Second grandchild ahoy and super times in the heatwave


Well as I said – last Christmas there were no grandchildren. And this Christmas there will be two! Lucky me! Four descendants. Not a patch on my mum’s 27 by then, but a start! Lol. Had a lovely time with little Blake on Friday last week, babysitting and getting lots of smiles out of my five month old granddaughter (no pics – only one allowed per month!)

Seeing little Blake was wonderful and it was great to catch up with all the family. We were there for two nieces’ birthdays, and a fun barbecue was had by all. Very appropriately for the weather, that night I then went to QVC and launched the Dyson Hot & Cool Quiet Purifier fans! It sold 2.5 times more than we thought it would – not a surprise given the temperatures have topped 30C this week.

Happily they set up a table in the shade for me, which was very handy for a little Blake as well. Mum was very happy as she had not only her five children there, but over half of her grandchildren, +4 of her great grandchildren! A good time was had by all

Met up with daughter on Sunday as well. Lolly is now six months pregnant and in the middle of changing jobs and moving to Wales in the summer! She doesn’t do things by halves, my daughter! Like mother like daughter I think 🙂

She is enjoying the whole process of a baby growing in her belly, even though she has struggled a bit with sleeping. I bought her one of those massive pillows and it seems to be helping.

When I had Lauren I could not lay on my back – in the end she was 10lb 9oz! No wonder then :-). Wonder how big this one will be? She’s got another two and a half months to go yet!

This weekend on QVC

Today’s (Friday) Panasonic Combi Microwave oven and grill. I launched this amazing clever concept last night at midnight, it’s great if you need a brilliant price for an excellent brand and a powerful 1000W microwave. For around £170 it is incredible value as this is such a good brand. I had to make sure I had no tea and Gayle is such a prolific cook!

Saturday – early bird order link alert! – go here now to see and buy the Tarte Today’s Special Value early. It features two of the incredible Shape Tape Concealer plus the Quickie  Blending Sponge. Super deal. Shape Tape began as a concealer and now you can also get Shape Tape Foundation.

If there is any left of the #TSV I will see you with it at 10pm as well!

And since the last airing is 10pm, in my 11pm show there may well be a sneaky little one time only from Alpha H skincare with lovely Tom Ogden. If you have combination skin or blemishes then do join us.

Finally on Sunday it is the Fitbit Charge 2 Activity and Sleep Tracker with improved heart rate monitor, at a great price. I have it mid-afternoon followed by an hour of Prai. I haven’t seen Cathy Kangas in a while so it will be lovely to see her again.

Here are this weekend’s Big Deals, our regular super-bargains that last for one week, but end Sunday at midnight, usually featured on our sister channels.

The Flora Mare Diamare 24 hour hydration duo, a sleeveless boat neckline balloon dress from MarlaWynne and a pair of Parallel wedges from Skechers.

See below for next week’s highlights.


Goody Grub Time

Met up with Goody on the way back to Devon on Monday, since I did not have any guests so did not need to rush back to Devon for Monday lunchtime, and I took my time, which made a nice change. She gave me a lovely acupuncture treatment – this is partly what she is doing nowadays, she is a very busy lady! And we had a fabulous lunch together. I always love catching up with my great friend, one of the QVC models (she does the Michele Hope range – go here to see Goody Modelling the Michele Hope range on our online catalogue!)

Bouquet of the Week

People with long memories will remember my last house and its amazing garden. Practically every week I could pick a new bouquet from the huge variety of plants in the garden and posted pics regularly. Well, having planted some lovely sweet peas, and used Richard Jackson’s Plant Food on the pinks and carnations, and having added recently acquired Alstroemeria, I created this fabulous bunch of blossoms from my own garden in Devon this week! I also bought some small alstroemeria from our garden selection here on QVC – we have some amazing offers, do go and check them out here.

