Debbie, Dawn and dogs

Six and a half stone in a year – TTFLS 3.0 out soon!


I achieved an amazing objective this week, meeting up with Dawn Allen Homer who has lost a total of 161 pounds. Dawn told me that 6 1/2 stone of it came off over the past 12 months, which she totally puts down to my freedom eating method. How proud I am – I cannot tell you. It is the best feeling, listening to her tell me how it has helped to change her life. If you would like to find out more about it you can listen to her 10 minute interviews which I have made into audio book podcasts. Just email me or just go to  and look at the TTFLS tab for the links I will post at the end of January.

Her husband Colin is so proud, he can get his arms around her for the first time in their married life. And she says life is so good now, I am absolutely thrilled for her. She and others on my Facebook group have been discussing their experiences all year and inspired me to bring out the next in the series of semi-autobiographical weight loss books – profits in aid of MDD charity as the last QVC hardback version was, actually.

Sarah and Dawn


Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 out soon – sneaky peek of cover! Not long to go now! At the end of January Till The Fat Lady Slims 3.0 will be published. It will be full of stories about such successes, along with lots more tips on how to do Freedom Eating. If you want to know more, go to my web page here. Lovely Sarah and of course Dawn feature on the back cover – here’s a teaser.

If you are having a bit of a rough time with your diet, at this stage of January, please remember that Till the Fat Lady Slims’ principles are able to be used alongside any traditional diet. Any. It might be worth a go. Here is another quote from a lady who is over the moon about letting go of old habits which stopped her achieving her goal of losing weight:

Yvette says –

You have written this so well, everyone can identify with the ‘ladies’ mentioned. In fact I had tears in my eyes when I finished reading. I can associate with so much you have written & I am pleased to know I am not the only one! I have read your book, Debbie and at the time was a ‘Linda’. Your book in conjunction with a slimming club worked well for me. I realised I didn’t have to eat as much fruit, veg etc to bursting… Your book is inspirational as are you. 2015 has not been the best of years for me, however I’m determined to change this next year and I know 100% your book will help me.

I can’t wait for the next one to come out and remember book 2.0 is available online now and features all you need to know about Freedom Eating.


And if you’d like to join our support groups if you’re on Facebook, go here for the list and links.


PANTO PALS – What a lovely time we had! Oh yes we did! Lovely mate Gabby Bradshaw came with me, and we met up with my best pal LJ for a coffee opposite Ilford tube station in Costa, then went round the corner for the Sunday afternoon charity performance by Natalie Cleverley in Snow White. She was incredible, her song and dance routine was awesome. What a girl! You inspire me, Nat! For those who don’t remember, Natalie has been a guest on QVC for Christmas items. We had a great time and Gabby who is a panto veteran, told me some really interesting things about being in panto and how the structure of a good one should work. She asked if I would ever like to be in one, and I must admit I would. But goodness knows how, or when! With my busy life! Maybe one day as a ‘try it for the first time’ challenge!

Debbie at the panto

HORSE RIDE IN THE SUN Took advantage of some brief sunny weather to go out with Fiona on the horses again, I am getting to love it, even if I’m not learning particularly quickly! That will be my challenge for this year, for sure!

horse ride

DOGGY UPDATE Saw this tweet this week – here is a reminder of why I love medical detection dogs charity so much. Such amazing work. I have several MDD invites to events in February and March which I am looking forward to immensely, including attending CRUFTS with them for the first time! More about the charity here.

MDD charity

Coffee Catch Up and Vintage Teas this Summer! Linda Magistris and I met to catch up over coffee in Tesco’s New Malden, and chatted about the upcoming summer vintage fetes for Medical Detection Dogs. She runs Hotch Potch Vintage tearooms so you may have to dust off your 50s gear to pop along and join us! Put April 3rd in your diary if you live north west of London, or around Bucks/Milton Keynes way! More info soon.

Debbie and Linda

Gracie Dog’s stem cells op, update – Gracie’s vet Kiran at Denbies was well pleased with her progress since her stem cell op to help her joints last October. In fact, he said it had ‘made his day’! I told him she was now able to jump up for a treat where beforehand she never ever did. And she seems much more sprightly, so it must be helping. She still gets tired after a walk, but I’m very glad I had it done.

Gracie and vet

These x-rays show Gracie’s hips, with nodules all around her hip joint and slight dysplasia. You can see how different it is compared to the normal x-ray next door. Poor girl. But at least the stem cells op means some of the area is coping better now, it appears. He’s reduced her onsior by half to see how she goes. Another check up in two months.

