Reaching new milestones


Bex at graduationHello everyone.
We seem to have reached a few milestones in the Olley household recently – most obviously having no school children in the family. Billy received a commendable set of results for his GCSEs including 9 A to C grades with A and B grades in the all important Maths and English.

He has now left school to take his snowboard coaching course as soon as snow falls in Canada, and he has already been interviewed for a job at the indoor snow centre in Hemel Hempstead until he heads overseas. Fingers crossed!

Charlie has managed to secured himself a summer internship with a sports marketing company for next year even though he hasn't even started this year at Uni yet, although he is back at Bath for pre-season hockey training.


Bex in graduation gownAnd Bex has started the second phase of her medical training – she will spend the next three years learning her trade in hospitals in and around London. She graduated in Medical Sciences with Orthopaedic sciences last week so she now has the letters BSc after her name, but there's still a long way to go before there's a Dr before it!

The graduation ceremony was a proud moment for us – we joined Bex, her friends and their parents for the formal event, and then indulged in pink champagne and canapes att the reception afterwards. University College London is proud of its history and heritage and we really enjoyed being part of it for an evening. I've added a photo of Bex in her academic robes and also a video of her few seconds of glory as she was awarded her degree!


Bex with another cakeJust before this all happened, we celebrated Rebecca's coming of age birthday. Although 18 is the legal age for becoming an adult, there is something that feels more significant about 21.

At 18, they might think they're grown up, but us real grown ups know that they're still miles off, don't we?! Now, though, Bex has to cope with things like electricity bills and the price of bread and bus fares, and she's well and truly one of us. We had a close family meal with her on the day, and then a bigger party in glorious sunshine in our garden at the weekend. So she had two cakes – photos provided!




Bex with cakeIt was strange to think that it was so long ago that our first born arrived on the scene. It makes me think that I must be getting old, although I don't always feel it (I must say, though, I do after a week of early starts for the Morning Show!) I must be getting there,  because there is one final milestone to mention… Olley and I are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary on 5th September!!

We met in 1983 just before my 23rd birthday, and married four and a half years later. I know many of you reading this have many more years of marriage under your belts than we do, but I feel happy and proud that we're still going strong after all these years.


One of the reasons is that we enjoy doing things together, and when our celebrations are over I will tell you how we marked the occasion. Luxury hotel? Glamorous trip abroad? Big party? None of the above! I'll leave you guessing until next time!

Until then, take care.
Love Kathy xxx


  1. Christine Jones September 7, 2012 at 12:37 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    How wonderful to share in your special events blog… It really made my day, Just recovering from pleurisy so not been doing much!! What a truly lovely family you have Kathy, you have been very blessed its clear to see, but then, it is said that we reap what we sow and you have obviously sown an incredible amount of time and love and devotion to yours and it is evident for all to see… Oh its lovely.. Special times and milestones live with us forever, it brought back so many personal memories for me too, my children s 21st s and graduation time is ultra wonderful. We are approaching our 39th anniversary on the 15 September and i still remember vividly our 25th to Canada.. We havent travelled much so that was very memorable and brings back wonderful memories still.. Whatever you do Kathy, have the most amazing time you so deserve.. Your joy and zest for life and for your family is contagious and I share that with you you are a real blessing… Bex will make a very special Dr, people she meets will be all the better for having been cared for by her I just know, I can see it in her and Billy and Charlie will be the same in their chosen vocations, they ve all worked so hard and they ve had wonderful parents who ve reached their own goals in life and I thank you Kathy for letting us all share in that… MANY SPECIAL BLESSINGS AND LOVE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL XXX… AND MAY YOUR SILVER TURN TO GOLD!!!! in this JUBILEE AND OLYMPIC YEAR WE WILL NEVER FORGET….. As for us, we expect our new grand daughter in November.. New beginnings for all..!!
    Bless you Kathy and Olley , love overcomes all things and true love shows… Happy 25 th wedding Anniversary it is an achievement and 3 beautiful children are the fruits of that what more can anyone ask for.. Wonderful, just wonderful!!Oh not forgetting Barney of course!!
    With love
    Christine xxxxxx

  2. Susan September 10, 2012 at 12:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy,
    Wonderful blog, gorgeous daughter and stunning mother too, and successful happy marriage. I’d say that’s a gold star all round!! Cannot wait to hear what you did for the 25th anniversary! Lovely to hear you have had a great few weeks. You must be very proud of all your offspring.
    Hope you enjoyed the ceremony last night. I thought it was great.
    Chat soon,
    Susan x

  3. Kathy t September 10, 2012 at 1:01 pm -  Reply

    Thanks so much, Christine. I hope you’re feeling better – pleurisy can really take you down and leave you feeling low on energy. You will celebrate your 39th anniversary on the day Billy turns 17 years old – he can’t wait to start learning to drive! I will raise a glass to you and your husband as we toast Billy as well. And good luck for the birth of your granddaughter – a wonderful time for you to look forward to.
    Olley and I are in our new motorhome (well, it’s 17 years old but our gift to each other) returning from a few days in Wales to celebrate our anniversary. We have had a wonderful time – I will tell you about it and post some pictures when I have a moment.
    With very best wishes
    Kathy x

  4. Christine Jones September 12, 2012 at 9:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    So lovely to hear from you and thank you for sharing your news about your new motor home!!! Sounds great, how exciting and very special i am sure you re going to make some treasured memories on your travels together. We will be in Wales on our anniversary, we go nearly every year and love it and we can take our dog William so he s excited, we ll also toast your Billy on his 17th birthday so its raised glasses all round..X Our boys couldnt wait to start driving either, it gives them that extra freedom and independence and means that they dont need mums (or dads) taxi!!
    Look forward to seeing photos of the new addition motor home .. (has she got a name?!)
    Its very special of you to reply, you are a busy mum I know, I hsd to blog though as you had really lifted me and reassuringly told me that it takes a while to recover from… I dont do poorly, still I was able to read and ponder (when I wasnt asleep!!!)
    Look forward to hearing about your adventures and seeing your lovely photos..
    Love Christine

  5. christine September 14, 2012 at 6:37 am -  Reply

    when you are on with the prepology guy, he always says the recipes are on the website, and yesterday said the one for flapjacks was there, but I can’t find them. Can you help?

  6. Denise September 18, 2012 at 9:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy, Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary. I too met my husband in 1983 and we were married the following year – he was a quick worker!
    Well done to Bex – you must be so proud as I’m sure you are of all your children.
    Love Denise

  7. Elizabeth Smith September 29, 2012 at 10:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    Belated Anniversary greetings to you and your husband. My husband and I were also married on 5th September but in 1981 we have just celebraated 31 years together. Heres to the next 25 for you both

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