Seasonal Celebrations Continue…



This week –

  • Last chance to enter the huge Christmas comp!
  • Winter wonders in Hyde Park for sis’s Birthday
  • An early Christmas with just my kids
  • Have a war with food at Christmas time? – super book of the week
  • And sneaky peek of fab Charlie Bears’ Christmas Day TSV deal & Hexagonal Ottoman




Well if you’re loving yuletide, like I was (although I don’t think Santa was that impressed – I’m not a lightweight! Hehe!) why don’t you see if you can win this bumper bundle? (NB THE PICTURES DO CYCLE AROUND.) Do make sure you enter my competition – closes midday on December 31st so still time! Go here to see the amazing pics of the prizes and how you can enter the competition!



Again a great time was had by all when we went out, on Friday evening for my sis, Linda Bignell’s birthday! I’ve never been to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland – have you? Imagine a glorified playground along with some of the traditional sights and sounds of a fairground – including the Circus which was a bit urban and gritty and not at all bad. (Apart from the BMX-skatepark equivalent, there were some quite good acts in this troupe). My highlight was the four motorbikes in a wall of death style globe. Dodgyyyy! Mind you, our own ‘troupe’ might have seemed like a sideshow to some of the passers-by – specially when trying to get everyone to be in one pic! But sis enjoyed her day and that’s what counts! She says thank you, btw, if you messaged her on the day!

Group at wonderland



Us at Lauren's playing games

Well as mentioned, Brad and his lovely wife Kari are off to Devon to her mum’s this year – it’s their turn – so we had a little get together last weekend with our very own early Christmas! Do you ever do that? So no one misses out? It was a first, (TiFFT*) in Lauren and Nick’s new house – and how proud was I to see my lovely kids having such a good time with their other halves. Also Nick’s Christmas dinner was to die for – if only I could cook that well!

Family Dinner table

He didn’t want me to bring anything, which was nice. Mind you, I’ve been entrusted only with the desserts again this year for 25th – all at my sister’s once more – incl me and Lauren, although I’m wishing I’d put the stinky cheese somewhere other than in my fridge whilst it awaits its journey to Banstead on Christmas day! I don’t even eat it any more! Although, I had a little bit of cheese, actually, on Sunday when my kids and their partners and I all went out to Sunday lunch – at Viva in Dorking, which is a superb Italian restaurant. About ten minutes after eating it I got all wheezy – just shows you how your body gets used to not having something it doesn’t like! Anyway a good time was had by all. Here are my lovely family – Brad and Kari plus Lauren and Nick. Must do that again every year, we’ve decided!

Lauren and NickBrad and Kari

And to leave you with a thought – here was one of the questions from Cranium – and no looking it up! Absolute Zero is the coldest temperature possible… True or false? And can you guess this play dough model I had to make? The clue was ‘an object’!! Answer at the bottom of this blog! Funny evening with my lovely family! Even if we did lose the quiz! Hah!

Guess the object



Well, ‘Back to You,’ my well-being show, is back on air in less than two weeks now, on 5th January. And it looks like there will be a special edition of my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book coming out – find out more about the current version here, and in the meantime, here’s another lovely testimonial from a Facebooker, this time Sonia Crane extols the virtues of Freedom Eating (as explained in my book.)


How lovely, bless Sonia! Do let me know if you’ve been doing well with it too like so many others have! (eBook or paperback – links on my website.)

Do also feel free to go read my Monday, Back to You, blog, on my website, where you’ll find the full info about the Chimp Paradox, a fab book – it’s my book of the week and topic of my Monday Essay – see below – utterly fascinating. Plus the Q&A from our web chat with Tom Ogden, from Alpha H skincare. Next Monday it’s open forum – members share their experiences and thoughts, as Back to You is nearly one year old!

Click on this link to read all about my Back to You show on QVC, plus more well-being info, including other news regarding how having a new partner may be the best thing for your sex life (for me, having any partner would be better! Haha!) and how nutrition’s providing natural treatment for some major conditions.

Click here for Back to You blog on my website.




RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book.

Book of the week is ‘The Chimp Paradox’, the wonderful self help book perfect for the new year – top psychiatrist, Prof Steve Waters tells us how to get on top of our own self-sabotaging behavior – more on my Riwisi blog, do go read it (link below).

Christmassy Story Freebie Plus, as promised – a short story freebie for you – ’12 Dates of X-mas’ do go to my home page on my website to find out about my Christmassy Short Story – as soon as it’s posted, the news will be on the home page ‘Debbie’s News’. (not at time of writing, but soon!) Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know! And if you’re writing yourself many more hints and tips on writing.

Go here to read my writing, reading blog RiWiSi on my website.