Gracie's hips


BACK TO YOU latest – if you missed my Monday wellbeing show, watch it here:


Plus, my follow up Back to You blog with news about Red Wine studies, and it also features the link to Bruce’s regular Bodyblade webchat and a Q&A with Body Rescue’s Christianne Wolff. Click here to read it and sign up for the regular newsletter if you like! Another one soon, including exclusive news and VTs!

Book of the Week

Whilst I’ve been listening avidly to the audiobook of ‘Gut: the Inside Story of our Body’s most Under-rated Organ’ and learning loads (including studies on how mental health can be affected by gut bacteria – go here to find out more if you missed it.) I would have mentioned my current reading, but ‘Just one Damned Thing after Another’ – a time travel tome – is not doing it for me at the moment. I’m dipping in and out of another one instead, which is much better – Juliet Stevenson narrating ‘The Paying Guests,’ as it’s set in the 1920s, the period I’m currently researching for my French or Dutch novel coming out later in the summer. SO my book of the week for you this week is a fellow Choc Lit author – ‘A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love’ is by Linn B Halton, and features cup cakes, coffee and karma and a lovely romance to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day! Go here to my Read it Write it Sell it book blog to get more.


book of the week

Late Christmas Gift Exchange Met with my ex sis in law and pal Nicky at Chessington Garden Centre café for a late Christmas pressie exchange – including some lovely scarves – I’m becoming a right scarf lady in my ‘cold’ age! Lol. She’s coming to Beauty Bash with sis and co next week too – can’t wait! But did pick up another bird feeder to put some of my Richard Jackson Bird Food – they love it!


Debbie and Nicky


WATCH The Danish Girl. Decided last minute to go to see this superb Oscar-nominated film starring Eddie Redmayne. He can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned (ok, apart from Jupiter Ascending – the least said about that the better!) I expected lots from this based-on-a-true-story biopic. And I got lots. Especially lots of emotional scenes and much crying. It was fascinating but a tiny tiny bit samey. Wish there was a bit more variation in intensity – it gets heavy fast, and stays there – but there’s enough on screen interest to make it gripping. Well worth seeing, and Redmayne and the heroine Alicia Vikander is stunning, albeit… watery eyed … most of the way through. Since the subject matter is the first transgender woman, Qatar have apparently banned the movie, the topic still too contentious even ninety years or so later. And the fascinating real life basis for the film is explored by the Telegraph – here, do read it.

Facebook Funny – I was one too, were you?

facebook funny



Blooper – It appears that myself and Mr Dale Franklin are now famous on BuzzFeed! Have a look at the funny ‘fails’ from QVC around the globe!



Dyson Today’s Special Value this Sunday – the V6 absolute was a sell out success so it’s back – join me and Steve McDonald for the Rolls Royce of stick vacs, Saturday night (16th) midnight. That’s after Saturday’s super Laura Geller ‘Trends’ Today’s Special Value!

Dyson TSV

Back to You Monday 18th January 8pm – do join me if you can for the second to last Back to you Show including some of my favourite supplements Imedeen, with Emma, to help your skin from the inside out.


Diamonique Week  – I was just talking about Diamonique Week the other day! We had some 14 carat gold on air, which is quite rare! In the old days that was most of the stock during Diamonique week. Now we feature our own brand of simulated diamonds in silver, platinum, stainless steel, and of course goldplate. All next week nightly – so you can come back from the beauty bash and put your feet up and buy yourself some new bling!

Diamonique Week

This Works Here’s a lovely sneaky peek for you. I am one of those people who uses the This Works spray each night on my pillow at bedtime. I must admit I love it. Well there is a new more powerful one and it’s coming soon along with new skincare… Watch this space!

This Works

Next week – it’s here! If you are going to join us at the Beauty Bash, please make sure you definitely come and find me and say hello! Give me two thumbs up and I will give you two thumbs up back and that means to wait, please don’t disappear, I will try to get to everyone as best I can! Exciting!

Secondly anyone bringing one of my books they want me to sign, I will of course be delighted and will do my best as long as no one else is waiting to speak about the Beauty Bash! I am staying at the Premier Inn just around the corner, so if you see me there at breakfast on Tuesday morning or Wednesday morning feel free to come over, alternatively maybe afterwards on Tuesday night. If you can email me, maybe we can arrange to meet up if you would like to have a chat if you’re staying in the hotel as well. I won’t have any stock of books though with me but thank you very much and they are all available online or in bookshops.

