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Who doesn’t love a good wedding? We certainly do and turns out Ruth does too! We’ve recently launched our gorgeous Wedding Shop full of great fashion, beauty, jewellery and more, whether it’s your big day or a loved one’s, so we thought we’d find out a little more about Ruth’s wedding day and how she prepared for it – here’s the goss…

Wedding Shop

So Ruth, how do you like to get ready for a wedding as say, opposed to a red carpet event?

For private weddings I just get ready myself because those that I primarily go to would be friends and family. We have been to a couple where they’ve been featured in Hello! Magazine, so even if it was a so-called ‘celebrity wedding’ it would be for a friend. I love dancing so like to have a dress I can move in! I don’t go clubbing anymore, so weddings are a chance for me to dance.

I think you mustn’t even consider white or anywhere near it – even cream I shy away from because I think you mustn’t upstage the bride in any way. I like dresses because they’re simple aren’t they? If you get one that moves and it’s easy and you can accessorise it that’s perfect. I think weddings are about accessories. You’ve probably got a dress in your wardrobe that’s suitable for a wedding, it’s just about getting a fascinator or a nice pashmina or lovely bright orange shoes, so I tend to jazz it up a bit more on the accessories than the dress itself.

What’s the last wedding you went to?

Oh, it was Rylan’s and he was very hands-on, and did everything himself. I remember that it was a lot of fun and the dancing was great!

With Rylan

Let’s talk about your big day. Tell us about the dress.

Well I had my wedding dress made by a designer called Angelina Colarusso. I wasn’t sure about it as I was never one to dream about a big white wedding. Eamonn and I were together  for 14 or 15 years before we got married so I wasn’t rushing to do it, but when we decided we would like to get married, I thought ‘Ooh what about the dress? Do I do the long white dress? Should I wear something elegant, or do something really different and go for a trouser suit?’

Where we used to live, there’s a village called Thames Ditton and Angelina has a little bridal shop there. Even before I knew we were getting married, whenever I drove past it she always had an amazing dress of some sort in the window. I remember one winter she had a bright red one, a bit like the one Paula Yates wore, and it always made me look. Either it would be something very elegant looking or something very different – once there was a silver-grey one and I remember thinking, ‘who would have thought of dove grey’ but actually it was beautiful. So when we knew we were getting married I immediately thought of her.

She’s a wonderful woman with a bright shock of pink hair and she looked quite bohemian, with punky, spiked boots, so I wasn’t sure if she and I would be a good fit. However she’s very good at what she does.

We started talking and she put me in a corset, stood me in front of a mirror and started wrapping some tulle fabric around me, asking me what I liked. Whether I liked off the shoulder or on the shoulder and literally within 20 minutes, she’d created they most beautiful dress with all this fabric. I was with a friend who said, ‘Oh that’s so beautiful, you could just wear that!’ Angelina is amazingly creative.

So I ended up with a long, off the shoulder design wedding dress…. a proper wedding dress! She created ruching around the waist and underneath a corset was built into the dress so I could have it as tight or as loose as I wanted. I surprised myself because I’d gone in with some ideas in my head that I wanted sleeves and I didn’t want it to look too like a wedding dress and I ended up with quite a wedding-y wedding dress.

Eamonn said he had no idea what to expect but he didn’t think I’d be in a proper wedding dress for some reason – but there I was, he said I looked amazing!

My only regret is that I didn’t let my bridesmaid do the corset up tight enough. I was very very calm on the morning of the wedding – in fact my bridesmaids were more jittery than me, but just as I got into my dress I suddenly got that little bit of nerves and thought ‘in 20 minutes I have to go downstairs for our a civil ceremony’. The designer had taught my bridesmaid how to lace up the corset and as she pulled the lace I suddenly said ‘No no – it’s too tight! I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!’ so she loosened it. But actually once you breathe into them they’re very comfortable, so when I look back at the photos I think I could have had a smaller waist if I’d have been brave!

Wedding DayWedding fun with Nicky Johnstone


Were you a relaxed bride or did you stress out a bit?

I had a wedding planner because we had a big wedding. Eamonn and I were very clear on the sort of things we wanted, I just didn’t want to have to do it all myself because it would have been too much. I’ve seen so many stressed women and bridezillas crying because they’ve been so busy organising, I just didn’t want all of that. It was fantastic, because the lady we had, Liz Taylor, runs an events company in Manchester and she had organised Eamonn’s 50th birthday party which he had at The Manchester United Football Stadium.

I had lots of meetings with her and we chose everything from the food to the flowers, and although Eamonn pretty much left the finer details to me, he was good with the entertainment. He was keen to have an Irish Céili band and Irish dancers, so it was very much a joint effort, he didn’t just turn up on the day! I was more involved with the food, colour schemes, tables and flowers which I loved. So I was very hands on in that way. Liz would show me pictures and we had food tastings, so I did all the nice bits!

We were very lucky it was a big wedding which we did with Hello! Magazine, but I do think – no matter how corny it sounds – it is about the people you have around you. So although it was fantastic, it would have been just as lovely if we had had a barn dance and a hog roast, because it’s the people who are important and they were all our friends and family.

Ruth and Eamon

Cake topper


Tell us about other weddings that you’ve been to and enjoyed

I love all weddings for what they are for that person really. I’ve been to ones that are quite village-y, with bunting and jugs of lovely hand-picked flowers on the table, and I think that’s just as charming as going to a wedding at a smart hotel. I think people should remember when they’re planning a wedding that friends and family are happy for you and they’re really not looking at the colour scheme and whether your napkins matched the invitation which they’ve left at home anyway!.

My planner for example told me not to do table favours. She said it was such a waste – you’ve spent money on a bag of sugared almonds but they’ve just ended up under the table after the wedding, because people really aren’t there for that.

When you go to a wedding, and people say it was great, they’re talking about the wedding aren’t they? Not the chicken chasseur they ate! They talk about how lovely the bride looked and what a great party it was! So I like all sorts of weddings, big, small, village-y, smart – because you’re there for the people.

Thanks Ruth, we couldn’t agree more!

Look out for more from Ruth very soon. In the meantime, if you have a wedding coming up, check out our Wedding Shop for inspiration.


  1. Angela April 23, 2017 at 8:02 pm -  Reply

    Ruth you looked stunning. Thanks for sharing details of your big day with us xx

  2. Michelle Christoforou April 24, 2017 at 10:25 am -  Reply

    .Ruth you looked fabulous.when are you coming back to qvc to present glorious fashion with Jackie .?xx

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