  • nut roast Marlene’s Nut Roast For Chrimbo – just in case you want to be inspired over the weekend, and had enough of turkey etc, here’s my lovely pal and macrobiotic guru Marlene Watson Tara’s nut roast! Nearly as good as Nick’s! hehe! Recipe here on her website – click here. Includes a proper video how-to as well! Give it a go! : – )



  •  Ginetta Get Together – one of my favourite Italians was in early this week so I took the opportunity to pop in to the QVC canteen for a catch up – such a lovely lady! Merry Xmas Ginetta (Veronese guest.)

Me and ginetta



Favorite present so farFave Pressie so far OK, so it came in the post and I opened it without realising it was a Christmas pressie but thank you lovely Antthony! They are dark choc but I’ll be sharing them Christmas Day, methinks!







Wet Dog Time And cheesed-off dog time! None of mine much like being spruced up in time for Christmas – if looks could kill eh! Haha! How often do you get your dogs done?

 Wet time dog snippet


Facebook Funny – ‘specially for Christmas! Well, what’s YOUR Elf name?

elf name



QVC Christmas Selection Box –

Sneaky peek – It’s a new Ottoman Today’s Special Value (TSV) bargain awaiting us on my first day back after Xmas break – 28th at midnight! This is the one I’ve been given to play with – I love the faux suede effect – and the fact that it’s a proper stool (max 115kg weight!) Plus the new offer has an upsell of … wheels! Don’t miss it with me – great for organising – I put my Yankee Candle’s in mine!

hexagonal ottoman


Christmas Eve – QVC Cares – as mentioned last week, it’s time for our annual Charity event – go here to find out more from Will. Click here.

Christmas Day ‘Cinderella’ Bears! Well, almost! Don’t forget Pooch the Christmas Day TSV from Charlie Bears. It’s only scheduled to be on at midnight Christmas Eve on a single two hour show! It sold out early last year so don’t be disappointed! Then we’ve got recorded hours until Catherine is back live at 9am on Boxing Day!

Shhhh! QVC’s Great Winter Sale this year is on from Boxing Day and includes all sorts of fab shows – check them out here on our TV guide for Boxing Day.

OTTOMAN EMPIRE – I’m back on Saturday 27th at 10pm with Yankee Candle bargains as well as the launch at midnight of the ottoman don’t forget!

Uh oh! Lee Hohbein’s been at it again and ‘jibjabbed’ some of our presenters! Who can you spot?

Not exactly a blooper but a lovely little video from our call centre and warehouse team up near Liverpool! Thanks to all of them for making it such an amazing business to be part of and looking after all our orders!


WATCH – Possibly alongside ‘Bridget Jones’ and ‘Groundhog Day’, one of my most watched movies of all my all time faves, is ‘Love Actually’, which I watched again this week. Emma Thomson brings us one of the most poignant scenes in the history of Christmas films (think Joni Mitchell.) And Alan Rickman as her playboy husband is also brilliant. Cameos and a series of vignettes from some huge names make this a movie to remember – and one I watch every year! Colin Firth, Martin Freeman, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Kiera Knightley, Laura Linney, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant… wow! So a good 9.25 out of ten.


PS – A massive joint effort! AND as it’s almost Christmas Eve, here is a special pressie for you – from all of us and the talented cameraman, Mark Cain – the QVC presenters present ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas…’!

Next week’s blog is MY END OF YEAR REVIEW! It’ll be a TiFFT* video special! Enjoy Christmas and don’t forget if you feel a bit emotional at this time of year the best way out of it is to go find someone else less fortunate and really help them. One more week then 2015 is here! I’ve got a feeling 2015 is going to be a very big year – a very big year indeed…! : – )

Best wishes

Debs (aka Tootsie Peppermint Buns!)


PS – the purple blobs of play-dou were supposed to be a tiny car and a petrol pump – petrol pump was the object – and they guessed it! Lol! Bet you had some weird thoughts when you saw it…! Lol.

*P.S. TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. martin forbes December 24, 2014 at 7:37 pm -  Reply

    debbie merry xmas and happy new year when it comes to you and family iam just having the family round nice and quiet by the way i thin k your xmas card arrived today in the post xmas eve morning wednesday 24th december signed happy xmas qvc presenter and asmile with 2dots i thinki it is from you can youreply if it is from you.all the best fro 2015 hope you got my xmas card sent to you.

  2. Sharon December 28, 2014 at 1:03 pm -  Reply

    So pleased you had a wonderful time x

  3. Kaz December 29, 2014 at 10:09 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs – Always really enjoy reading your Fab Blogs!! Lovely family pics and of course not forgetting the doggies too!
    Watched Bridget Jones over the hols and it really is a brilliant film.
    Here’s hoping that 2015 is a BIG year!
    Best Wishes when it comes…X

  4. Debs f December 29, 2014 at 3:00 pm -  Reply

    Sharon – thank you hon! Xx

    Martin – yes probably! Hope u had fun! 🙂

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