Snow in Dorking, stand up in Clapham and hilarious autocorrect howlers!


Sheep in the snowFirst this week, thanks to everyone who spotted the spooky face in last week's scary lounge pic – if you didn't see it, go here and don't read on below till you've had a go at guessing it!

Also this week…
– Wintertrax Leanne's stand up comedy night!
- Snow in Dorking. Like my pic of sheep in the sunset?!?
- Diamonique blooper – Beth's blushes!
- And some of the funniest autocorrect howlers I've ever read!
- Plus – 'Anonymous' film review and the excellent 'Just Go With It'

So, to set your mind at rest if you haven't checked all the comments last week, or seen my Facebook where many of you posted, yes the scary face was in the bottom left behind the sofa – but how did it happen? Was it a ghostly apparition? Shadows on the sofa trim playing with the lighting? Or just plain photoshop magic!? (NB. If you've heard any new info about the pic, do leave a comment below – I'd love to find out more about it!)

Snow starts play…
Talking of photos, how about that lovely pic I took of the sheep in a field near my house? The same sheep in last week's blog which the poggies were so intrigued by. Thing is, in the snow, the sheep are actually not white, I noticed – they're kind of dirty cream coloured! But they still look very picturesque, especially against the setting sun. Loooovely!

It did make me feel a bit sorry for them though when I (finally) arrived home safely in driving snow, on Saturday night late after finishing the garden show at midnight. And only two little skids on Coast Hill – the hill that stalled my previous car last year if you recall! (Hence swapping it for a 4×4!).

But then I remembered that the sheep evolved something to cope with the freezing weather, living in the mountains and outdoors – it's called wool. So they must be hardy enough! And if sheepskin – like on my EMUs – can keep MY feet warm in the snow, it must work even better on the sheep! Sure enough, next day, there they were grazing away, completely not bothered! As much as sheep can look 'not bothered' anyway.  Or not 'baaaa-thered' haha!

Pogs in the snowYes the snow this weekend made Surrey look fabulously quaint. 'The Holiday' all over again! (the Christmas film which was shot near me in Shere). And prompted the dogs to come over all playful – so funny when they first went out in the snow. We had about four or five inches in Dorking. You? (ahem!! YOU know what I mean!). What's it been like where you are? My pal Gill said she was still stuck in snow and ice and freezing temperatures in Essex long after our roads had cleared in London. Let me know with a comment below. This is what my dogs thought of it anyway!


And talking of funnies – three others to tell you about this week!
Funny 1 – stand up in Clapham
Debbie, Craig, Leanne and the girls Well, I had another experience of going to a stand up comedy night last week, courtesy of lovely Leanne Stott, Craig and Craigy's angels (see pic!) including many faces you may recognise – Gill Gauntlett, Becky Redfern, Justine Balmer, Beverley Cressman and Gabrielle Bradshaw – who along with Craigy and I, all turned up to support our lovely Wintertrax guest Leanne in her comedy night in a room out the back of the Bread and Roses pub in Clapham.

Leanne on stageAnd guess what? She was really good! Very experienced, and made the audience laugh a lot – I can't repeat any of her lines though – even though it was all done in the best poooooossssible taste! Well most of it! But as we were sat near the front you can imagine how some of us came in for a bit of stick from some of the other comedians, one of whom was brilliant – Danny Bhoy – who'd actually reached the dizzy heights of performing in the US on the David Letterman show!  You should Google or YouTube him – he's funny!

He appealed to my sense of geeky humour, including with a skit about Shakespearean Scrabble! Lol!   And how honoured were we that he was appearing in our tiny little venue in the back streets of south London, when he's such a big name in stand up! And good too. I'd go see him again.

Stand up comedy audienceTop marks to all of them though – it takes such guts to stand in front of an audience of people all waiting for you to make them laugh! I'm ok with cameras – with people not so much! Like I said, I'm shy… (!)

