Pub quiz close call, part three of my novel is free! And two fab film reviews!


Pub quizThis week –

– QVC pub quiz – how did the presenters’ team do?

– Hawaiian Affair continues – part 3 free on promo till Wed 12th!

– Deb’s in the beauty hot seat Sunday midday with desert island picks.

– Lee and Craigy pretty in pink? Funny blooper!

– And double delight – J Edgar AND Silver Linings Playbook as DVD recommendations for you!

Plus – sneaky peeks of no less than THREE future special offers on QVC!


Another packed week chez Flint – well, chez The Pilot pub in Chiswick to be precise, in the first update for this week. When our manager Paul Slater managed to persuade five, yes five presenters to be all in the same place at the same time we beat the odds to enter a team into one of the regular pub quizzes run by our communications dept.

We were up against six other QVC teams… including the nutters behind us in the photo above – so funny! The night was young, the peanuts were flowing, the mood was tense… We sailed through a couple of easy ‘ guess the celeb’ rounds, plus music plus TV, then everything rested on the final ‘general knowledge’ round! We scored high – 19 out of 20 in fact, but the one we didn’t get in that round – what’s the name of the current Mr Katie Price*, was hardly GENERAL knowledge… was it?! Come ON – was it?! Would you have known it?!

We also fell down on the following – would you have got them? Who sang ‘Ghostbusters’ film chart hit?* And who played Catwoman in the 2004 Batman film?* (See below to find out if you’re right – no googling either! We didn’t, and neither can you! Hehe!).

RoomiesNevertheless, ‘Slaters’ Sirens’ – Julia, Carmel, Chloe, me and Catherine – did ourselves proud and came joint 3rd! First time all three of us ‘roomies’ have been out together too! Whoop whoop!

Roll on the next one! Ps and hopefully there’ll be a sports round ‘cos Chloe with her expert Sky Sports connections should romp it if there is! Nice to get out with the gang away from work, for a change anyway.





Well, as regulars will know, my first ever romance novel has been serialised on eBook on Amazon and hundreds of people have been downloading it – thank you so much!

So now, in week three, it’s with pride that I can announce a special offer – in true QVC style – a temporary free promo so you can download completely free, the next part – on eBook from amazon.

My 3rd juicy instalment takes our heroine Sadie and hero Mac into a whole new territory as it looks like the vital life-changing deal will be stolen away by an arch rival from under Mac’s nose – and so might Sadie!

Because so many of you have already downloaded part one and part two (part two having a choice of steamy or PG versions! Hehe), I wanted to let you get the next instalment for free – as a little thank you, to keep the overall price down for you guys. It’s the only time part 3 will be on free promo this year so please take advantage and go get it from this link, from Sat till Wednesday 12th. (Go here)

If you can’t wait, on Friday 7th, and from Thursday 13th, it’s 77p – lol!

Next week – part 4 – the dramatic conclusion – will finally be available – and it will also be 77p.

Then the week after, the highly anticipated paperback becomes also available from amazon… Exciting!

If you’ve read any of it, do leave me a comment and tell me what you like about it? Fankin you kindly!




As you know, it’s Beauty month on QVC and several special things have been happening. I told you last week about the new French organic range Melvita, only appearing in whole hours on our QVC Beauty channel (Sky 658, freesat, freeview) which I recorded with lovely guest Simon? Well that’s doing very well already. (Catch it on Sunday at 9am, Mon 6pm and Wed 3am.)

Then Will’s recording with me will be exclusively on the beauty channel at 1pm this Sunday. That’ll be just after my midday slot full of my beauty basics on our main live channel.


LindaYes, after Pipa’s show last week, it’s my turn in the Beauty Hot Seat this Sunday (9th) at midday – when many of my all time, absolute desert island products will be appearing – including Red Carpet Manicure with my lovely sis Linda the guest (she’s also on Friday night 7th at 1am after Kipling if you can join us!). And a lot more besides – do join me on QVC midday Sunday and see how many of my faves would be on your list too!


Not only that, but yours truly was also asked for my top products from the first 20 years of QVC for a special blog which is appearing on our main website ‘birthday celebrations’ segment – go here for more info. ‘Cos after all, QVC is 20 on 1st October! So much going on! If you’d like to tell me your ‘can't do without’ products, do kindly go here to the previous blog post, where you’ll also be able to read about my other faves. And if you can, do kindly add a comment at the bottom – it’s very easy (see below for how to do it if you never have – then do!)

Which ones would you list in your top 15? And do you remember the original QVC sets from the photos I’ve posted? Let me know! And don’t forget – midday Sunday – big show – would love you to be there too!


