QVC US Oscars party, Antthony and Universal, plus Rob Locke’s play!


Debbie in LAThis week –

– Off to LA – and behind the scenes at the QVC US Oscars party – what a setting!

– Antthony and I hit the streets of Universal Studios for a roller coaster ride – literally!

– Old QVC pal Rob Locke gets a starring role on stage in LA – and is rather good!

– Sneaky peeks and bloopers

– Plus – Oscar winner round up.

Oh my goodness what a lovely week it’s been so far! Some fabulous first time experiences on my week away in the LA sunshine on hols. And catching up with two super pals. Oh and a final call for entries to my Red Carpet Manicure competition (closes 4th). Go here to see the amazing prize worth £170 and find out more on how to enter (click here)


So there I was planning to touchdown, meet up with The Man, to go to Mel’s Diner, then crash out as I normally do, the night I arrive in LA. Then I get an email from The Boss, who says ‘whilst you’re there, do you fancy popping along to the QVC US Oscars party – it’s at the Four Seasons.

No work to do, just attend if you’d like to!’ Would I?! Be rude NOT to! Lol.

I felt a bit like Cinderelly cos my plane was arriving so late I may only get there as it all ended at 9.30! Things start early and end early in LA. So I ‘ohmmmed’ some luck to help me get there in time – and it worked! Half hour early to touchdown at LAX, no traffic from airport to hotel (unheard of) and I got to the ‘do’ around 8.45pm! And what a lovely scene it was to behold!

The big spinning ‘Q’ in the centre looked like it was coated in diamonds – or should I say diamonique! It was nice to observe the spectacle of the grand QVC US party setting, and my first time inside the amazing twenties style glamour of the Four Seasons Hotel – it’s where a lot of the film industry people meet up, apparently. And it was nice to have a chat with a couple of the guests milling around at the party, and have a little wander over to watch the red carpet area, where the celebs were all being photographed.

There was also a separate set up specifically for the live TV shows that QVC US were beaming back to viewers that evening, eg with the Kardashians. I just missed our lovely Tova Borgnine and Ken Paves (pictured here).

Ken paves











But the atmosphere was great albeit a bit nippy (evenings are unusually cold in LA at the mo!) and by all accounts it was an amazing turn out. For QVC, one of the best pre-Oscars parties ever (even if it was one of the worst Oscar hosts ever for the actual ceremony! – see below). Anyway, if anyone in the US is reading this and saw any of the QVC Oscar party coverage on QVC in the US last weekend, do leave a comment below to let the UK gang know what it was like! Meanwhile here’s what it was like inside the Four Seasons at the QVC party!



Apart from the great and the good, CEO’s of the company and some fantastic celebrity guests, there were dozens of staff and vendors and competition winners and the like. Several of the photos made the papers and online news platforms, like The Huffington Post (click here to read it all) and even our own The Sun (click here to see more celebrity guests in their feature) Did you read any of it? Cool eh!


From the UK contingent, our lovely QVC UK PR lady Charlotte and co were there waiting, so I went to catch up with them and have a chat with Chrissie Reeves, from OK! magazine, who was kindly reporting for us! Do go here to read her excellent Q-Gossip feature if you haven’t seen it already (click here) to find out more about it from Chrissie’s side. And once you’ve seen those photos, here she is in person to describe what a fab night she had.





 As you can imagine the whole town goes crazy for the Oscars. Much of the centre of LA is shut off for the biggest night of the year here, as they erect the scaffolding and lay out the red carpet for the pre-show catwalk. The night before, we went to have a nosy, and this is what it was like. Funny to see eight foot ‘Oscar’ outside in his cellophane!




Debbie in the dinerThen we went round the corner onto Highland to the famous Mel’s Diner – my fave Hollywood eatery chain – where the onion rings must’ve known we were in town! Yes there was really a Q! lol.

The next night it was of course Oscars night, and I went to a film producer (Mr BOMT’s manager’s) place to watch the results – which was very nice.

But what a disappointment we all had to watch ‘Family Guy/Ted’ megastar Seth McFarlane hosting – the general perception was that his comments were far too mean – what did you think? (you can search it on youtube there will probably be loads of clips!). Noone here liked it according to the buzz the next day, including Antthony.

But what an amazing night for films – this year’s performances were all outstanding and well done to the winners – specially Argo. If you’re a regular, you may recall back in October, I posted a blog with a review and loved it. Well done to Ben Affleck for Best Film. (see below) And I’m due to watch Lincoln at the end of the week, so will post my review on it next week!

Anyway it was a good experience to be in LA during Oscars weekend for the first time ever, and hopefully it won’t be my last! Let me know what you thought of the awards and the show by leaving me a comment below!


