Red Carpet Manicure is back! And #BCCBestie alert!


Plus This Week
– How to find the Bodyblade supersix
– Reminiscing – 5 years back at QVC
– Behind the scenes on the superb new Christmas promo
– My Memories of a Future Life – brilliant audiobook of the week
– And sneaky peeks of Dale Pinnock, Emu, Acer, Perricone and Vionics!


To mark this Monday’s Breast Cancer Care evening (see below) here’s my mate Shyama (front left) and me last Sunday. Her pal Vivien came with us to a gastro pub – we thought we were going to a pub quiz but it ended up being a skiffle band night! Lol! We escaped upstairs for a lovely catch up and supper. Shyama and I go back a long way – we co-presented on 31 West nightly entertainment show on BSB, and the famous Dr Who BSB weekend, and have been firm pals for 24 years! She’s seen me thru all my ups and downs that’s for sure! This is my third and final BCC Bestie pic – make sure you tweet your pics on Monday and use the hashtag too! You never know, we might start trending! More about this year’s BCC night below.



Course my main ‘bestie’ is my sis Linda, and she’s back guesting the return of the long awaited Red Carpet Manicure sets in The Morning Show on Tuesday (14th ) – expect some fab new colours!

I use the fab LED light-based, long-lasting gels all the time and have been wearing the deep burgundy for a while now. Nothing helps me protect my nails like it. She’ll be bringing three new colour collections – Dark delights incl the one I’ve been wearing, sleek and chic Neutrals and high society party season choice! Four colours in each plus one top coat & one matte top coat too! Worth £80 for £29.99 . BUT of course you need the lamp – like in the set pictured above (400596) !



I’ve been invited to the ‘5 years at QVC’ party evening – or in my case, 5 yrs BACK at QVC. It’ll actually be eleven years back in total, including the first six years, ’94-2000. I sometimes wonder what life would have been like had I stayed instead of going off spreading my wings, starting a business, working at about 20 different places of work in that time, meeting over 500 new people, achieving some incredible moments in my life, and becoming a different person. And then I think… nah! But I’m very, very, pleased to be back now – and the last five years have flown by!

Here’s a pic from my first show back at QVC in Oct ‘09 – Mr Silver Fox Rossini himself, and coincidentally I’m back on air with Ralph on Monday 27th October at 8pm for a two hour special.
I’ve also been writing quite a lot of reminiscences lately – as I’m putting together an extra chapter for my ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims book special edition’ – more news in the new year – and it’ll have a lot of the ‘missing years’ in it! Phew it’s been exhausting writing about it – some tough times, comparatively speaking, over the last decade or so but hey, we all have a story, don’t we?


Read it Write it Sell it

Debbie Kindle No 1RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

Talking of writing, our Hocus Pocus short spooky story anthology has already hit ‘bestseller’ status, on one of the minor charts. And on this week’s blog on my website, you’ll meet another couple of the 13 authors who are contributing spooky stories to our Hallowe’en party promotion. Also:

– Tips and online resources to help publish your own novels
– Courses to help learn your trade
– And the audio book of the week is Roz Morris’s ‘Memories of a Future Life’ – fab!
Just click here to read it all if you love books and to find out how to get the freebie!
– Plus links to all of my fiction incl steamy romances and ‘Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter’ novel!



Back To You Update

Even though my Back to You show series has finished for the time being, the testimonials keep coming in and making me really happy! Lots of people are just getting delivery of their Bodyblade too – just go here to read all about how to use it and see the video with Bruce showing you how to do the super six.

This post made my heart glow this week, though –

Debbie Flint TTFLS
How lovely of Jennifer to write all that! So pleased for her. I’m glad to have been losing weight the way I have lately too – freedom eating is amazing and so is the Bodyblade. More info about how I’ve done it, and where you can buy my semi-autobiographical weight loss book, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, on my website, TTFLS page – the paperback’s also just released! Go here for link.

Need motivation?

Bruce Fancy joining me and Bruce on the new Oct-Dec Trim and Tone Challenge? Well now the Back to You show has ended, what do we do now?!

A lot of people have asked for help with getting trim, and losing weight, and I think a big part of success is having people around you who are supportive. Our Facebook groups do a great job of just that – it’s so worth joining. On the groups everyone helps each other, as you regulars will know. Plus there’s a Bodyblade QVC group too amongst others.

But what if you need a bit of a kick start? Well, in the run up to the next series for New Year New You in January, how would you fancy keeping it all going with the new ‘tone up and lose weight’ three month challenge.


