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Summer barbecues can seem daunting to pull off. Whether it’s a casual evening meal or summer soiree, half of the time it seems they’re spontaneous decisions once we get a glimmer of sun.

We wish we could rely on the novelty of eating outside to rustle up an impressive event, or that fantastic charred taste you can only get from a big BBQ sesh. The thing is, once you’ve got your grill set up, you’re far from done. BBQing is a fine art and can require a whole lot of co-ordinating, marinading and decorating.

Read below to find premium meats, handy tools and gourmet sides to ensure your BBQ score is at its highest. First things first…

Tasty tool belt
As with all hosting, you want to be out there enjoying yourself and not wishing you had more utensils to take care of cutting down your prep. Hunting for a working can opener or sharp knife through a sea of dodgy utensils you’ve had in the cupboard for years, is not ideal.

Ensuring you’re well-equipped in the kitchen is the name of Kuhn Rikon‘s game. Their extensive range includes premium knives, innovative gadgets, and a vast selection of cooking accessories and tools you never knew you needed.

In the case of your BBQ, their multi-tasking tongs and bottle opener are immediate necessities. Multi-tasking is music to a host’s ears, translating to less fumbling around and saving valuable table space.

With the tongs on the left, you get two forks, a spatula and a spoon in one. They can each be used separately or you can make tongs by attaching the spatula or spoon to one of the forks. Although this design isn’t safe to use directly on the grill, from salads to service, it’s a much needed table-top necessity we often forgo.

Then, we’ve got their clever multi-tasking gadget for opening cans, jars and bottles.  The long handle provides greater leverage to help with tricky lids, plus the strong, adjustable jar gripper is perfect for all sizes of jars. This handy tool opens jar lids, beer bottles, plastic bottles, ring pulls and more. Plus, with the range of bright colours on offer, it’s easier to spot while it’s being passed around!

Deluxe spread
It’s an easy option to say the barbecue will add all of the flavour you need – especially if you haven’t cleaned the grill since the last time it was used (true story we’ve experienced first-hand). It’s also easy for you to throw on any quality of meat, and think it will be worthy of being on your plate.

Enter Green Seasons.

These are the meat experts who pride themselves on knowing exactly where your meat has been reared – from the farm to your fork. All of their meat is British and free range – as the saying goes, the happier they are, the more delicious your dinner becomes!

The Green Seasons set of mixed grills is ideal for BBQ season. With four of each gammon, rump steak, pork loin steak and Lincolnshire sausages, the meat is juicy, tender, and at an undeniable quality. Plus, by stocking up, you’re never at risk of being caught out. Our British sun tends to be short-lived and arrives unannounced, so we don’t have time to pop to the shops. Every moment counts – we need to have our supply of restaurant-quality grub in the house, at all times!

We love to experiment with our BBQing too. Lamb is something you may save for a roasting joint, but you can instantly transform your meal into an exotic treat with a mix of gorgeous flavours from different cultures. Get the set of lamb cutlets and loin chops and make a marinade (pictured at the top!) with lemon juice, olive oil, lemon zest, crushed garlic, and season to taste. While you get that sizzling, throw together a spicy cous cous and grill slices of spiced aubergine, and that right there is a scrumptious and easy twist on your average BBQ.

Impressive extras
As with any meal, the trimmings need to stand up to the plate as much as the mains, in order to really spoil your guests. Truffle Hunter’s condiment selection is ideal for taking an average BBQ and adding a touch of luxury. You get ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, all combined with gorgeous black truffle. The ketchup and mustard is particularly perfect for your grilled meats, whereas the mayo is ideal for adding some flavoursome oomph to salad dressings. This is the kind of effortless touch everyone will be wishing they thought of first – remember, you heard it here first!

H Forman & Son‘s delectable range is another sure winner. Their whole side of smoked salmon would be an amazing-looking addition if you’re holding a buffet-style meal. The versatile fish can be served alone, in salad, or on blinis. Our most recent discovery is with fresh sun-dried tomatoes – exquisite! Plus, by the look of the reviews, our customers have found it’s a sure crowd-pleaser that won’t last on the table for long.

Last-minute lifesavers
The kitchenware brand Foodsaver continue to release innovative storage solutions to help with every day issues you may face when it comes to food prep. As well as their vacuum sealed containers and zipper bags, helping to keep your leftovers looking fresh for longer, they have come up with an ingenius time-saver, ideal for BBQing.

We’ve all been there on the big day itself: you suddenly have doubts in your ability to pull it all off.

Not enough food, not enough variety, not enough flavour – the hosting pressure gets to the best of us.

With their Vacuum Sealing Quick Marinator you have the freedom to take on spontaneous and impressive recipes, that potentially would have taken a lot of time, at the last-minute. The genius device takes your average overnight marinade soak and cuts it down to 20 minutes – meaning you can keep scrolling through recipes until your first guests arrive!

A sprinkling of style
Barbecuing can be a messy job. It’s always a shame when you wear a new outfit, only to get a splodge of unforgiving oil or grease down the front (always straight down the middle as well, we might add). With Orla Kiely’s pretty apron, you won’t mind covering up your clobber for a while if it means showing off the iconic designer print.
















Next, you need to help your guests feel like they look the part too. You hand someone a sleek, silver-plated champagne glass, and they will feel fabulous. It’s a fact.

This hammered-effect glasses set from Culinary Concepts instantly adds elegant glamour to your event, and come in a choice of  flutes or goblets. Plus they’re functional too, helping to keep your glass of wine or bubbles at its optimum temperature.

They’re also ideal for special occasions, Christmas and will look gorgeous on display in glass cabinets.

Head to our home department online for more BBQ picks

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