Funny 2 – funniest autocorrects
Isn't it amazing how the 'autocorrect' function on some mobile phones (specially iPhones and iPads!) creates some hilarious text interchanges! OMG what's your favourite!? Do follow the link, then when you've scrolled through them all by pressing the red 'next' button at the top, do click on the 'parental autocorrects' box that pops up and read those too.

Brilliant autocorrectsSooooo funny. I have to say I was sitting here late one night with tears in my eyes having laughed out loud so much that the dogs went to lie in the kitchen away from the noise! I'm sure you can imagine! Lol. Anyway I thought it might make you smile!

Funny 3 – QVC blooper – Beth's blushes
On Monday I did a fun Diamonique show with the lovely Jubilee ring and pendant (I bought the pend ant!). I was really impressed with the new 60-facet stone, specially created by QVC in honour of our Queen's 60 years Epiphany Platinum Clad Diamonique 60 Facet Jubilee Pendanton the throne. Loved the romance card and 'squoval' shape! Or given that it's a kind of a squashed cushion cut, maybe it's a squa-shion shape!

Anyway, during the show, Beth the model had a little moment – watch this blooper -  was it something I said?…

I never found out what exactly she was thinking to make her blush like that! Lol! Doubt it was my earlier boo boo when I said the 'Queen's Diamonique Jubilee' – hah! Now THAT would be a fine celebration eh! Lol. Wonder how many years it would celebrate!? Or what it would celebrate?! What do you think?! Hehe!

Sharon Escudier, Simon Brown and Debbie-  Met Sharon Escudier – regulars to my blog may recall an old school pal of mine from my years at Links Primary in Tooting, Sharon Escudier, getting in touch with me via my blog. Well we finally got to catch up when she came into QVC last week for a coffee in the QCafé! Lovely to hook up. She also got to meet Simon Brown!

- Birthday update – guess what! After talking about it for so long, we Medieval banquet'ommed' vouchers for the medieval banquet in St Catherine's Dock this week! (manifested – made them appear!) Yay! Groupon had a great deal on! So we bought 30 between us, and sometime in May, we'll be dressing up as Tudors for at least one of my celebrations this year when I'm the big 5-0!  Pic of event

- And if facing another birthday – particularly a significant one – is having a seriously bad  effect on you, or anything else is this time of year, you might be interested in this link to a Daily Mail article about the lovely author Marian Keyes and her problems with depression and how she's dealt with it.

Marian Keyes articleFor anyone who's suffered, you'll be only too aware it's not a nice place to be – and having been there or thereabouts myself a little in years gone by, it's comforting to know about others in the same boat. 'Specially if you've enjoyed any of her pithy family novels. And do enjoy this week's funnies too – just for you!

Tweet of the week- In the meantime, to make you smile, here's my favourite Tweet this week – 'bad spellers of the world untie' – haha! Have you read some funny ones? Tell me your best ones below. If you'd like to follow me I'm @debbieflint.

Wendy Cole– Facebook message of the week – Wendy Cole – can you beat it? What's your version, what do you do that involves QVC products, what does your day look like? 

“Hi Debbie, I think I am turning into Mrs QVC! Woken by clock radio I got from qvc, got out of bed, feather bed, pillows, duvet and flannel all northern nights, wearing my Heavenly Sleepwear pj's, showered with Liz Earle orange blossom, washed and conditioned hair in Phillip Kingsley, applied more Liz Earle face cream and Laura Geller make up (tsv not long ago) put Kings Realm chicken in slow cooker (I ordered tsv slow cooker too) went out wearing Nina Leonard, Emu boots and Centigrade coat – typing this on laptop from qvc too….. someone save me!!lol
This is absolutely true!!! You and Craig Rowe Qvc Presenter have nothing on me!"

QVC TV guide- Quick one for you – if you didn't already realise – there are a lot of ways to find out what's on when on QVC – and one of them arrives in almost every parcel dispatched from Liverpool! A schedule leaflet – which currently has yours truly as the featured presenter on it! Always worth keeping as it gives a heads-up of our shows up to a month away!

