More snow, big hair and a tasty new recipe



Well for the first time in a while I put my gym kit on and tried out the Tone Zone 10 in 1 Magic BB Body Shaper! We were going to be filming with it for this week’s Big Deal so I needed to make sure I knew how to use it. I’ve been so time poor when it comes to my self-care this month that I haven’t been to the gym once. I haven’t managed any power walks either – I blame the snow for that! When I am at home I just don’t feel it’s fair to then go and take some time for myself when I’ve been at work and I need to be with the girls. I think this is a problem for a lot of us isn’t it?

So I was really pleased to try this body shaper out, because I don’t need to leave the house. I can do this once the girls are in bed or even if they are at home playing. It’s something we can do in just 10 minute spots throughout the day if we want. Use it on your arms in the morning, do some sit ups in the afternoon, or press-ups! Thankfully we had some extra help during the filming from Lucy Wyndham Read, who is a fitness expert to show us some of the brilliant and simple exercises we can do with it. I’m not going to lie, you will feel the effects so don’t go in head first with an hour routine if you are not used to it. Take it easy and as I said try 10 minutes, then build as you go throughout the week. Have a look at our video over on the QVC website.

Outside of QVC

The snow has come along again although thankfully not as bad as last time. It does make everything so pretty when it’s fresh doesn’t it?

The last time it snowed it meant one of Tilda’s friend’s birthday parties got cancelled and it got rescheduled to this weekend, I’m sure they couldn’t believe it snowed for it again! No cancellations this time, so we headed to Activate Trampoline park for the party. If you haven’t been to a place like this just imagine a giant room that is wall-to-wall trampolines, net walls that make an area for trampoline dodgeball, a ninja assault cause and even a giant air pad that you can jump onto from a platform.

Parents were allowed to join in so Fred and I took Ivy on while Tilda enjoyed time with her friends. It was exhausting!! I haven’t been on a trampoline for years and let’s just be frank here, there’s good reason for that. Many mums out there know that trampolines are NOT our friends after having had children!! So after 10 minutes I pretty much just watched. We weren’t allowed our phones so I couldn’t get any pictures which is probably a good thing!

After the party we hit the park for a snowball fight which the girls loved and when we got back we put on a film, whacked the heating up, and while I started making a roast dinner Tilda got started on a little treat that I brought home from work. The Selfie Clothing Colour in Top. We had them on The Morning show a few weeks ago and I had to try them out as I knew Tilda would love them.

As Easter is coming up I got her the Easter Bunny top, what a great alternative to chocolate! There are lots of different choices though and when I showed Tilda that there is a unicorn cape she practically did back-flips. Once the colouring in is done, you simply iron the fabric and then leave it for 24 hours. The colours will then stay fast and not wash out. What a brilliant idea! I will be buying these for birthday presents for Tilda’s friends for sure and for special occasions like Easter. They are the perfect activity for school holidays on rainy days. She was proud as punch wearing it afterwards.

What I’m using in beauty

This week I am trying out the BaByliss Pro Large Hot Brush, which is the Today’s Special Value this Wednesday (21st March). I am really impressed with this. When I first saw it I thought it was one of those hair-drying brushes, which I have never really needed, so I was really pleased when I realised that this is a heat styler. It’s a round brush that heats up just like our straighteners or tongs but with a lovely large barrel brush that gives a finish like you get from a professional blow dry. It comes with a Heat Wave glove to protect your hand and a heat mat to lay it on.

I have done a little video for you to show you the result that I got with it. Have a watch and see if you think this could be good for you too. The bounce it gives is fantastic and the fullness to your hair really is straight out of the hairdressers. It launches with myself at midnight on Tuesday night so do tune in to see the full presentation then or throughout the day on Wednesday.