Antthony and Debbie at Universal StudiosANTTHONY AND ME AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS 

One of my other highlights of the week was a trip to Universal Studios with my lovely mate – it’s a bit like Chessington only with film themes. And much more spectacular attractions!

Antthony is such fun to be with and he’s such a lovely guy too – we had a good old gossip and then I persuaded him to come on the Mummy’s Tomb coaster ride with me – and he hates roller coasters!

It was a bit more coast than roll, so he’d agreed, but it was still reeeeeally fast! Then the amazing Transformers 3D experience – I loved it and went on twice – but Antthony declined! Hehe!


The whole place is set on a sprawling hillside site – see the top pic above – so half-way up between the FOUR huge escalators connecting the top lot to the lower lot, there’s a pretty impressive view!




Bates motel and who-villeThere was so much to see – including the back lot Universal Tour – where you are driven around some of the famous sets.

Two that caught my eye were these.

First, part of Who-ville, from The Grinch, which funnily enough still lies intact, but is directly behind the museum piece set – Hitchcock’s BATES’ MOTEL from Psycho – how funny!



Desperate housewivesThen we drove past elements of Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, a New York set, an Italian type set used in Pirates of the Caribbean, Jaws lake, and even part of Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives.

There was an amazing 3D King Kong segment, where we donned our little glasses, and were splashed with water from the dinosaurs in the mega fight (t-rex spit! Lol). A great day!



Deb and AntthonyWe also went to the spectacular Waterworld The Show – with high-diving acrobatics and pyrotechnics and a real flying plane crashing into the tank! Anyway Universal was great – something else I’d never done! And I’d love to go again – highly recommended. We had such fun!

And I passed on some of your comments to Antthony about what you’ve been wanting in his designs – from those of you who requested things like higher necklines for those that can’t wear low, via facebook.


(see below on how to contact me there – otherwise leave a comment below or preferably tweet direct @antthony).

He was very interested and all has been noted! Now I can’t wait for May when Antthony is back with us again.


Another pal I managed to catch up with is Rob Locke – former QVC presenter and now making a career as an actor in LA where he lives with his American wife and their son.

He just happened to be on the final weekend of an unusual show which is a story told in the first half as a tragedy and in the second half as a comedy. Rob was particularly good, I have to say – I was very impressed and quite proud!

A lot of the write-ups from critics also singled him out (like this one – click here to read the LA Times comments).

I definitely thought Rob was the best thing in it, and I very much enjoyed it – specially the first half. The second half is a bit weird, admittedly!



Rob Locke castThis pic is the cast in costume from that section!

He’s a busy bee, is Rob, but sends all his love to those of you who remember him and will be reading this blog so do put any comments below if you’d like to wish him well!

Or find him on Facebook or Twitter @roblockeontv (BTW another old QVC face is also on the stage in Lincoln this weekend onwards – see below)



BLOOPER – Since I spent the day with Antthony in LA, I have to bring you another rib-tickler from his recent shows on QVC UK… see below…



Talking of old pals, final reminder that a very special book launches on QVC on Monday morning 4th! It’s called ‘One Hundred Lengths of the Pool’ by our own Julia Roberts, an autobiography with a clever twist. Julia and I go back to several years before we both came to QVC, and worked on local cable show Cable 17 for Telewest and I’m looking forward to getting mine – I’ve already ordered it! Let’s see if we can buy enough to get it into the hardback charts! Item 701946 (Click here)


Paul– Paul Lavers, our old shopping telly buddy, is on the stage this coming week (28th till Saturday 9th March) as Frank in Educating Rita at the Lincoln Theatre Royal! Good luck Paul! Or Break a Leg as the thesps say! lol.

Anyone fancy joining me in a trip to see him?!

More info from @paullavers on twitter.



School milk– Facebook Nostalgia – this pic is doing the rounds this week – how old school – literally!

Do you remember the days of free school milk?

It really dates a generation or two that’s for sure! I recall loving the flavour even though it was always slightly warm, and the last bit was where the cream was, since the straw drank from the bottom first! Yum!

I don’t drink milk now, of course, but this pic brought back some nice memories! Does it for you?

Here in America they have a thing called ‘half and half’ which is theoretically half cream, half milk, and it’s what you get in cartons for your coffee. (Unless you take your own almond milk around with you like I now do! Hehe!)


Facebook saying– Facebook Saying – thought this was a nice one, given the anguish that goes on all around you in LA – where every busboy or bartender is a would-be performer of some kind.

I like this – a bit of a motto for me!

It’ll probably have to be given how long it’s taken to get my first novel finished! Lol. Still – not far off now – the first three chapters are out with some lovely facebook friends, my beta readers – I’ll keep you informed when it’s finally available! Till then I’ll keep on with the dreams!




