly evening, without the stress you tend to feel if you're attending one of those 20s and 30s 'cattle market' type singles nights. The people we chatted to were all very nice. No sparks, but very nice to do something different. We certainly had a good laugh.

When speed dating, you get to chat for lots of people for three minutes and then move on. It's a fun way of saying hi to lots of different people! Plus the guys all agreed that I could take a pic and put it on my blog – which was very nice of them. These are the six pictures I took – see if you can guess who is who.
                Speed dater 1   Speed dater 2   Speed dater 3

                Speed dater 4   Speed dater 5   Speed dater 6
There was (in no particular order!):

– 'Rand1' – who's a copper, and said he has 'the best kids in the world' – bless! Nice guy. He'd have been the one I'd have agreed to go for a coffee with afterwards, if anybody.
– 'David50' – who's a travel agent boss, who gave me some useful tips about going to Egypt in a year's time when the troubles have calmed down.
– 'John 38' – a chemist by trade, who said he'd quite like a partner who was an archaeologist, since 'as Agatha Christie said, the older you get, the more interesting you'd be!'
– 'Sasomaco' – works in Sainsburys and came to UK from Macedonia 18 years ago
– 'Neil48' – who was given a card in a game where you have to go round looking for others holding a character from the same show – but his was Kermit, so for the rest of the night he was called 'muppet'! He's an astrologer who said Taurus (me) is 'earthy, earthy, very earthy'…
-    And 'Jon6' – who made me retake the pic twice – and who said the best line of the night in answer to my question 'what's the best bit of the night?', he replied 'the next three minutes'!

The speed dating venueYes it was good fun. And I was particularly chuffed when at the end, the organiser Stuart invited us to the 30s and 40s event in March in Victoria – I didn't tell him my little secret about my big birthday in May! We'll go again I'm sure.

Meanwhile, see if you can guess which of the guys in the pics – (numbering them 1 – 6, from left to right) – which one would have been my 'coffee date'! Let me know by leaving a comment below!

P.S. For those of you that asked me, yes it was pal Shyama who appeared on Sky Atlantic recently on 'The Devil's Dinner Party' reality show – and yes, she was swindled by being chosen for ejection from the game by a random card given to the most competitive guy in the bunch – she was his biggest threat! And he still didn't win! Hah!

Come Dine with Lee
Debbie, Lee and CraigThis week's 'Gallivanting with Craigy' meant being invited to the lovely computer guest, Lee Hohbein's place in the City for a wonnnnnderful dinner party!

Firstly, it's the most incredible flat – overlooking the Thames and Canary Lee's flatWharf (not a lot of people know this (!) but I have always had a hankering for a flat like that since watching 'A Fish Called Wanda'! So very much enjoyed cathartically experiencing it through Lee!)

Secondly, Lee served up the most amaaaazing grub – including scallops for starters, with bacon and onion sauce (a la Gino Di Campo), then fabulous chicken on barley with asparagus a la Gary Rhodes, and finally a taste explosion a la Jamie Oliver, with hazelnut and ginger biscuit base, lemon curd, raspberries and mascarpone topping – yummmm! Left some for Craig tho'!
                Tasty scallops starter     Delicious chicken main course     Fabulous pudding
If we really were on that TV prog, he'd have got 10 points the whole way from me! Delicious grub! Glad it wasn't my turn – as I've said before, I'm a 'packet of this, can of that' kind of girl generally, or a very simple cook (don't even think it! Lol). My motto is 'if you can't make it better, just buy it done'! Are any of you any good at cooking? What's your top recipe recommendation? Something EASY! Remember it's me you're telling! Lol.

Lee with his CDsIt was lovely to see round his flat, including this impressive collection of CDs – now you know, whenever Lee mentions that he likes to buy the hard copy album, you know where they end up!

And it was also fun to drink out of a very unusual set of glasses for champagne – proper Louboutin-style stiletto glasses! Hehe! Glass slippers with a difference!

Glass slipper champagne flutesI posted it on Facebook and there were all sorts of suggestions about how you use them to drink out of! What's yours? How should you do it, do you think? Answer next week! A great night though, and we even got to hear Lee's old songs from when he was in a band – very talented man – there's more to him than meets the eye!

