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SharehteloveWhen I was asked to write a blog sharing the secrets of my favourite things from QVC, I thought I’d have it wrapped up in minutes. But when it came to selecting which items, I found that there are so many it would take all week to write!

It’s been a real effort to whittle the list down to a manageable number, and I keep changing my mind as to what to leave out. Like most if not all the presenters, there is something from QVC in every room in my home, often many things – I’m sure lots of you could say the same.  But to give you an idea of some of my favourite things, here goes:

EasiyoLet’s start in the kitchen, as that’s where I’m sitting – at our kitchen table, using my Acer laptop to write this. I enjoy presenting our kitchen hours, and buy plenty, including regularly topping up my supplies of Easiyo yoghurt, Linwoods seeds and VegePlus drink mix. My saucepan drawer is full of cook's essentials, and I’ve started to collect our latest range called CE Ultra, with the aluminium deep universal pan in cream (to match my cupboard doors) being the pan I use on pretty much a daily basis.

KitchenaidAlthough I sometimes find the daily grind of solving the persistent question of ‘what’s for tea’ a bit tiresome, I enjoy cooking, and especially entertaining. My slow cooker is a godsend when I know I’ll be late back from work, but my all-time favourite kitchen appliance has to be the covetable Kitchenaid. This iconic mixer was something I desired for quite a while before I finally bought it for my own birthday present in March last year. Since then I have used it – and the ice cream maker attachment – often and simply love it!

Of course, after all this cooking I have to do a little cleaning, and nothing makes it easier to get my laminate floor gleaming that the Shark steam mop. Just add tap water and within 30 seconds I’m cleaning and sanitising the floor. And for crumbs, it’s the Gtech rechargeable carpet sweeper I reach for. It’s so easy and gets used daily. We have one downstairs and one up in the bedroom, so I don’t have to carry the vacuum cleaner upstairs too often. Barney, our bearded collie dog, is long haired and manages to pick up bits of twig and leaf to deposit on the carpet in our bedroom, but the Gtech makes light work of the mess.

Also in our bedroom is something I’ve only recently tried the delights of – Northern Nights flannel bedding. I can’t believe that it’s been almost 12 years of working at QVC before I’ve tried the gorgeous soft cosiness of flannel. I bought our most recent TSV – the reversible polka dot duvet set and both Olley and I adore its sumptuous luxury. We’ll probably return to our high thread count cotton as the nights become warmer, but for now I look forward to the moment that I can finally say goodbye to the day, rest my head on my northern Nights down pillow and slide between my favourite sheets.

CentigradeI could carry on taking you through my home and my day, punctuating the journey with numerous QVC items. Most days at the moment I leave home wearing my Centigrade Aviator jacket which I absolutely love. When I present our Centigrade shows with Glen Campbell he laughs at how many of these amazing value coats and jackets I own, but this is my all-time favourite. I’ve had so many compliments – it just suits my style. I team it with the comfiest boots ever, the Lotus Matterhorn ankle boots in brown. These two have pretty much been my uniform lately.

Rodeo bangleJewellery wise I have quite a selection, but some favourites include the South Western Silver rodeo earrings that are available at an incredible outlet price of under £14 at the moment (but hurry!!) I love this range, and the matching bangle is also available at a last clicks price. Both of these are just silver, but I have plenty of pieces from the range set with stunning opaque gem stones – I love the look of them but also the symbolism that Carolyn Pollack uses to decorate her designs. I also really like Diamonique, (who doesn’t?!) especially the Tacori and Eternal ranges.

I must just mention a couple of things in the technology department – I treated Olley to the smaller Bose wave music system for a big birthday a couple of years ago, and we use it for great quality music every day. Also, our Samsung HD TV entertains us on a daily basis and I’ve had some great results using my Fuji bridge camera. On another subject entirely, I took great pleasure in the success of my ‘shades of apricot’ begonia hanging baskets last summer and I’m looking forward to cascading flowers in beautiful sunny colours growing from the same corms this year.

