Seeing Charlie Bears in Cornwall!


Charlie Bears Trip and flatpack fail!
Another week off, another little touristy moment or two down in Devon – plus – flat pack fail – funny! And lots more sneaky peek s- including the Early Bird order link for Laura Geller’s best TSV colours ever, in my opinion!

Charlie in Cornwall
This week was all about getting out and about, relaxing, including taking a trip to see lovely Charlie at Charlie Bears and some other local trips. Then at the weekend, revamping the last remaining outstanding bits at the guest house/writing retreats, Retreats for You in Devon  – where I go half the week now, (if you didn’t know as you’re not a regular! By the way if you want to be emailed these QVC blogs, subscribe on the box at the top on the QVC blog page!)

Anyway, having stored my lovely duck egg green Smeg fridge for nearly a year, and having bought the toaster and the kettle from the Smeg range on QVC it was lovely to see them all reunited in our lovely fresh white kitchen now that all the main work has been done.

But apart from moving stuff around, it was a complete overhaul of the utility room and small loo.

Thing is, there’s a little problem with the downstairs shower cubicle – do you have any suggestions? It’s a bit of a quandary for sure… Watch this little behind the scenes tour showing the pretty courtyard and inside ‘after’ shots, followed by said ‘dilemma.’

It’s interesting to read what the Facebook gang thought about it on my official page there – click this to read it and all the comments too. Some good suggestions, but will yours be better…? (And do ‘like’ the page then you will get my updates in your newsfeed.)

Plus I had a right Flatpack Fail! Go here on my website blog to see the full story.

Also – some nice outings too – see Snippets below. Then it was back to work after eleven days of relaxing (a bit) revamping (a lot) and reorganising … and a lot of rain. I needed a holiday to recover! Hehe!


CIBS – Could it be Sepsis This week the family had a right old fright – one of my close family was rushed to hospital with what turned out to be sepsis. Now it is not widely known, and is often fatal – one in three dies. Fortunately, they got her to the hospital and administered huge doses of antibiotics to kill the awful poisoning, but she was in intensive care for two days. She’s on the mend and back home now, but it was touch and go for a while back there and everyone is reminded how vital it is to look after yourself. So I’ve put much more in depth info on a separate blog – CIBS – Could It Be Sepsis – on my website here. Do read it, and do share – even if your share only helps one person (and we’ll usually never know) it’s worth it. Scary.



Glenn’s View in Croatia We have a little What’s App group going with my close family about who is on holiday – well it’s quite uplifting to get a cathartic effect from looking at their pics! This week’s is from brother Glenn over in Croatia – what a lovely view. Have you got one? Do send to me at or upload them here if you can do it? It’ll be lovely to look at pics of the sunshine, even if we’re having none of it!

Sheepwash hills So I took some walks to relax and look at the beautiful views in my new home village too – very picturesque and in the distance, those famous rolling hills. Booootiful!


Sealy bed – bit high for little hobbit legs, when I gave it an inaugural test run! Lol. New bed in place and OMGeeee! it is one incredible sleep. I do hope this offer comes back. Meanwhile check out our range of beds and mattresses on offer from Sealy and Magniflex – great choices – it’ll be the kitchen sink on offer next! (jokes).

Sleep Cycle App Update 
Must say as a result of sleeping on it and being so comfortable I hardly moved, with it’s pillow top type memory foam upper, I was glad to see my (extremely fallible) sleep cycle app reporting a very good night’s sleep. If you have this, it’s brilliant – and the recent update has taken it to another level – it records snoring! Yes really. So no more rows about who snores…

Homeleigh coffee shopJust inside Cornwall and only half an hour away lies a huuuuuge garden centre called Homeleigh. They even have all manner of garden ornaments in the shape of elephants! And dozens and dozens of take home trees. Anyway we admired their selection of Charlie Bears and went for a coffee – what a lovely view! I must say that’s one thing about the rolling English hills around here – tons of fab views!

Charlie and Bears Alley Awww lovely Charlie! We detoured so we could pop in on the way home from the garden centre so we could say hi to lovely Charlie and she shared some ‘beary’ secret plans for next season’s bears. But I’ve been sworn to secrecy! Lovely though and she is doing very well! More Charlie bears here.


Tavistock in the Rain

Another day we took a trip back to Tavistock = very quaint, especially when the heavens opened. I treated us to a super lunch and then we scoured the charity shops and got some amazing LPs! Now not only Frank Sinatra but Perry Como, Nat King Cole and Glenn Miller serenade us vintage style in the retreat during mealtimes!


Bottle Finds Remember these old bottles, being sold in the pannier market in Tavistock? I vaguely recall these bright blue milk of magnesia tablets. They had some old Bovril ones too with a tall thin neck. Problem was always getting the last bit out, wasn’t it!? Do you have anything old?


Generation Game Revisited Well! In case you didn’t know, years and years ago I won the Generation Game with my lovely old late dad. He was 13 years younger than I am now, when we went on – Easter 1981 (can’t find a recording online but it was fun.) Well maybe it’s time to do a re-run ? With me being the oldster and maybe son Brad as the youngster…? Hmmm… You ever been on any game shows or quizzes on telly?

Book of the Week – The Jagged Line by Carolyn Mahony. OOO exciting! The return of her popular detective duo in this fab thriller! Get it for your hols? More here. And if you need a Kindle to load it onto, we do those too – this is the best deal I think – kindle paperwhite here.

Facebook Funny hehehe! I said on the Join Clothes Ladies fashion group that this is often how I feel standing next to statuesque Evie! Lol. By the way, the dress I’m wearing in today’s (Fri 5th) special value shows – the maroon plum H by Halston dress. Had lots asking about it! Part of our autumn clothes release – coming soon.