Now Lee's rarely one to make mistakes on air, but Craigy and I help fulfil the quotient! 'Specially this week when Craig's crafting included a solo demo of that shrink wrap stuff that you shrink with a hot gun – did you see him do it without cutting it up first?! I hope it's on his blog soon! Lol! We also had several other funnies live on QVC this week – here are just a couple for you – I thought they'd make you laugh!

– How funny Julian was during our Yankee Candle show when he was doing his link to promote the midnight launch of the scissors… FUNNY! So many people commented afterwards on Twitter or F'book – and I'm not surprised! You can always count on our Jules for a faux pas or several! Lol.

– And our lovely Glen Campbell having one of those 'moments' on live TV during the Centigrade TSV launch!

Aliza and Dave 'borrow' Debbie's iPad– Funny this week at work – there was I hunting around for my iPad, when suddenly there was a mysterious (albeit polite – lucky for them!) status update appearing on my Facebook, ('I work with the best backstage team in the world'!) and a day later, I found this pic on my photo roll! Funny guys! Great crew, we have at QVC – always game for a laff! This is Dave and Aliza, with the scissors TSV – perfect for 'snippets'!
Daniel Radcliffe's tongue tricks– Saw this in the paper this week – Daniel Radcliffe doing something weird with his tongue, whilst he was on telly publicising his new film ('Woman in Black' – see last week's blog for review). Can you do any quirky little tricks like this? Let me know by leaving a comment below! I can do 'caveman toes' – easy when you've got hobbit feet! Lol.

– Family fun – just had to include this adorable pic of baby Abi-Grace, my great-niece, getting ready for her first snow angel fun in the recent white out! How cute is she!
Great-niece Abi Grace enjoying her first snow experience
– Pogs at vets – the mutts went for their usual check-up and vaccinations and I was pleased to be told that Patchy my podgy but playful older black Labrador, has lost another 2kg (if only we all had!).

And Gracie's hips are still the same – limited movement but not any worse (you may recall she has hip dysplasia.) I'll probably start doggy Pogs at vetsswimming for her again soon! Holly the elder statesman of the bunch was also given a clean bill of health despite being a bit wobbly on her back legs – her face is funny here – she's after more treats!

– Brad came over to give me some Bradley time this week – it was lovely to spend time with my boy – we saw 'Devil's Double' on DVD – and he constructed my new day bed in the little room – a lovely Ikea My new Ikea day bednumber. He fits a mean flatpacker, my son!

Now I can proudly show my guests to a proper second guest room, complete with lovely lilac Northern Nights 400TC bedding! Some left on Clearance, if you hurry!

Mystery advert– Facebook fun – had an interesting interchange on Facebook this week, about an old ad for a well known drink. We took turns in saying the next phrase in this well known campaign from the 70s (was it?).

No cheating, no Googling, but what was the brand, and who can complete the rest of the phrase below? Come back next week and I'll show you the whole lot. Turns out several of us learnt it back in the day, and remember it even now! Do you?!

Joan Rivers on 'The Apprentice USA'– Twitter – if you're missing our Joanie, you can catch the US fashionista and glam jewellery maker on the current 'The Apprentice USA' – on Tuesday nights late on BBC1, or follow the lovely lady on Twitter – she's @joan_rivers and always tweets some wonderfully witty or hilariously outrageous remarks – worth a follow, tweeps!

– And – favourite saying from the net this week – another little uplifting If I could give you one thing in life...'short but meaningful' – thought you might like this one. And if you see any like this yourself, which you think I might like, do copy the link into your comment below or email it to me via the social_media_team@qvc.com!

– Finally – another 'Solo Cougar's Survival Kit' item – #11 -  Revitalash! RevitaLash 3 Piece Eye Impact CollectionSingle ladies – whatever age we are – but especially as lashes start becoming more sparse as you age, or if you wear a lot of falsies! – may benefit from this brilliant conditioner.

I've noticed a distinct improvement in mine in the few weeks I've been using it – my story is much like one of the 13 out of 14 five star reviews on our website. So try it – all the more to bat at a potential new guy! Lol!

