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In honour of Monday’s TomTom Today’s Special Value offer, for the past week we’ve been asking you to respond to the following statement for a chance of winning £100 QVC credit;

Tell us about a nightmare Christmas journey you’ve had, and how a TomTom sat nav could have helped.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter. We’ve had plenty of entries and it was very difficult to pick just five.

So congratulations to Lucy Ware, Jason A, Susan Willshire, Claire Richards and Sharon Chambers, here are their nightmare journey stories…


Lucy Ware

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the streets
The traffic was gridlocked, I sat in my car and weeped.
At home stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
I was desperately hoping that I soon would be there.
My children were ready to get settled in their beds,
While visions of Santa and Rudolf danced in their heads.
My mobile was flashing messages of “why aren’t you home”
I wanted to cry as I was sat in my car all alone.
On a foggy M4 there must have been such a clatter,
People had gotten out of their cars to see what was the matter.
Sirens were heard and blue lights were flashing round,
I prayed that those involved were safe and sound.
All of a sudden in the night sky so lively and quick,
A sleigh and 8 reindeers – I thought that’s St Nick.
From house to house he shot with aplomb
And that’s when I thought, “Ahah he’s got a TomTom”
St Nick shouted “Now TomTom please tell me the way to go!
My Reindeers will pull me, ho ho ho!


Jason A

At the beginning of December several years ago my car was stolen; it was loaded with presents and cards to post to friends and family and several Christmas sacks to be dropped off to children and care homes and a couple of charities. I was extremely upset as I could not afford to replace the gifts and it meant relatives, friends and quite a few children and care home residents were not going to receive presents.
I felt rather too embarrassed to call up everyone and explain that they would not be receiving gifts that year, so I did not. But a week later I received a call from one of the care homes to say thank you for the sack of presents I had dropped off! I was so taken aback, I accused the caller of joking and being the car thief. I had to apologise after I noticed on the caller id it was the actual number for the care home. After explaining the situation the care home was great and gave the police a description of who delivered the presents and gave out a video of the person and my car.
Following this I called the other children and care homes and charities to see if they had received the gifts, and they all had. When the police checked with these places the same person had delivered the gifts in my car!
This was so strange, I had my car stolen by a thief with a conscience, or at least with some Christmas spirit. It was quite amusing. Later I and the police were even more amused to find out that not only had the thief turned out to be a sort of Father Christmas by delivering my sacks of presents, he had also posted all of my gifts and cards to my friends and family, including paying for some of the postage!
That was not the only silver lining to the cloud over my Christmas. In February my car was found and the thief tracked down. The thief was found because he had used the satnav to go to the children and care homes and also to his own home. So the police used this to track the thief.
So my Christmas was a bit of a nightmare, but the satnav saved the day; presents were delivered and the thief was caught. A happy ending for all but the thief in the end.


Susan Wilshire

My nightmare journey wasn’t actually at Christmas but it did involve a Christmas Tree.
3 years ago my hubby and I decided we would go the whole hog for Christmas and get a real Christmas Tree direct from a farm.
We chose a tree and as we didn’t have the roof rack attached we wedged the tree into the back seat with the top of the tree draping beautifully over my shoulder in the passenger seat.
All was going well on the drive home until we got stuck in a traffic jam on the A14 because an accident had blocked the whole road some distance in front.
Hubby decided he knew the way home via back roads. I really should have learnt my lesson by now but I just said ‘Oh well, let’s turn off then, it;s got to be better than sitting in a jam’.
3 hours later we were still driving around the back roads of Northamptonshire looking for our way back to Warwickshire.
By the time we got home I never wanted to see, smell or touch a christmas tree ever again.
Hubby always thinks he knows a short cut and we always end up getting lost. WE really do need a Tom Tom!
Funnily enough I’ve never bought one of those pine scented car air fresheners since!


Claire Richards

In 2012, a SatNav would have been a winner

To help us reach our Christmas dinner

With a 2 month old baby and a car full of pressies

We had to navigate to our long-lost ‘rellies

The roads were unfamiliar and long and dark

And to make matters worse, we couldn’t park

We got lost and wasted minutes and hours

That’s why this year, the turkey’s at ours!


Sharon Chambers

Well our most memorable Christmas to date was last years. We moved from Cheshire to Wiltshire just under 200 miles, the weekend before Christmas Day. My partner Steve came up with his son and a van to take all our stuff down with him and I was following with my disabled Mum and dog in my corsa.
Everything was going well Steve and Elliot left us at 11am as planned, Steve had his trusty TomTom and I had my other make of SatNav. I got Mum and the dog sorted and into the car plus all the other bits we hadn’t got onto the van. We were ready to go it was 1pm Sunday afternoon we are all set to go and my car won’t start…
For what seemed like ages I sat there thinking what do I do now? We have nothing left in the house no furniture or food , Mum has her wheelchair but that was it, now it was getting late and we were 3 miles from town, and Steve was somewhere on the motorway driving to our new home. We luckily have RAC membership and I called them they were wonderful got out to us within 30 minutes and said they thought the battery needed replacing they managed to get the car going and just said you need to get this looked at asap.
Luckily there was a KwikFit in town I called them and they said to bring the car over. They checked the car and they said that the battery was fine but they thought the alternator might be about to go but they didn’t have any in stock we’d have to come back after Christmas Day. So what was I to do go back to an empty house and be stranded or take a chance and make our way down to Salisbury? The guy at KwikFit said we should be okay just don’t use anything in the car unless you really need to and if you suddenly feel the power draining pull over as soon as you can as that the alternator draining all the power out off the car.
I called Steve who had just text to say they’d just stopped at the services. He agreed with me to take a chance and see how we got on as we did at least have the reassurance that if the worst happened I could call the RAC and they would get us to our new home, although I had no idea how they’d get Mum into the van if that happened. So off we went it was now 3.30 pm on a very wet Sunday afternoon so not only did I have to put on the lights I had to use the wipers too, I also wasn’t able to plug in my SatNav so I only had the charge that was in it.
So there I was no SatNav, no radio and having to hope the M6 would be quite and we’d not get stuck in traffic. We got about half way stopped at the services just before the M5, we all freshened up as best as we could and set off again. I can tell you it was a heart stopping moment turning that key and hearing the engine turn. I decided then that I’d have to put the SatNav on as I wasn’t to sure on the rest of the journey. According to the SatNav it was going to be another 3 hrs to get to our new home.


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  1. Sharon Chambers December 1, 2014 at 7:34 pm -  Reply

    Wow I never thought I’d be a winner thank you it is a lovely surprise for us all I’m going to treat everyone here to something special from QVC thank you for helping to make this Christmas one to remember for all the right reasons. Merry Christmas everyone x

  2. Jason A December 3, 2014 at 6:54 pm -  Reply

    I never win anything, until now! Wow! I am so chuffed, I am looking forward to receiving the prize and gifting some special people with QVC goodies.

    HO! HO! HO!

    Have a fantastic Christmas QVC

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