Pet show pandemonium, 39 Steps, & 2 weeks till the Mother’s Day giveaway…


Craig, Debbie, and GracieThis week –
– Gracie comes to QVC for Pampered Pets – and meets four other dogs!
– Women over forty – do you agree with this guy’s opinion on us older girls?
– Two weeks till my Mum’s Day weekend freebies!
– How my own mother misbehaved this week on our night at the theatre!
– Inside the presenters’ lounge – Chloe’s dressing room revenge… Mwahahaaaar!
– Plus sneaky peeks from the week ahead on QVC including Lenny, Yankee and Liz Earle!


Firstly, Gracie won! Well, it was close and most people on last week’s blog said bring both of my choccie Labradors into the pets show on Monday – but to be honest there were already five dogs in the show! What fun it was!

Pampered pets showHere’s a little clip of what happened – how funny was Gracie?! Acting like a dog rug as I pushed her around whilst using the moult master. What a good girl she was! Did you see it? She passed her ‘audition’ that’s for sure, even if her performing left a bit to be desired!

And this was the dicey moment when she got playful with Beverley’s Dexter!

She really didn’t get on with Gill’s little yappy Lily (and well done Gill from Pine Fauna for selling out BTW – fab product!). Zeus, a.k.a Lab #3, had to focus on performing with munchy treats and just barked a lot at Gracie in the corridor!

And the softest, smoothest cocker-poo, Darcey, decided she didn’t like big fat brown dogs and barked at Gracie in the green room! Apart from that she was an angel! (P.S. for those who asked, Gracie was the one who lost her left eye in an injury before Xmas, and as you saw, she’s no worse for wear – apart from bumping into a few things, just gets on with it!)

And here’s a reminder about the moment she and Dexter started play fighting live on air! 



GTech TSVOoo just quickly, before the rest of this week’s (very busy) news, do you need a new sweeper? If so, here’s another wonderful opportunity to clean up Saturday midnight with myself and Justine Balmer.

Justine's back with the powerful cordless sweeper vac: the Gtech’s AirRam.

Have you seen the newspaper ads and awards this clever vac has won? That’s why it’s back for another outing – this time with a lavender fragrance in the filter. (The fragrance is also on offer separately if you have a device already!) One of my fave reasons to use it is what it does on carpets. Watch this and join us Saturday (15th) midnight.


[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page]


39 StepsBeen socialising quite a lot this week, including: an old family friends reunion, an afternoon with my kids (see snippets below), plus the theatre. Now, some of you are already aware that in my Hawaiian series of romance novels Grace, the renegade mother, is based on my own mum. In fact, Grace is a toned-down version of our mum.

Well, on Tuesday night this week Lesley excelled herself, as usual, on our theatre night out! Brother Glenn, sis Linda, and I were amused at her antics as ever. She danced to the busker’s tunes as we ascended the escalators, misbehaved in the tube carriage (I’m not even telling you what she did), and made us all smile – knowing our 70 year-old mother is a complete nutcase. Ever wondered where I get it from?

CriterionAnyway, we had a lovely night at a highly recommended play – 39 Steps – see ‘WATCH’ for the review, below*. The theatre has been around for a long time – see this pic from before WW1.

And it was fun to read up on the history. Its current interior is totally art deco so it was very much in keeping with the mood of the play, set in 1935!

We had a fab time – more info about the play itself is below. I bought myself the CD of music inspired by the show, with its 1930’s feel, it’ll be perfect background music for when I write my 5th novel, 'The How to Find a Husband Manual' at the end of the year! Better get practising then eh! Hehe!


Craig's tweetI was totally made up on this week’s long-arranged voucher-deal spa break to Champneys ‘cos I got a bargain upgrade to a suite!

When I opened the door to the room, I realised it would be my ideal haven for the next two nights. I needed it ‘cos of the writing deadlines I’ve set myself. Honestly sometimes there’s so much drama going on in my head I need calm in real life! Lol.

So you can imagine how much I’d long to be here… 




Sunny ChampneysFor those who don’t know, the Champneys Spa, in Forest Mere, is a meals-included venue chain with a leisure club and classes, plus optional treatments. It was Craigy’s first visit and we couldn’t have had better weather.