WATCH – it's a slightly more unusual one for you this week – 'Young Adult'. Not on wide release, but still in some cinemas, it's Charlize Theron's latest outing in a very challenging role. I'd heard so much about it I thought I'd give it a watch. If her aim was to create a very unlikeable character, she certainly achieved that – but in a very compelling way.

You might not be sympathetic to her psychotic prom queen, back in town to steal back her married high school sweetheart, but you may feel empathy. 'Young Adult' is from the director of 'Up In The Air' (George Clooney frequent flyer movie) and the writer of 'Juno' (acclaimed young girl gets pregnant film). It's certainly gritty, and gets you thinking – and glad to not be her!

Some people are saying 2012 is the year of Charlize Theron as she'll be making a big screen splash as the new Evil Queen in summer blockbuster 'Snow White and the Huntsman', as well as playing Ripley's predecessor in Ridley Scott's 'Alien' prequel, 'Prometheus'. I saw Young Adult purely because Charlize was in it, having been very impressed by her oscar winning 'Monster' several years ago. Eight and a half out of ten from me.

Patrick Wilson also stars in 'Young Adult', as said married target of Charlize’'s affections. And he is also in the other DVD recommendation for this week – 'The Switch'! Jennifer Aniston – one of my faves as regulars will know – brings us yet another goofball rom-com but with a really witty script.

I loved the interactions between her and best mate who commandeers her plans to get pregnant – Jason Bateman – her slightly geeky hypochondriac ex. Well worth it for yet another well-rounded performance by the romantic-drama queen, so  8.5 out of ten from me. You have to watch the trailer to see what it's all about – rather an unusual subject matter! Oh and Jason Bateman is scrummy!

Giant ravioliEAT - OK, 'eat' footnote this week obviously has to be Lee's scrummy supper as above! Fave meal of the week for sure! But another one for the 'ready-to-eat' fans amongst you – my new discovery from Marks and Spencer – the Trattoria giant ravioli with spinach and ricotta and pine nuts! Corrr! My kind of cooking! As they say, if you can't cook it better, buy it! Hehe!

Decleor 5 Piece Energising & Hydrating CollectionQVC - it'll be a packed week ahead – with a super Red Carpet event at the weekend. Join me for Red Carpet Secrets at 7pm on Sunday. And there's also a great value Decleor Today's Special Value on Sunday too – if the stocks last I'll be bringing you it at 9pm!

And we're all looking forward to the return of Charlie and William with another TSV from Charlie Bears at midnight on Sunday and through the Charlie Bears Limited Edition Hot Cross Bun Collectable Plumo Bearday on Monday! Have already had a few people ask me about it on Facebook, and Twitter (@debbieflint), so here's a little glimpse!

And finally, THIS WEEK I ARE BEEN MOSTLY USING - 'Eat Yourself Young' by Elizabeth Payton Jones. 'Take years off your looks with this revolutionary eating plan' says the cover – and I have to say there are many pearls of wisdom in this book that we featured recently Eat Yourself Young bookon air, lots of which resonate with my own beliefs and knowledge about foods and their impact on our bodies. In more ways than one!

The easy to read magazine style includes 'five most ageing foods' and 'five processes that age you'. Very good info inside, obviously lots of research went into writing it, and I'd be happy to give it for Mother's Day – if I hadn't already bought my mudda Richard Jackson's Plant Food and other bits! 

Have a lovely week! Next week – what the psychic lady said about my future! I go on Monday. Also – '39 Steps' in the West End!

Have a great week and don’t forget to leave me a comment below – 'specially if you don't usually! I know you're out there! Just a little comment, it won't take long! Ta!

