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With our Pampered Pets show on Sunday 8th January at 1pm filled with treats and grooming goodies for your best friends, we decided to catch up with our presenters to find out more about their pets and how they like to be pampered (the pets… not the presenters).

Let’s start with Dale Franklin, with two bouncy bearded collie dogs (a.k.a beardies) called Toby and Ellie.
How do they like to be pampered?
With an ear massage and food (not in that order).

Describe their personality
Toby is easy-going and loves sleeping on his back, Ellie is cheeky and doesn’t lie still for more than five minutes, always on the go

What’s their favourite thing?
For Ellie, it’s chasing anything that moves: squirrels, pigeons or a ball. Toby? It has to be food!

What’s their least favourite thing?
Toby hates fireworks, even their sound on the TV, Ellie hides when we produce a brush!

Chloe Everton’s famous Teddy is a cava-poo or a pood-alier (whichever way around takes your fancy).
How does Teddy like to be pampered?
He doesn’t like being pampered, just his tummy tickled and roast chicken.

Describe his personality
He’s intelligent and observant, but cautious.

What’s Teddy’s favourite thing?
He loves squeaky balls and chicken.


Mr Will Gowing has two border terriers called Lola (below right) and Freddie (left). They’re officially his mum’s dogs, but they often stay with Will, and of course Lola joined QVC each weekend for The Saturday Night Show back in 2015!
How do they like to be pampered?
They’re both pretty low maintenance to be honest, they have their coats hand-stripped when necessary and the obligatory bath when they have rolled in something not so great!

Describe their personality
They have very different personalities, Freddie is still very young so each day is one big adventure for him, he spends his day exploring everything and then sleeps. Lola is older, so very chilled, she loves being with people.

What’s their favourite thing?
Lola’s would have to be squirrels, she’s obsessed, I have quite a few trees outside of my bedroom window and she will just sit on the bed staring waiting to see one.
Freddie’s is anything new and anything he can chew!

What’s their least favourite thing?
Lola doesn’t like the cold, if it’s grotty weather outside you have to drag her out for a walk, she’s a fair weather kinda gal, she also hates it when people sneeze (I’ve no idea where that particular aversion came from), oh and also dislikes it when you rustle plastic bags – she’s quite particular really! Freddie hates missing out, if he can’t get into a room or one person leaves a room and he can’t follow he gets a bit upset, I think it must be his age and the need to know – and be involved in – everything, bless him!


Simon has two dogs which are Brittanys called Jamie and Toby, two cats called Ruby and Lucky, as well as 12 chickens!

As for the dogs…

How do they like to be pampered?
They love to sit on my lap and have their ears tickled.

Describe their personality
Toby is a young (two year old) nut who herds our cats and never likes to be alone. Jamie is old and wise (nearly 10) who finds the comfiest place and only appears when there is food or a lead.

What’s their favourite thing?
No question, going out for a good run in the fields.

What’s their least favourite thing?
Showertime after they have rolled in fox poo.

Debbie has two 6 year old dogs called Daisy and Gracie, these ladies are chocolate ‘flabradors’, as Debbie likes to call them: ‘Not some complicated breed, just ‘fat labradors!’.
daisy-and-gracieHow do they like to be pampered?
They love the big Aga Rayburn to lay in front of so after their long walks and as you can see, they are very happy! They are actually losing weight now as well as they have so much exercise nowadays!

Describe their personality
Gracie is so lovable and cute, eager to please and intelligent, she learns tricks faster whereas Daisy took a little bit longer as she is a bit more nervous.

What’s their favourite thing?
Sadly they both have joint problems and Gracie lost one eye in an accident and bumps into things occasionally, but they are happy dogs, love people and have very waggy tails. They have the softest fur and love laying on their backs for a tickle. The other night when I was catching up on Christmas films, they didn’t move for about two hours! They’re great company for me as well!

Charlie has two sister cairn terriers (like ToTo in ‘Wizard of Oz’!).

How do they like to be pampered?
They love food! Love treats! They love going for walks and chasing a ball…

Describe their personality
They’re cheeky, very mischievous, often stubborn but loyal, loving and bursting with personality. I couldn’t wish for a more characterful two.

What’s their favourite thing?
Food! But Bramble has an affection for her toy rabbit… Slippers and Shoes!

What’s their least favourite thing?
To be left behind if we go out without them!

Julia has a ‘black and white moggy’ called Poppy and a black cat called Wilfie.
How do they like to be pampered?
Poppy likes to be brushed, particularly around the face, Wilfie likes cuddles and sitting on anyone wearing a Slanket.

Describe her personality
Poppy is timid but a bit feisty too, Wilfie is loving but independent.

What’s their favourite thing?
Poppy loves sleeping, Wilfie loves rubbing himself against wet legs (after a person has been in the bath or shower).

What’s their least favourite thing?
Wilfie doesn’t like being brushed, and for Poppy, it’s other cats!


Comment below to share how your pets love to be pampered too!

Make sure you tune in Sunday at 1pm for our Pampered Pets hour, and visit our pet care range online.

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  1. marie January 5, 2017 at 5:56 pm -  Reply

    Chloe What a lovely blog. I sadly no longer have dogs and cats of my own but I do enjoy seeing other peoples pampered pets. Its lovely to read about the presenters pets they are all gorgeous and obviously bring a lot of love and laughs to everyone. I hope you and Teddy have a great 2017 with lots of adventures. xx

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