Funniest thing tho – I don’t have a pic of this weird experience on my first morning but – as I sat in bed, all of a sudden, there appeared a young guy on the balcony outside the patio doors! Fixing some guttering or some such! Well! I didn’t order that on room service! They brought me a little goodie bag as an apology.

Then later, whilst I was writing and Craigy was having a hot stones foot rub (with Mandy in the Elemis shop who is amaaaazing btw), I heard a noise, looked up and there he was again! On his ladder, peering into the guttering, his head just visible, level with the floor of the balcony. Well I never. I guess that’s a TiFFT** too. LOL. (It’s also a nice idea for one of my steamy novel storylines, so says Craigy, but that’s a different story – literally. Maybe! Hehe).

Anyway it was tons of fun and soooo relaxing! And I nearly got the spooky short story done for Mother's Day too!



Women over 40Women over forty – do you agree with this guy’s opinions about us older girls? He's a DJ from a radio station, who posted an online essay about forty-plus women. It’s going to be in full on my website, but I wanted to post a little bit of it here, as it’s quite thought provoking!

"As I grow in age, I value women who are over forty most of all. Here
are just a few reasons why: A woman over forty will never wake you in
the middle of the night to ask, “What are you thinking?” She doesn’t
care what you think…

If a woman over forty doesn’t want to watch the game, she doesn’t sit
around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it’s
usually something more interesting…

A woman over forty knows herself well enough to be assured in who she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of forty give a hoot what you might think about her or what she’s doing…"

Ladies, I apologize.

For all those men who say, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,” here’s an update for you. Now 80 percent of women are against marriage, why? Because women realize it’s not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage."

What do you think? Over half a million shares on Facebook – wow! Read more here. Or on my Monday Update on my website.


B2UOur regular segment that ties in with Facebook support group called Back to You QVC tied in with the QVC Show (returning September).

Of course, relaxation is all part of getting back to you, isn’t it. And like in this pic, remembering all the good stuff about you, not just relying on the scales to allow you to have a good day?!

What’s your favourite way of relaxing? What works best?

Reflexology ranks right up there for me, but a lot of people don’t like their feet being touched. Are you one? Leave me a comment below with your tips on how you relax!

And, of course, being less stressed helps you cope in a crisis too. My lovely sister Linda (Red Carpet Manicure guest) had a great observation this week, based on how Freedom Eating (from Till the Fat Lady Slims book) has helped her in a moment of decision when facing a ‘chocolate crisis’! Do read it over on this week’s Back to You Monday Update on my website* and on the Facebook groups on Monday.

LettucePlus Michelle our poster girl on the group posted another fab pic – thought this one would make you smile and possibly be useful too! If you can’t eat bread – what a good idea!







The Monday Update
The regular Back to You page Monday Update is on – this week it will include:
– Both sides of the Paleo Diet – what’s the logic behind it?

– Listen to the UK’s top expert talking, at a recent webinar, about EPA fish oils and how they help mood

– Plus, archives packed with fab health facts since January, including links to all the January QVC Back to You shows. (It’s back on QVC in September!)


Come join in on Facebook! We reached the big 700 members on Back to You QVC group this week! Whoop! (And a special mention to Sharon who helps me run it all – big hugs hon.) Do ping us a request to join, even if you never post at ‘Back to You QVC’ (open) group, on Facebook. Or for the closed group, search ‘Break the Habit BTU’.


Still to come… the best man who saved the wedding… snippet of my spooky story… and fellow presenter Chloe’s revenge…




RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

Book of the weekBook of the Week – James Patterson’s Private, LA.
Having come nearly to the end of the run of Lee Child ‘Jack Reacher’ novels (booo!) I decided to try some James Patterson. I wish I’d begun earlier in the series as this one is clearly several books in, seventh I think, which you can tell with the references to earlier events.

However, apart from getting used to the plethora of characters – dozens of them! – I gradually got into this series. Jack Morgan is a compelling enough character to care about, and I liked having two quite major storylines to get my teeth into within the one novel.

The audio book's narration is good too (audible). So a respectable eight out of ten – (well, he’s not Jack Reacher…)
Click here for more.



Two Weeks Until the Mother's Day Giveaway!
When dreams return

After two days at the spa, and writing till 4am, my spooky short story called ‘When Dreams Return’ is almost complete! Two week’s to go….