Chart Changes

In the old days, my mum and dad would record the Top 40 hits on an old reel-to-reel machine. When I was about 12 I got my first cassette recorder, on which I recorded as much music as I could and we had a huge collection of C90 and C60 tapes. Well now you can download just about anything can’t you?! And YouTube have apparently launched a music channel as well. So it was no surprise this week that they announced a change in the way they measure the pop charts. Downloads have been included since 2005, and audio streams (e.g. Spotify) since 2014. Well now, video streams are going to be included as well! But don’t get too excited as the numbers are not the same. Looking below the headlines, the ratio is this – 100 streams from a subscription service or 600 from a free service will equate to just one that has been purchased. It will be interesting to see what a difference it makes to the charts though, now that millions are being watched on video every week. But I can’t remember the last time I bought an album – can you?

Summer Nights

I could not believe how light it was this week when I actually took the dogs for a walk at around 10:15pm! I just love these fab summer nights, don’t you?

Facebook Vlog of the Week

Check out this post I did on my QVC Facebook page, with a look. Don’t forget to ‘like’ the page to see all the news and early bird offers for the deals on QVC! And most of my shows. I tend to post just before I go on! Nice to be in the know…

Book of the Week

Well, having just finished the Husband’s Secret and having loved every page of it, my next choice had to be another from Leanne Moriarty. I often do this – where I discover an author and love their work so much I want more immediately. Therefore this week’s recommendation is Truly Madly Guilty. What is most important for me is that she holds you in from the beginning and you do not need to work too hard to want to keep reading her books.


Book Club at the cinema

Well it had to be my feature of the week didn’t it?! I cannot wait to see this. Some of the giants of the big-screen get together for this amazing film, featuring older women whose lives are invigorated via their book club – when they read Fifty Shades of Grey! With stars in it ranging from Jane Fonda to Diane Keaton to Candice Bergen and also Mary Steenbergen – remember her from Back to the Future III? I love the wit of this film, and the wonderful watchability of this tale for the silver sirens. Can’t wait to see it.

This week’s highlights on QVC

The great QVC Summer Sale is on all day Monday and Tuesday, the Incredibrella is back on Monday in a choice of long or short. And Denim & Co. have a pair of straight leg jeans on Tuesday. But nearly every hour is packed full of similar fab deals so don’t miss the sale!

Wednesday – a gardening theme – and the TSV is the Mont Rose Autumn Colour Burst 18 Adriatic Lily bulbs with two planters to go with them – a really good price as well.

Thursday – Ultrasun returns with a five-piece Holiday Favourites set, it comes in High or Very High options, with After Sun Tan Booster and two Lip Protections SPF 30, plus High option comes with a  Sports Spray SPF 30 and a Family SPF 30. The Very High option comes with an Extreme SPF 50+ and a  Sports Spray SPF 50.

And watch out next week for the early bird order link for an great Elemis collection. I am looking forward to having 3pm show on Sunday, 8 July

Next week on the blog: Julia my QVC pal comes to join me down in Devon for a week of writing. It should be fun!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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  1. Jan gurmin June 29, 2018 at 6:27 pm -  Reply

    I deb it was nice to see wot goody is up to wot are tanya and joy up to?

  2. sammy June 29, 2018 at 11:01 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie congratulations on another grandchild however my family and i are completely opposite we don’t do children in any shape or form, now fur babies that’s a different matter, loathe children love animals lol.

  3. SheMag June 30, 2018 at 8:55 am -  Reply

    The Book Club was the film which most surprised me during my two weeks off (only two days left…sigh). I went with no expectations, rolling my eyes at the shades of grey theme…well, it’s laugh out loud funny, a real feel good film, and I loved it. Kind of the antithesis of Edie, which I was really looking forward to but I sat through getting more and more dissatisfied with the lack of storyline or character development and the joint cliches of soaring (too loud) redemptive music and Scottish tourist board photography. I’ll try the Happy Prince before I go back to work on Monday!

  4. Susan Tweedale June 30, 2018 at 9:24 am -  Reply

    Morning Debbie, great newsy blog and CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you, can’t wait to hear your updates in the future ? Have a fabulous weekend Susan X

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