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Smile – it’s 2017!


It’s been a bit of a mad start to January, as there I was in the supermarket at 3:55pm on New Year’s Day, with my huge trolley of shopping having just scanned and shopped – only to find that I’d gone out without any money, bank card or credit card, zilch nothing, not a bean to pay with whatsoever!

Luckily they were incredibly kind to me, probably thinking doesn’t this silly women have anything better to do on New Year’s Day than to buy half of Tesco and have no way of paying, but anyway, they let me phone my husband who came and rescued the situation.

Unfortunately his being in the good books didn’t last long when a day later he managed to snap his key in the front door lock, just as I was shooting off to work, so we had to call an emergency locksmith in order to be able to even shut the door!

As they say these things come in three’s so I’m waiting for the next saga to happen, but maybe as that’s one stupid thing each the three rule doesn’t apply so I might be ok, but if this is what 2017  has in store I might hibernate for a bit.

Meanwhile everything else seems back to normal. The kids went back to school, which was a struggle in itself seeing as we’ve all have become addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and we’ve been staying up all hours over Christmas trying to catch up – and we’re still only on season five!  Bailey the dog has been booked into the groomers, I’ve been booked into hairdressers (not mentioning anything to do with ‘Gray’ on this one) and all the usual rehearsals, singing, dancing, netball, saxophone and football have started all over again. It does become a little like Groundhog Day, doesn’t it?

I thought it would be great to grab a little bit of me time and by that I mean probably about 16 mins, which I was told was all I needed for a whiter, brighter smile!

LAB Life + Beauty

I grabbed the opportunity to test a brand new product launch that we’ll be featuring as our Today’s Special Value offer at midnight on Monday. It’s brought to us by LAB Life + Beauty, founded by sisters Lauren and Charlotte. You may remember the girls brought us the formidable Pro Lift + device, which is a great piece of anti-ageing kit for your face and body. This time they are bringing you an at-home tooth whitening system giving you visible results in just 16 minutes.

Now I have had my teeth whitened once before, about eight years ago in a beauty salon and I hated it – the beautician left the room at one point and I almost had a panic attack.  I disliked the device in my mouth and I felt like it was in there for such a long time it was affecting my breathing pattern which I think is why I felt panicky. The results were great, but the whole experience was very uncomfortable and certainly one that I wouldn’t wish to repeat, so I must admit I was a bit nervous about trying the Pro-White system myself at home.

However, I have great confidence in Lauren and Charlotte and their scientific background, safety of their products, and ease of use, plus I absolutely trust QVC and our stringent testing of everything that comes through our doors. I also have sensitive teeth and in the trials, 100% of people felt no sensitivity, so I was determined to give it a go.

I honestly shouldn’t have worried at all and I was so was impressed with the results (I did dribble a little but I’m told that is totally normal). More importantly I felt comfortable and I think that was because I was in total control of the fact I could remove the unit if I started to feel panicky, but I really didn’t. The device was comfortable and quite relaxing actually, and my teeth are definitely shades whiter already and no sensitivity whatsoever.

I would highly recommend this clever system if you want whiter teeth. Give it a try and once you have invested in the system you can top up with treatments throughout the year every one to three months – perfect! I do think dull, stained teeth not only look unflattering and affect your confidence but can also be quite ageing. So get yourself a Pro-White and get smiling!

Jilly x


  1. P Misted January 17, 2017 at 8:28 pm -  Reply

    I’d be glad to know more about the light used to activate the spray and gel. Is it LED Ultra Violet? And if so …. considering the melanoma risks to skin exposed to tanning beds … is there not even ore of a risk to the very fine skin inside the mouth? (I recently saw photos of a friend who was diagnosed with melanoma under one of her nails following Gel nails … set with ultra violet light. Is this why the kit was promoted TSV? This aspect was not mentioned at all in the presentation …. only the fact that there is no hydrogen peroxide in the kit and therefore no SENSITIVITY to fear from the chemicals …. but what about other potential risks?

  2. martin forbes January 25, 2017 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    happy new year jilly to you and family
    i enjoyed the cooking hour you did on monday 9th of january with brett you did plenty of eating hope the food tasted good pity you could not pass it though my tv set in bucksburn aberdeen

  3. Jilly February 2, 2017 at 11:21 am -  Reply

    Thanks Martin,
    We’ll have to work on that technology, but who knows never say never! Jilly x

  4. Jilly February 2, 2017 at 11:30 am -  Reply

    Dear P Misted,
    I just wanted to respond to your concerns.
    We passed your comments on to the Pro White team who have confirmed that there is no ultraviolet light used in pro white. This is what they said
    “We can confirm that the product does not use ultra violet light. They are blue LEDs operating on a specific wave length to activate the whitening gel / accelerator and there are no UVA or UVB rays.”
    I hope you find that reassuring.
    Jilly X

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