- And final snippet – another addition to the Solo Cougar's Survival Kit. Firstly, No.8, a video of Madonna! What an amazing live set she performed during the Superbowl this week – look it up on YouTube if you missed it. But she's 53, and an inspiration for any would-be Cougar that finds themselves solo! Secondly, a must have for the surv ival kit – coping with living alone – is No. 9 – a trusty sat nav!

TomTom sat nav flags up a delayI love sat nav! I'm currently using a TomTom with live services – OMG how handy was it this week when at a bottleneck junction on the A3 into Wandsworth, it's traffic service alerted me to divert onto a different route, and avoid a 26 minute delay. 26 minutes!! Fantastic! Worth it's weight for that alone! Would have been well late for work otherwise!

How smug was I to be going around the Tibbett's Corner roundabout Sat nav displaylooking down on half a mile of solid red lights, and not be in them! I'd never be without a sat nav. I like to use one with live services, but I do think most solo women-drivers might cope a lot better navigating our highways, accompanied by even the most basic of models. It takes the hard work and confusion out of map reading!

And if you just want a basic model, look out next week (join me at New TomTom sat navmidnight on Wednesday 15th February, then through Thursday 16th) for a new one from TomTom which will give you superb route guidance – especially at confusing junctions because of it's clever display – which is actually the first one to be 5 inches in size too, so less need for glasses! Wish they did them with a George Clooney voice tho! Lol!

WATCH – OK, so this is a weird one – turns out quite a few cinemas round the country are showing the Shakespeare conspiracy movie from last year, 'Anonymous'. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie so thought I'd include it as a review in case it's showing near you.

It's a really interesting mix of a serious drama based on historical fact, and comedy genius. Rhys Ifans puts in a powerful performance as the Earl of Oxford – one of the many people conspiracy theorists say really wrote Shakespeare's works. (He's come a looooong way since baring his underpants on the doorstep in 'Notting Hill'!) And it's in stark contrast with the comedy turns – particularly Rafe Spall as the bard himself – in idiot mode. (Rafe was excellent as failed comic hubby of heroine Emma in 'One Day' – remember? And he's the son of Timothy Spall).

And was really impressed with Vanessa Redgrave as an elderly Elizabeth I. It's a really well put together story, very thought provoking. You know a film has got to you when you find yourself Googling the characters long afterwards, to see how much of it was fact – turns out much of the story and events were real! Interesting twist at the end too – I wasn't expecting that one and it kept me thinking about it for a few days! So it's a good eight and a quarter from me.

Now for those that don't go to the cinema, and to continue the comedy theme for this week, here's a DVD recommendation to make you laugh and to lift your spirits. Perfect for the forthcoming Valentine's Day next week, it's 'Just Go With It'. I recorded it on Sky because I do like Jennifer Anniston, and although I am not usually fussed about Adam Sandler, he was fab in this. Both very funny too, as were their supporting cast.

You have to see it just for the superb comedy performance from the precocious daughter Kiki – and the wonderful web of lies that plastic surgeon Danny tells, as he tries to land the young girl of his dreams, only to realise that he was working alongside his soulmate all along. Great if predictable ending – but what else do you expect from me so near to the most romantic night of the year!? (or so I'm told!). Eight out of ten – a good way to spend an hour and half of your life, and a nice warm fuzzy at the end! We like our warm fuzzies, don't we girls! (and some guys!).

Oh OK, I give in – here's one just for the other guys too. I guess some of you will also be sin the single zone this Valentine's Day, and whilst it's not really my favourite kind of film, many chaps spoke highly of it on Facebook to me, so here's a trailer of it just for you – Stallone's bunch of heroes well past their sell-by date in 'The Expendables' (6.25!)

(More cinema next week – would have had a 'J Edgar' or a 'Shame' or a 'W.E.' but snow kinda stopped play – but the plan is next week I'll be reviewing 'The Woman In Black' which I'm aiming to see with pal Goody on Sunday in Wimbledon.)

