Pottering is wonderful but procrastinating leads to wasp stings


I often used to wonder what my Dad was doing in the garage on a Sunday, when I asked he’d say ‘pottering’. What I now realise is that I too potter, it’s kind of occupying oneself doing various tasks in quite a pleasant way – I love pottering, pottering is enjoyable because it’s usually done when time is on your side! You see pottering is an adult activity, only adults can potter.

Pottering doesn’t involve the more laborious tasks of filing tax forms or doing ones accounts, it’s much more ‘dead heading’ or moving things around that don’t really need moving, it’s aimless but with thought. Please don’t get this mixed up with tinkering, this is totally different. With tinkering you have a specific outcome usually to change or fix something, whereas with pottering there’s no clear end goal but you may achieve something, you just never know, the end result isn’t pre-determined before the task is underway.

Pottering just kind of takes its own natural journey that we’re often not in control of. Saying that, pottering brings more productivity than dilly-dallying. Dilly-dallying is faffing, I’d never do this because I’m sort of a ‘no nonsenses kind of girl’ so you’d never catch me dawdling in a dream world. Dilly dallying is more like dawdling but often the dilly-dallier doesn’t know that he/she is dilly-dallying around. So pottering is kind of a lovely enjoyable way to do jobs that don’t need doing when you have time on your hands.

Kind of like the song ‘busy doing nothing working the whole way through, trying to find lots of things not to do’! I tell you what I am guilty of is procrastination, when I sat down to write this blog it was going to be about how much I love the upcoming Decleor Today’s Special Value (TSV) that contains face and body heroes and multi-taskers, but you see I started to potter in my head and this is where it got me. So I’m still writing the blog but it’s taken me until now to get to the subject matter!

So here goes… no more pottering, tinkering, dilly-dallying, faffing, dawdling or procrastination just everything you need to know about Decleor this weekend!

Firstly, Prolagene Lift has been named Lavender Fine with all the same products you know and love but in new, sleek, contemporary packaging, so to celebrate that upgrade Decleor have put this great package together for you that we have as our TSV this Sunday (11th of August):

Decleor Firming & Energising Five-Piece Skincare Collection

It includes…

NEW Lavender Fine Bath & Shower Gel (400ml; supersize)

A gently cleansing, SLS-free and aloe vera-based gel formula, which works to soothe and condition skin and leave you feeling relaxed. Infused with lavender essential oil, plus coconut extract and salicylic acid.

Prolagene Gel (400ml; supersize)

This refreshing gel has been developed for use on your face and body. Featuring L-Proline Complex, it works to create a visibly firming, toning effect and helps to improve the appearance of skin imperfections.

Lavender Fine Light Day Cream (50ml; full size)

Previously called Prolagene Lift, Lift & Firm Day Cream Moisturiser, this is a lightweight moisturiser that works to impart instant hydration, while creating a radiant, healthy look to your complexion. Infused with lavender essential oil and squalene.

Lavender Fine Night Balm (15ml; full size)

Previously called Aromessence Lavandula Iris Night Balm, this is an intensive, balm-to-oil formula that has been developed to deeply moisturise and replenish skin while you sleep. Enriched with lavender essential oils, plus shea butter and vanilla extract.

Lavender Fine Plum Eye Cream (15ml; full size)

Previously called Prolagene Lift, Lift & Firm Eye Cream, this hydrating cream works to keep the delicate eye area looking smoothed and hydrated. Enriched with plum essential oil.

One of the skincare industry’s best multi-taskers is Prolagene Gel and you’re getting a 400ml supersize in this collection, so you can really start to play around with this. It’s a gorgeous light gel texture that the skin knows and loves. Originally designed to help treat the damaged skin of burns victims, it feels beautifully healing and contains L-Proline technology.

It can be used anywhere on the body as an anti-ageing treatment and can boost products you’re currently using – as a super-serum, used as an eye cream or under your new eye cream, a neck and chest cream, on the forehead for lines and wrinkles, backs of hands or even jawline. I love how it sinks in immediately, as there’s no roll off and the skin drinks it in. Guys use it too because the smell is subtle and it’s a wonder gel that works on everything. It’s a good one to decant for holidays too!

All of the above would normally cost £260 direct from Decleor but our Today’s Special Value is £69.96 with three Easy Pays! It’s a full body and face regime too so every base is covered. If you don’t want to wait don’t procrastinate either, click through to secure yours now on pre-sell here.

I’ve written all of this laying on my back on the sofa with my foot in the air and an ice pack on it. Annoyingly whilst pottering in the garden earlier I stood on a loitering wasp on the floor and it stung the sole of my foot, it blooming hurt but it completely changed my day! It’s swollen and throbbing but the good news is that wasp made me take action and write the blog I was procrastinating over. So here it is and that’s the silver lining!




  1. Joyce Pell August 9, 2019 at 11:38 am -  Reply

    Dear Chloe I love this “pottering” blog. A great read, thank you.

  2. Denise wilkinson August 9, 2019 at 12:39 pm -  Reply

    I think there is an author in the making! What a wonderful blog, I’m still smiling. Hope the foot feels better soon. Take care.

  3. Susan August 9, 2019 at 4:40 pm -  Reply

    Chloe you are hilarious! You should be a story teller! You tell them with such hilarity! Hope the wasp sting is better x

  4. Helen W August 10, 2019 at 1:36 pm -  Reply

    Like you I enjoy a good potter, but you are really missing out if you never have a faff. To me a faff is very different to a dilly dally. The latter is merely a delaying tactic. Whereas a faff is actively doing something – just not anything important.

  5. Janet Short August 10, 2019 at 3:00 pm -  Reply

    Hi Chloe! Just seen you on the Phase Eight show! You mentioned an impending root canal…..I too have both a root canal and an extraction of another tooth due in September! Not looking forward to it but they need to be done so am honestly just going to have to bite the bullet!! My dentist has offered sedation…am thinking about it. I’m more worried what I may do under sedation to be honest!!! Lol!! Good luck with the root canal! Janet xx

  6. Ade Tayor August 11, 2019 at 11:59 pm -  Reply

    love this Chloe made me smile xoxo

  7. Muriel Bishop August 12, 2019 at 3:49 pm -  Reply

    Chloe you are a breath of fresh air .im watching you on the Vercella Vita hour .LOVE THE ROS’E RETREAT ?
    Good luck with the root canal .hope its not too painful x

  8. Erica Griggs August 29, 2019 at 4:19 am -  Reply

    Chloe how did your root canal dental treatment go? I see you are still alive and kicking!!😃😃😃

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