It’ll be free on eBook on Amazon for Mother's Day weekend only.

PLUS – big news – 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' anti-diet book will also have a special offer on at just 99p on a Countdown deal!

Competition announcement (drum rolllll!) – I will have a fab beauty bundle to win too!

Two weeks and counting!

Meanwhile, here’s a teaser of the story…

    “‘Are you sure about this?’ Chelle asked as they stood in the summer house with its windows now almost good as new. It had been swept clean but still left a lot to be desired. Sara tried the lights – no good – so they kept the torches on. They cleared a space on an old wooden workbench and carefully laid out the ancient, leather-bound book. Its frayed corners, barely legible olde worlde script with an embossed title, and faded gold-edged pages gave it an other-world feeling.

    ‘‘The Witch’s Journal,’’ Chelle read, ‘ charms, spells, potions and enchantments.’ Do we have to go collect an eye of newt or a hair of dog or something? I might have the dog hair part in the footwell of my car?’

    ‘It’s nothing like that, silly. It says in the introduction – it’s all about putting your intentions out to the universe and really meaning it. That’s the most important thing.’ She was tracing her finger down the contents. ‘Fairy Love Spell, nope… Old Maid’s Love Spell…’ she looked Chelle up and down. Chelle elbowed her. ‘…Nope.’ Sara was turning the thick brittle pages slowly. ‘Mermaids Love Spell -can’t do that one, pond’s too small.’

    Chelle’s mind was taken back for an instant to that day in the attic with Gareth. Then Sara shrieked in delight.

    ‘Aha! Here, see this?’ Sara pointed out a paragraph of the ancient text, then bent down to blow away some particles obscuring a couple of the words. She sneezed, then coughed and spluttered a bit, wafting her hand around in the air. ‘Bl**dy dust.’

    ‘Let me see,’ Chelle said and held her torch nearer to the page. She read out loud.

    “By the light of the full waxing moon, repeat these words…’


Full story available free on Amazon eBook from 28th March for Mothers’ Day Weekend Giveaway!

Next week – cover reveal!

And there’s more! Writing a book yourself? My Friday Fiction Focus continues over on my website, including –
– Amazon changes some royalty rates – what does it mean?
– Writing romance? St Patrick’s Day facebook pitch event for a publisher
– And self-publishing for beginners – useful links

To read all this go to this week’s RiWiSi Go Large and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear about all my book news, giveaways, and freebies!


Inside the Presenters’ Lounge Chloe’s revenge – following on from last week’s ‘Jackie Kabler on the Naughty Step’ snippet, here’s what happened in return! Apparently Chloe was so determined to ‘stuff it’ to Jackie, she spent an hour collecting all the handbag filling! Haha! Who said presenters had to be grown ups…?!

Chloe Man City

Chloe's revenge










Sneaky Peeks! Cheeky little look ahead in the schedules for you here – and these are the super Yankee candles spring set and the Gatineau 4pc Smoothing skincare Collection coming up on 21st and 23rd March respectively!

Yankee Candle TSV

Gatineau TSV








Antthony and pog Shhh! Another one-off kind of offer to put in your diaries, if you know what I mean, as Antthony shares a show with Jackie on Wed 25th at 10pm – don’t miss it, it’s that hour only!

I don’t think he’s bringing the dog…! I’m not here, sadly – originally that was the week I booked off as I’d have met him in LA but I’m having a clear out at home now instead!





Not a Lot of People know that…
Veronese offersWeb Bargains Saw my lovely Italian pal Ginetta from Veronese jewellery, for a coffee at Q Towers this week – she was asking if Craigy and I are going to see her in Tuscany again this year and I must admit we discussed it whilst on our spa break. (Especially since I’ll be setting the first part of my third novel there – at a lovely ancient ruin!)

Anyway, if you missed her shows, you can still get the best bargains by searching our website for deals.

Search by brand, then tick ‘special pricing’ at the left, and ‘sort by’ low to high pricing in the drop down on the right. It means you’ll see all the final low prices on some fab products. Check them out on I’ve bought quite a lot that way!