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

What I’m wearing

Last week I had a fun challenge with Patrick Hoy over on the QVC Facebook Page. We had to take it in turns to style our model, Rachel, and see which outfits you preferred. It was lots of fun and you can catch up on it here. The outfit I wore for this included one of my new favourite shirts from MarlaWynne. It’s a Lux Crepe Shirt with a high low hem and it’s super stylish – I wore the Navy. I buttoned it to the top and wore my Pilgrim necklace over the top of it. I teamed it with black leggings and one of Ruth Langsford’s fabulous blazers. It’s now on Clearance Price so do check it out and see if we have your size! I love the colour of this blazer, it’s called Sunset Red and it’s so punchy. It brings the whole look together I think.

Rachel was wearing a shirt from Quacker Factory with really pretty floral embroidery teamed with a Helene Berman long line coat, in Fuchsia, which is on a Feature Price!

What I’m cooking

Ultimate Cauliflower Cheese

I refuse to do a roast dinner without cauliflower cheese, or at least cheesy veg of some kind, be it leeks or broccoli. I’m all about the cheese sauce, always have been. My nana always made the best cauliflower cheese and she taught me how to make it too. Over the years though I have developed my own way of doing it and that’s what I’m sharing today.

Firstly I make the roux. I use corn flour for this, it makes the sauce the perfect thickness and doesn’t have the same floury taste as traditional flour, I also think it makes it extra glossy. I melt a large knob of butter in a pan and then add a tablespoon of corn flour, on a medium heat on the hob and keep stirring it, making sure not to let it burn. Corn flour doesn’t go to a paste like normal flour so don’t expect that. I then add a good slug of milk, I used full fat but you can use semi. It thickens pretty quickly so keep stirring with a whisk! Add more milk until you have a nice thick glossy but pourable sauce.

I then add two bay leaves, I have a bay tree in the garden so I use fresh but you can use dry leaves too. I then add grated mature cheddar, this is down to personal choice how much you add but I used ready-grated from a bag and used about a third. Next, I added a tablespoon of cream cheese and a tablespoon of grated parmesan which I also had ready-grated in a bag. See I told you I’m all about the cheese! I follow with a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard, salt and pepper. Mix it all in until melted and glossy. If it’s too thick then add a little more milk.

You can leave this to the side for a few minutes while you steam the cauliflower. I steam mine for about five minutes just to start it off. I then pop that in an ovenproof dish and pour the sauce all over it covering everything. This then goes in the oven for about 35 minutes. I like it to blacken a little on the peaks as I think it just adds to the flavour. So that’s how I do mine, how do you do yours? Let me know in the comments!

Competition winner

Thank you to everyone who entered my Lulu Guinness competition, I can now announce that the winner was June from Castleford. Congratulations June, I really hope you get loads of enjoyment from your Kooky Cat bag!

So that’s me for another week, what have you been doing? Did you get more snow? As always keep up with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Katy x


  1. Francesca March 20, 2018 at 11:39 am -  Reply

    How much us the babyliss tsv going to be please ? ?

  2. Josephine Jennings March 20, 2018 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    It looks like the girls had lots of fun on your time off. I agree time with your children is so important. My son is now 40 !!

    • Katy Pullinger March 27, 2018 at 12:15 pm -  Reply

      I’m sure that time has flown too? I know my girls will be teenagers in the blink of an eye x

  3. Cheri Phillipson March 20, 2018 at 7:25 pm -  Reply

    Fab video Katy, I’ve just had my hair cut into a bob (it was down my back) and I think this little tool will help me with styling it much easier than my straighteners. Will be tuning in at midnight and purchasing. ?

    • Katy Pullinger March 27, 2018 at 12:15 pm -  Reply

      Hi Cheri, did you order the Babyliss in the end? Let me know how you get on with it if you did x

  4. Elizabeth keenan March 21, 2018 at 2:48 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Katy,
    Yeah saw the selfie clothing last week, what a great idea for the children.
    I have never made the roux Katy but you know what it looks yummy, might have to try it.
    Thankyou for the recipes really loving them ?
    Much love
    Elizabeth ?

    • Katy Pullinger March 27, 2018 at 12:16 pm -  Reply

      So pleased you are liking the recipes Elizabeth, I really love cooking so it’s nice to share the recipes that have been working for me x

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