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We know, it feels like the summer holidays have just begun, but – reality check for you – July is over. August has come, and before you know it, summer will have wooshed by in a whirlwind of games in the park, ice cream cones and day trips.

Whether you’ve got little ones going to school for the first time, bigger ones prepping for exams, or even bigger ones heading off to university, the holidays are going to speed on by! Then all too soon comes the manic shopping trips to get the school uniform (cause they’ve grown. Again) and stationery. Plus, if they’re heading off away from home, they’ll need a whole bunch of stuff! Bedding, cooking utensils… not to mention equipment to do their actual work on.

Introducing our Back to School edit, full of everything you could possibly need to get them (and yourselves) ready for the coming academic year. Don’t worry about making list after list – we’ve done it all for you! We even asked those in the Q office what their must-have items are for their school-age offspring, and what they couldn’t have managed without when heading out into the world for uni.

Mark, Social Media

Amazon Fire HD8 16GB Tablet

I went to university at the point at which floppy disks were only on the cusp of becoming obsolete, clouds were still a solely meteorological phenomenon, and the prospect of owning a laptop was a remote pipedream (for me at least) in terms of affordability. I used to lug my PC tower home on the train for Christmas and Easter breaks so that I could have my work with me over the holidays. Also because I was an idiot. A solid tablet would have been unbelievably useful, back in the day!

Katy, Product Copywriter

Apple MacBook

I absolutely could not have survived university without my laptop. Whilst there’s the obvious uses – essays, research and of course, social media and other sources of procrastination, it was also an absolute necessity for Skyping and staying in touch with friends from home!

Lesley, Beauty


Knomo laptop sleeve

I couldn’t have lived without a laptop case for those long nights in the library spent working on essays (to submit on time, of course!). Quite often I’d take my Mac from lecture to lecture and type up notes on the go so this Knomo laptop sleeve would have been perfect for preventing scuffs and scratches, plus it looks so stylish, I wouldn’t mind being seen on campus with it!

Amirah, Social Media

HP Envy 7640e All in One Printer

When I was at uni, I found having my own printer so handy, not only could I print out my essays (beating the queues in the library) but I also loved using Pinterest to print out motivational quotes and pictures to stick on my bedroom walls.

Josie, Marketing

Rangemate microwave grill pan

During my first year of uni I pretty much survived on microwave noodles, jazzed up with a range of additions like cheese, ham and sweetcorn (which all my housemates thought was pretty weird). Something like the Rangemate that lets you grill, stir-fry, steam and bake foods in your microwave, would have been an absolute dream to have had that year – the fact you can cook anything in it, including meat, is just mind boggling! I always found making dinner quite the chore, so something that makes cooking proper meals easier and quicker would have been perfect.

Laura, Fashion

Breville sandwich toaster

During uni, I had a bad habit of leaving most of my essay typing-up to the last minute. This meant a lot of evenings spent papering my floor in notes as I frantically tried to decipher my own illegible handwriting. None of this would have been possible without much-needed comfort food from my trusty sandwich toaster. There’s nothing to keep the brain focused like the prospect of a gooey tuna melt if you can just hit the 1500 word mark! This Breville toaster sounds like it would have been the perfect one for me with its deep fill design. More room for cheese is always a good thing.

Ayesha, Gifts

Lock & Lock Storage Set

With one daughter at College and one studying at all hours for her A levels, it’s a challenge to make sure they eat healthily. This is where Lock & Lock containers come in super handy. They’re great for keeping leftovers fresh, so my kids know that there is always home-cooked food in the fridge for when they’re hungry (which can honestly be at any given time of the day or night!) I cook a little more than usual so that there’s always extra to pop in the fridge for them. The containers are also great for storing fresh fruits and veg – they’ll eat it if its cut up, and it keeps them away from the junk!

Jess, Beauty


Cozee Home Ultra Fluffy Mattress Topper

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own cosy bed, but at uni student accommodation can be a little lacking in the comfort department… when I first moved out of home I brought a mattress topper with me, and it was such a great investment! They make any mattress more comfortable and ensure a good night’s sleep – a must for early starts and late nights.

Sarah, Homestyle

Orla Kiely Scribble Rosebud Duvet Cover & Pillowcases

When I went to uni, the first thing on my shopping list was a ‘grown-up’ bedding set. As with most university halls, my room was pretty small and the bed took up the majority of the space. It made a huge difference to have a pretty and stylish design, especially when my new friends and I began to spend so much time hanging out in my room.

Shiv, Jewellery

Skechers Flatform Slip On Shoes

Running around after two energetic toddlers can be exhausting and there’s rarely time for myself. So, when I’m rushing out the door to do the school and nursery runs, I need to be able to get dressed and be ready in ‘Mummy mode’ pretty quickly (there’s usually a last minute mini crisis to handle with my boys!). So, these Skechers are just  perfect for me! No time wasted doing up laces, I just slip them on and off I go. They’re so comfy and look geat too!

So, those are some of our term time essentials! See the full edit, and stay out of detention people!

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