LISTEN – decided to get a bit trendy this week, and bought the new Lana Del Rey CD. Must say it's quite good. I do like her original style (well I am a Kate Bush fan) and whilst some of the tracks are quite samey, it's a good album to play in the car. What do you think? Do you (or your kids!?) like her stuff?
Lana Del Rey
I heard her being interviewed by Rick Astley on his Magic FM show, and her speaking voice is really quite normal and high, completely different to how I thought she'd talk considering how distinctive her slightly nasal singing voice is. A good buy though!

Antthony Designs Ruffle Edge CardiganQVC – nice to look forward to a Diane Gilman weekend, with some fabbie denim stretch jeggings, plus a long awaited return for Antthony, one of our favourite fun fashion guests, the wonderful designer and genuine nice guy from Los Angeles – don't miss my TSV launch with him on Saturday 4th February at midnight. It's a gorgeous waterfall type smart cardigan, including in a lovely purple!

Gatineau Anti Ageing Hand Treatment SetAnd finally, This week I are Mostly Been Using… Gatineau! As you might have heard me mention if you watched that Diamonique show, I've been really pleased with what Gatineau has done for my hands of late. Now they're not exactly my best feature, but now at least in jewellery shows they're starting to look a bit better! Try the Age Benefit for hands or if you have any excess supplies of Melatogenine cream, just see what a difference it makes overnight to the backs of your hands! Fab!

Next week – Craig 'n' me are going horse riding – theoretically, at time of writing anyway! It'll be a proper TiFFT*. Plus what happened on Valentine's Day – where will me n Goody go?!

See you smileAnd in the meantime, some of my lovely Facebook ladies said they were going to put this in their Valentine's cards this year – I luv it! (click on it to make it larger). Specially for TJ and NR!

Have a good week and enjoy Valentine's night if you're doing anything spesh!


*Try it For the First Time Club


  1. Lisa February 11, 2012 at 2:01 am -  Reply

    Hya Debs – loving your blogs, I don’t know how you find the time you are a marvel! Just wondering if you have any update for us on the book front? I am halfway through writing my first novel and have had good feedback from a literary agent so am scribbling like crazy – with QVC on in the background, natch! Can’t wait for your TSV with the lovely Antthony – the only QVC designer (as far as I know) to have referenced the phenomenon known as ‘camel toe’ – hilarious! That has to be a QVC first, and you reacted with great restraint like a true professional! Take care, Lisa. X

  2. Nigel February 12, 2012 at 5:33 pm -  Reply

    Debs – Congrats on conquering the hill – did you raise a flag at the top or just a glass lol – though guess you’d rather be floating down the Nile this time of year.
    Definitely brass monkey weather here(-13 Fri night) but roads not as bad as the previous 2 years, me thinks the gritters have learnt their lesson.
    See why the pogs sought sanctuary – lols aplenty – surprised the sheep didn’t run for the hills as well !! BTW liking the sheep pic, very moody.
    Have at last found time to watch ‘Sugar – The Bitter Truth’ which you recommended ages ago – certainly makes you think twice and have now stopped adding sugar to tea/coffee and cereals – so thanks but will still demolish a choc cake at every opportunity !
    Hugs for Tues, Nige 😉

  3. Mrs Sharon Windram February 12, 2012 at 6:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, i’ve just been watching you on the Antthony designs fashion hour. What a great show, a lovely designer in Antthony and some gorgeous, gorgeous clothes. Yourself and Antthony have had me in bits – VERY FUNNY i must say and has brightened up a truly dull day. I received a valentine’s day card from my hubby who work away and it’s sitting behind the clock on my mantlepiece waiting for Tuesday to arrive. I do hope you receive shed loads of cards on valentines day Debbie – i think the postman will have to be making a special delivery in his van with sack loads in the back………just for you! Take care, lot’s of love Sharon from Leicester X

  4. Karen Heath February 13, 2012 at 12:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Deb
    I just wondered if you know how Anica was doing. I have missed her on the fashion shows.

