Researching vintage pics for Devon tea rooms project


STOP PRESS – On Sunday 5th Feb – do come along to watch Gabrielle Bradshaw and her motley crue in the Aladdin panto she is also doing for her charity – it’s on Sat and Sun at Augustine One Tree Hill (, Honor Oak Park, SE23 3LE . You might see me and Craigy there on Sunday, and other guests like Rebecca Perfect! More here. Good luck Gabi and co, my lovely pal!


Researching Vintage pics for the new tea rooms project!


Well for those of you who like old stuff, like I do, here’s the first of the vintage pics of my new home town, Sheepwash, in Devon. You can just see Retreats for You on the edge of the shot on the right. I wonder who those children were? It was apparently around the end of the 1800s. Well the house has been there since the 1600s, so I hope to find a lot more. In fact, Gary, one of the guys in the village who is particularly interested in its history, has a record of the censuses – am meeting him next week – that will be fascinating to see who lived in the house all those years ago. Do email me if you have any I could use. Why am I doing this? Well, for those who don’t know, I moved last year and now live nearby and help out at the writing retreat itself half the week (just in case you missed my previous newsletters and blogs!) And one of the plans is to set up a vintage tea rooms! And what a spring we are going to have!

Charlie Bears will be coming down to my Vintage Pop Up Tea Rooms in Devon Feb 17,18,19th! How exciting! We are doing a bit of a fundraiser for Medical Detection Dogs too that weekend and a couple of the actual dogs themselves will be coming along – am so proud to be involved and it makes me smile knowing our help is contributing to irreplaceable canine companionship which changes lives. More here. Book it in your diary if you live nearby – and come try our homemade cakes and exquisite teas in bone china cups in a vintage setting – can’t wait! Sheepwash is EX215NE if you want to check out how far away you are from Retreats For You.

charlie top pic!



Uncle Jeff and Auntie Christine popped down for a couple of days to help out at Retreats for You, my home from home in Devon, where I spend half the week when I’m not at QVC (more info about it here, and last-minute availability for Monday 6th, Feb 20th, March 13th (one place) and March 27th. Let us know or ask more via  Christine and I did another huge clear out of my stuff that’s being stored in the big studio there, and Jeff put more lights up – he’s an electrician. I do have some useful people in my family, and it’s always nice to catch up with the rellys.

Aunt and uncle

Ali K and her lookie-likey! Fellow presenter Alison Keenan’s little daughter Honey popped by last week and she found a hairpiece, like these ones all on last clicks! Honey found the piece in Ali’s dressing room and popped it on her head and started running up and down the corridor in our presenter lounge before Ali could catch her! Hehe! How adorable she is. I won’t say ‘I can’t wait’ to have my own grandchildren, cos I’ve got a lot planned before then, but I’ve got a feeling it might be in the next two years!

Ali and Honey

Book of the Week – by Morton Gray – another super Choc Lit author to enjoy if you just adore cleverly written romance – more here.

girl beach

Free Short Stories – I’ve put them all together in one place! Every week I’ve been posting a new short romance for you to enjoy in the run up to Valentine’s Day in two weeks’ time. Well considering I’ve now been asked out on a blind date on Valentine’s night, after I finish my shift, there must be something in the air!! Go here to read lots of short stories with a romantic twist – FOR FREE! Or get Roses are Red, the anthology – just click on the link to access the info! One last one next week!

roses are red

Latest Vlogshere’s the link to one of my ‘vlogs’ – a video blog – which I usually post on my Facebook page – including a not-so-secret secret – and something I’ve never done before! Which will happen in the next few weeks – can you guess what it is? Go here to watch it!


Derek the Dog update And here’s the link to the charity blog I just did with another pic of my little boy ‘Derek’ the trainee Medical Detection Dogs partner dog I paid sponsor money to name (after my late dad Derek,) who will go to become a diabetes detection dog soon – am so proud of him. There will be a chance to go meet them all at Crufts this year, hall 3, stand 94, from March 9th to Sunday 12th inclusive. If you can go, do ask about their amazing work in cancer detection research too – it’s incredible.


Beauty Pick of the Month – the latest superb Elasticizer offering – the new Coconut Breeze scent! Get your whole litre size, with free P&P, only for the month of February – can’t wait to try it, I adore coconut and always find my hair is so much better when I use elasticizer from Philip Kingsley. More manageable, shinier, has better heat protection against styling products and stays more voluminous in between washes – when it’s not teeming down outside that is! Go here to buy yours and watch the video demo.


OAPs Chat interviews about my latest book! Till the Fat Lady Slims (more here) caught the eye of the fab website OAPs chat. Jan Rosser interviewed me – – here’s part one and part two of the interviews, telling you more about the why’s and wherefore’s of how it came to be – and why there are four versions of my semi-autobiographical weight loss book! More at the bottom of this blog each week from my regulars, do check them out if you’d like to see examples of how it works for people. I’m so proud.

ttfls 2017 pod cover pic

‘Watch’ – GUT BACTERIA HIT THE HEADLINES AGAIN In years to come, hopefully you’ll be amongst the first to know about this revolution and new frontier in tackling health, that is the microbiome. Well Michael Mosley, on Trust me I’m a Doctor, this week again focussed on the hottest topic of the moment – belly bugs, the good ones, inside the gut. This week’s ‘watch’ therefore, (as much as I’d like it to be La La Land again!! – here’s another super feature with Ryan Gosling in in case you’re as crazy about this movie and it’s incredible soundtrack as I am!) is the episode of the BBC show which deals cleverly with how to best treat your gut – here’s the link to more, catch it within the next three weeks or so. Enjoy! (and don’t forget to watch ‘Gut Reaction Parts 1&2’ on YouTube.)