From October to December inclusive, keep up the hard work you’ve grown accustomed to through the one minute challenge – and keep going with the healthy living. You don’t need to pay, you just need to be on Facebook, join TTFLS group, and – importantly – email me all about you, to You should include your dieting story, family situation, health and habits, what works and your height, age, weight or dress size etc. Would be lovely to have you join in! We start it around oct 20th. Email me, don’t forget!


Dom PensiveMonday Webchat This Monday’s Back to You live Facebook online webchat will be with ‘heart-throb’ Dominic Hill (just before he’s back on QVC Tuesday 5pm with Aurora Jewellery).

Also Evey Kurlander (Join clothes & Earth Spirit footwear.) Ping a request to join the Facebook group called ‘Back to You QVC’ in time to join in the chat on the group page Monday night! (Info all at bottom of this blog.) It’ll be at 8-9pm (unless we move it to 9-10 after BCC) on Monday (13th.)





Debbie' son and dadTwo peas… people have noticed the likeness between my son aged 27 and my dad when he was around 24. Am very proud – and I just love this pic! Runs in the family!





vintage fair snippetLou Lou’s Guildford Vintage 1950’s fair at the Cathedral on Saturday 16th – looks brilliant! There’s even a stall to get your hair done 1950’s style! My daughter loves the 1950’s – maybe she’ll be regressed one day and find out she lived in that decade! Lol! Lauren and I have ‘joined’ their facebook event, and hope to pop along on the day. Maybe I’ll see you there?


Life after Death Study
I loved reading about the latest ‘is there life after death’ study in the Telegraph this week. Their headline is ‘First hint of ‘life after death’ in biggest ever scientific study’ – go here to be as fascinated as I was!


ffunnyFacebook Funny – gotta love those funny doggy pics, right? Well considering I’ve been working on Hallowe’en stories lately, I couldn’t resist this one! I think they got off lightly! Lol!









Debbie and PinnockQVC Sneaky Peek Dale Pinnock is a sight for sore eyes and on Sunday 19th, the Medicinal Chef brings us his first Today’s Special Value – the Nutri Ninja Nutrition Blender. Put it in the diary early, he’s a lovely chap and I bet his demos are fab too!



QVC Shhh! – We’ve got a whole week ahead of those ‘one show only type bargains’ at 11pm nightly, inc Tue 14th Elemis, Lola Rose on Fri 17th with me, and Kipling Sat 18th again with me! Pass it on – lowest price ever for that item but only on air within that show!


Judith WilliamsJudith Williams’ new Future Skin Stem Cell Range Launches next week on 16th and 17th with free p&p! It’s all about the collagen. QGossip have got a comp running till Tuesday 14th (go here to read more).








Christmas with QVC – awwww! Look at this behind the scenes video, making our promos for yuletide 2013 – OMG have you seen the new promos? Don’t they give you tingles? I love that they’re running already for Xmas programming beginning next week – a veritable feast for the eyes indeed. What a talented team we’ve got!

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

This weekend –

Emu bootAs part of the 48 hour Winter Fashion Event, on Friday night at midnight, join me for the launch of the Emu waterproof Charlotte boot – Saturday’s TSV bargain – incl a new ‘oak,’ rich brown shade! Go here to see Will’s QCam exclusive. preview.



acerSunday’s daily special is this fab Acer wi-fi tablet – Lee Hohbein brings us another fab bargain, including with me at 7pm – if there are any left! Find out more  about the offer over on Lee’s Twitter account @leeqvc and don’t forget to tweet @qvcuk if you have any questions about the tablet on the day.



Bibi 303407Plus – spot the Bibi Bijoux bracelet TSV bargain for Monday, we’ve all been wearing it – I don’t think it’ll last all day though, so get in early! It’s the beaded stretch charm bracelet – last airing alert! – 5pm Monday, 13th.







Big BCC night Monday 13th,  6-9pm! And here’s a reminder of last year’s super charity evening which Charlie and I presented.

What a night that was. Will’s feature about the BCC Fashion event is here. Do join Ali K, Craigy and Chloe this Monday 6-9pm to help raise money at our annual event – packed with one night only specials from our biggest brands – lots of fun and it’s so worthwhile.



Other QVC Highlights This Week

– Don’t forget Red Carpet Gel Manicure system back on Morning Show on Tuesday 14th. Then later that evening, ‘Anna Griffin Home’ debuts with the lovely craft expert herself at 7pm – tons of ideas for the home.
– Nina Leonard’s Tuesday TSV is a super Sequinned Neckline tunic and then on Thursday Perricone MD have an amazing four-piece collection featuring their iconic plasma products.
Perricone MD


Then on Thursday night at midnight (16th) I bring you the Vionics Luxe Relax Slipper – great for gifting! Join me!


BLOOPER – NOT! This week I thought I’d bring you a clip of Jonathan Antoine singing live on QVC this week – Love Changes Everything – great voice – and watch out for his new album too!