Still to come… snippets including some lovely sunny garden pics, sneaky peeks from Gatineau and fab cordless sweeper, plus film clips from two super DVD’s in the movie review!



As usual, a little recap of a recent highlight on air – and it’s one pointed out by my lovely facebook pal Sharon Harvey – she said she was killing herself laughing at Craigy and Lee’s antics when they were joking around whilst selling a super laptop last weekend – and it was pink. Yes, you can imagine, can’t you! It brought out the mischievous side of them both! (ps thanks to Craig for recording it for me – very kind! A bit longer than my usual ones, but hope you enjoy!).





One little one in this segment this week – and it’s just a quick mention that my brand new website is up and running – with the low down on my presenting background as well as links to all the books I’ve been doing.

It’s not finished yet, but if you’d like to go sign up for the newsletters, you can make sure you don’t miss any info and updates when new free book promos go on offer.

Also in months to come, there will be a lot of extra info about writing and how to upload to amazon and self-publish. And possibly an archive story – based on Bridget Jones’ Diary type format, all about the Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter… And much more, so do go sign up! (go here to find out more –



Planting with mumSNIPPETS

Planting out – at last! With the recent good weather, mum and I took advantage to spend the whole of Tuesday potting up the gazillions of QVC plug plants into baskets and pots – including Easyfill ones!

Now just hoping they grow ok. #MustRememberToWaterThePlants!

BTW, any tips on growing lilies fast? – mine are a pretty poor show so far, not got much chance in the presenter competition! Lol.




Daisy and fountain– My lovely three tier battery operated garden fountain arrived, and got put up pretty quickly. I think the birds love it, and it’s so pretty!

Have to keep the likes of Daisy dog away from it most of the time though – much as she’d love to jump up and drink from it. ‘Specially when the birds are on it!






Golddalming carnival– Godalming Carnival – bless it! Was very ‘bijoux’ but I enjoyed my fleeting visit just the same.

Then Lolly, my daughter, and clan came to the local Prezzo for supper, very enjoyable day it was too.

This Saturday – we’re going to the Abinger Common Medieval Fayre – fingers crossed for good weather again!





On the town with Lee and Hannah– Also had a lovely evening after work on Thursday, putting the world to rights at the Soho Hotel restaurant with IT guests and good pals of mine, Hannah Gray and Lee Hohbein. So funny as Lee’s iPhone had run almost flat, and lo and behold, guess what Hannah produced from her bag to charge it? Her Halo (sell out TSV last weekend). Funny – and sooo QVC, sweetie! Had some very interesting chats about potential future storylines for my ‘raunchy writing alter ego Tabitha Devlin’ to write! Can’t tell you any more – it’s a secret!


Seed bar– Healthy home-made snacks! Had a couple more comments about looking trimmer lately and I think it can only be the ‘freedom eating’ method – listening to your body about what to eat and when – (as mentioned in my Till the Fat Lady Slims book).

Anyway what I really felt like this week was something sweet – so these seed bars were just the ticket, from Marlene Watson Tara’s ‘macrobiotics for all seasons’.

Key ingredient? Low GI ‘brown rice syrup’ as sweetener. Delicious they were!



Words site– Here’s an interesting one – if you like languages – here are 12 brilliant words we don’t have in English – funny list – we should invent a word for these things! Do you know any others?

Go here to see more!






Spider– Look at the size of this spider! I wouldn’t mind, but it alerted me to its presence by crawling over my sleeve whilst I was on the sofa in my lounge this week, whilst watching my DVD – eurgh!!!

Wouldn’t mind, but it looked like it was settling down to watch it with me! I screamed, it legged it – eight times faster than humans – and the next I saw, it was half way up my wall! That’s a full size large yankee candle so it shows how big it is!





Facebook funny

– AND FINALLY – this week’s facebook funny – altogether – ahhhhh blesssss! 🙂









WATCH - ohhhhh some wonderful films this week! First J EDGAR – another stunning outing from Leonardo di Caprio – so good recently in Gatsby (reviewed two weeks back). Well J Edgar tells the story of the head of the FBI and why it came into being in post WW1 USA. How cops weren’t even allowed to be armed, and the fingerprinting that’s now standard didn’t even exist, and what J Edgar Hoover did to combat the lack of support for his beloved agency in the early days.

Apart from some questionable makeup on one of the two main actors in old age, and Judi Dench’s curious US accent, it was really, really well done. I like films based on true events, so this gets a good 8 out of ten from me – worth a rental!