Funny from Dale and Keeley a few weeks back! Don’t miss our 4-hour Elemis mini event, next Monday from 8pm.

Chronicle Watch – here’s a different one this week! How about coming along to watch the charity concert I’m doing for Medical Detection Dogs in Devon – Torrington at the Plough Arts Centre – on Saturday September 16th? lots of old fashioned sing-along classics and songs from shows. Then on the Sunday, join us at Retreats for You for the next pop up vintage tea rooms in Sheepwash?

Hope the weather will be nice and we can sit out in the garden and you could meet Daisy and Gracie! Email for more info or buy them here.

It’ll be a bit like this – close your eyes and ignore mum’s dodgy camera work!

Plus this is the second week of the Mega Draw raffle online with some super beauty prizes! Lol. Go here to get yours and as they are only a fiver, do feel free to get a second for a friend – you never know, you may be the ones winning the Alison Young phone consultation! Prizes are listed on the link! And here’s the fascinating work they’re now going to do on Parkinson’s Disease. Amazing. PS congrats to my other fave charity, the Good Grief Trust, who have their first birthday this month! How time flies…

This week on QVC – this weekend’s deals are amazing!

Here’s today’s (Friday) superb Sony Cybershot camera – saving over £60.

Tomorrow we’re bringing you LAB’s best-selling teeth whitening system!

Early Bird order link for Laura Geller on Sunday – what a superb set! Featuring some of the most gorgeous colours, I have to say I think this is the best bundle I’ve seen in a long time. Click here to see and buy the TSV set, the Gilded Honey Collection.


Next weeks deals include fabulous Adesso pull on shoes on Monday (more details in Jackie’s blog), SBC super-size collagen collection on Tuesday, eco-egg 50 piece food saver set on Wednesday, Northern Nights three-piece cotton jacquard design duvet set on Thursday, and – good news for the petite ladies- on Friday it’s the women with control knitted denim slim leg trouser with added tummy support.

Watch out also for the early bird links for the weekend after Decleor supersize set, which will be going live on Thursday or Friday, on my usual link on my official Facebook page, post, and website.

Next week – meeting up with old friends – one I haven’t seen for over 15 years!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



Thanks to Sue Stewart for this one 🙂


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  1. Julie August 4, 2017 at 11:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Think you need a new shower tray wth a bit of height in the front so water doesn’t come out onto the floor but down the plug hole!, yah easy peasy. Hope that helps
    Julie xxx

  2. Suzannah Lubi August 5, 2017 at 1:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi, what sealy is it you have there? I took delivery of mine on Wednesday from advanced orders on the June tsv. I’ve had three nights on it and my deep sleep is higher % than normal sleep now on my tracker. It is a tall matteress. I’ve had to order extra deep fitted sheets but that’s OK. Looking forward to seeing the jacquard design on the northern nights. If it’s not “old lady” I will probably order it. I got the silentnight pillows and This Works tsvs too. Sleep is currently top of my spending agenda lol xx

  3. Suzannah Lubi August 5, 2017 at 1:44 pm -  Reply

    I also got the magniflex 3 in 1 all seasons topper a few months ago to extend my matteress till my inheritance came through. I have packed it away now but I’m finding the Sealy mattress possibly a little too firm so I’m going to give it two weeks as is and then maybe two weeks with the topper. I shouldn’t need to add it but I have the option there. I think I just need time to adjust. Finding the support and pressure relief magical!

  4. Sue Stewart August 5, 2017 at 5:53 pm -  Reply

    I love reading your blog. All the little insights to TSV’s thank you. You and your chair. I’m surprised you didn’t use it for bonfire material lol. Loved watching you with Judith Williams yesterday (Friday). Lucky you trying all those lovely products. Thanks for using my NSV this week. Can’t believe how 3 year’s has flown by. Hugs Debbie xxx

  5. Sara hodgson August 5, 2017 at 6:17 pm -  Reply

    Just read your blog about sepsis. My daughter contracted it while pregnant and is in hospital. The infection killed the baby. My daughter has been in hospital all wk and is very ill. The doctors didn’t check my daughter when she first went to hospital last Saturday. No antibiotics or blood tests. No scan to see if the baby was ok. The doc even said it was not the usual signs of a miscarriage even though my daughter was bleeding. She told them she felt very unwell and thought she had an infection. Doc told her to come back for a scan on Monday. She went for scan n they told her baby had died on sat or Sunday. She was in bits n very upset the way she was treated on sat. Wed she had a dnc and the microbiologist said Lucy had sepsis. Massive bleed out n blood pressure dropping. Temp all over the place. Still in hospital. It’s so awful and my daughter is traumatised by all of this. Doctors need to listen to patients. They know their own body, especially when they have had children already. So sad . There is an out break of sepsis. It’s been on the news too apparently.

  6. Linda August 5, 2017 at 6:40 pm -  Reply

    More reading to do, and I’m still on th outlanders books (3). The rate you are adding books I won’t get much work done lol.
    I might o hat a lot of people do and download audio and do my work at the same time. Love your vlogs hey make me laugh. Awaiting the next one.??

  7. Sally August 5, 2017 at 6:54 pm -  Reply

    Ooooh Charlie Bears,my daughter is taking me for a 50th birthday treat,plus a tour round
    some Poldark scenery,, can’t wait xx

  8. Carol T August 6, 2017 at 11:13 am -  Reply

    Love the bloopers, always looking forward to reading your blog

  9. Christine August 9, 2017 at 4:32 pm -  Reply

    My parents have an extra deep shower tray about 10-12 inches deep. Maybe this would work?

  10. Susan August 12, 2017 at 3:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Sara,
    I just had to say that is so tragic what happened to your daughter and her baby. How traumatic for you all. I’m sure it will take her a long time to recover both physically and mentally. I hope she has a supportive partner xx

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