Sight, Smell and Touch


Sight, smell and touch. All my senses are stimulated this week on Q.

Recently I decided that I would try contact lenses. I’ve never had them before and, to some extent, I resisted them because of the idea of faffing about getting things in and out of my eyes. Besides, I’d heard the usual horror stories about those who have fallen asleep with them still in and the ensuing pain and eye infections, as well as the mishaps of those who have lost a contact lens as it popped out and they were left navigating their way around a party or the underground with one eye closed, viewing the world through their one eye that still had a lens in. Also, my ‘geriatric eyesight’ (the optician’s description, not mine) means that I wear varifocals, and it wouldn’t be possible to get contact lenses for my particular eyesight issues. No, contact lenses are not for me, or at least they weren’t.

It was during a recent conversation with friends of mine that they suggested perhaps I might want to come out of the dark ages and get some up-to-date information. So I did.

Before I knew it, I had booked an appointment with the optician and I was trialing some daily contact lenses (daily contact lenses are worn for just one day and then disposed of when they are taken out, so no faffing with soaking and cleaning lenses and way less chance of eye infections as a result!) I got multifocals, the contact lens version of varifocal glasses. I have worn them on-air and I have to admit I couldn’t actually read a thing whilst I was live on-air. It was awful. I’m praying that not too many of you noticed! Off I went back to the optician to have a readjustment.

I now have the new prescription but have realised that trialling new contact lenses whilst still battling vertigo (13 weeks and counting) was probably not the best decision I could have made, as after wearing the new adjusted prescription lenses recently on-air, I woke up with my vertigo in full force the following morning and have been too unwell to gather up the enthusiasm to try putting them in again for fear of setting off the ‘Big V’ again. Watch this space.

Moving on from my sight to my sense of smell. I’ve got lots going on this week at QVC Towers. Not least of which will be an hour on-air with Rylan Clark-Neal with his Luxenoa range. (It’ll be my first time working on-air with him, or even meeting him, but everyone says how lovely he is, so I can’t wait).

The Luxenoa range is about so much more than just fragrance and is a whole home styling range with lamps amid mirrors and votive holders (check them out online), but my attention is very much drawn to the fragrance, as many of you will know it is something that have a personal interest in, as Rylan does, so I think we will be chatting up a storm together.

Within the range, you can access some luxurious scents that are beautifully blended and reflect Rylan’s love of travel and making memories. Choose from:

Baya – a crisp blend of sweet berry, blackcurrant leaf and rose petals

Espacia – patchouli, tonka bean and bergamot lend to create a hypnotic scent whilst notes of violet and cedar ring a crispness that compliments and creates the perfect evening scent

Fuego – this is a dark, smokey, sensual fragrance mixing amber and oud with smokey cedarwood and notes of cognac to create a feeling of luxury

Amber Oud – sweet and sensual, this is a comforting enveloping fragrance

Spa- with top notes of lavender, this is a cooling and calming fragrance perfect when you want to shut out the world and rebalance

There are lots of different ways within the range of getting your fragrance too. You can choose from the three-piece Votive Assemblage, the Twister Candle, the fabulous four wick Tornado Candle or the Interior Diffusion in either the 100ml or the 200ml. I love having the ability to pick and choose how I fragrance my home so that it suits my needs. I can’t wait to try all of the these fragrances personal. I already have three favourites picked out. Tune in to the show on Wednesday 29th at 7pm and find out what your favourites are.

Lola Rose are continuing to celebrate their 16th anniversary at QVC and there are so many gorgeous pieces to celebrate with, including the beautiful Ora semi-precious bracelet, available in two interest-free instalments in an array of juicy colours, or perhaps you prefer something that makes more of a statement like the Tilda or the Nikki Loves Florence semi-precious necklaces?

Whatever your choice, there’ll be something you’ll love during our show on Thursday 30th at 3pm and Friday 31st at 5pm on the main channel. I don’t wear much Lola Rose, though I do have two pairs of their cufflinks and I do love the feel of the jewellery – it is so tactile and feels amazing in the hand, so I can only imagine what it feels like to wear.

Also on Friday, I will be enjoying an hour in the company of the divine Margaret Dabbs. She is so lovely and so helpful when it comes to the health of our feet! It’s so funny how we all ignore them during the winter and as soon as the sun arrives and the sandals come out, we are all desperate to get them looking halfway decent! So whether you are a fan of the Foot Hygiene Cream as you like to keep your tootsies healthy and fresh, or maybe the Foot Soak, because you spend all day on your feet, Margaret will be with me on Friday at 2pm on the main channel, helping us all sort out our foot issues.

I can’t wait and I do hope you can join me throughout the week. I’m off to read up more about Rylan’s candle fragrances – now where did I leave my glasses?

Until next time,

Miceal xxx


  1. Sue Bryson May 31, 2019 at 6:44 am -  Reply

    Hi Miceal, I too had a middle ear infection/vertigo some 20 years ago, it lasted months and months, it was a case of 2 steps forward and one step back, it the probably one of the most scariest thing I ever went through as you don’t know when it will end. It did eventually and has never come back, so take heart from my experience and just look forward and not back, take care Sue.

  2. SheMag June 1, 2019 at 9:44 am -  Reply

    Hi, Miceal! For what it’s worth, I’ve done the same thing with my lenses. My experience was that it improved my general vision incredibly…who knew treees had leaves rather than just being green blobs?! But I couldn’t crack reading. Eventually I persuaded my optician to make me glasses to wear over my lenses. Sounds like a faff but the net result is much better general vision and I can read! I suspect the approach might not be for everyone, but if it does work, it’s life changing if your eyesight, like mine, is really poor. Persevere!

  3. Elizabeth McCarrison June 23, 2019 at 1:12 pm -  Reply

    Happy Birthday Miceal have a lovely day with the best of health

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