WATCH – Too much to include this week, review wise, so in this grand old Oscar blog, do revisit some of my previous but very timely blogs – go here to see my review for Les Miserables (Click here), go here to see the review for Argo last October (click here) and watch out next week to see the new review for Best Actor Oscar-winning ‘Lincoln’ starring our own Daniel Day Lewis. And if they ever have a new category – Best Actor Called Paul Rudd, I know who I’d vote for! Lol.

So this week I'm reviewing Zero Dark Thirty, which I went to see at the Arclight theatre in Sherman Oaks in LA. It's a gritty military operation movie, tracking Osama Bin Laden, and got a mention in the Oscars cos its lead, Jessica Chastain, was nominated for Best Actress (which of course went to Silver Linings Playbook star, 'Hunger Games' actress Jennifer Lawrence).

The story is gripping, and interesting as a document of parallel political events occurring in the CIA behind the scenes , next to the atrocities of the noughties. But my goodness is it long. Overlong torture scenes which were more uncomfortable than graphic for instance. I'm glad I saw it tho, for her entirely believable, powerful performance, which ups it from a 7.75 to an 8 out of ten. 




An easy one this week – it’s this Sunday – and the 3 EZ pay day! Since it’s 3/3/2013 all items all day are on 3-pay! Including the Elemis TSV I warned you about last week.

It's also our Mothers and Daughters event this Monday so I wanted to share a few words about my own. As a mother I've been lesser with the most wonderful Best Friend called Lauren – she's an old soul and often more wise than me!

Debbie's daughter LaurenShe's 23 now, living in Bath, so I value every precious moment of 'mummy and Lauren' time we get to spend – like on this recent dog walk, when she indulged me enough to wait whilst I took about 20 pics to get the light just right in this photo! When I'm a grown up I want to be like my daughter!

And advance warning – having worn a lot of Yong Kim (as well as Antthony of course!) when I was away, I’m pleased to say you should book your place in front of the telly next week on Thursday night (7th) for a fab first Yong Kim Fashions bargain – a Today’s Special Value.

I’ll be launching at midnight with my lovely pal Ingrid Tarrant – pic next week!



Yes, it’s my turn to co-host ‘Anything Goes’ again! Yay! It’s the first one for me since I did the very first show early January. It’s our regular (when there are no events on) Saturday night fun-filled extravaganza, 8-10pm, and this week it’s me and none other than Charlie Farley! With Chloe doing the IT bit.

Come back next week for some clips of the show! 'Another show worth watching out for is the launch of Miele white goods when we mark the 2nd anniversary on Saturday (2nd). In the 3 Miele hours we are showing a washing machine, a tumble dryer (with a unique perfume diffusion system), a fridge freezer and a dishwasher.

Miele are doing the delivery, installation (disconnection of the old machine if required) and demo / test, plus take away service of the old machine. How's that for service!

Also next week – any other snippets from my week in LALA land! Don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

NB you can post it under any name you want, and your email address is kept private. See below for more ways to keep in touch!

Best wishes Debs X

PS – Do leave me a comment on the blog above!

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  1. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen February 27, 2013 at 3:39 pm -  Reply

    very busy blog as always debbie .if you see paul give my regard .hopefully he will maybe be back on qvc on eday.i am enjoying anice 2 lazy weeks off work on holiday.hope your son brad and and daughter are well

  2. Michelle Roberts February 28, 2013 at 3:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, what a fabulous blog Hun, oh you know how to enjoy yourself, I’m off to LA in November just booked flights, well we are doing a tour of San Francisco, Las Vegas and LA and I’ve always wanted to visit the universal studios , I can’t wait and your blog has really got me excited now.
    I wished I lived closer I would love to go see Paul Lavers as Frank in Educating Rita with you, I miss him on TV he’s such a funny guy.
    I remember the days of free milk at school, I have one particular memory of 1976 when we truly had a very hot summer and the crate of milk had been left outside far to long and it was disgusting, funny to this day i don’t like milk !
    Glad you had a lovely week in LA, look forward to seeing you back on on telly soon.
    Big hugs to you x x.

  3. carol dilsworth February 28, 2013 at 5:30 pm -  Reply

    i remember the warm milk not good memory of those days,
    i hated it we were made to drink it all ,
    i cant drink milk at all these days.i suffered with asthma so dairy used to set me off, ican still taste it now {horrible}.
    ilove reading your blog xx carol dilsworth.

