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Kathy's dog BarneyIf you have pets at home, then get ready for our Pampered Pets show this Friday 16th August at 6pm. We love our pets here at QVC and know how much they love to get pampered, so make sure you check out the great selection on offer on Friday.

We asked a few of our presenters who have pets to test out some products from the upcoming show and share their pampered pets with us! Take a look…

Kathy Tayler with Buddy and Barney

"My daughter's cat Buddy is 16 years old and sadly, earlier this year he lost his sight. He is also pretty deaf as well, so life is a little limited for him, but he still enjoys his food. He's a messy eater so the Neater Feeder in the small size is perfect for him. I use it for his wet and dry food rather than water, and at last we don't have dried bits of his meat stuck to the floor and biscuits everywhere!

Kathy's cat Buddy Kathy's cat Buddy








Barney our bearded collie (top) has a real favourite – he absolutely loves the chicken Pet Munchies. He's a dog who isn't big on food – sometimes it's hard to get him to eat anything at all. But wave a Pet Munchie at him and he does anything we ask! It's great to know they are all natural – just good quality chicken. Barney is 14 years old and still full of energy, as this picture above of him on holiday with us last month shows!"

Claire Sutton with Gus

The premiere Pampered Pets show I presented a few months ago not only showcased QVC's fantastic selection of things we as pet owners do not want to be without but also what our precious pets would not want to be without… If only they could really talk!!!

Augustus "Gus" my one year old golden labrador made his debut during that show. I struggled to keep him from racing to the other side of the studio when he spotted the bowls of food which Beverley Cressman had ready for her demo of the brilliant Neater Feeder.

We safely deposited him to the luxurious confines of the Green Room with Dan and the children (who had come to work to help mummy with Gus!!) whilst Beverly and I started the show with the Neater Feeder.

Now having cleaned up copious amounts of water, muttering and tutting as I've kicked into the water bowls during my years with Mungo our black lab, I can't tell you how life-changing owning the neater feeder actually is (dramatic I know!). Honestly, it is a brilliant invention and this week as I literally booted it I marvelled at it retaining ALL the water in its trough that would've previously covered my floor!

The other top favourite of ours are the Chicken Strips that have helped Maddie my little girl persuade Gus to perform all sorts of little tricks. I'm hoping a "stay off the sofa" invention may feature in a Pampered Pets show in the future as unfortunately Gus does not seem able to read!!!

Claire's dog Gus Gus on the sofa

Simon Biagi with Jamie

When trying out various ways to train our five and a half year old dog Jamie, we discovered Pet Munchies! I first met the lovely Suzanne Rothmann, the lady who created this range of fabulous pet food when she brought in some dogs and a trainer in for a show at QVC and they really impressed us all.

Suzanne gave me a bag of chicken strips and I went home to try them on Jamie. The results were fabulous! Jamie absolutely loved them and started to come back to us when we blew the whistle, with a renewed vigour and a real enthusiasm. The best part was not only are the easy to carry around but they have so much less salt, sugar and additives than anything else he responded to before.

We still train Jamie with Pet Munchies and he is steadily improving from a dog who was really difficult to exercise, because we couldn’t let him off the lead and he wouldn’t walk ON the lead (without constantly pulling) to a real joy to be out with and he's even reliable enough now for me to take running round the fields with him off the lead!

Simon and his dog Jamie Proud Jamie

 Dale Franklin with Toby

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Make sure you don't miss the Pampered Pets show this Friday 16th August at 6pm!


  1. Tania August 12, 2013 at 10:55 pm -  Reply

    More things for cats please as no other pet demands pampering quite as forcefully.
    Thanks x

  2. Karen Reed August 13, 2013 at 11:58 am -  Reply

    I love seeing and reading about the presenters pets as I love animals, please keep this going on QVC Community.

  3. Ellen Eyes August 14, 2013 at 9:19 am -  Reply

    Loved to see the pets pampered, The downside is that what you sell is to small as we are owned by a Great Dane called Danny and an Irish Wolfhound called Eva 🙂

  4. sandra Howard August 14, 2013 at 12:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi WE HAVE 2 CHIHUAHUAAND THEY ARE OF DIFFRENT AGES. Max is 13 years and 6 months Rio is 2 years and 4 months. Max is a brilliant pet he will eat any thing you give him, tomatoes, carrots, cheese, chicken are his treats he as been fed dry food from the all most the time we got him. his first month was on tined food, but we did not like the smell. so dry food was the best move. Rio is a bit of a problem with eating he to has dry food, but some days he will not eat it and other he will and then is sick. We have tried him first on eukanuba then pedigree chum now he is on iams and he has been a lot better. he some times has the odd day were he does not want to eat but we leave him and he is fine the next meal and eats every bit. I will watch on Friday to see if this brand may help his feeding time more regular. thank you x

  5. Dawn Apsey August 15, 2013 at 7:19 am -  Reply

    more items for cats please they love to be spoilt too!

  6. Julie August 16, 2013 at 12:13 am -  Reply

    suggestion for the show try looking at dogmatic their products are second to none and with their collars and haltis I am now able to walk my huskie who is two and has been impossible to train as he thinks he is the boss,

  7. Loraine Allen January 5, 2014 at 3:59 pm -  Reply

    Hi I’ve had my Bichons on pet munches for over a year but had trouble getting acces to them then they were on qvc so I have auto delivery .which is a god send .every morning my dogs go to the cupboard for there treats .thanks qvc .
    Then I recently went to the dog show at LKA at stumbled upon the pet Muncie stand and met the presenter from QVC .thank you so much for your help and advice it was lovely to meet you happy new year to you all xx

  8. petgazue September 6, 2015 at 5:18 pm -  Reply

    We continually have special offers across our website
    on all our completely different pet provides.

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