Best wishes,


  1. Debbie Molloy February 24, 2012 at 5:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, loved reading your blog as always, especially the Speed Dating bit. I was dragged kicking and screaming to one about 3 years ago, to be honest it was even worse than I thought it would be. I actually lost the will to live and would have escaped at half-time had I been in my own car. Afterwards the girl I went with and I discussed how badly it had been organised and decided we could do it much better. I blagged the use of a very nice Pub for our first venue and advertised it in the paper, on local radio and printed lots of flyers. On the night 28 people turned up, more or less equally split male and female and it all went very well but the “marking” system didn’t throw up any direct matches at all. One guy wanted to meet every woman who was there and several women didn’t like any of the men……….have to say I would have felt the same. We rebooked the venue for the following month and then I found 2 more – unfortunately most of the same people came to those!!! It was pointless, I have no idea how you can find new people all the time so we pulled the plug. I really hope you find it more successful than I did Deb!
    Your “Come Dine with Me” evening sounded fab………..although Lee always reminds me of Tintin he seems like good fun. The food looked yummy, being alone I have got out of the habit of cooking and tend to rely om M and S “Dine in for 2” or Waitrose, both good. I have never ever had a man cook me a meal, where do you find them!!
    I am in the process of moving, have to get out of my little rented house as it is sold but as yet have nowhere to go………..I am hopeful about one place and although the rent is more than I pay now and I know I will struggle it seems to be my only option.
    Have a good weekend and keep making us laugh. Love Debbie xxxx

  2. Susan February 24, 2012 at 6:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    LOVE that flat!! That photo has taken over for me!! It’s amazing!! I bet your had a great night with 2 men and all that food and drink! I’ll have to have a look at the 6 men above over the weekend..get back to you! Fun fun!
    Susan x

  3. kate stevenson February 25, 2012 at 1:54 pm -  Reply

    Hello there, I am new contributor, but felt i had to write to just ask, ‘where do you get your energy from’. You have a lust for life that is simply inspirational. Good on you. I love the fact you squeeze out of life all the best bits you can, have such a respect for friendships, a love of animals and a positive approach to life. I feel lighter and happier after just reading your last post, so thank you very much kiddo. May not write again as i’m not as positive or frankly nice as you, but just wanted you to know that your efforts to communicate the ‘good stuff’ is very much appreciated. Carry on Debs, the world needs more, many more gals like you. kate x

  4. Carole cooper February 25, 2012 at 9:23 pm -  Reply

    Hello deb can’t wait for your blogg every week it’s a great read better than gossip mags love it. It’s my 50 th next year I will be 50 in September 2013. I think you would have a coffee with guy no 3 deb speak soon Carole Wigan x

  5. Steven February 26, 2012 at 10:54 am -  Reply

    Debbie I honestley cant believe you’ve not got a man. Come up to Scotland and I think I know the very one for you! My wee cousin will be glued to the Charlie Bears shows she loves them.
    I always think Jennifer Aniston is great in any film for obvious reasons! I’ve not seen ‘young adult’ but I’ll maybe give it a viewing now that you have given it a high rating in your blog
    Take care

  6. Carole Rice February 26, 2012 at 11:12 am -  Reply

    Debbie, All that, and wine shaped shoe glasses, where did Craig get those-I want them!

  7. Nigel February 26, 2012 at 1:54 pm -  Reply

    Debs – A touch of spring last week (18c thurs) made me check out the peregrines at http://ntufalcons.wordpress.com/ . Obviously no chicks yet but should be worth watching this year now they have HD webcams. Are you going HD when you move to Chiswick ?
    Something I heard the other week ,
    Life in a nutshell :- Spills, Drills,Thrills,Bills,Ills,Pills,Wills.
    Hope you don’t do yourself a mischief when you go down on bended knee this week !
    Stay safe, Nige 🙂
    P.S. Now the little room is sorted when do you start taking B&B bookings !lol?

  8. Michelle Roberts February 26, 2012 at 6:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    The speed dating looked great fun, now I’m rubbish at guessing stuff so here goes
    Rand – I reckon he could be picture 3
    David 50- picture 4
    John 38 picture 6
    Samomaco picture 5
    Neil- picture 2
    Jon-picture 1
    I like the of look of number 6 picture who ever he is – cute face!!
    Have a good week hon
    big hug

  9. Jen February 26, 2012 at 10:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Fantastic blogs, I always read yours first but don’t usually comment as I am a forty something technophobe who doesn’t text,
    e-mail, facebook or tweet. Think number one could be your coffee date as he has a kind face. Good luck with your quest to find Mr Right.
    From a fellow earthy Taurean,