Will Spills… Our lovely Will I.T. chats to Kaena Kirk from Dreamkeeper fashions about Monday 17th’s Mother and Daughter event here.


Also This Week on QVC – Kian Egan! Winner of 2013 'I’m a Celeb', will be on the couch 11am Monday 17th with Sara Griffiths and his new CD! Whoop! Go here for more info. That’s another of the Westlife boys on QVC – I enjoyed interviewing Shane Filan on Saturday Night Gifts last Xmas too! 


Plus this week on QVC – Lenny’s back with a set of two Nina Leonard tops as our TSV on Tuesday, and on Wednesday night at midnight, join me for a new Basso water-resistant jacket to look out for!

Lenny TSV Dennis Basso TSV









P.S – a reminder that that Liz Earle show I mentioned is with me on Tuesday at 10pm, featuring that one off! Don’t miss it – a one hour only bargain – you have been warned! Lol.



QVC Replay/Blooper – my regular reminders that on live TV things can frequently go wrong…!

Another chance to see my notorious no!no! cream blooper! Since ITV3 replayed the It’ll Be All Right on the Night last weekend, where the tube squirted most inappropriately, I am bowing to demand and showing it again. Lol! Plus, it's our Saturday TSV too!




Races 1973Class of 1973 Reunion Well not exactly ‘class’ but more ‘cricket club kids’. On Saturday I went to a 50th and met up with lots of people I haven’t seen for – technical term – ‘donkey’s years’! Including an old best friend called Dennise (nee Tedder) Coker, pictured on the right of this pic, at Epsom Races circa 1973. Only 40 years ago. Blimey! Was lots of fun.

We’re talking about trying to arrange a reunion of everyone in the front row of a group shot taken in 1972, possibly end of the Summer… Ever met up with someone you haven’t seen for decades? How? What happened?


Go fundCouple Robbed Of Wedding Savings One Week Before The Big Day – And how the best man saved the day… I love uplifting stuff like this! Remember I mentioned ‘Go Fund Me’ the clever crowdfunding site helping people raise all kinds of funds, for the scout at Race Night in Devon?

Well take a look at this latest story! And lots of others on there too. If you want a break from sneezing pandas go here.






Twins smokingTwins’ Faces Aged by Smoking Well it was National No Smoking Day again on Wednesday – did you have any luck if you were trying to give up? Maybe stuff like this article can help.

Secondly, these stunning pictures, showing the ravages of one heavy-smoking twin versus the other twin. Interesting eh! They say the sun is ageing, well I guess smoking is a close second for many. Click here to see them all. And it seems the campaigning is helping – click here to read how the number of smokers in the UK is set to fall below 20% for the first time in a century. Yay!




Sunday lunch at WimbledonWimbledon Common Stroll Had a loooovely lunch for my boy’s belated birthday bash on Sunday at the Crooked Billet in Wimbledon Village, then took a nice stroll in the sunshine around the common, with both kids and their partners. One of my favourite days this year!

Lauren and Nick are moving in soon – I’m off the week after next to empty parts of the house so they can come home for a while to save up for a house! *Gulp*…

Well at least I’ll have little poggie Baloo their cocker spaniel to look after!


Sun lunch funnySelfie – Family Flint Style! Wondering where they get it from? Not a word, I tell you, not a word…!







Facebook Funny Thanks this week to my amazing and very handsome son Brad (#V PROUD MUMMY!) for this super link with lots of clever little parenting tips! I don’t think he was hinting. At least I hope he wasn’t! lol. No grandchildren just yet thanks – a Grand-pog is enough! Click here for some awesome ways to be a parent.


*WATCH – THE 39 STEPS – Criterion Theatre, London
As promised, here’s the review. Those with long memories will know I saw this a few years ago for Brad my son’s birthday on one of our mummy-and-Bradley outings! Loved it so much we saw it again – and it was almost as good as the first time.

If you want a relatively short but very well done theatre night out, go to see it. It’s like, take the original Hitchcock film, the 39 Steps (itself based on, but not true to, the John Buchan novel). Add a dash of music-hall and a touch of panto, and produce it with just four actors playing EVERY role – in some scenes playing two each at once! And you get this witty concoction of stage drama, following the 1930’s escape/evade/confront spy formula – with a big difference.