  5. Susan February 13, 2012 at 2:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Lucky you only skidding a couple of times this year! I remember your traumas last year! What 4*4 did you get out of interest? Are you happy? I do love comedy nights. Nothing like a good chuckle! Craig looks in his element in that pic!
    Chat soon x

  6. Susan February 13, 2012 at 2:45 pm -  Reply

    Lol ps that clip of you and Beth…hilarious

  7. debs f February 14, 2012 at 1:15 am -  Reply

    Lisa! Funny shows with Antthony eh? Soooo love that man! According to facebook you guys did too! Well the book is progressing – have completed the full length draft (56000 words) and sent it to two publishers so fingers crossed – am just doing some final edits and revisions meanwhile.
    So good luck with yours too! Isn’t it fulfilling? Keep me informed…
    ps literary agent? are you writing a literary novel then?

  8. debs f February 14, 2012 at 1:25 am -  Reply

    nige! Thanks once more – can always rely on your regular witty comments!
    Yes I’d definitely like to be floating down the Nile – but ‘this’ time of year doesn’t seem to be a very lucky one – it was this time last year that Kipling Kerena and I had to abort our cruise due to the riots, and lo and behold, ‘stuff’ is happening again this year. Maybe next year will be the lucky one!
    And glad you got to watch Sugar the Bitter Truth – such a lot of fascinating research and statistics – makes all the difference that it’s from a uni professor. Food for thought huh!
    ps ta for your wishes for Tues – at least I get a Valentine’s virtual hug! 🙂

  9. debs f February 14, 2012 at 1:32 am -  Reply

    Sharon – ahh bless you and so happy for you that your card is waiting already! At least you know you’ll get one! Actually I don’t mind not getting any (even for nearly 11 years running! lol) when I hear stories like a mate’s – ‘I’ve been with my man for years and I NEVER get a valentine’s card!’ lol.
    Yes Antthony was amazing wasn’t he? Never had such a lovely reaction from viewers as with him! Roll on April when he’s back!
    Thanks for writing – you’re very kind!

  10. debs f February 14, 2012 at 1:34 am -  Reply

    Hi Karen – yes we miss Amica too. As far as we’re told, she’s fighting back, and one of the other models was telling me she saw her and she was in good spirits. Our love goes to her.

  11. debs f February 14, 2012 at 1:37 am -  Reply

    Susan – yes, and you wait till you see Craigy in next week’s pics! Horse riding was really good fun!
    I got a merc in the end – very happy with it – dream car – have wanted one for 8 yrs so very glad I finally managed to get one! And soooo happy it got me up that hill! lol
    ps yes it was a funny show with Beth. Since then have had some more hugely funny shows – including with Antthony and with Simon Wilson – if I can get the clip for next blog I will 🙂

  12. Sharon Escudier February 14, 2012 at 1:33 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for the brilliant tour around QVC – it was so good to catch up with you, my favourite presenter (even though you cost me a fortune, you and Julia convince me I need these things and Craig too especially in the kitchen!) and to meet the lovely Simon – and look at me in my Centigrade coat, Emu boots, scarf from Nina Leonard (bought with dress, I bought the black and brown cos I really needed them…)and bag from Barr and Barr! I looked like a walking advertisement for QVC, which I am of course! Working in advertising I do love branding!! It was also lovely to meet Mat Trim, on his advice I looked up his masterclass tips on the website and have learned loads more about using my Fuji Bridge camera, another QVC purchase natch! Look forward to meeting up again soon. Lots of love Sharon xxx

  13. Susanne Fitzpatrick February 14, 2012 at 5:48 pm -  Reply

    Debbie and blog readers
    Can I put a different slant on the Valentine’s theme?
    I used to be very romantically inclined and quite hurt if my man didn’t buy me flowers or arrange a nice meal on Valentine’s Day. On my 40th birthday, he arrived with a book he’d obviously just bought from a High Street retailer – still in their branded carrier bag – and my heart just sank. We are no longer together.
    I was discussing this with a work colleague who has been married for over 30 years and who told us that she had never EVER received a birthday card from her hubby (he was useless at remembering dates!) and who gave her socks for Christmas. We were all aghast in the office but she replied: “He’s been a fantastic husband for 30 years – has never strayed, helped me bring up two wonderful boys who haven’t always been the easiest to manage; doesn’t smoke, drink or gamble. We have a beautiful home and no financial worries and I can have (within reason) anything I want. Why should I complain if he forgets to buy me a stupid card?”.
    Puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