  10. Linda,Glasgow February 27, 2012 at 2:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    I reckon Rand1 speed dater 3 is your “go for a coffee” guy(what a handsome guy) – i dont think any of them look like coppers though? I was interested to read your a Taurus(i’m a Scorpio) and we make good friend material and love material if the opposite sex(the love of my life was a Taurus man called Eddiexx I get the earthy thing but must add you guys are bliddy stubborn!! and with Scorpio also being a little stubborn it makes for interesting debate!! Yes, i love the Devils Dinner Party on Sky Atlantic(i love watching people and how they interact with each other) and i saw Shyama(i didn’t realise she was your friend though) yes i totally agree she was voted off because she was a threat but i loved it when Mr (too) Confident did not win. Shyama is an absolutely beautiful and intelligent woman who came over really well on screen. Now the brand of soft drink – I am going over the phrase in my mind and i want to say Pepsi? but i’m not confident.Do you remember the first diet coke in the early seventies(i feel ancient) it was called TAB and to be honest tasted awful – i was in the supermarket the other day and i was buying “fat” coke and the girl on the till recommended Pepsi Max as being a good diet coke and Granny Linda(me!!) told her about TAB and she just looked at me and smiled(the type that says “bless”). Lee’s flat looks lovely and he is so lucky to have such a great view(although i am very proud of my “Campsie Hills” view) and his meal he served you looks and sounds scrummy. I watched some of the red carpet shows last night and,as i said on facebook, you looked fabulous in your RN emerald velour dress – your diet and excercise programme is working(dont lose too much though).I’m currently loving Emma Hardie skincare with a little of my usual Decleor,Elemis and Liz Earle(i’m loving her sheer tint) but i’m going to buy the try me Balance me and Linda Papadopolous as i love the ethics of the brands. I caught a fleeting glance of a new QVC skincare range,i think.Iliana? on one of the generic beauty shows and was very interested in their ingredients and ethics(they have the little bunny on the back of their products,like LE) – i think they maybe a skincare and makeup brand as i was tempted by the primer they were selling.I’m looking forward to Leap Year Wednesday and the Laura Geller TSV(a lovely lady with a beautiful makeup line that works) Anyway Debs i’ll say goodbye until the next time – by the way – did you catch the “What makes a boyband” on BBC2 on Saturday night(9pm) – i sky+’d it and watched it yesterday and it went back to the 60′ till present day and The Osmonds,Jackson 5 and the Bay City Rollers were featured – took me right down memory lane(lovely memories). Now here’s a blast from the past do you remember Midge Ure(Ultravox)’s first band – Slick? I loved them and one of the band even moved into a house round the corner from my best friends – i remember her phoning me and all hell broke loose – i was at her house in a shot but as you will have guessed we never saw head nor hair(sorry Midgex)of any of them. Happy Daysx Look after yourself Debs Love Linda,Glasgowxx

  11. Deirdre Costello February 27, 2012 at 3:55 pm -  Reply


  12. Alison February 27, 2012 at 8:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    I’m shattered just reading your blog! Busy week as always for you-hope you also take time to “smell the roses” from time to time!!
    I’m off to the seaside this weekend-looking forward to a few days in Co Sligo chilling and helping my sister celebrate the birthday before her 50th!!!

  13. Susan February 28, 2012 at 2:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Got to agree with Kate’s comment…we need more gals like you! I was listening to Sarah Millican the other day…so funny and it struck me how her laugh is so like yours – or vice versa! You cheeky girls!! You’d be a fine double act!!
    Chat soon x

  14. Dolores Mcshane February 28, 2012 at 11:33 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,i must say i laughed out loud at julien how he kept a staight face is brilliant.And those champagne shoes are just fantastic,i love when your presenting on qvc and always tune in when your on.keep up the good work honey.love Dolores.xxxxx

  15. Mo Whitelaw February 29, 2012 at 8:28 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Got to be number 6 – but girl!! I’m saying no more!! Lee is hot – isn’t he available? I totally commend you for doing this dating thing – I’m only 38 and I just soooo can’t be doing with it!
    Love reading your status updates on Facebook – I always chip in 🙂
    Speak soon hun
    Mo x

  16. Gemma Stockham February 29, 2012 at 8:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    I think your coffe date is picture number 1, he looks like a lovely genuine guy. Do let us know how things go?
    X Gemma

