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In need of some beauty advice? Fear not, because we’ve got some brilliant anecdotes, tips and tricks and product recommendations from some of the biggest names in beauty. As part of our focus this May on the guys and gals who really know their stuff, we’ve compiled everything you need to know in three bitesize blogs. Make sure you leave a comment below with the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received!

First up is skincare – the foundation of any great beauty regime. You could be the queen of the perfect contour, but without a proper routine, you’ve already lost the battle. Let’s see what our experts have to say…

Caroline Archer, Brand Ambassador at Liz Earle

Q: What is the best piece of skincare advice you have ever received?

A: To keep your skincare simple. We are bombarded with amazing products all the time, but how can you tell what really works if you constantly pick and mix? Try to keep it simple with a core daily regime that you stick with for a good 3-4 months to really see changes.

It’s fine to add in extra treats, but the secret to great skin is definitely what you use day in, day out. Also the night time cleanse is a vital stage – with intense city pollution and summertime SPF to remove too, it’s critical to clean skin every night to remove all that you see – and all that you can’t see. This one regular habit can take you from ‘good skin’ to really amazing skin results.

Q: Have you ever made a beauty blunder you now regret?

A: When I was younger, my skin was much oilier and I used brands (in the 80s) that stripped my skin. I was quickly in that tricky ‘catch 22’ situation with oily skin – the more you strip, the more oil your skin produces. It took me until my early 20s to realise that this was what was happening. I now choose my products carefully, and look for balancing, gentle yet effective skincare.

For my own skin, botanicals have worked best. I also think that beauty blunders are part of growing up though and we do all need to experiment to ascertain what is right. We are now surrounded by incredible social media platforms, offering make-up tutorials and so many recommendations, right at our fingertips. This can be overwhelming, but also enlightening. When I was a teenager, you could only experiment with skincare and make-up in your local high street traditional chemist. The world is a very different place now – and that’s a great thing!

Q: Tell us about the hero product/range you always recommend

A: Cleanse & Polish is our Liz Earle bestseller, and it’s the one product that I’ve recommended tirelessly since I discovered it 20 years ago. I must have demonstrated it thousands of times to customers and on air at QVC, yet I can count on one hand the number of people who buy it, try it and don’t fall in love with it. There is nothing to better it!

For me, the cotton cloth is also a worthy partner to mention – in itself, it helps buff skin, remove flaky patches, revive dull skin, and ‘polish’ the skin. Together, invincible! Plus, it removes all my heavy TV make-up in less than a minute. Show me another cleanser that does all that without stripping your skin. It is such a luxury too, and feels like a treatment every time. I love the thought of introducing my own girls to this in their teens – there’s no better gift to your daughter than getting her skincare right from day one.

Fiona Brackenbury, Training Director at Decleor

Q: What is the best piece of skincare advice you have ever received?

A: “You only have one skin” – I have always stood by this, and I was given this advice early in my career. I stress this in everything I do, from working with journalists to beauty therapists, and I even used it with mobile phone salesmen when I previously I worked with Mary Portas Queen of Shops, and had to train staff in customer care. The one piece of advice I gave them when they said “you’re recommending skincare that only lasts three months, and we’re recommending mobile phone contract that last 18 months”, I replied: “you only have one skin, you can’t replace your skin and get a new one when you it gets tired or it no longer works!”

Q: Have you ever made a beauty blunder you now regret?

A: When I was younger I sunbathed and used sunbeds, I hadn’t started beauty college and had no idea of the damage I was doing, instead I thought I looked good with a tan. That was nearly 30 years ago, but I’m now obsessed with sun protection, and spend my time constantly out of the sun or with nothing less than an SPF30 applied in the winter, and SPF50 in the spring and summer.

Q: Tell us about the hero product/range you always recommend

A: Facials oils when combined with botanical and essential oils have the greatest affinity with the skin. The skin is waterproof and has no way of absorbing water, thank goodness otherwise every time we took a bath we would blow up like a balloon. The oils now have come on so far, with dry oil technology so the skin never feels oily, and the use of essentials oils power charge the botanicals oils to be able to deliver clinically proven skincare results. Decleor have dedicated over 43 years to the use of botanical and essentials oils and have a full range of face and body serums.

Our range of Aromessence facial oils are packed with natural, luxurious ingredients, and are formulated to help target loss of collagen, improve cell renewal, control excess oil and create a haven for the most sensitive of skins.

Abi Cleeve, Managing Director at Ultrasun

Q: What is the best piece of skincare advice you have ever received?

A: OK, so the best bit of beauty advice I’ve ever received, has to be to stay protected from the sun… predictable I know, but it really is the key to keeping your skin as young-looking as possible. In my late forties and as I approach 50, I realise that my skin is structurally coping better, as I have not depleted the elastin and collagen that is quickly undermined by UV exposure.

Q: Have you ever made a beauty blunder you now regret?

A: I think the poodle perm was a step too far in the early eighties. Oh and I dyed my hair black with pink ends about 10 years ago (some people may even remember) – that was not my look. To my embarrassment I just can’t do make-up – I have never worn eyeshadow and SJ from Bareminerals has had to teach me everything about application of foundation. As a result, I adore Bareminerals Original Foundation, I also love Judith Williams’ Magic Makeup – even I can’t get that wrong, and there’s enough coverage even for TV.

Q: Tell us about the hero product/range you always recommend

A: Here are some more favourites: Judith Williams Rose Micellar Cleanser (I have about three on the go). It’s so easy to use, and there’s no scrubbing involved, so it keeps away those dreaded eye lines! When I get home at 2am and need to get my make-up off, this is really cooling on the skin. I am a big fan of rosehip oil and am delighted that A’kin’s rosehip oil is back at QVC – a great post-sun saver for the skin. I also swear by this Ego hair tool set… I use these every day at QVC and they are so good that I have ditched my very expensive hairdryer and just use my lovely tiny Ego collection (no more poodle perm!).

I have just discovered Tarte, and their blushers are so peachy and natural – I love it. Nails – I am an OPI girl, and always use their Avoplex oil on my cuticles, and it’s a beautiful hand treatment too. I have 14 year old twins (boy and girl) so when my son is back from footy – it’s Australian Bodycare Skin Wash all the way. I love the deals they do, and always stock up on the huge sizes!

There is something very new coming to QVC in early June when it comes to skincare. It has changed my life and launches on QVC very soon. I hope if you get to try it, I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

Don’t forget to comment with your favourite beauty advice – we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Anne Coombes May 8, 2017 at 4:36 pm -  Reply

    Keep your skin moisturised every day, top to toes. This advice came from my dermatologist.

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