There will be tons of new brands as well as your favourite regulars and I’m looking forward to meeting those lucky enough to have been sent, or to have bought tickets!

Have a great week



Ps *TiFFT = try it for the first time club

Pps keep in touch with me via Twitter, @debbieflint and via my Facebook page – search DebbieFlintQVC (page) or go here.

Go to my own website for full info about my novel writing, my Read it Write it Sell it blog and my Back to You show blog and well-being info, plus ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book and also my charity for which I’m delighted to be an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs, just go via my website,

OR do leave me a comment below – just state your email address (not shown), a name, and comment!


  1. Rhona Harrington January 15, 2016 at 4:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie pleased to see you are still enjoying your Horse Riding. I had to give up a few years ago after a lifetime with Horses. Its great to be out in the open air in Partnership with your Horse. Looking forward to hearing more about how you’re getting on. My advice to you is treat yourself to some one to one private lessons. You’ll come on in leaps and bounds (not literally)!!

  2. martin forbes January 17, 2016 at 1:56 pm -  Reply

    happy new year debbie to you and the family in 2016 glad xmas and new year is over for another year

  3. Karen January 17, 2016 at 3:02 pm -  Reply

    Hello Debbie
    Another busy and very interesting blog, I enjoy reading them and still don’t know how you find the time to do everything, PHEW!!?
    Really looking forward to your new Till The Fat Lady Slims book – got the others + they are such an Inspiration and have helped me lots, a Big Thanks!!

    Imedeen supplements are brilliant – no more dry skin and the overall appearance of it looks so much smoother.
    Keep up the fab work and catch ye soon…
    Karen xx

  4. CHRIS MORAN January 20, 2016 at 1:19 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie.
    A great blog as always. I am always particularly interested to hear about the audio books you have been listening to. I love them, especially listening to them driving to and from work. Currently i am listening to Robin Cook’s Coma. I read the book years ago and have watched the film and it is indeed a gripping medical thriller. All of his books are good.
    I am about to start reading ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ by Peter Swanson. My sister in law read it and has passed it on to me and it looks like a good read…..It is described as ‘Gone Girl on speed’!!!
    I do hope that the presenters names will appear once again in the TV Guide. I like alot of others are really missing that at present and cannot understand why in the process of updating the TV Guide that the presenter names were omitted. It is just so nice to see when you and the other presenters are going to be appearing on our screens. Perhaps you could give them up a stairs a gentle nudge and get them to do something about it…..much appreciated it will to!!


  5. Anita January 20, 2016 at 10:55 pm -  Reply

    Great to see you today Debs, thanks you for your words of encouragement.

  6. Debs f January 23, 2016 at 5:36 pm -  Reply

    Anita – nice to see u too hon. Onwards and upwards right? Do try some of the book recommendations – link on my self help list on my website home page. Time to focus on you now, right? X

  7. Debs f January 23, 2016 at 5:38 pm -  Reply

    Chris – watched coma years ago at the cinema, I loved it, it was a real stand out movie. I do love books like that – let me know how you get on with that one you mentioned, maybe I will try it. I am looking for a new cosy crime author to follow – let me know .

    And I agree about the TV guide! Keep in touch X

  8. Debs f January 23, 2016 at 5:39 pm -  Reply

    Karen – oh i am so glad. Are you on my Facebook group, till the fat lady sings? If not do you join. I can’t tell from your surname 🙂

    You must let me know what you think about the new book, it’s a companion to book 2 so hopefully it will help people stay on a maintenance plan afterwards.

    So glad imedeen works for you, I swear by it too!

    Hugs x

  9. Debs f January 23, 2016 at 5:40 pm -  Reply

    Slims not sings! Rubbish autocorrect! Lol x

  10. Debs f January 23, 2016 at 5:41 pm -  Reply

    Martin – oh god me too! Lol. Was fun on with charlie tho! Made a nice change x

  11. Debs f January 23, 2016 at 5:42 pm -  Reply

    Rhona – glad not literally! If it went up I would go sideways for sure ha ha .

    Actually Fiona is a trained teacher, so I’m getting the best of both worlds luckily, she can’t do anything about a rubbish student though… Don’t worry I will get there I just have to keep doing it don’t try! Practice makes perfect 🙂 X

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