Smell the Gerberas and don’t get lost


I hope all’s well…

We’ve been happily living in the same house now for over 25 years and it’s been and continues to be a wonderful family home. Over the years we’ve changed bathrooms, the kitchen etc. and redecorated more times than I care to recall, but there always seems to be more to do – I liken it to the Forth Bridge – by the time you finish painting it, you need to start again!

I’m happy to accept that our house has a more ‘lived in’ appeal but my wife Tracey is constantly looking at ways to improve and update, and I suppose that’s just as well – as if left to me the task would be all the greater but we do take time to “relax and smell the roses”.

Talking of flowers, have you seen the beautiful garden Pick of The Month from Thompson & Morgan? The gorgeous Gerbera Garvinea Hardy Collection certainly has that ‘smile’ factor, coming in such stunning warm colours – at the time of writing they’re still in stock at a great price of £17.99 with no P&P! Follow the link to order yours now.

I was presenting an hour of Gardening with Michael Perry last week and we showed the brilliant Aqua Joe Hose from Son Joe – I was so impressed with it that I ordered one myself.

It was on advanced order and arrived yesterday and in no time I was watering and feeding my plants with Richard Jackson’s Flower Power using his hose end sprayer too – this hose is superb, it’s so tough and doesn’t twist or snag. One word of caution though as it’s so tough if you tread on it, it will roll under foot like treading on a marble – please don’t ask me how I know! 🙂

Now have you ever been late for a meeting off site, a family get together etc.? Or have you been forced to take a detour and got completely lost?

I’m guilty of all of the above at some point and that’s why I now rely on a SatNav (Satellite Navigation Device) to guide me – I even set mine every day when I go to work to help me with traffic ahead, even though I know every possible routing option. I’m not a clairvoyant and sometimes verbal warnings on the radio come just as you join the queue. 🙁

So you may be open to the suggestion of a SatNav stuck on your windscreen… well have you also considered a Dash Cam? These nifty cameras sit on your windscreen and record every journey you make continuously so should anything untoward happen, you have a video record of it! Literally your ‘silent witness’, which I hope you’ll never have to call on for evidence. “That’s all very well Dale”, I hear you say, “but I now have two units stuck to my windscreen!”

Well… not if you buy the Garmin Drive Assist 51LMT!

It’s a fully featured SatNav device with a high-quality built-in Dash Cam all in one neat unit, plus it comes with Garmin Digital Traffic updates and Voice Activation, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel, and Full European Maps.

It really is packed full of features as you’d expect from a world leader in SatNav devices. I’ve included a sped up footage of part of my journey home in poor conditions and I think you’ll agree the recorded footage is excellent, particularly as I was driving into a setting sun – you’ll note the video shows my speed, exact geo location and of course the time of day, should you need to use it.

[Having trouble viewing these videos? See YouTube’s Help page]

There are actually many other fantastic features such as Camera Assisted Driver Alerts that alert you if you’re driving too close to the vehicle in front, or alert you if the camera senses you’ve wandered out of your lane with Lane Departure Warning! It’ll even warn you of sharp turns, speed limit changes, school zones and even give fatigue warnings. I know we’d all say “surely I’ll be aware of all of this”, but with distractions in and out of the car or when driving in a new area, it’s easy to miss this sort of thing.

Is this the “piece de résistance”?  Thanks to the Garmin Real Vision feature, when you approach address destinations, your navigation display will switch to a camera view, showing a bright arrow that points to where you need to go! Genius!

If you pair your Smart phone with it, you can also make hands-free calls and receive notifications on your Garmin’s 5″ display screen!

As I said, there are so many features to mention that I’m delighted to say we’ll be featuring this wonderful bit of kit as a Today’s Special Value (TSV) this Sunday 12th May. Remember that you’ll also be able to ‘road test’ it for up to 30 days with our money back guarantee and I’m sure that once you set it up in your vehicle and start using it’s huge feature line up, you’ll be keeping it in your vehicle at all times.

As you’d expect we have a fantastic offer, offering a huge reduction compared to buying direct from Garmin.

Hope you can join me at 11am and again at 2pm with our lovely techie lady Ella Williamson who will expertly run through as many features as she can in our allotted time. But as I said above, for me the best way to discover any device and how it can work best for you is to try it yourself!

Until next time… smell the Gerberas and don’t get lost 😉


Dale x

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