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I am really looking forward to our Christmas Special show entitled Alison Young’s Beauty Gifts on Sunday at 8pm for two hours. The Laurel and Hardy of QVC will be back together – a.k.a my partner in crime, Will Gowing and I have hand-selected gift ideas for all different age groups and members of the family, whether you are buying for a trendy fashionista, a tricky style queen, or choosing aspirational spa and luxury gifts for your closest loved ones.

One of the hot property gifts is the launch of the Sleeping Partners with a Christmas gift box from Beauty Excellence Award-winner This Works. For the many thousands of you that have seen a result with the deep sleep pillow spray (a firm favourite of mine due to my irregular sleep pattern with dogs, horses, postmen, deliverymen etc. who don’t seem to realise you are on a nightshift), it has now been combined with the deep sleep night oil to give an even more intensive result.208697.v.001

These two combined are a lovely, modern-looking gift but using ancient, historically-proven ingredients that go back thousands of years – and a gift of a good night’s sleep is the best beauty secret.

It would be a great gift for many different age groups from late-teens going through exams, leaving home, stresses of new jobs in your twenties, to busy new mums and men and women that have to juggle many different roles nowadays to manage their family and work, through to the intensely busy years of the fifties-plus, who are continuing to deal with the stress with work and families, and the ever-busy years of retirement. The value of good sleep has no age restraint and I think all of us have had periods of time when whether through stress, health or for many other reasons have found that a restful night’s sleep has evaded us.

These two treatments could very well make that big difference and can be used just a few nights a week or every single night as part of a sleep ritual.

From my many years of private consultations and treatments, I have a list of top tips that really do work and that I would use during my aromatherapy treatments where I would custom blend these exact same oils, which would pretty much always guarantee a client falling sleep on the bed during the massage and coming back to me the next day saying they’d had the best night sleep in a long time.

Irrespective of what time you go to bed, ie: your lifestyle or job may mean it can’t be a regular time, obviously it is better if it is, but try and get into these simple lifestyle steps to lead you to a more restful night:

1. Avoid caffeine and stimulating drinks after midday

2. Avoid alcohol after 8pm

3. At least an hour before you plan to go to bed, turn off all mobile devices including social media, internet etc.

4. Have a light snack or a hot milky drink so that you don’t go to bed hungry. This is also believed to focus blood supply and internal energy towards the stomach which helps to slow the activity of the brain

5. Plan the ritual of going to bed and enjoy the process of getting ready such as comfortable bed linen, warm bedroom, comfy sleepwear (or a hot water bottle in my case)

6. Avoid watching television (sorry – it may even mean turning me off!) in the bedroom. Instead – silence or relaxing music

7. If you have time, take a warm bath and have a lovely soak to help soften and relax the muscles

8. When going to bed, spray the Deep Sleep pillow spray above and on the bed including the pillow and the top of the duvet and massage the Deep Sleep night oil, if you have time – all over the body, or otherwise just the top of the arms, neck and décollete so that you can inhale it

9. Lay in bed, ideally on your back with one hand on your chest and one on your abdomen. Inhale deeply through your nose expanding your stomach more than your chest and exhale through your mouth, releasing and emptying the bottom of the lungs which you will feel as your tummy goes down. This helps to inhale the essential oil vapours but also to relax and release the tensions around the neck, shoulders and chest wall that cause shallow breathing and inhibit sleep. Should you wake in the night you can reach over and do a quick spritz of the pillow spray above you or I even spray it on my chest to do a few inhalations to help send you off again

10. For those of you like me that fight irregular sleeping patterns for whatever unavoidable reason, on the odd night that you are able to go to bed with plenty of time, make it a night to count and even go an hour earlier than you were planning to. This can make a massive difference and you can feel so relieved at having a longer night’s sleep than normal. Remember cat naps are recognised as essential in this situation. If like me, this may mean getting 40 winks in the car park, or I lay on the dressing room floor at work and close my eyes, or even grabbing an hour in bed during the day time if you work from home – this all adds up to allow you to achieve your quota of sleep

Good night!


  1. Claire Gardner October 30, 2015 at 10:42 am -  Reply

    Hi Ali, I practically go into a coma with the sleep spray plus. Any chance of a supersize in that? Thanks!

  2. Susanne October 31, 2015 at 9:37 am -  Reply

    As someone who’s suffered from insomnia for much of my adult life, I’d add a No. 11 to your list, Alison, namely: listening to an audio tape in bed. No crime thrillers that would stimulate your brain, obviously – just a CD of ‘sounds of the sea’ or a gentle-paced novel with the volume turned to low. I put a CD on every night and have never managed to stay awake past Chapter 5! I think it works because the brain focusses on the story or sound of the waves rather than having myriad ‘other thoughts’ whirring round the brain. Give it a go. I’ve literally been astounded by the success of this simple trick.

  3. AMANDA PORTER November 26, 2015 at 10:16 am -  Reply

    Hi Alison. I bought the This works spray, unfortunately lavender gives me a headache!
    Is there anything else you could recommend please? I have suffered for years and was really hoping this would work for me too.
    Thank you x

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