  4. Cath March 1, 2013 at 10:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    I don’t usually write comments, but after starting to get involved with Twitter I seem to have caught the bug!
    Love reading your blogs though and particularly snippets of information about past presenters. I always loved Rob Locke and wondered what had happened to him. I spotted him on an American shopping channel a year or so ago and learnt that he was living in the US. I am really pleased that life seems to be going well for him and that he is married with a son. I would have loved to marry him myself, but I’m old enough to be his mother!!
    Good to hear about Paul Lavers too. It was always fun to watch all three of you and could usually guarantee a good laugh.
    Will be pleased to see you back on screen, Debbie, after what sounds like a good week away!
    Thanks for bringing laughter into my life!

  5. Sue Kemp March 2, 2013 at 12:28 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Your blogs are always entertaining. I remember Rob Locke very well, and thought he was great on QVC, I am so pleased he is doing so well over in the States. I know it was a big move for him and so glad it has paid off..
    I miss seeing Paul Lavers on our screens, but glad he is keeping busy, I am sure he will be very good in his theatrical role, wish them both well please.
    best wishes

  6. Sue Kemp March 2, 2013 at 12:37 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Having just read Julia’s latest blog, I expect you like the rest of us are very shocked and concerned about her health, I know you are friends with Julia and have known each other for many years, when you see her nexrt can you please give her a big hug from all her QVC friends, thankyou. Suexx

  7. Tamie & Mila March 2, 2013 at 1:35 am -  Reply

    Hi glad you’re back cos we def need you here in the UK with us!! Yeah, we’re needy and greedy like that!!ha
    Did you get to meet any celebs on the QVC redcarpet? You looked great after just getting off a plane! Then it’s when you come back home that you don’t look so good, not you personally, should have used “one” instead. One does not look good.
    We would love to go a la theatre with you!

  8. jenny Longworth March 3, 2013 at 11:39 am -  Reply

    Fab blog as usual, Debbie! Always packed full of interesting and funny things to read. Looks like you had an amazing time in LA. I’m so jealous!
    I’d love to come to Lincoln with you! It’s where I’m from and I love it! Used to go to the Pantomimes at the Theatre Royal, Lincoln for years when my son was little.
    Keep all your blogs coming, Debbie – love them!
    Best wishes
    Jenny XXXX

  9. Joan Comish,Isle of Man March 3, 2013 at 9:30 pm -  Reply

    Debbie many thanks for reading out the sizes slower I am sure others will be very grateful. You lookk fantastic in the together top and the super leggings. Looking at your son and daughter I cannot believe you have children that age. I love your comments and you have a really “dirty” laugh. Keep it up. Glad to have you back./x

  10. Ann March 5, 2013 at 5:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Looks like you had a great time in USA! I am also a big fan of Anttony Fashion Designs and can’t wait for his next visit. I also love the Yong Kim range and have ordered 2 of her items but both have had to be returned as I am a 2xl or 3xl in other QVC ranges and they do not fit. I am sure I speak for other larger ladies when I request the pieces to be available in larger sizes. I know you have also championed those of us requiring wider fitting shoes and in half sizes to be available on QVC…..I would like to agree as I will no longer buy shoes as most of them have to be returned and I do not like paying postage each time. I love watching your shows as they are always so entertaining….keep up the good work.

  11. debs f March 6, 2013 at 7:39 pm -  Reply

    Hi Martin – you can always contact Paul Lavers via @paullavers on twitter – am sure he likes to hear from old QVC people!
    best wishes
    : – )

  12. debs f March 6, 2013 at 7:41 pm -  Reply

    michelle – wow you go on some lovely holidays you and your Derek don’t you! What a marathon that’ll be in November! How’s the hand now after the op btw?
    Thanks again for your usual fab comments!

  13. debs f March 6, 2013 at 7:42 pm -  Reply

    Carol –
    I think you had a lucky escape! more and more people finding they’re allergic to Dairy so probably just as well! lol.
    Thanks so much for commenting – it’s always lovely to hear back from you guys – do come back again regularly to let me know what you think of my blogs!

  14. debs f March 6, 2013 at 7:45 pm -  Reply

    Cath –
    so glad Twitter got you blog-commenting as well hon – what a lovely response! Do come back again!
    yes it was fab to keep in touch with Rob – facebook is so good for that too I think – even the odd comment now and then and it feels like you’re keeping in touch with old pals!
    Yes I used to love shows with Paul – when we went off to other channels – mostly the same ones! – it was like a double act for a long time! Great guy!
    If I hear from any of the other old faces I will let you know!
    best wishes

  15. debs f March 6, 2013 at 8:16 pm -  Reply

    Sue –
    yes I will of course mention your good wishes to all three – particularly Julia as she’s going to be on with her book on this weekend’s (9th, 8pm) Anything Goes with me and Pippa, should be fun!
    It’s lovely to keep in touch with the guys too – will pass on your best!
    Thanks for commenting too!
    best wishes d

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