  14. Susan February 14, 2012 at 5:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi DEbs,
    Can’t wait to see the horse-riding clips! I love Antthony too. Best guest! You had great fun. I didn’t realise mercs were 4*4!! Good to know!
    Chat soon x

  15. martin forbes February 15, 2012 at 6:28 pm -  Reply

    hi debs how are you i am well

  16. Alison February 15, 2012 at 7:20 pm -  Reply

    Hey Debbie,
    Another busy blog! Weird to see the snow-here in NI we were experiencing very mild weather while the news etc talked at endless length about the dreadful snow and frost!
    Read your comments about Lana Del Rey-I’ve had her cd on my Amazon wishlist for a while but haven’t bought it yet. I have however bought Juan Zelada’s cd-really good-I definitely recommend it!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week,

  17. Linda, Glasgow February 17, 2012 at 2:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Your valentine poem has made me cry – it so beautiful and (for some of us) oh so true – when i divorced i was sad but oh so confident he would never find someone who loved and cared for him as much as i did,and, i was proved right as he eventually wanted what we had back but fotunately?/unfortunately? i had moved on and have never looked back and went on to achieve things i would never have attained if i had still been in that relationship – but it does make me sad, when it comes to mind, that a relaationship that was really quite beautiful ended,sadxx That was all around 25 years ago and i can stand tall and say i’m a happy,intelligent woman who is stronger for all my life experiences and can happily say i love my family and friends(especially the one with benefits!!) and as soon as this bliddy menopause has passed(i’m 51) i’ll be so much happier to!!xx – we are talking major tropical moments(hours really) and depression that i cant understand(i’m currently trying homeopathic medicine) and my body is changing oh so slowly and is difficult to understand? Roll on the end – please!!xx As you know i loved the Antthony TSV(in all four colours) and i also bought a couple of t-shirts – they are all fabulous – i’m so looking forward to his April shows. I’m also loving Emma Hardie skincare at the moment – i love the Moringa balm(balm texture that melts over your face and neck and smells heavenly),serum that also smells heavenly and works!! and her am/pm moisturiser is the consistency of clotted cream and also smells heavenly -and funnily- is great for morning or evening application? I also love Elemis and am looking forward to their April TSV(April is going to be an expensive month – nothing new there!!)I hope your 50th birthday Tudor banquet is wonderful(did you ever catch the BBC showtimes series The Tudors? – the male actors were all so handsome especially the guy who played Henry VIII in his younger years – absolutely srummy but i of course only watched the series for it historical content – aye right!!x) I was at my practise nurse this am to get blood taken and we were saying that we had bought all the winter solutions items that QVC offered because last year we were caught on the hop – and – we’ve not seen a flake of snow!! my dad always said that snow was for Christmas cards but your photographs still look lovely but very cold(your dogs are lovelyx) – i’ve bought our two west highland terriers tartan coats – they look so regal when they are swaggering along – i love them so muchx Brilliant blog Debbie(as always) i appreciate that you take the time to give us a really good interesting readx Speak soon Linda,Glasgowx

  18. Beth Caterer February 18, 2012 at 6:26 am -  Reply

    Morning Miss Deb’s.
    hee hee i did indeed blush! Ooooppps i wonder why!
    Love working with you Madam.Beth xx

  19. Linda,Glasgow February 18, 2012 at 2:37 pm -  Reply

    Sorry Debs i meant to add that i’m loving Rebecca Ferguson’s (X Factor)(i nearly typed album!! ancient or what eh!!) CD. Her single “Love is all that matters” is beautiful and the words are so truex Lindax

  20. debs f February 19, 2012 at 2:21 am -  Reply

    Sharon – glad you came and lovely to see you again after all these years hon! Must do it again soooon! Glad you picked up some photographic tips! I look forward to seeing the pics! Don’t forget about your mate.