Blooper – don’t blink! Otherwise do watch this little clip of the latest ‘bloopers clips show’ – they did ask me to be interviewed for the show but we decided not to – can you imagine? Funny! Hate to think what will be featured – the No!no! cream accident too no doubt! Eek! By the way there’s a new No!no! TSV deal this Saturday night at midnight – join me for the launch.

Facebook Funny – hahaaaaaa! And for those who ask, my current shampoo is the fabulous Lulu Timebomb volumizing set– go here to buy some yourself if you’d like to try it!


This week on QVC – this weekend’s Today’s Special Values kick off with the Friday (3rd) skincare revolution that is NIOD – join me and Nicola at 4pm and thru the day for the super 4pc Dermal Science skincare collection. It features their first ever TSV, with a HUUUUUGE value bundle, including The Sanskrit Saponins — it leaves your skin feeling so so clean! Use it on make-up free skin, eg massage onto dry skin then rinse away a minute later (just avoid the eye area with this one!). From the first use you can really feel the difference to your skin. Here’s the link to the set to buy it now if you can’t wait!


Saturday’s is a super young plants and planters set from Plants 2 Gardens and Sunday’s is the latest offer from No!no1 – join me and Will Gowing , Selin and Angie at midnight Saturday to watch it all.


Next week’s sneaky peeks – include the wonderful new Lulu Guinness small Bella Leather Bag with Lip charm Zip Puller – the link once available should appear early , maybe Saturday, on my QVC tab on my website (go there regularly to see these links through the week if you’re not on Facebook. If you are, ‘like’ my page here to get updates in your feed when I post them!)


Tuesday’s Morphy Richards power steam generator iron is the best deal yet, I think, and a really low price for what it is – just when I’m looking around at a new one to help me in the retreat… I don’t usually like ironing but these make it easier!

Morphy 2b

Wednesday’s is the lovely Venechia fabric cold shoulder tunic from Kim and Co


And on Thursday it’s a 12 pc pies, pasties and sausage roll collection from The Real Pie Company


Finally an early shout out for the Becca 5pc complexion today’s Special value on Friday (10th) which I wore on air last week and several people commented how nice my skin looked! Thanks also to our skilled makeup artists! Including the talented Rachael Avent, whom I’m booking to come do my makeup when I’m mother of the bride in September when my lovely Lollipop gets married! Squeee! Also join me midnight Friday for the new Cooks Essentials Digital Air Fryer – something I absolutely swear by – for bacon and rolls for the morning breakfasts, sweet potato chips and so much more.


Next week – Gabi’s panto, a night with my kids, plus some of the best Valentine’s Stories I’ve ever read, thanks to Facebook friends. Romance isn’t dead after all. Although for some of us it’s been dormant for a heck of a while….!

Best wishes



Ps Till the Fat Lady Slims is my latest book – the revised, revamped, expanded, 2017 version published by UK publisher Choc Lit, which means it’s available to order in bookshops (yay!). If you’d like to join our online support group, or just soak up the info via e-book (all platforms) or paperback, do let me know how you get on. Here’s another comment from one of the girls online – it always makes me so proud. More here, including links you need.

This week’s comment is firstly from Debbie Sinclair Bunn, the back cover story from book 2.0 – She posted this week on our group :

“Gooooood Morning to all you wonderful lot. Apologies for not being as vocal but as most of you know I have been going through a rough time, seems to be never ending at the minute. The op on my vocal chords last June has caused a few complications, but I am getting my head round it all, after my stay in the acute respiratory ward, boy my problems are nothing, anyway I’m in the middle of reading Debbie’s new book and have to say it’s amazing. Brought back memories of when I came across the B2U group and yes I was one of the sceptics and thought it was just a ploy to sell the book and me being me, didn’t hide the fact (Sorry Debs. That’s ok I wouldn’t have you any other way! Debs x) now I’ve a permanent soap box. I was the Queen of everything low fat, ready meals, yoghurts, if it was low-fat I bought it, I was roughly a size 20 / 22, I was so bloated, my skin and hair looked dull and I felt rotten ….. so I bought the book. It did take me a while, so any newbies reading this PLEASE stay with it not everyone ‘gets it’ straight away. My eureka moment was realising when my body needed water not food, well I was beyond chuffed with myself and that’s when I started to really believe I could do this. I’m now 16 top (big boobs) 14 bottom.
Over the past couple of years I’ve had my ups and downs but thankfully can soon get my head in freedom mode. My best friends are miso soup , I have it everyday, it just makes me feel so much better and a shout out to pickled gherkins , oh boy , I love them 🙂 🙂 🙂
My brain fog has lifted , I feel so much better , my only bit of advice to anyone reading my ramblings, use this group, we are so lucky here, good days, bad days and when you really need some support , we will bring out our safety net and keep you supported for however long you need ….. I know, I’ve needed it a couple of times and will be forever grateful.
TTFLS rocks – #fact. Right, back to my reading, wishing you all a wonderful day and remember be kind to yourself, why because you are worth it. Biggest hugs xxxxxxx”

Gotta love this woman – she reminds us all what’s important in life and she’s one of the regulars on the online Facebook support group – do come join us just search Till the Fat Lady Slims and choose the group. OR links are here on my web page TTFLs.

And here’s a good one from Eileen Davies who mentions her latest ‘NSV’ – non-scales victory;

“NSV just used my Xmas massage voucher…..And my arms rested comfortably on the table. I used to fill the entire table with my trunk!”

What a fab feeling! And just a snippet of what’s being discussed on the super online support group anyone can join who buys the books.
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My paperbacks – all online


Don’t forget that my new TTFLs book is now out– go here to see it! And stand by for lots of inspirational messages on my Facebook groups too!


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