So on to possibly the biggest department of my favourites – beauty. I have a bathroom full of some of the best quality beauty products on the market. It’s easy to become a bit of a beauty junkie with the vast choice that we have, but products I wouldn’t be without include this month’s beauty pick of the month, Emma Hardie’s Moringa balm, and also last month’s pick from Sarah Chapman, her Overnight Facial.  I have used Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish and Instant Boost skin tonic (in the spritzer bottle) for over ten years now, and have recently discovered her Eyebright – what took me so long?! Pro-collagen Marine cream from Elemis is probably the moisturiser I reach for most frequently, although I also use Gatineau’s Age Benefit and Lulu’s Timebomb range as well. And my skin loves me when I treat it with the Gatineau Melatogenine mask.  My hair looks good with many of the shampoos we have at QVC but I always use my Ego hairdryer. First of all I was sceptical that it would be any different, or worth the money, but it so is! And I also have the travel version so that I’m never without it. Other essentials include Ultrasun for the ultimate protection in the sun, SBC arnica gel and OPI Avoplex oil for my nails.

There is so much more I could list – from my Emu slippers to Northern Nights bath towels and the icy weather lifesavers Wintertrax, and many more.  I’d love to know your favourites, if you can manage to choose just a few – you might introduce me to something I’ve missed! I read Craig’s blog about his top five, and I’ve ordered the Hide ID self-inking security stamp on the strength of his recommendation. If you decide to try anything I’ve mentioned, I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. If not, please don’t come looking for me – just use our 30 day money back guarantee!!!

I hope you’re all well and enjoying life. Do take care.    

Kathy x


  1. Gail March 31, 2012 at 10:35 am -  Reply

    Hi Kathy, loved reading your blog. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to comment on everyone’s blog, but I do read them all and enjoy them all immensely. I too can see various items from QVC as I peer around my bedroom (yes, I’m still in bed as it looks rather cold and dreary outside today so having a lie in).
    If I had to choose one favourite thing from QVC it would have to be the presenters xx
    I haven’t yet tried the Easiyo, but I think it will be my next purchase. So far in March I have purchased two bracelets, one ring, a L’occitane set and an A’kin set, so you can see I am quite a QVC fan too. I have had my eye on the KitchenAid mixer for a long time (it looks great), but seriously don’t think I could justify spending that much for the use I would get out of it (for the moment anyway). I definitely want to try the Easiyo though. Hope you and the family are well.
    Lol Gail xx

  2. Gail March 31, 2012 at 2:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy, just remembered that I ordered the trio of lip lift and the 400ml of Decleor’s Systeme Corps in March too; it is definitely very easy to become a QVC addict; great prices, great products, great customer service and, like I said before, great Presenters. What more could a customer want? Hope you are having a nice weekend; I’m having a very, very lazy one looking through the QVC website (I can hear my purse trembling as I type). Definitely keen to try the Easiyo though.
    Gail xx

  3. maureen bamford April 21, 2012 at 8:18 am -  Reply

    hi cathy
    just wanted to say how much i admire you i watched you doing zumba the other day and everything you said was so true of many people you did so well but what made me laugh waas when you said it was the fear of looking foolish in front of people that we didnt go to classes and you had just leaned zumba steps in front of thousands of people well done you
    maueen xx

  4. Kathy t April 30, 2012 at 12:34 pm -  Reply

    Hi Maureen
    Thanks so much for your comments – you’re right – there I was looking foolish in front of thousands of people!! But if I can do that, anyone can! I just threw myself into it because I didn’t have much option, and I’m glad you appreciated it.
    Thanks again
    Kathy x

  5. Kathy t April 30, 2012 at 12:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Gail
    You’re right – it’s too easy to buy lots from QVC, and just as easy to forget how much you’ve bought! As long as you’re happy with what arrives on the doorstep, and feel that you get good value for money, then I suppose it’s ok, although I’m not sure my husband agrees!
    Happy shopping!
    Kathy x

  6. Patricia Doris Lampard September 16, 2012 at 2:28 am -  Reply

    Hello Kathy hope that you don’t mind my enquiring about a beauty brush I’m sure that QVC used to sell some time ago … it has a sort of slide cover for the brush head … I think I can dimly remember that perhaps a couple of presenters had brought them as they thought that they were such a good idea … I am hoping that perhaps yourself might have been one of the presenters … would it be possible to find out the item number for me that is if my memory has been correct? … I would be eternally grateful if it is possible. Thanking you for your time and keep up the good work at QVC for all us down to earth people. Regards Patricia 🙂

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