WATCH – Transcendence – now on Sky Movies – This week’s visual treat sees Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany play it for thrills in this futuristic ‘what if’ sci-fi movie – Johnny’s mind gets uploaded into an computer being, with plans to take over the world – very gripping! I did enjoy it – but then I love him anyway. Fairly good if far-fetched A.I. plot, but great acting including from Morgan Freeman and Rebecca Hall. 8 out of ten.

BTW – The Apprentice is back on Tuesday. Had the chance to go see The Apprentice, You’re Fired – I love going there each year – but am working on the dates they gave me so far. Fingers crossed I get the option of another date! Meanwhile the King of Mean is back again handing out his verdicts to the wannabe business partners – and the editing will decide whom we love and whom we hate!
Here’s the trailer – see it on iPlayer from Tuesday night (14th October).


Next week – reviewing Judi Dench in Philomena! And highlights from BCC night – I’ll be watching from home – enjoy it!

Best wishes

*P.S. TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Marie October 10, 2014 at 4:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to use the bodyblade.
    like lots of people I have lots of exercise equipment gathering dust.
    after watching you I ordered the bodyblade a month ago and used it almost every day. I recorded your programme with Bruce last week and do the 6 mins with you every day. You have totally inspired me it is so easy and fun to use. I am looking forward to wearing sleeveless dresses next summer something I’ve not done for a few years. I love watching you and you are looking great.
    krep doing what you’re doing.
    Marie x

  2. Sharon October 11, 2014 at 7:22 am -  Reply

    Hi, what another great blog. It’s amazing how bodyblade has transformed so many peoples fitness levels and with the help of your book TTFLS we are all going to be looking amazing by Christmas! Thank you for sharing the hints with us! X

  3. Sue Stewart October 11, 2014 at 8:52 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie great blog this week. Full of interesting information on items coming up on QVC. Especially the new Judith Williams range
    No p&p that could definitely be in my shopping basket. I just love her range and it works for me. Love the new bracelet as well. My poor pocket 😀

  4. Chris Jopp October 11, 2014 at 12:43 pm -  Reply

    Looking forward to seeing the Red Carpet Manicure show next week. I do have a question for your sister though, please Debbie? I haven’t used my RCM for a few months because my nails are very flaky and I’ve been trying to get them to improve with my OPI and Perfect Nails treatments. They aren’t flaky because of RCM because they were bad before, but they still flaked when I used it so I often had a couple of nails that were still splitting despite the RCM polishes. I do thin coats of the base coat and usually only do the top coat as I like to use my other polishes on top sometimes. Someone did suggest I do 2 base coats and 2 top coats which I’ve tried but nails still flake and break. Has Linda any suggestions that could help me please. I do love the finish I get when they are first done.

    While I’m here, I want to add my recommendation for Till the Fat Lady Slims and the updated version – they are both brilliant and are really helping me get my weight off. So glad I bought both copies – thanks Debbie xx

  5. Debs f October 11, 2014 at 1:23 pm -  Reply

    Marie –
    That’s all I could hope for! So glad. You will keep it up won’t you? It’s making it a habit that makes it work so well. Pics at wedding too please! Good for you – proud of my gals!! X

  6. Debs f October 11, 2014 at 1:24 pm -  Reply

    Chris –
    I do love your regular updates on our TTFLS Facebook group too! Keep it up hon! Ref RCM, will put u in touch with my sis! Xx

  7. jenny stanford October 12, 2014 at 7:47 pm -  Reply

    dear Debbie I tried to enter your Judith Williams competition and now I have looked at the comments I see that I have done it twice sorry about this I thought I had done it right but I must have done something wrong when I wrote it not a lot of good with techie stuff but you can but try never mind I will try and do it right next time by the way your book till the fat lady slims I found to be really useful also the body blade it is a good thing to use I did enjoy your back to you hours I hope they will be on again soon jenny Stanford.

  8. Debs f October 13, 2014 at 1:54 pm -  Reply

    And thanks to Bruce for inventing it! So glad it’s helping so many. Stronger body makes it all easier – even lifting handbag! Haha! X

  9. Debs f October 13, 2014 at 1:55 pm -  Reply

    Sue –
    I know he feeling hon! Lol. Glad the info about qvc is working. I get carried away a hit sometimes, there’s so much to talk about! Lol x

  10. Debs f October 13, 2014 at 1:59 pm -  Reply

    Glad you enjoyed Back to You shows, they return in January I hope! Do email if you’d like to see them back – the more request it, the more likely it is! Ps it’s not my comp, but am sure you’ll be entered just fine hon! Keep me updated with your progress on Bodyblade and with my weight loss book TTFLS! X

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