  21. debs f February 19, 2012 at 2:33 am -  Reply

    Susanne – nice slant indeed! Thanks for that! Yes it is a good thing to be content with our lot, like your pal! And actually altho I didn’t get any valentine’s again this year, when i was discussing it with some pals, one of them said she’s been with someone for years who never remembers but doesnt care either. I’d rather not be in their shoes. I quite like mine, even though having someone would be nice! Had a fun valentine’s singles party this weekend – will update you in next week’s blog! d

  22. debs f February 19, 2012 at 2:35 am -  Reply

    Susan – yes they’re good ones from when Craigy and I went horse riding! Sorry it’s not up this week – it was submitted but not all the links to videos worked ok, so we’re redoing a couple and it’ll be up shortly!
    Glad you loved Antthony – he’s such a sweetie!

  23. debs f February 19, 2012 at 2:36 am -  Reply

    Martin – yes am well thank you.

  24. debs f February 19, 2012 at 2:42 am -  Reply

    Alison – yes it was a whistlestop snowfall – all gone now! Apparently there’s more on the way – hope you avoid it! Will keep an eye out for Juan! Thanks so much for writing!
    best wishes

  25. debs f February 19, 2012 at 2:56 am -  Reply

    Linda – and I’m really pleased that you took the time to write so much to me too! I really love hearing from all of you too – it makes it so worthwhile – specially when there’s a bit longer comments that give me insights into who’s out there!
    Sorry you’re having the little glowing moments! Mine have been a bit savanna for a few weeks – I swear it’s as a result of eating rubbish over xmas! Must get my diet sorted out again so I’m on target for my big birthday. Yes the medieval night is booked ta – and yes I saw the Tudors – loved it – I think his name is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. but my fave was Henry Cavill – Duke of Suffolk – who is due to play the new superman I believe, six-pack and all!
    Anyway – keep up the good work, as my sister would say to me! lol.
    big hugs

  26. debs f February 19, 2012 at 2:58 am -  Reply

    HI all – in case anyone wondered – sorry for new blog not being published at end of last week – a couple of video links were not quite right so had to be redone. I’m hoping it’ll be up as early as possible next week! So come back soon!

  27. Louise Pawsey February 21, 2012 at 11:49 pm -  Reply

    Thank you for the Facebook add Debbie, from the ” Not So Secret QVC Shopper..” My QVC transactions are like polka dots on my bank statements, QVC, Sainsburys, QVC, Petrol..and QVC QCut is on auto dial ! Most of my bathroom creams, potions, lotions and make up have come from QVC, I Love my Elemis, Mally, Laura Geller, Bare Essentials, Nail Varnishes & Perricone Skincare Range.. I’m so loving Perricone and definitely well worth the extra.I could keep going but wanted to say Hello, and thank you for making home shopping so entertaining Debbie.. I’m too busy working to go shopping, so suits my lifestyle and I get great products ! Louise x

  28. Jane February 23, 2012 at 3:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie – I’m a bit late picking this up on your blog but just wanted you to know that those autocorrects had me in tears of laghter, thanks so much for posting. Having been a victim of a dreadful one myself heightened the enjoyment I think. By the time I got to the Mum who was dropping her husband off at the office I was completely uncontrollable!
    Thanks, love your shows 🙂

  29. Debs f February 24, 2012 at 2:23 am -  Reply

    Hey Louise – Not so Secret Shopper! Nice to read your thoughts hon., out if interest, why Perricone for you? How does it prove it’s worth so well?! Xx

  30. Wayne March 11, 2012 at 2:57 pm -  Reply

    Hm…dont know if my comment went thgruoh, so will try to do this again (if this is a repeat…oops! sorry)What wonderful news and blessings :o) It is so awesome to have the support that you wrote about regarding where you work!Blessings & Aloha!(Yay! for a few days off of work…so that I can finally catch up on some blog reading. The week long blog hop I participated in, wiped me out trying to keep up with the daily posts, but they were so much fun! …if you get a chance come by…

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