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Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re all keeping warm and well as the days turn colder. I am one of those mad people who is actually quite happy with the change. It feels like we’ve been waiting an age for proper Autumn/Winter weather. I like how refreshing the dog walk is first thing in the morning – it really wakes me up. Mind you, I might change my mind when it gets even colder and I’m having to turn to the thermals!

I’m still loving my time at QVC and meeting more and more of the lovely guests that we have here. Did you catch Nicola Burdett on the Lulu Guinness show on Style on Monday? She is so lovely and knows her handbags (and Lulu) inside out! Which reminds me to tell you that this week’s Big Deal on the Style channel is a fabulous Lulu Guinness scarf. It is in a Spring/Summer 2019 print that hasn’t been released into the Lulu Guinness stores yet, so a very special treat for QVC viewers to be ahead of the curve. Nicola was telling me how scarves are a new thing for the team and we are one of the first to get hold of them. The Big Deal itself is only going to be available at QVC, as the scarves in the stores will be a different size and material, so it is a really great opportunity to get something truly special from such a big name designer brand. Besides all that, they are beautifully soft and the print and colours are eye-catchingly gorgeous. Head to the website to get them on their special price this week.

I’ll tell you about the other Big Deals later on, but now let’s talk animals. As you already know from reading my blog or following me on social, I have a lovely Flat Coated Retriever called Monty and part of the reason we got him is because I can’t stand living without furry friends. Growing up, there were always at least two dogs, a cat and some fish. Those numbers fluctuated and when we were younger there were various hamsters and gerbils too, not forgetting tadpoles in an old sink outside every year! Lawrence and I rented for a long time and weren’t allowed pets, so once we bought our house last year and we were in a position to, we were on the hunt for our furry baby!

Now, I’m one of those people that if you say ‘Are you a dog or a cat person?’, I cannot choose – I love them both so much. We got Monty because I can take him to stay at my parents’ when I’m working and I’m not sure a cat would be so happy with that – their cats would have something to say about it too! Luckily, we have something to please either the dogs or cats in your life (or both) from Cozee Home. We’ve been able to road test their new Cozee Paws Plush Cuddler Pet Bed that’s now available on the QVC website and when I got it, I was staying with Mum and Dad between shows at QVC. Well, it became a bit of a carousel with Monty and both of my parent’s dogs Spud (Cocker Spaniel) and Pearl (Labrador) wanting to cuddle up in it – it was certainly a big hit!

I’m not surprised the dogs love it so much, as it really is cuddly and cosy (or Cozee, I should say), so they can get very snuggled up in it. I love it, as it looks lovely in the house thanks to the pattern and it is available in a few colours too, so it can match your décor.

It’s also great for Monty because, although he snuggles up in a ball when he is a bit chilly, he likes to stretch right out and the sides are soft so he can stretch over them if he needs/wants to, but we don’t have to get a giant bed to accommodate him. Because of this we have the medium, as we’re keeping this one as his bed in the sitting room so that he can be comfy whilst we’re watching telly etc. If it was going to be his bed to sleep in all night I’d get him the large.

If you get one for your furry friend I’d LOVE to see some pictures of them all cuddled up in it, so send them over! I think Pearl and Spud might be getting one for Christmas, my Mum is still telling me that I should have left it at her house for them!

Speaking of Christmas and the run up to it, make sure you are keeping an eye out for all the fab Black Friday deals we have going on – I’ve already had a show with Glen Campbell which was very popular and of course on the Style Channel, we’ve got loads of ideas and options for Christmas day and party outfits. We also, of course, have the other Big Deals for this week that might make great gifts too. The Beauty Big Deal is a set from Eyeko that includes two lash products and a brow gel. A great gift for someone who loves make-up or a chance to try the brand at a fabulous low price.

We also have a Big Deal from Samsung and what an amazing price it is for the Galaxy Note 8! Now, I’ve been a Samsung gal for a long time so I can really recommend their phones, as I have been using them for years and years – I’d be hard pressed to go anywhere else now. It’s available on Easy Pay installments too, so if spreading the cost would help you out then you can do just that! Just remember that these deals only last until midnight on Sunday.

Just before I leave you for this week, I want to let you know about our opportunity to get QVC vouchers whilst doing your Christmas shopping. If you spend up to £150 from now until 2nd December then you will receive a voucher for £15 on 5th December, or if you spend over £250 in the qualifying time then the voucher will be £25. Full terms and conditions are on the website, so do check them out and then get shopping! Perhaps the voucher can be spent on a little something for yourself after doing lots of Christmas shopping for family and friends.

That’s it from me for now; I’ll be posting again in a couple of weeks so, in the meantime, I hope you have a lovely couple of weeks and let me know what you get up to – don’t forget some snaps of your pets in their new Cozee beds if you get them too!

As always, you can find me on social media here:
Twitter: @kathryngoldsmit
Instagram: @kathryn_goldsmith
Facebook: @kathryngoldsmithpresenter

Thanks for reading,
Kathryn x

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  1. lynn tervit December 31, 2018 at 5:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathryn, what a poser Monty is, his bed is lovely, i have a Shar-Pei called Sophie, she is 13 now and rules he roost. I think she would love a bed like Monty’s.
    As Sophie is older now, going for walks is a bit of an effort. It can take 20 mins to walk to the field round the corner, but ii let her take her time. She is so worth it.
    Lots of love
    Lynn xxx

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