Pillow Talk! And birthday fun – a fab week ahead


Well this weekend it is my birthday as you may know, on the Friday 10th. I won’t be in until Saturday night late, and by the time you read this I will have opened my presents… The thing is I chose half of them, ha ha. For instance some lovely jewellery featuring dream catchers, which I got for myself on QVC. Plus those Ha’you face therapy tools, one in jade and one for the body in stainless steel, I ordered them when I presented them on the beauty special last week, and believe me I had to sit on my hands or I would have gone for much more 🙂 ! Yes, it’s tough being a presenter sometimes with all the amazing deals, especially at birthday time!

But the one I’m looking forward to using most is the new Tempur-Pedic pillow made of special memory foam. Brad my son agreed to buy this for me! It arrived this week and I could not wait to get in the house to open it! Yes, oh my goodness it is so gorgeous. Do go here to see the whole Tempur range of bedding on QVC.

The presents I do not know about however are two surprises of outings from my sis and my mum, I wonder what they will be! I will let you know next week!

It’s not a big birthday, but in three years’ time it will be, and I’ve decided I want to go on another cruise, probably a long one, to celebrate. I may even do what a couple of the other presenters have done in the past, and take a longer break – wouldn’t an around the world cruise be amazing for a whole month! Or would I be fed up by the end, what do you think? Lots of time to decide between now and then, fortunately.

This weekend’s highlights:

Friday (10th) – it’s my birthday today, so as I said, I am not in, as my mum is taking me somewhere but she won’t tell me where! Meanwhile do enjoy the James Read three-piece Sleep Mask Tan Retinol Collection for face and body, wake up and be more tanned! Go here to see and buy it now.

Saturday (11th) – there is a garden theme with the Luxform set of two Kensington solar powered lamp posts, these always look so good. They will not be on air by 9pm however as we are not due to show them later in the day, so look out for an amazing bargain at the start of my 9pm garden show, a once-off offer, if you know what I mean!

Then at midnight Saturday, I launch the new Garmin sat nav with built in dash cam including full EU lifetime maps, digital traffic updates, hands-free calling, and case. If you need a new one, make it this one!

Sunday 12th – also look out for some great fashion and beauty on through the day. But more than anything, don’t miss the Lola Rose two hour special 12 till 2pm on Sunday. Pipa will be with Nikki, celebrating 16 years on QVC. One of the deals is an amazing new watch with slider made of a gemstone. I will be wearing this white one during the Garmin launch Saturday at midnight so see if you can spot it and buy it early.

Sunday (12th) I’m going to Gabby Bradshaw’s Art Gallery exhibition with my brother for my birthday, can’t wait. And in the evening I will be back in, at midnight, with Vercella Vita Italian shapewear Today’s Special Value launch with my lovely friend Carla. It is a medium control pack of four adjustable bras with a butterfly design – just right for wearing underneath some of those more see-through tops this summer!

Big Deals old and New

This week’s Big Deals – ending Sunday

Vitalmaxx Body & Skin Brush with five interchangeable heads

Elemis The Power of Peptide four-piece Collection – available in two interest-free instalments

8.00 carat gemstone octagon cocktail ring rhodium-plated sterling silver

Next week’s Big Deals – starting Sunday/Monday at midnight

Radley London Medium Stripe Pocket Bag available in two interest-free instalments

Heys Charge-A-Weigh Smart Luggage Cabin Case

Sensica Sensilight Mini 50k Flashes Hair Remover with RPL Technology available in three interest-free instalments

More sneaky peeks of next week’s offers can be found below…


Box Hill Bee

Met my sister last weekend as they cycled to the top of Boxhill, for a cuppa and a snack at the lovely National Trust café there. Right next to a mural featuring a bee. Very appropriate since I love bees and as you may know Deborah means bee in ancient Hebrew. We had some gorgeous soup and looked at hundreds of people, including cyclists, it was a lovely day.

I’m planting things for bees nowadays. I have a little herb garden in an old cast iron bath in my courtyard, and they need a bit of a trim. Wendy told me off the other day for not pruning and cutting the herbs back as they are in bloom now, but to be honest I love the flowers and they attract such beautiful insects and bees, so they can stay for now. Maybe I will do a new one soon. I am putting rhubarb in this year, and with the two big raised beds, I will hopefully have some other edible crops later in the year.

Tea for three

Two of my lovely friends in Devon came to tea on a very busy Wednesday this week, Sheila my friend from nearby Holsworthy and Barbara, the lady who used to come to the house when her mum worked here, just after the war. We had a lovely catch up and it is so nice to see them. We also had lots of other guests in this week as you can see behind! I was very busy. Lots more talk about what used to be in the house and how it used to look. I do love reminiscing, don’t you? The little booklet I am producing about the history of my 1600s thatched house is coming on a storm 🙂

This Week’s hiccup – a baking boo boo!