  17. Lisa Witchy Mills February 29, 2012 at 8:42 pm -  Reply

    My guesses for the speed dating Debs are as follows lol..
    Rand1 Policeman picture 2
    David 50 Travel Agent picture 4
    John the chemist picture 5
    Sasomaco picture 3
    Neil 48 picture 6
    Jon6 picture 1
    Good sports for letting you post them on here 🙂 x

  18. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:13 am -  Reply

    Kate – thank you very much for your contribution this week – always genuinely much appreciated – honestly! If you do feel like coming back again another week, I do love hearing from you guys so feel free. It makes it feel all worthwhile to know there are people out there reading it! You know it’s only cos I’m supposed to be finishing my novel don’t you! lol. Big hugs

  19. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:15 am -  Reply

    Carole Wigan – haha! How bout you guessing the right guy! Read up on the next blog for full run down of who’s who! And so chuffed you like reading my blog like a magazine at the end of each week – I always get NEW! mag and feel the same way when i read Peter andre’s (but don’t tell anyone! lol)

  20. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:16 am -  Reply

    Steven – thanks for commenting again hon – where’ve you been? lol. Am going to Scotland in April actually – about 50 miles south of Glasgow I believe – if I remember to book the flight! hehe.
    Thanks for the offer !
    : – )

  21. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:18 am -  Reply

    Carole R – hehe – the wine glass shoes … or shoe wine glasses … were actually a freebie with a certain brand of champagne – Lee bought them just for the glasses! lol

  22. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:26 am -  Reply

    Nige – how interesting about falcons – you’re a bit of a twitcher on the quiet aren’t you!
    Funnily enough, I’d love to run a B&B one day – but only if I could get someone else to do the earlies! lol
    best wishes

  23. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:44 am -  Reply

    Michelle – you got one right! Well done! Good guesses tho! lol

  24. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:47 am -  Reply

    Jen – fellow bull! Thanks for commenting hon – so nice to hear from new guys too!
    Good guess but it was 3! Thanks for your quest! (have got some interesting developments going on at the moment but as I’ve mentioned I’m not tempting fate and discussing them on line at the mo! lol!) Ho[pe you’re well!
    ps you did a comment, so that’s all the tech knowledge you need! Hehe

  25. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:52 am -  Reply

    Linda – yes I do remember TAB now you come to mention it! Vile if I recall! lol. Thanks so much for kind comments about Shyama – she’ll be pleased – will pass it on tomorrow when we go out to a dinner and dancing in Dover St with some pals!
    Hope you got the Laura Geller TSV? what a great value pack eh!
    And yes of course – loved all that old music – we’re about the same age, right? Nothing like a bit of reminiscing! If I get time, I’ll try to ‘catch up TV’ that prog about boy bands! (purely research of course! lol)

  26. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:54 am -  Reply

    Deirdre – how lovely to hear from you! What nice comments! Ta so much! Am always very happy when new guys comment! Come back again!#

  27. debs f March 1, 2012 at 5:56 am -  Reply

    Alison – I love the smell of roses! lol
    How was Co Sligo! I guess your sister is about same year as me at school then eh?! Hope weather was good for you!

  28. debs f March 1, 2012 at 6:01 am -  Reply

    Dolores – Jules is the master of the dead pan, for sure! lol.
    And thanks so much for your comments – you’re so kind. Glad you enjoy the shows and come back again for more of your thoughts!

  29. Steven March 1, 2012 at 8:08 pm -  Reply

    If you make your way through to Edinburgh Debs I’ll show you a good time 🙂

  30. Debs f March 2, 2012 at 2:03 pm -  Reply

    Haha bless u steven, I’ll bear it in mind! Lol

  31. Lisa Witchy Mills March 3, 2012 at 9:36 am -  Reply

    Don’t keep us in suspenders then who were the speed dating people then in order :-))) xx

  32. Nigel March 3, 2012 at 7:16 pm -  Reply

    D – Only birds with class ! N :))

  33. debs f March 9, 2012 at 4:15 pm -  Reply

    hAH! lISA – glad you were interested! lol. THe ansa is in the PS at the end of the blog after this one! Did you get it right?

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