And secondly this week, an even better rental recommendation – the multi award-winning SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, with Bradley Cooper in a gritty movie dealing with one man’s fight back from mental health problems and the woman who helps him pull through. She’s even more crazy than him – or is she? It’s not only got some incredibly good – and I mean incredibly good – performances from the supporting roles – including the mum (Jackie Weaver), and the dad (Robert de Niro) – it’s refreshingly original yet still grippingly powerful – kept me in rapt attention all thru’. Bit schmaltzy at the end, but you know what? I like a ‘pretty woman’ touch and it gets a big thumbs up from me!

With all the awards it’s been nominated for, if you’re a film buff, it’s probably already on your list. If not, add it! Funny and unpredictable at times, emotional and jaw-dropping at others. Just shows how some amazing films are still being made in poor old broken Hollywood. (I’m told many studios are struggling, many management companies are closing, due to the upheaval going on out there as a result of the lack of movies being made ‘old style’. It’s not a bad thing, I think in time it’ll force the industry to drag itself into the current age and leave behind the behemoth that was the old financing model. We’ll see…).

Anyway enjoy this trailer – great film – gets 8.75 from me – very very high indeed.






Two upcoming TSV’s for you – check out Gatineau from Saturday 15th – at last some DefiLift in a Today’s Special Value! Plus the GTech deluxe cordless vac makes a reappearance on Sunday 23rd after its amazing early sell out success first outing. Book your place in front of the telly! And let me know if you use either of them, by leaving me a comment below pls?











Big date for your diary in July – early warning – a massive amount of special one day only bargains all on one gala day – Sunday 7th July – it’s gonna be huge! And also on the same day – watch out for upcoming news of our Julia Roberts’ fundraising swimming gala – I’ll let you know where in the South of London it’ll be in case you’d like to come along and watch presenters and guests being silly in PJs and so on! Ps Julia’s book is also just up on amazon as an eBook too at £9.99!




– If you’re reading this in time – it’s a fab Kipling TSV on Friday night at midnight if you can join me for the launch (7th/8th)

Plus on Tuesday (11th) not only do we have a one day only bargain from Judith Williams (which I sneaky peeked a while back) but at 11pm, join me for a 4th anniversary special of one of our top slimming dress brands – Ronnie Nicole, famous for its built in O’So Slim lining.

Here’s one on special offer online right now (I have this one) – snap it up if they have your size, it's 151193

And don’t forget to check out our home page for the TV guide for up to four weeks ahead – you need never miss a show!

Judith Williams 151193










– The big showdown of my novel – the 4th and final instalment goes up on amazon – with the long-awaited paperback around 22nd June.

And – insider info – watch out for news of another free promo I’m planning to do for you kindle lovers in a few weeks’ time – ‘Hawaiian Affair, The Prequel’! Just exactly what DID happen to Sadie prior to her business trip to Hawaii…?! Meanwhile don’t forget from Saturday-Wed, part 3 of my eBook romance is on free promo on amazon. Snap it up! And let me know what you think!

Best wishes



P.s – pub quiz answers –

1. What’s the name of the current Mr Katie Price? Kieran Hayler

2. Who sang ‘Ghostbusters’ film chart hit? Ray Parker Junior (we got ‘Ray’, but it didn’t help!)

3. And who played Catwoman in the 2004 film? Halle Berry of course! Someone said Uma Thurman – boooo! Did you get them right?


p.p.s. Keep in touch! Do follow me for behind the scenes updates about upcoming bargains etc!

Twitter- @debbieflint

My QVC facebook page – click ‘like’-

Or leave a straightforward comment below – just post and there you go! Easy!

Looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. Tamie & Mila June 9, 2013 at 12:09 am -  Reply

    Oh Debbie those questions weren’t that hard, was going to say easy, never mind. Everyone likes the Silver Linings Playbook, my friend keeps raving on about it. (Between you and me it’s cos of Bradley!eww spiders, don’t get me started. They seem to be getting bigger every year!

  2. debbs f June 10, 2013 at 10:34 pm -  Reply

    Mila –
    Hope you got those damn spiders! I still keep thinking about Silver Linings Playbook – it really is a stand out film! Next time I go to a pub quiz, you’re on my team, if you knew those answers! hehe! dx

  3. Maureen Brookes June 11, 2013 at 5:08 pm -  Reply

    OMG I hate spiders and once I have seen it I can’t rest until its caught. I make my husband take it outside and you are supposed to tell them not to come back, thats the spider not the husband …. although its not a bad idea !!! lol. I’m not that good at pub quiz’s either, I only know them when they tell me the answer but at least its fun to take part. xx

  4. Debbs f June 12, 2013 at 11:59 am -  Reply

    Maureen –
    Haha u make me laugh – perhaps the husband should stand outside with the spider and tell them BOTH to behave or they cant come back inside! Lol.
    I really dont mind spiders as i know they do a good job, but this one was initially on the couch! Eurgh! Lol
    Hugs x

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