Whoops! Silly Debbie. Made a brilliant banana bread this week, but the first part of the mixing stage did not go according to plan, serves me right for putting whole bananas in, oops! Even the KitchenAid can’t prevent me making a bit of a mess sometimes ha ha. What a brilliant machine it is though, when it came to making the frosting for the top, it came out so light and fluffy, I have never tasted anything like it. The next time I do KitchenAid on the telly I will be raving about it! Go here to see our KitchenAid selection.


Thought this might make you giggle. Wendy was asking me about that night’s dinner. Obviously I was thinking of something else… 🙂


Oh my goodness what a brilliant film we went to see this week. Partly for a birthday treat for me, I went with Wendy to see the life story of J R Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books. What an incredible early life he led. I had no idea about his hardships and his achievements, and how amazing he was with languages. The First World War came into it as did life immediately afterwards, which meant that it resonated with me because I am currently writing about that era, in my new fifth novel, French or Dutch (yes okay, for regulars, this is ongoing news, but yet this is the year it must be finished!) Highly recommended, very, very impressive acting from all involved, and wonderful period detail. I would like to see it again one day, 8.5/10.

Book of the Week

Flash Boys – This is one for the geeks. If you enjoyed The Big Short, written by the same guy, Michael Lewis, you might enjoy this. It is the story of what happened around the early computerisation of the stock market and some of the killings that will be made before people realised what a difference a nanosecond could make to the signal arriving at its destination and placing an order. I must admit I sometimes fall asleep to it as well however! But I am quite enjoying it.

If you really want a good book though, I would highly recommend Dear Mrs Bird by my friend AJ Pearce. She tweeted this week that the book is being launched in America and is going down very well. The US version has a wonderful cover, one of the best I have seen – do check it out. It’s a period novel again, set in wartime, and involves a secret agony aunt giving less than prim and proper advice, for a prim and proper women’s magazine during wartime London. It’s fab!

I just realised the other day that it is now May, and I haven’t done regular book blog reviews much on my own personal website since about January! Grandchildren make you not do other things, don’t they?! At least I’ve done my books of the week here, and to be honest I had a few technical problems, but I must now get back to my ‘musts!’ However of course you can always keep in touch with my antics via my vlog posts on my official Facebook page, here is this week’s vlog of the week – this time it’s not one of my walks through the country side in Devon, it is when Lee Hohbein my telly hubby and I played a virtual reality game last weekend during the QVC Facebook live! It was lots of fun with lots of banter, enjoy.

The next seven days on QVC

Monday – as mentioned above, the Vercella Vita medium control pack of four adjustable bras.

Tuesday – a beautiful handbag, made of leather, from Ashwood. It has triple compartments and a shoulder strap. And is a great price, if you love designer bags.

Wednesday – heralds the return of SBC with a four piece tropical skincare collection

On Thursday – Lorna Ko is with us all day whilst stocks last, with a new water feature Fountain from Bernini, to make your garden beautiful.

Then its fashion all the way on Friday with a Ben de Lisi printed jersey midi dress with tie detail. Look out also for early bird order links for a great mascara collection towards the end of the week.

Next Week on the blog – all the news and updates about my birthday celebrations, as well as looking ahead to a lovely family get-together the weekend after, and I am off all week to celebrate! Yay. I have not seen the babies for a month, and I am getting withdrawal symptoms. Does that happen to you when you do not see your grandchildren? Blake will be back from the long America hol with her dad Brad, and Lauren will be bringing little seven-month-old Phoebe down, who has just cut her second tooth, and I will see them at a big family get-together on Saturday, 18 May. Then my sister is taking me out on the 19th. It’s all go, but then when is it not! He he!

Best wishes

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  1. Debbie May 10, 2019 at 11:52 am -  Reply

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎉 Debbie I Also celebrated my birthday this week too. Have a great day and weekend xx

  2. EILEEN CHADWICK May 10, 2019 at 12:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day. X

  3. Alison Peacock May 10, 2019 at 1:05 pm -  Reply

    Happy Birthday Debbie. Enjoy your lovely presents! xx

  4. Anne Lewis May 10, 2019 at 6:00 pm -  Reply

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Wen from Dorset May 10, 2019 at 6:01 pm -  Reply

    Happy birthday Debbie, have a great day, I’ve had my Tempur mattress & pillow a few years now & wouldn’t be without them!

  6. Beverley Klymkiw May 10, 2019 at 6:21 pm -  Reply

    Happy Birthday Debbie.

  7. Lisa Mortimer May 10, 2019 at 6:38 pm -  Reply

    Happy Birthday hope you have a fantastic day x

  8. Jill turner May 11, 2019 at 8:23 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie I noticed you also like dream catchers. Can you ask the buyers for more jewellery ones at qvc please. Have a lovely birthday Jill T x

  9. Heather Blaber May 14, 2019 at 9:04 pm -  Reply

    Happy Birthday Debbie
    Mine was on the 1st.

    Have fun in all your celebrations.


  10. Debs f May 24, 2019 at 2:24 pm -  Reply

    Thanks everyone! And happy birthday to my birthday Twinnies 🙂 X

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