Packing our summer suitcase with Ruth Langsford


We took a break from compiling our holiday wardrobe wishlist to chat with our lovely Ambassador, Ruth Langsford, about all things sun, sea and sand.  Read on for some summer style suggestions as well as a cautionary leg wax tale.

QGossip: What are your fashion must-haves when packing for a sun holiday?

Ruth: Anyone who watches my shows regularly will know that I’m a massive fan of monochrome, especially for holidays, as you can mix and match everything so easily and then throw in some colour. I tend to have trousers and dresses in black and white so then I can mess around with different accessories and colours on top.

I like cover-ups because I’m not very comfortable in just a bikini if I’m walking up to get an ice-cream or a drink, so a kaftan is a must-have. A straw hat is great too – not a big floppy one, as I look like something from Bill & Ben when I do that – some sort of Panama or trilby is definitely my style. I’ll often go for an off-the-shoulder or cold shoulder top on holiday, something I tend not to wear in everyday life. It’s a bit more casual, and I think in the sun it just takes on a different feel. Finally, I’ll always take a pashmina as I tend to get cold at night or anywhere that’s air-conditioned.

Ruth Langsford

QG: Can you tell us your dream holiday destination and why?

Ruth: I’ve always dreamt of the Maldives. It looks like paradise on earth! It’s so beautiful that it almost doesn’t look real, how can the sand be so white and the sea so blue? But everyone I know who has been says no, it really is that amazing. To me, a holiday where you can get away from everything, where you don’t need your phone or iPad and there’s no work to do, is the dream. I would just take books and relax.

I’d like to see more of America, also. I’ve been to the East Coast quite a bit, but I haven’t done that LA, California kind of trip. I can imagine Eamonn and I renting a car and driving down Route 66, along the coast with the wind in our hair!

These are all plans for the future when maybe we’ll be working less, and don’t still have our son in school. I don’t want to use the word retirement as I have no intention of retiring!

QG: Do you like to relax on holiday, or do you try to pack in lots of activities?

Ruth: I’m the laziest holidaymaker in the whole world! I’m typically so busy and work hard all year, so I purposefully choose places that don’t really have attractions to go look at. It would be an awful waste to go stay near Pompeii for example, and then not go look at it! I love to be by a beach or pool, and to just sit around reading. I’ve taken Julia Roberts’ book with before.

QG: Have you ever had a disastrous vacation experience?

Ruth: Yes! Years ago I went to Turkey with some friends and I had got a leg wax the day before, which gave me the most horrible allergic reaction. I broke out in these great big red lumps so all of the holiday pics are of me with towels covering my legs! It was a good lesson to always go to a salon you trust. It was just horrendous.

My biggest fear on holiday is my luggage not turning up at the other end. Not even my clothes, it’s the toiletries, make-up and hairdryer that I would miss. I always think you can go out and get replacement holiday clothes easier than you can all of those products that are very personal to you. I stand at the luggage carousel thinking to myself “Please let the next one out be mine!”

QG: What’s the most glamorous location you’ve gotten to travel to for work purposes?

Ruth: I’m very lucky with the work that I do, I’ve gotten to travel to some amazing places. I’ve filmed before in Italy, we had two days in Milan and two in Lake Como. Lake Como is so sophisticated and stunning, I started to feel like I was Sophia Loren in some gorgeous Italian movie! The houses are stunning, there’s just so much wealth there. I thought to myself, wow, this really is how the other half live.

Let us know in the comments below if you have a holiday coming up and where you’re off to, or how you plan on spending your summer.


  1. Susan Porter August 4, 2018 at 10:59 pm -  Reply

    We are going to Singapore in September to see the formula 1 grand prix and then a cruise up to Kuala Lumpur and Phuket flying to Dubai and back home to Newcastle on Tyne Very excited to go After the race there are fireworks and Simpky Red,the Killers,Liam Gallagher a d more performing in the Bay area!! Unbelievable!!

  2. Julie Atherton August 2, 2019 at 7:02 am -  Reply

    My mum, daughter and I are going t o Perugia in Italy, in 2 weeks. I’ve never been to Italy before.
    My mum and I are taking my daughter for a well earned test, she is a medical student.

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