Recovering from my every symptom known to man… Flu!


Dale and Jilly at the Beauty BashDear all, I hope that you are well, despite the rather annoying amount of viruses currently having a party at our expense!

I previously mentioned that I attended the amazing QVC Beauty Bash the week before last and I've attached a photo from the event taken in our media booth with the lovely Jilly Halliday (if you're wondering who it is behind those glasses).

The event is without a doubt the highlight of the Customer Events calendar at QVC and I honestly heard nothing but praise from the many customers I was able to meet there.

I was only able to attend the morning session on Thursday as Julia and I were presenting the first in a series of "Inside QVC" shows – The idea of these shows is to acquaint new and re-acquaint existing customers with the many facets of what we do here – it's not just about taking the cameras behind the scenes, although that may well happen in some shows.

I was back to work the next Wednesday with a slight sniffle or two during my Gems and Tiana B shows, thinking it was just a wee cold then went home to bed where I stayed for the next two days! Not Man Flu this time but proper (every symptom known to man) Flu.

Having fun at the Beauty Bash

As I type it's now Monday evening and I've still not shaken it off, although I feel much better than before- I couldn't have rested anymore than I have and I haven't felt well enough to walk my canine pal – Don't worry he's had plenty of exercise, as usual, but just not with the Silver Fox at his side.

I'm very much hoping to be fit for action on Thursday, and probably by the time you read this you'll know whether I achieved my goal or not!

I believe it's not fair on the viewer to have to listen to a presenter coughing and spluttering their way through a presentation. You also need a clear head in order to get everything across to the customer with two voices in your ear plus often a guest.

I have to say QVC are really great when it comes to sickness, they trust the individual to know wether they are up to working or not and in my case the only pressure brought to bear is from myself – I hate not making a shift – don't miss understand me – I love my holidays and other breaks but when I'm off sick I constantly feel guilty that I'm not at work and that I'm letting the team down in some way.

Am I alone here or do you also feel that way ? I'd love to hear in the comments section if you have a spare minute.

Another reason for coming back with full strength is on "Anything Goes" on Saturday when Former Heavyweight World Boxing Champion David Haye is on the show – so I hope you can join Anne, Miceal and I with "The Hayemaker" on Saturday at 8pm.

Hopefully next week I'll have more to talk about with you!

Stay warm, safe and well.

Dale x


  1. Marian Bolton February 7, 2013 at 8:33 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Dale
    I’ve never had man flu, ………… although I do get wine flu a lot! How about you Gail?? Dale, can you please say hello to Gail cos I think she’s feeling ignored! Hope you’re ok Gail, come and join in the fun sweetie. xx
    I’m never off sick Dale. You see, the difference is, nobody does my job for me when I’m off …. or should I say *orf!! (Have to tempt her out D!!) Years since I threw a sickie D.
    I’ll be surely watching ‘Anything Goes’ on Saturday …. with baited breath actually ….cos you’ve got a hard act to follow after Craig’s epic Zumba performance last week. I’ve tweeted Will about you all doing a Q Factor!! (Yeah, I know, me and my daft ideas!!) So your dad dancing could come in handy after all!!
    Glad you’re all better.
    Love Ma

  2. mary February 7, 2013 at 11:50 pm -  Reply

    Poor you with flu…my husband had it then gave it to me, I was off work with bronchitis and breathing difficulties last week (I have asthma and copd) and as I work with kids in a school felt it not appropriate to cough violently then either wee myself, be sick or both in lesson! I am on the mend and back at school thanks to antibiotics and steroids but now my son has been off school with a very nasty cold ( he is 15 so not quite man flu) and now his sister is sniffing…..
    I was delighted to win tickets to the Beauty Bash and had made arrangements to come up and was so looking forward to it…desperate to see the delicious Andrew from Gatineau ( and yourself of course) but unfortunately an emergency hospital app came for my mum for the same day so we did come to London but spent it at Kings College Hospital. Good news is that mums brain tumour is shrinking, bad news is I didn’t get a goody bag which I was going to tease my very jealous sisters with…one couldn’t get time off work to go and the other was skiing in France!
    Hope you are now fully recovered and dog walking again. Its been so cold and windy here, most of the sand on the beach in Westgate (near Margate in Kent) where we walk my mums dog seems to be stuck to my face! Have a good week. Mary
    Oh, I ordered the Sony cyber shot camera that was on special …even I have taken amazing photos. Mat the camera man is brill, thank you QVC!

  3. Debi Stubbs February 7, 2013 at 11:52 pm -  Reply

    Glad you are feeling well again Dale, I was off work all last week with flu and most of the week was spent in bed. I am lucky my children are old enough to fend for themselves, I did not get any sympathy from them though, all they would say ‘why you in bed mum, all you have is a bad cold’.
    Anyway I am back at work this week, still not back to normal but getting there slowly.
    Take care
    Debi x

  4. DALE FRANKLIN February 14, 2013 at 3:41 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marian and a Big Hi to Gail also ! I’m glad you’re not ill very often Ma – long may it continue ! x
    Hi Mary, I’m so sorry you missed the Bash – I hope some of the photos cheered you up a bit, though not much of a consolation. Hope your Mum continues her recovery and look forward to meeting you one day – hopefully at the next Beauty Bash x
    Hi Debi, You are so right , my kids treated me as if I were quarantined – It’s a difficult virus to shake off isn’t it ?
    Glad you also feel well enough to work x

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