A fab 8.75 out of ten from me! Here’s the trailer from youtube to whet your appetite. Anyone else seen it?

Next week, maybe, the Grand Budapest Hotel…! And possibly Behind the Candelabra – free if you’re a member of the super new Prime/Lovefilm service. If I get round to watching it considering all my writing deadlines!


NEXT WEEK – an interesting TiFFT** for me – a groupon voucher for a medical MOT! Plus ‘itting the town with Ingrid – and Teen! See you next week!


**Try it For The First Time Club!


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  1. Frustrated baby feet. March 15, 2014 at 5:15 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, you were asking for comments about more info on footwear fittings on live shows and on the website – YES PLEASE!!! I have size 5 ‘EE’ feet, square shaped and with high insteps. A nightmare to fit, especially if I’m looking for something pretty. I’ve just sat through a Birkenstock show with zero info on width fittings, although I could see most of them were the skinny footbed. However, at least one looked as though it was the wider fitting but no info on the show and none on line. Anything you can do to influence this dismissive attitude to those of us with wide feet would be very, very welcome! Perhaps they expect us to wear the boxes instead of the shoes/ sandals!? Love your shows, by the way, even if I’m not especially into the product. (Creep, creep.)

  2. Karen March 16, 2014 at 11:10 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    I always try to read your blogs and had to leave a comment about the FAB pet show with your lovely dog Gracie!! It was great to see her + would be good if QVC did more of these shows!?!
    Champneys looked super and you cannot beat a good SPA break, eh??
    Really looking forward to ‘Hawaiian Retreat’- love your books!!
    Will be tuning in as always…
    Warm Wishes
    Karen xx

  3. Sue Christie March 17, 2014 at 11:31 am -  Reply

    Have you put the Vitamix recipes you asked for Debbie on your blog? If so under what date? Thanks!

  4. Lin Brereton March 18, 2014 at 5:12 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, so love BTU page. We are a great bunch and thank you for it. Loved the pampered pets slot – I too have a choc lab called Bella almost 13 years young. Very atypical of the breed.

  5. Natalie Coe March 19, 2014 at 11:51 pm -  Reply

    Love the blooper! 🙂

  6. debs f March 20, 2014 at 4:17 am -  Reply

    FBF –
    ta for such a detailed request! Consider it duly passed on!

  7. debs f March 20, 2014 at 4:17 am -  Reply

    Karen —
    glad you liked it – Gracie was a real good girl eh!
    And watch out for the new short story free for mothers day weekend – ‘When Dreams Return!

  8. debs f March 20, 2014 at 4:19 am -  Reply

    Sue – theryre on there now hon – or should be!
    glad you asked!
    Gareth had to get clearance to give me the correct pdf so hopefully now you can see all the recipes he uses on the demos live on qvc!
    good luck and keep me informed!

  9. debs f March 20, 2014 at 4:19 am -  Reply

    Lyn –
    yes BTU is fab! Nice to have you there!
    My eldest is nearly 15 and Patchy is 13 but thinks she’s three! lol x

  10. debs f March 20, 2014 at 4:21 am -  Reply

    Sue – if you can’t see the vitamix recipes i will make sure they’re on a snippet on next blog’s QVC segment ok?

  11. Sharon harvey March 20, 2014 at 7:58 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Such a fab blog, you always manage to fit so much into your busy week!
    Your fab break looked amazing and well needed bet you had a right giggle with Craig!
    So looking forward to the rest of the year and your fabulous books of which I have read all of your current published ones!
    Looking forward to the continued success of the BACK TO YOU QVC GROUP too! Genius!
    Until next week xx

  12. Sandra Gregory March 20, 2014 at 10:02 am -  Reply

    Hi! Debbie, Loved the dogs and have been watching you this morning with the Dennis Basso today’s TSV which I have sent for in the blue. I then was watching Psychic Sally on the road and low and behold you were there with your sister and daughter and your Father Derek came through. I love your hair as you had it today for the TSV, and I love watching you on TV. Hope your Mother was not too embarrassed at what Pychic Sally had to say!
    My Emu slippers are trodden on by my dog Scally (who is a rescue Heinz 57. black with a Labrador type body and tail but short legs like a Jack Russel!) so I too have 2 pairs of Emu slippers!!

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